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Ember’s Story Part 1

You are Steve. You are a computer Expert! Nah just kidding! You’re no expert, but you are good at what you do. Upgrades? You do it. Viruses? You remove them. Harddrives? You defrag them. Overall life is good.

You live in a small little ranch home your parents left you (God rest their souls). Your inheritence, plus a decent job, makes living here rather comfortable. Its peaceful, giving you plenty of time to tinker with your own equipment and your other hobby, exersizing. Most don’t expect a tech-geek to pump iron. The looks on their faces is funny!

What isn’t funny are the fluffies. The feral ones to be exact. Oh sure they’re cute and all, but you are torn between feeling sorry for them and wanting to bash your head against some dense stone. Hard to believe something so gullable can survive in the wild, and yet they do.

And then there are the smarties. Good lord those guys can be annoying! Nine times out of ten they aren’t any smarter than their fellows, just meaner. “Dis fwuffy wand noa hoomin! U go or get biggest ouchies!” You hear that about twice every year. Fortuneatly scaring them off isn’t that hard. A little boop to the nose and the “Smarty” runs off hu-hu-hu-ing with his tail between his legs, herd slowly following.

What really burns you up are the abusers. Yes fluffies can be annoying. Yes they have destroyed crops (you’ve lost a few flowers to the little buggers. Hence the chicken wire around the daisies). But to go out of your way to hurt them? Burn them? Cut their legs off? Make them eat their own young? The hell is wrong with humanity? Not that you haven’t killed a fluffy before. You have. Once accidently with your car, and twice when “defending” your home from a Smarty that was to brave/stuborn/stupid for his own good. Still, it pisses you off.

Abuse was the last thing on your mind today though, being Saturday, one of the only two days you get off. Of course you could get called in, or a friend could need help remembering how to turn on his machine. Still, a day off was a day off, and you planned on enjoying it.

You lounge in your back yard, enjoying the 1/3 acre that is your own. You concider going for the gusto and grabbing a beer, before noticing smoke rising up from the thick forest behind your property. “The hell?” You blink. Miles and miles of forest seperate your back yard from a different county. Ten years ago deer were a problem, before the fluffies came. “Please tell me one of the little shits didn’t catch fire”. You’ve seen fluffies downtown die in bizzare ways. How the hell does a fluffy get ontop of a lamppost anyways?

It’s not a lot of smoke. Maybe some hobo is cooking lunch? Ugh you don’t wanna think about that. It is technicaly illegal to eat Fluffies (killing them accidently or to defend your property is okay though) but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. Foalgaritas your ass. Having nothing better to do, and not liking the idea of the forest close to your home burn down, you decide to investigate, fire extingquisher in hand. Because that’ll solve everything right?

You know the forest pretty well, having played in it as a kid with your (idiot) younger brother. It doesn’t take you very long to find the source of the smoke. An old style grill, all round and rusted. What you see sends a child down your spine. Two young adults, clearly drunk are cooking something on the grill. Two little foals, squered on a double pronged poker (or whatever they are called) Nearby is a purple dam with a lavender mane and tail, bloody and bruised, backside charrred and smoking, legs torn off and bleeding every where, staining the green grass red.

“THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” You yell. The two drunkards panic and run off, the first dropping the charred-foals on a stick to the ground, roasted flesh and innards splattering. You sigh, walking over to the grill and dousing its burning coals with your extinguisher. “Stupid abusers” You mumble. You’ll never understand the need to hurt defensless creatures. Still, humans hurt each other, so being surprised or butthurt about abuse is just as stupid.

After that you walk over to the whimpering and wincing mare. “P-pwese hewp.” She weezes. She’s pretty bad off. Blood uses from her mouth, and her fluff is mostly caked in her own blood. You’re surprised at first she hasn’t shit or pissed all over herself. Then again given the charred smoking remains of her backside...the smell alone is horrible enough. “Chirp!” You blink as a tiny red foal wriggles on the dam’s stomach, distressed and crying for the love an attention its mother can’t give him.
“Well shit...”
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Mr_Fishsticks: Re-wrote the story because the ending was shit. Thanks to guys like Deathproofpony and such for pointing out my loopholes and such.

Though....I don't get it. Hurting fictional animals/creatures is okay....but hurting fictional humans is not?

Whatever. Still getting used to Fluffybooru's bizarre culture.

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SinisterPurpose: It's not that hurting fictional animals/creatures is okay, but hurting fictional humans is not. It's more like no one's gonna like a protagonist who says "I'm far too good to ever hurt a fluffy" and then promptly brains two people with a fire extinguisher without a second thought.

If you wanted everyone to hate Steve, your first ending was great. But I don't think that's what you were going for.

However, Steve is still saying "I'm far too good to ever hurt a fluffy", so I still hate him.

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fwuffee: Usually people who put themselves on 'another level' from the rest and pride themselves on that aren't well-recieved. Special snowflake syndrome.
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Mr_Fishsticks: All right that actually makes sense.

And I don't know if I wrote it wrong, but Steve never indicated he'd never "hurt" a fluffy.

He did kill two smarties for being dumb. He'd just never abuse/torture a fluffy for entertainment sake.

I personally have nothing against fluffies dieing because of their own stupidity. I also have nothing against straight up killing an uppity stubborn smarty. Doing a service for the herd in my opinion.

What I don't like or even understand is the "hey a fluffy! Let's shove things in it's anus and kill it's babies in front of it, why? Because it is there!"

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EnfEnfEnfq: @Mr_Fishsticks: "Though....I don't get it. Hurting fictional animals/creatures is okay....but hurting fictional humans is not?"

What do you expect? Half the denizens of the booru are basement dwellers who get off on the idea of torturing talking animals. Then you write a story where a tiny percentage of their shit happens to an abuser. They're not going to like that, not one bit. All the more reason to keep writing it imho :D

@SinisterPurpose: So he's against animal abuse, and hurts some animal abusers... I'm finding it hard to see how that's in any way unlikable or inconsistant.

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EnfEnfEnfq: @Mr_Fishsticks: "What I don't like or even understand is the "hey a fluffy! Let's shove things in it's anus and kill it's babies in front of it, why? Because it is there!""


I like some of the less realistic abuse stories that are basicly just dark humour, but the more realistic/sociopathic ones are just annoying.

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fwuffee: If you want reference to how to write a character who's well-adjusted and neutral/hugbox without being too obviously prejudiced against abusers like your character...than you should read spaghetti-dave's Angel series.
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Mr_Fishsticks: @EnfEnfEnfq: thank you, :3

@fwuffee: I don't actually read a lot of the stories here. I honestly hating reading online. Rather grab a real book or something.
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TheRideNeverEnds: Hugbox is all right,man. I like it. Many people here write or read it from time to time. Just take it easy and don't get upset about abusing fluffies.

We do it for the lulz.
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Anonymous1: @Mr_Fishsticks:
"Though....I don't get it. Hurting fictional animals/creatures is okay....but hurting fictional humans is not?"

I've got no problems if you want to kill humans. Hell you can torture them just like how they did the fluffies. My problem with the original version is that it looked like it was going to go down the road where the main character wouldn't face the legal repercussions of killing or seriously harming another person.
A few things I've noticed in most stories to the point where it could be considered general canon, although I could very well be wrong, is that;
1) the majority of people couldn't be bothered to deal with fluffies one way or the other. Some may have have them as pets, but see them only as pets no different than dogs or cats.
2) Fluffies without owners are generally seen, and in some cases classified by the government, as vermin at best, a plague of locust at worst.
3) Abusers outnumber Hugboxers in the rest of the population by a wide margin.
4) The laws of our world still apply in fluffyverse.
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Mr_Fishsticks: @TheRideNeverEnds: You're right about not getting upset about abuse. What annoys me is the justification for it. I just don't get it.

Another thing is abuse of people/animals actually happens in real life. It is hard to suspend my disbelief when many of the acts depicted on this sight have happened.

Of course using abuse as a foil for a villain or victim is all right in my book.

@Anonymous: And that is the very reason I changed the ending. I was considering having the cop kill Mr. Steve and have the cop be the one to raise and care for Ember, but chose to fix my mistake instead of covering it up.

I have been thinking of writing about a crazy hugbox vigilante that kills abusers though. Maybe he'll mistake Steve for an abuser and try and kill him?

Also I have plans that involve Steve buying friends for Ember...only to have them die in humorous/funny/ironic ways. Drowning will be involved at least once.

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deathproofpony: @Mr_Fishsticks: It's ultimately up to you if you want to make it legal or not to harm fluffies (outside of "acceptable" extermination methods) in your world. It may work in some stories and not in others. However, even in today's society causing harm to humans always outweighs causing harm to animals. If you shoot a dog with a box and arrow, you'll get an animal cruelty charge or two. If you shoot a human, you'll get assault with a deadly weapon and possible attempted murder. That's the way the laws work.

And again, if you want to give fluffies the same rights as humans in your world, go right ahead... but I don't think it's realistic. The usual canon is that they're a destructive species... and like boar hunting has no limits in Arkansas and Texas or rabbit hunting has no limits in Australia, typically fluffy hunting doesn't have limitations because of the damage they do to the environment.

And there's the whole "bio-toy/organic robot" thing, anyway, so people could argue that they're not "real" animals.

Do what you gotta do. But when you place fluffies in a group that would be considered equal to humans, expect resistance. And understand why there is resistance. And hey - if you shot my dog and cooked him over a spit, you can sure as fuck bet I'd beat you within an inch of your life. But if I found you cooking a stray that I never saw before, I still wouldn't be happy as I love dogs, but I'm not going to beat you with a fire extinguisher.

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deathproofpony: *bow and arrow, obviously, not box and arrow. can't fucking type today.

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deathproofpony: One last thing - obviously we play up the abuse thing in a lot of our pictures and stories... but I would like to think that the majority of people wouldn't actually harm fluffies if they were real. Even the ones with shitty attitudes. People might be more adverse to harming them because they talk and have near-human intelligence.

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EnfEnfEnfq: @Anonymous: "My problem with the original version is that it looked like it was going to go down the road where the main character wouldn't face the legal repercussions of killing or seriously harming another person."

It's deleted now, but didn't that one end with the guy having killed/mained a couple of people and the police showing up?

That said, depending on the jurisdiction and if he was on his own property or not, he might have gotten away with it.

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EnfEnfEnfq: @Mr_Fishsticks: "
I have been thinking of writing about a crazy hugbox vigilante that kills abusers though. Maybe he'll mistake Steve for an abuser and try and kill him? "

Oh cool, me too :) We need a couple more of those.
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Mr_Fishsticks: @deathproofpony:

True. I often see people in real life put more value in animals than their own kind. It is sad really.

And again why I changed the ending. It was shit.

@EnfEnfEnfq: my first plan was to have the cop let Steve get off with a harsh warning. After reading the comments I eventually came to the conclusion that changing it would be better in the long run.

I've seen in real life animal abusers tend to be cowards, so having the two abusers here run off at a confrontation seemed more realistic to me.

See? All this is constructive criticism! Why is it so hard for some people to do that? :(
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Anonymous2: @Mr_Fishsticks: You realize that you're just supporting the idea that you're a condescending, elitist hugbox faggot through your passive-aggressive replies, right?

Do you even understand half the crap coming out of your mouth? :)

You honestly have been doing nothing but trying to hype up a piece of crap that hasn't even made it past chapter one yet. Good job on that, you'll make it really far in life. Gold star.

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Leroy_Jerkins: U kno I agree with u fishsticks abusers r sick and they need 2 go away bcuz its wrong 2 hurt such innocent animals I love fluffies and they just need 2 b loved right?!?!!?!??!!!?!?!?
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: Seconded. The fedora is astronomically strong with Mr_Fishdicks.
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Monom: @Mr_Fishsticks: Actually, the best fluffy abuse stories are where the fluffies haven't done anything at all to deserve pain and suffering. It's less masturbatory because the writer isn't trying to convince anyone with bullshit excuses for the abuser's actions.

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deathproofpony: @Leroy_Jerkins: Come on - who are you, really. Aichi's alias? Ginger Fig? Mountain Man? You know the admins can check IP addresses, right?
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Anonymous4: @deathproofpony: I suspect it's Martigan venting his frustrations on the state of the booru

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deathproofpony: @Anonymous: I give Martigan a little more credit than that.
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Anonymous5: @deathproofpony: Everyone has a breaking point; Just look at the last two stories Swindle ever wrote.

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Teatime42: @Anonymous: No more so than the degree of constant elitist condescending commentary on hugboxers that's the Booru norm.

He's new, cut him some slack, he's learning, and actually making an effort to try and fit in.

That said, let him know when he slips up, but try not to be a prick about it, we want people to try and stay here periodically. XD
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Mr_Fishsticks: @Teatime42: Thanks....I think. Yes I'm new here, and not exactly used to how things work. And in all honestly I appreciate constructive criticism. Find loop holes, spelling and grammar mistakes, critique my artwork. It's the only way I can get better.

Still....insulting me directly is kind of low. I honestly don't see how I'm being elitist and condescending. Though to be honest I do have a habit of....I don't know putting my foot in my mouth? Sounding like a dick when I didn't mean to? Sorry about that.

Though....would you all feel better if I swore at you? Insulted your breeding? Brought your mom into it? Not my style.

Though I will say this. Leroy Jenkins? Go away please. Please?
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Anonymous6: @Mr_Fishsticks: "I honestly don't see how I'm being elitist and condescending."
>...but I'm not going to bother arguing or insulting [abusers], as most seem to have limited intelligence anyways.

Literally your first post on your first picture announcing your presence on the Booru. It's a shame you deleted your original post of the story, there were quite a few more gems in that one.

"Insulting me directly is kind of low."
> If it pisses you off then maybe you shouldn't be on the Internet.

I'd tell you to follow your own advice, but you've already proven yourself a laughable hypocrite in 3 short days.

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Teatime42: @Mr_Fishsticks: The Fluffy pony community is made mostly of Abusers at this point. It's easy as a non-abuser to feel defensive about it, especially when random throw-away comments about non-abusers/hugboxers are fairly common, or the first comment on new art that isn't abuse is, "that's great, now beat it with a baseball bat to make it better" it's easy to look down on them as a result.

However, they are your fellow community members, and alienating them is a horrible idea. Your comments about abusers have been condescending, and the very first one you made wasn't really merited. Your first comment started this, and got quite a few jimmies rustled 9In addition to your own), and here we are.

You can't stop them, all you can stop is yourself.

So, I would suggest you refrain from alignment/party comments for a while, and ignore the baiting anons like: @Anonymous. If they had something worth saying, they'd log in for it.

Not all anons are bad, in fact most are quite nice, and can be great to have around. But the really vocal ones just want to piss you off, and get a response, any response, so don't respond to them at all.

My suggestion anyway.
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Anonymous7: @Teatime42: I realize the irony in expecting you to read this, but it just baffles the mind how you acknowledge the point and dismiss the point-maker in one breath.

I won't bother Mr_Fishsticks any further on this post, since he seems to be at the very least getting the message by proxy.

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Teatime42: @Anonymous: Because you had a good point, while also being very rude about it.

The message is just as important as the messenger, and just as important as HOW you convey it, being rude to someone while making a point undermines the point.

If the point is to show someone something important, being as neutral as possible is a good way to go. Insulting them just makes them defensive, and they learn nothing, it's wasted effort, and only benefits the person doing the telling. Who can now tell them-self that they tried, the other person just doesn't care, they won't learn, etc.
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Mr_Fishsticks: @Teatime42: you're like a hard nose guardian angel aren't you? Thanks for the advice.

And to be honest you and anon6 are right. My hypocritical attacks on abusers were stupid.

For that I wholeheartedly apologies. I still don't like abuse for abuse sake, but that doesn't give me the right to insult some one.
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Anonymous8: I would never dream if hurting another animal for entertainment purposes however I do find it quite therapeutic in hurting a thing that personifies all that I hate i.e selfishness, greed & stupidity.
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Mr_Fishsticks: Very understandable Anon8. But there have been studies that show using fictional violence as a catharsis doesn't really help.

Maybe it does for you, but I'm suspect whenever some one uses that excuse.

Violence, like sex, is a drug. It satisfies a primal instinct. The point of being human is to go beyond our instincts.

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EnfEnfEnfq: @Mr_Fishsticks: Yeah... a harsh warning probably wouldn't be on the cards. If a human had been killed he'd have been taken in for questioning at least. Depending on the circumstances though he might well have been released without being charged.
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Mr_Fishsticks: @EnfEnfEnfq: Perhaps. Perhaps. It's over now anyways.

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Simpfan: Don't you just hate it when you get a child down your spine? Oh, and a two-pronged barbecue utensil is usually called a fork, unless they were Ninja Turtles, in which case a three-pronged one is referred to as a sai.