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"Where is Mommy?" by Big_Baybeh

You don't remember how you appeared in this world. At some point of time you felt that you are, you live, and you live near Mommy. Mommy was there all time you knew. You did not see her, but she was here, you cuddled into her fur and fell asleep. You woke up and felt her sweet smell and her velvety warmth. You want to tell Mommy that you love her, more than anything, but when you tried you only made funny chirping sounds. You were really mad at your mouthie! It did not let you tell Mommy that you love her!
But Mommy always knew this! Of course! She knew everything! If you were tired, you'd find yourself on her soft, warm, fluffy tummy where you can sleep as long as you want.
Mommy knew everything! When your tummy starts aching and asking for "miwkies", her soft and gentle "weggies" would make some magic and you you would find yourself on her "miwkie pwace" where you can drink miwkies . Miwkies! It was more delicious than the last time, every time! It is always the best of the best, the most delicious, most sweet.
How does she know everything? It was simple and clear for you.
She is the Mommy!
So she knows everything and can do everything, just because She is The Mommy.
She knew when you got dirty and even when your tummy wanted to make you dirty.
It just takes couple of seconds, when you opened your mouthie and tried to tell Mommy the most important words and you're already right there in her tender embrace, and a second later you are sitting on her chest, feeling a familiar, soft and warm breath.
She would tell you that Mommy loves Babbeh (that's you!) and Babbbeh loves Mummah (Of course loves, of course! More than anyone else!), and that you will grow up big and strong and healthy. Then she sings to you and hugs you again.
You try hugging your Mommy back. Mommy is so big, so strong and you're so small, but still, you hug her, hug the best you can.
Also, have you heard a couple of other babies, but they are your brother and sister, as your Mommy said.
You love them too, not like Mommy, of course, but also very very much.
You played huggies and slept together in a pile on Mommy's tummy. Sometimes, when Mommy left you alone, you were sitting together, hugging, and waiting for Mommy to come back.
You do not really understand why Mommy goes, but if she left, it means it was necessary and you always were very happy when she returns.
One day your eyes opened and you see the whole world! It was a big square with a large hole on the side, dry things inside and some other things...
Stop! Where is Mommy!? MOMMY? MOMMY! Oh! Here is Mommy, you're lying on her tummy, what a stupid baby you are, but Mommy still loves you.
Wait! You were looking at Mommy! She is even better than you could imagine in the wildest dreams! You're the very, very happiest baby in the all world!
And here's your brother and your sister, oh my! They are so small next to Mommy! Oh! You're probably very small too! Wow, you were right! Mommy is the most of the most in this World!
"Babbehs eysies opened? Babbeh see Mummah? Mummah wuv Babbeh!"- You heard a such a familiar voice!
"Ba ... wu ... Mu... ah..." cheeped someone. No, it's you! You did it!
Mommy put her weggie around you and began to sing her song, and you feel exited, warmer like drinking miwkies, but really better and you again put your weggies around Mommy as far as you can.

A long time has passed! The big dark time has come for many times.
When it came for the first time you were very scared, you thought that your eyes closed again. You gone really frightened and began to cry, but Mommy laughed and hugged you. She explained that The Big Dark comes from time to time, but The Great Bright-time always comes after this.
Also, you have learned that the world is not square and generally it's not the world, it is your housie, boxie. The world is really bigger! Bigger than Mommy! Mommy said that you can go from the beginning of the Great Bright-time to until the beginning of the Big Dark and do not even get half of the world! You were amazed! The world is so much bigger than Mommy!
Also, you learned much more. You learned where Mommy goes every day.
Before you could not understand why Mommy leaves you! It is so scary when she is not here!
It turns out that Mommy goes to find nummies to make miwkies for you and your brother and sister! And, if Mommy would not find nummies, the would be no miwkies at all!
You were shocked. It was really more shocking then news that the world is very big, bigger than housie and Mommy.
No miwkies at all, how it can be?
No, no, no, no! You understand. It can happen if Mommy would NOT find nummies, but Mommy always finds them!
Because she's Mommy and it cannot happen any other way!

One day, Mommy were going looking for nummies again.. Silly brother begged Mommy not to go and stay with you. Silly, silly brother! Does not he realize that Mommy have to find nummies? Mommy talked about it many, many times.
You decided to help your Mommy and got up on your own, your weggies are small and still far from such deft and graceful legs your Mommy has. You trotted up to your brother and hugged him. Huggies will help, huggies always help. It would even help to explain your brother that Mommy have to go, but she'll be back.
You were sitting in your house, hugging, and waiting for Mommy, as always were.

A very, very, very long time passed.

Suddenly, you heard the noise outside the housie and Mommy's voice.
"Pwease, gud mistah gif Mummah nummies?" - said Mommy - "Mummah haf babbehs, babbehs need miwkies ow Babbehs haf tummy owwiews. Mummah wooked fow nummies, bu nu can find enuf... Dat bad fow babbehs!" You were so glad to hear Mommy and also you were very interested - who she was speaking to?
She had never spoken to anyone other than you, your brother or sister.
Oh! It also means that there are someone else in the world!
It's great! These "someone else" will give Mommy nummies and she would not have to leave you for so long time!
And you can play with them! You were so excited by these thoughts, that you even LEFT YOUR HOUSIE!
You'd never left the housie!
Oh! Everything is so Grand, Big, HUGE!
It looks really, really bigger then it looks from the boxie, your housie!
But where is Mommy? You have hesitantly stepped on the big place, in search of your Mommy.
She was surrounded by strange creatures, so huge, bigger then Mommy.
The creatures were standing on their hind legs and did not fall! You could not do that!
They were "hoomies"! Your mother never told you about them, but you always knew about them! You just knew it!
Hoomies - they are like Mommy, but not Mommy. They give nummies, play with fluffies like you, give names and toys and they love you!
You know that for sure! Now everything will be even better than before! It was good until now, but with hoomies, it would be even better! That's right, you know it!
And there were lots of them! More than one, for sure, but less than you and your brother and sister. Yes, as many as you with brother, but no sister. It was so hard thinking, you even sat on your tail.
While you're thinking about all this difficult counting, one of the hoomies sat down near your Mommy, bending its hind legs! Wow, hoomies are so amazing!

Your mother looked at him.
"Check this shit out, this dumb fuck wants food!" he said.
They can talk! Well, of course they can! This is hoomies!
"Pweese, gud mistah! Mummah soowwy, bu Mummah haf tummy owwiews."
"You wanna eat, bitch? You dumb cunts think if you wanna eat, everyone's gonna have to give you food for your fuckin' rat spawn? You're entitled to it?"
"That shit's fucked up, man."
"Dude, I heard that some bad restaurants serve these fuckin' things and try to pass 'em off as beef! What the fuck is that shit? That's even worse than servin' cats!"
"Fuckin' sick, man!"
You did not understand what they were saying at all! On the one hand, it was the same language you speak with your Mommy, but on the other hand, you don't know most of these words.
"Mummah am gud fwuffy...." said your Mommy.
"Shut the fuck up, cuntstain", said one of the hoomies and then HE HIT MOMMY WITH HIS WEGGIE IN HER TUMMY!
Your mommy fell on her side and began to cry and beg not to give hew owwiews, that she is a Mummah...
You were shocked, destroyed, devastated.
Hoomies love you! They love Mommy!
So, it can't be this way... but it was.
Maybe Mommy was bad and the hoomies punished her?
NO, no, no, no! Of course not, what a nonsense! Mommy is the best in the world!
Perhaps hoomies misunderstood something? They did not understand that Mommy is Mommy, the most wonderful Mommy in all the world? Of course!
Why you did not get it before, what a silly billy you are!
You just have to run up, explain everything and save Mommy! Then hoomies will give you nummies, huggies, names and they will play with you!
You started running with all the strength in your legs.
Come on, let's go weggies! Do not fail Baby, Mommy needs you!
You ran very, very long distance! Longer then you were running in all your life, but did not come close to Mommy and hoomies.
You're tired already, you strained your weggies with the last surge of energy they have, but then WHAM!
The whole world turned upside down for several times, and you were in the housie. It was just really strange and a small housie, it has exit on top! Have you fallen into it? Where are you?
"Mummah haf owwiews! Nu mowe owwiews! Pwease, gud mistah, nu mowe owwies!" .
MOMMY! She needs you!
Your whole body is aching and your weggies burn! But you have to get out! You have to help Mommy!
You managed to stand up with difficulty. It's not a housie, it's a hole, just like ones between the rugs lying in your boxie! Your siblings and you loved to play in these dimples, crawling back and forth.
But it was not one of those holes! It was a bad, meany one!
It gave you owwies, but that's not the worst part. It was big!
You're trying to get out, but your nose right up to the edge of the hole! For you it is not a hole, it is a pit!
"Haha, look at that fuckin' little shit, trying to get out of that fuckin' pothole! Haha, he thinks he can get out, that's fuckin' comedy, man!"
"Dude, dude, dude, look what I fuckin' got man!"
"Haha, oh man, you got lighter fluid left from that barbeque we crashed last weekend! I didn't even know you stole that shit! This is gonna be fuckin' AWESOME!"
"Totally! Let's turn up the fuckin' heat on this bitch!"
"Pwease, nuuu! Bad wawa bad fow fwuffy! Nu smeww pwetty! Bad fow babbehs!"
Mommy! What's going on with Mommy? With extraordinary efforts you managed to grab on to the big land that decided to help you by leaning into the hole, and you crawl out.
Your Mommy was lying on her side in front of hoomies. One of them threw a can of some kind aside and took out a small box from his fluff.
"Shit, the striker is fucked up! Fucking matches won't catch!"
"Dumbass, give it here."
Another hoomie took the small box from the first one and made something with it.
Small bright ball flew at mothers direction. Suddenly, the ball grew big and covered all of Mommy!
It is so beautiful! It looks like the hoomies are not meanies, they are good!
They gave Mommy such a beauty, but...
Your Mommy began to spin on the ground very, very quickly, like your brother when he tried to catch his tail, but it was other way, very scary!
You've never heard your Mommy scream like this. You're numb with fear. The land slips from your weggies and you fell back into the pit... and the land followed you, but this time it wasn't part of the big land anymore.
It smells really bad around you. You made "scaredy-poopies" and did not notice.
Your Mommy is screaming.
Hoomies are laughing .
You're shaking in your pit.
It lasted a very long time, longer than the greatest "long" that you ever remember.
Then Mommy stopped screaming. Something snapped inside of you.
You did not come in time. You didn't explain to the hoomies that Mommy is good Mommy and they punished her with a beautiful ball, which gave her "meaniest buwny owwies".
You're a bad baby.
But you can fix it! Huggies fix everything! You just need to get out of the pit and explain everything to the hoomies, then hug your Mommy the best you can and everything will be fine!
You tried to shake off the wand that pined you down.
"That was a fuckin' hoot!"
"Hah, yeah I fuckin' literally pissed myself!"
"Too bad the bitch died so fast."
"Dude! Didn't she say she was a mother? Like she's got some fuckin' babies around here?"
"Right on!"
"I wonder where these fuckin' rats are..."
"Shut up a sec, I think I fuckin' heard something."
The hoomies stopped talking and then you heard the cries of your brother and sister. They were calling for Mommy, talking about scary sounds and asking for forgiveness for making bad "scaredy-poopies."
"Heh heh... fuckin'... found 'em, man."
Yes! Of course, now your brother and sister will explain to the hoomies about how good Mommy is!
But wait! They can't! You were the first who opened their eyes, who began to speak, and who can understand everything Mommy says.
Brother is silly, he could not even understand why Mommy have to leave housie, and your sister is not just silly, she is really dummeh! She has trouble speaking even now!
They'll be lost without you! They would be unable to explain hoomies, that they and Mommy are good, and hoomies will punish them, as they punished Mommy!
Hurry, you have to get out, but you do not have enough strength to even move the land off you.
You heard quick footsteps. Hoomies are so big and strong! They walked away from Mommy to the housie faster than you would run from one side of the housie to the another!
"Look at these shitty fuckers, there's two of 'em. And they're covered in their own shit."
"Fuck, I got an idea! Pick that one up, man."
"Dude, they're fucking covered in shit, I ain't touchin' that."
"Use some newspaper, dumbfuck."
"...Uggggh, fine."
"Haha, you're touching the shitty shit fuck shit baby! Take your lighter and fuck this shit up with some more fuckin' fire!"
"Ha, I got it! Yeah, let's burn, baby, burn! Ha, it's totally like that thing I saw on TV!"
You want to tell the hoomies that you're here and what a good Fluffy you are, but the land squeezed you so hard that you could barely breathe. Almost immediately you heard a low hissing sound and the screaming and squeaking of your sister and brother.
They were not squeaking as like when they want milk or sleep, or cuddle. They squeaked the squeak of a baby petrified with fear. They were squeaking from terrible owwies! From the very, very, meaniest owwiews.
You stopped trying to get out of the pit and closed your eyes with your hoofsies.
When you are doing so, all the terrible scaredies go away, and then nappies come, and after nappies comes the Great Bright-time and Mommy, brother and sister would be here and near.
But nappies didn't help this time. You only hear the squeaking of your brother and sister, squeaking from the meaniest owwies. You cant escape it. The squeaking was everywhere, impossible to hide from.
The hoomies are laughing.
"Ha, this fucker's fuckin' charbroiled! Have it your way, bitch!"
"Looks like this cunt is done too."
"Ha! Mine shat more than yours!"
"Fuck, man, you always win. I guess you're just more full of shit!"
"Ha fucking ha, man. Come on, you fuckin' chump. Time for you to buy me some free beer."
"Man, my fuckin' bitch couldn't even shit right. And that's all these fuckin' things fucking do! Leave it to me to get the one that can't even shit. Fuckin'... wasted half my goddamn lighter on it! Fuck!"
"Hah, yeah, you'll be a fuckin' shithead chump your whole life. Let's just fuckin' go!"
The hoomies finally left.
You're lying in the pit, alone. You do not have strength to get out.
Your brother, your sister and your Mommy(!) got terrible owwies.
All because of you.
Because you could not explain to hoomies that you are good, that Mommy is good! And now they're all get meaniest owwies.
But you know, even though you're a bad baby, Mommy loves you and will come to you soon and pull you out of the this pit, and will give you "huggies" and sweet miwkies.
You lay in the pit for a long, long time.
The Great Dark Time came.
You're cold, your hoofsies hurt and your tummy started to rumble.
Where is Mommy?
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RevMe: I really liked this one. Most of my favorite turns of phrase were in Big_Baybeh's original, actually. Stuff like "She Is The Mommy", which I thought gave her the proper... monolithic status that a baby would see her as.

(seriously, dude is an awesome writer)
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NuWanRong: This is great work. The foal's world view and mindset was nicely done.

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deathproofpony: Very good.

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RevMe: BTW: I made an error in here -- this line:
"Haha, look at that fuckin' little shit, trying to get out of that fuckin' pothole! Haha, he thinks he can get out, that's fuckin' comedy, man!"

SHOULD have been about the Mummah, NOT the baby, whom the punks hadn't seen/noticed. I mis-read it in the original. (That makes more sense, too -- since they leave him alive.)
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Anonymous1: >Be spartafluff
>you had a dad who abused you.
>you stood up for youreself and shown him whose boss. By stabbing a knife between his eyes.
>you found out that plenty are being abused like you.
>you set off to gather forces and evolve
>you stand at 1.5 feet tall (you're 5 months old.), you talk like a 8 year old,
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Anonymous2: >you can fly and can levitate shit like nothing.
>you have 6 friends (3.5 months) who stand at
1 ft tall, and are almost as strong as you.
>their names are twilight fluff, rainbow fluff, fluffyshy, rarifluff and fluffy pie.
>they can swim and talk like 7 year olds.
> you find a foal about a week old.
> hes starving and saying "wan... Die..."
>Poor thing.
>you feed him, dress his wounds andcomfort him.
>"wheres youre mommy?" You ask him.
>"hooman kill mumeh..." He says trying to hold back tears.
>Rage fills you.
>"what do we do with him?" Twilight asks
>"we keep him." You reply
>you know the only abusers in town.
>you have a gun.
> you find all the abusers and shoot their legs.
>as they scream in pain you shame them.
>you tear off their clothes.
>you slice their torsos
>you pile their clothes on them and burn them alive.
>a smile fills youre face as they cry and beg for mercy.
>what fuckin idiots. They should've saw what was commong.
(I don't care how gay this story is, h8trz gunna h8 pwnies gunna pwn DEAL WITH IT.)
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: Nigga, you gay as fuck.

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irongalley: @Anonymous: Your story is so gay, even you recognize it.

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Wawa_Loca: Fucking great sttory
great stuff