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>Be the bassist and lead singer for a local black metal band.
>Well, "singer" is a relative term, but whatever.
>Your band isn't very well-known, but you guys all love what you do, especially in regards to your live performances.
>Your shows are highly theatrical, gruesome, and full of crazy shit like Bible-burning, blood-spitting, and Satanic imagery.
>It's a lot of fun, and people eat it up every time.
>Tonight is your 100th performance, and you've been planning something special for the fans.
>After finishing the second-to-last song of the concert, you announce that you'll be carrying out a sacrifice in the name of the Devil.
>The guitarist plays some low, droning notes to begin the ritual, grinning devilishly.
>You quickly run backstage and bring out a cage with a snowy white fluffy earth pony inside.
>It's obviously scared out of its mind from all the loud noises, not to mention your corpse paint.
>"Nuuuu! Munstah pwease nu huwt Fwuffy! Am gud fwuffy! Hu hu huuuuÉ"
>You're glad that you put a cork up its ass beforehand, or else it would have shat all over itself.
>You set the cage down on the floor and reveal to the audience that you were holding a cheese grater behind your back.
>The crowd roars in excitement, causing the fluffy to whimper further.
>"Nuuuu! Nu wike woud noisies! Woud noisies scawy! Hu hu huuuuÉ"
>You open the cage and pick the fluffy up by its scruff, causing it to cry out and flail its stubby little hooves around.
>"Munstah pwease nu huwt fluffy! Nu wan' owwies!"
>It's too scared to say anything else.
>You raise the fluffy up in the air and roar to the audience members, who roar in return.
>Then, you bring the cheese grater next to the fluffy's stomach and start grinding away.
>The fluffy makes a terrible noise as its skin and muscles are torn from its body.
>"NUUUU! BIG OWWIES! NU- *hurk* *hurk* NUUUU!"
>The crowd goes wild as you continue to work, blood staining your hands and arms.
>This continues for a minute or so, and the fluffy's stomach flesh is almost completely stripped away by the time you're finished.
>Its pure white fluff is soaked red, and a combination of blood and vomit oozes out of its mouth.
>Its vocal cords have gone dead from all the screaming.
>You place the cheese grater down and pull a lighter out from your pocket, switching it on.
>The fluffy wants to scream, but can only let out a slight rasp.
>You light the fluffy pony up and hold it for as long as you can before the flames get too close to your hand, at which point you drop it.
>The fluffy produces a horrifying dry shriek that sounds like something out of Hell itself.
>You let the fluffy's shredded body burn for a little while before stomping out the flames.
>After that, you play the final song of the evening, thank the hysteric audience for coming, and go backstage to wrap things up.
>Everyone deems the 100th performance to be a tremendous success.
>An hour later, you arrive home with your corpse paint washed off, feeling exhausted.
>Luckily, all that's left to do is take a shower and hit the hay-
>"Daddeh! Daddeh home!"
>Oh, yeah, you almost forgot about that.
>Your little angel, a yellow unicorn with a flowing red mane, clumsily runs up to you, beaming with joy.
>"Hey, there, little buddy," you say with a tired smile. "Were you a good little fluffy while I was gone?"
>"Sauwon gud fluffy! Sauwon onwy make gud poopies in wittabox!"
>"I'm very proud of you! You deserve a treat for being so good."
>"Yay! Sauwon wuv nummies! Sauwon wuv Daddeh!"
>"Daddy loves you too, little guy."
>You have no compunctions about killing ordinary fluffy ponies to put on a show - they are vermin, after all.
>But you would never dare think about hurting your precious Sauron.
>He's your best friend in the whole world.
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ChangCY5555: Well, I'm finally back, and dammit the formatting screwed up on me again.
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Anonymous1: Sauron am bestest fwuffy.

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Teatime42: "Sauwon am make bestest awmy fow Mowdow!"

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Nexus: N1> nice, I like the guy. He shows no mercy to his prey. Now if only he could find it within himself to kill sauron. That would be so tragic and horrible, im getting excited just thinking about it.
N2> welcome back chang, how was the time away?

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ChangCY5555: Hi again. The time was good. I feel ready to write a lot more.
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Anonymous2: I tend to like earth fluffies almost as much as i like alicorns. After all, they don't have insane dreams of flying like pegasi do, resulting in them killing themselves, and have no expectations of themselves becoming smarties like unicorns do, who 99.9% of the time are douchebags. I don't see why they are over looked by the other breeds. They have the least chance of suicide.

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Bexarkiller83: 5/10