abuse text


abuse backyard_invasion death explicit herd kill'em_all smarty stallion text // 192x192 // 2.7KB abuse author:tistyjoe freddy providence safe text // 192x192 // 9.0KB abuse author-tistyjoe providence regret safe text // 192x192 // 3.7KB abuse author:pawn crying explicit foal killing_your_mojo tears text // 192x192 // 3.0KB abuse alexander author:iluv_molly neutral pampered sadbox safe text // 192x192 // 8.7KB abuse crossover explicit fluffies-as-food lobotomy_corporation mutilation offscreen_abuse skinned smarties text traumatized // 192x192 // 4.4KB abuse blood death fluffy-dies gun injustice sadbox shotgun text // 192x192 // 2.2KB abuse animals_eating_fluffies artist-lightvsdark777 birth blood different_planet explicit fluf fluffies fluffies-as-food foal gore piss planet_fluf shit text // 192x192 // 3.8KB abuse author:iluv_molly factory factory_farm fluffies-as-food foal foal_abuse foals meat meat_factory safe story_life_of_a_meat_foal_by_iluv_molly text // 192x192 // 12.9KB abuse charlie illustration questionable text wrench // 1696x876 // 221.8KB Herdking abuse beatdown charlie hugbox-gone-abuse love questionable sadbox text trusting // 192x192 // 8.8KB abuse anatomically_incorrect animated blood crying death explicit screaming stepped_on text // 592x449 // 756.0KB abuse artist:shredthered comic_home_alone_by_ShredTheRed continuedprt3 fluffies fluffy-on-fluffy safe shit starving text torture // 3028x2444 // 487.3KB abandoned abuse artist:shredthered blackcomedy box brutal comic_home_alone_by_ShredTheRed dead death fluffy foal gross hurt new rotting sadbox safe stallion text torture // 3120x2492 // 568.2KB abuse artist:shredthered bad-poopies blackcomedy box brutal comic_home_alone_by_ShredTheRed dead fluffy gross hurt new sadbox safe stallion text torture // 3064x2452 // 590.8KB abuse author:pillows bad_fluffy bad_mummah explicit text // 192x192 // 8.8KB abuse author:TheBurningUnit blood control death explicit fluffy human killing_machine remote text // 192x192 // 7.8KB abuse author:SeasonsInTheAbyss coprophagia crying filly fluffy_foal fluffy_store foal good_owner hugbox native_american pet poopie_babbeh questionable stressball text // 192x192 // 21.9KB abuse beheading isis text // 192x192 // 3.0KB 3rd abuse blood boop break cabin eat flip fluff fluffy foals hummer lots mummah of on sadbox shit side silky text the // 192x192 // 11.8KB 4 abuse balls blue bubblegum burn daughter death final foal foals fuck gladbox mare maybe mummah off piss sadbox shine shit star text the // 192x192 // 12.7KB abuse author:TheBurningUnit biology burned_to_death death fluffy freeze froze questionable sciencebox text // 192x192 // 7.8KB abuse author:hurtie_man blood crying death explicit foal foals tears text // 192x192 // 10.8KB abuse author:hurtie_man blood death explicit foal tears text // 192x192 // 10.8KB Renfest_0717 T_H_I_C_C abuse artist:dust_collector asian author:Nonanon8011000954893 dystopia eldritch_horror fluffy_vision for_science horror jellenheimer make_fluffybooru_great_again manga_and_cum_encrusted_enclave mind_rape neutralbox psychological_abuse redhead safe seafluffy text winter // 192x192 // 45.6KB abuse anthro author:Nonanon8011000954893 blizzard bowie cuck_bunkers da_mazey dance_magic_dance dystopia evolution golden_mutant_niggardly_anthro_fluffy_sluts jews labyrinth make_fluffybooru_great_again maze neutralbox rape safe science snow sulferic_acid swedistan text winter // 192x192 // 33.6KB abuse foals funny mare mummah questionable sadbox second text // 192x192 // 7.3KB abuse bubblegum first foals future motherhood mummah new questionable sadbox soon text weirdbox // 192x192 // 8.7KB
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