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jberg360: Now a 170x170 .png
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jberg360: Any hope of an edit feature on the booru?

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jein1234: @jberg360: That would be lovely to have.

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NYX: I don't think they can do it though, maybe the Danbooru concept is a Hindrance

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ThreeRoadsDiverged: Is that a litterbox or some kind of front door mat? Because my knee-jerk reaction is to reach for the sorry box...
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jberg360: Thank you for updating the tags Takenoko. I had completely forgotten.

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takenoko: @jberg360: No prob!

@jberg360: @NYX: That's the big problem, really. We could integrate third-party text editors and picture editors for submissions, but it's one of those things where it'd open up a whole new set of problems (some increased server load, security concerns, troubleshooting problems for those things) while adding just a bit of convenience to the Booru. Plus, for picture editing, those plugins tend to be kind of crappy and most people would probably prefer to change things on their art program of choice anyways. Having people reupload their stuff is a little less convenient, but it seems to work well enough!
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Anonymous1: little thing's talented, give it that
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Anonymous2: Not gonna lie, I'd be too impressed to be mad. My can once had diarrhea so bad that it's shit when to places in the bathroom (we had a half-bath that we put him in) that we didn't think possible. Too impressed.