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Fluffspeak - A Primer

By Fey


Fluffies were designed to be friendly, happy, and absurdly cute (for some board director's idea of 'cute'). As a result, fluffykind uses a peculiar English dialect dubbed Fluffspeak.

The following rules and examples are intended to help content creators create 'cutesy', readable, and canon-consistent speech for their fluffies.

(For the sake of reducing clutter, I have forgone the convention of using quotation marks to denote quoted words and have instead employed underlining.)


- Replace each and every r and l with a w.
- (And replace each and every R and L with a W.)
- This is the primary fluffy lisp, the minimum requirement for qualifying as Fluffspeak.

- Do NOT add any extra ws or Ws beyond those added for THE GOLDEN RULE.

- 90% of all fluffy names contain at least one r or l in its human pronunciation. It is hilarious and adorable when a fluffy can't even say its own name right.

- Be consistent! Whichever speech rules you use in a universe (which can be as small as an isolated story), apply those rules for all Fluffspeak in that verse.
- THE PHYRITIC RULE can be broken by particular, established cases: regional dialects, a fluffy of unusual intelligence, a fluffy taught words by a human or a wise mentor, etc. If you do something like that, then the speech patterns of each group/individual need to be kept consistent unless something happens to change them. (After which, be consistent again until...)

- Your Fluffspeak needs to be fluidly comprehensible to the reader. (speech from drunk fluffies and the like excluded)
- If any words or sentences have been deformed beyond easy comprehension, lighten up on the deformations.
- ALWAYS reread your Fluffspeak, preferably both in your head and out loud (turn your voice up a few octaves for best results).
- This rule does NOT supersede THE GOLDEN RULE.

- I, me
- A fluffy will never use I or me to refer to itself. If a fluffy has a name, title, or descriptor (Emewawd, smawty, mummah, etc) the fluffy can use that in their place. A fluffy can always use fwuffy to refer to itself.
- In some canons, a named fluffy will always use fwuffy when lying.

- us, we; my, mine; our, ours
- It is greatly preferred that a fluffy not use the above words. Instead use a name, title, or descriptor: fwuffy's, smawty's, Jewew's, etc; fwuffies, hewd, famiwy, etc; fwuffies', hewd's, famiwy's, etc.

- he, she, it; him, her; his, hers, its
- It is preferred that a fluffy not use the above words. Instead replace them with a name, title, or descriptor: fwuffy, Daddeh, nice wady, bwuddah, etc; fwuffy's, Daddeh's, nice wady's, bwuddah's, etc.
- The above words can be used if replacing them clutters up a sentence too much.

- you; your
- Fluffies can use yu and yuw. They are just as likely to use a name, title, or descriptor, though.
- (I reason that the direct-address nature of you is simpler to grasp than third person pronouns [you always just means whomever the fluffy is talking to] and less abstract than first-person pronouns [a fluffy thinks of itself as a fluffy, not an 'I'].)
~ Dis am yuw beddie / Dis am yu beddie / Dis am Wavenda's beddie.

- is, am, are, etc; + will
- Fluffies frequently replace is or are with am.
~ We are sneaky. > Fwuffies am sneakie!
~ This baby is a great baby. > Dis babbeh am bestest babbeh.
- Fluffies sometimes completely leave out is, are, am, will, etc.
~ We are sneaky. > Fwuffies sneakie!
~ This baby is a great baby. > Dis babbeh bestest babbeh.
~ I, Rex, will be the best fluffy ever. > Wex be bestest fwuffy evah!

- a, an, the
- Fluffies sometimes leave out articles.
~ But I am not a toy. > But fwuffy nu am toy...

- When a fluffy is saying that subject Y is not thing/quality X; it usually takes the form of Y nu [is/am/transitive verb] X.
~ This is not spaghetti. > Dis nu am sketties!
~ [This] foal smells bad. > Babbeh nu smeww pwetty.
~ I am not a mother anymore. > Fwuffy nu am mummah nu mowe! Huuhuuhuu!

- Fluffies have a built-in (or otherwise universal) set of words for things and concepts that are expected to be common to the fluffy experience. A baby is a babbeh, milk is miwkies, water is wawa, and so on. Fluffies can (by some canons) be taught other words for those common concepts, but these words are the default words a fluffy will use.
- A larger list is given at the end of this document.

- The best way to learn Fluffspeak is to read it. Go back and read some of the classic authors of the Booru.
- There are all kinds of little things that can be done with Fluffspeak: dropping words, smushing two small words into a single word, alternate cutesy spellings, etc. Some options are listed below, but there are still other things that can be done.


+ THE SILVER RULE applies heavily here. Do not deform words beyond recognition.
+ Many of the deformations here share similarities with various Fluffyisms; even if you don't use a general application of a deformation, retain the forms of related Fluffyisms.

- th*
- For small, common words that begin with th, Fluffspeak can replace the th with a d (also Th with D).
- As with other letter replacements, it is important to not deform a word beyond recognition. Ex, turning their into deiw doesn't flow well.
~ the > da, de
~ this > dis
~ that > dat
~ they > dey
~ there > dewe
~ those > dose
~ these > dese

- *o, others
- For small, common words that end in a long o or long u sound, that part of the word can be replaced with a u. This softens the word and makes it more suitable to the high-pitched voice of the fluffy or makes the word look more 'cutesy'.
~ to > tu
~ no > nu
~ so > su
~ go > gu
~ do > du
~ you > yu
~ new > nyu
~ know > knu, kno, no

15: EH
- *y, others
- If a word with two or more syllables ends with a long e sound, that part of the word can be replaced with eh.
~ kitty > kitteh
~ baby > babbeh
~ funny > funneh
~ runny > wunneh
~ daddy > daddeh

16: AH
- *er
- If a word with two or more syllables ends with er, the er can be replaced with ah.
~ litter > wittah
~ other > udah (Applies multiple deformations. Very fancy)
~ thriller > thwiwwah
~ bother > bothah
~ monster > munstah

17: IE
- Some words get an ie slapped on to the end because of cutesy.
- Some words with this actually get sie to make the sounds fit; useful for words that end in a vowel sound.
- Plurals are then made by placing an s on the end, even for nouns that are usually irregular.
~ toy > toysie; toysies
~ hoof > hoofie; hoofies
~ block > bwockie; bwockies
~ grass > gwassie; gwassies
~ sheep > sheepie; sheepies

- Dependent on headcanon: fluffies understand the world through the limited concepts available to them, but these concepts fill few gaps in the wide and scary world. A fluffy may have to mash together two or more existing concepts to describe something. X plus Y = X-Y. This can either result in a simple word mash (a new thing that is both X & Y) or, as I prefer, an entirely new and independent concept (a new thing that IS an X-Y)
~ Maybe fluffies don't naturally know what a car is. They do, however, know metaw (hard surface/material, can cause owwies) and munstah (scary, loud, mysterious). Combining the two gives them metaw-munstah, a mysterious and powerful entity that is the fearsome predator of the black-rockies places.
~ A cloud can be a sky-fwuffy.
~ A phone can be a tawkie-boxie.
~ A dumpster can be a nummies-boxie.
~ A forest can be a twee-pwace or a big-twee-pwace.
~ Acid might be meanie-buwnie-wawa, meanie-huwtie-wawa, huwtie-buwnie-wawa, or even meanie-huwtie-buwnie-wawa.
- The concepts these describe do not have to be completely unfamiliar concepts. Niche or particularly specific items work too.
~ A strike with a hoof is a sowwy-hoofie.
~ Feces inside the litter box are gud-poopies.

- SILVER RULE; use sparingly
- Some very-common words can be reduced by a few letters to make them sound more cutesy.
~ or > o'
~ for > fo'
~ and > an'
~ *-ing > *-in'
~ away > 'way

- You've got some options when it comes to fluffies speaking long words.
~ Speak them normally with the usual fluffy lisp: Sesquipedowians
~ Break them down into shorter bits and speak slowly: Ses-qui-ped-owi-ans
~ Either of the above two, but horribly mangle it by the end: Sesquipedocious, Ses-qui-pe-doc-ious
~ Have the fluffy stutter over it for a bit then switch to another word: Ses-qui-pef...quid-pee...biggest wowdsies!


+ Derped fluffies have a special kind of mental retardation. They commonly exhibit 'derped' eyes, non-sequitur thinking, and a particular brand of speech impediment.
+ The speech impediment is more marble-mouthed than the usual fluffy voice. Some headcanon has it that derped fluffies can't properly control their tongues.

21: DERB!
- In Derpspeak, some consonants of some words are replaced with bs. Some ls are allowed.
~ fwiend > fbwend
~ daddeh > dabbleh
~ babbeh > blabbeh
~ sketties > skebbies!
~ mummah > mubbah
~ nice mistah > nibe mibtuh

- Derped fluffies may sometimes remake simple words by doubling part of the word.
- Plurals are then made by adding an s to the end of the remade word.
~ bad > badbad
~ owwie > owow; owows
~ saddies > sadsads
~ nummie > numnum; numnums

- Derped fluffies can also variously screw up sentence structure, lose words, replace words with the wrong word, etc. Sometimes they completely replace a word in their internal 'dictionary'.
- Derpspeak is wild and nuanced. Read stories with derped fluffies in them to learn their language. There are a lot of good ones, including a few great series.
- THE SILVER RULE applies unless incomprehensibility of the derped fluffy is intentional.


+ Fluffthink is used for a fluffy's internal thoughts and for the non-dialog narration of a story told from a fluffy's point-of-view.

- If a fluffy isn't vocalizing, don't use those extra ws; the w thing is a lisp, and you don't think with a lisp.
- Really. It is a headache to read lisped narration. I used it in my first story, and it was a mess. Even if you can read it fine, most of your audience can NOT.

- DO use Fluffyisms.
- Fluffyisms are the terms fluffies think in. A block to a fluffy IS a blockie. (It then becomes bwockie when they speak and lisp it.)

- Other than the two stated rules, things are flexible.
- Fluffthink generally follows the primary Fluffspeak rules, but it doesn't have to.
- Adherence to optional things used in Fluffspeak is even looser.
- THE PHYRITIC and SILVER RULES hold sway here: be consistent WITHIN your Fluffthink and make it readable.

- If you are drawing a pic and include a though-bubble with a small amount of Fluffthink, THE MERCURIC RULE can be ignored.
- However, you can also turn the thought-bubble into a speech-bubble; fluffies babble frequently, saying whatever is on their mind as though they lack an internal monologue. This behavior may vary on how carefree a fluffy's life experiences have made it, though.


+ As explained earlier, fluffies have a set of universally-altered words. Some are altered to sound 'cuter', and some are changed to disguise topics like death and sex from the marketed child demographic (and sometimes from the child-like fluffies themselves).

+ This list is NOT comprehensive
+ This list is NOT absolute. It's a good guide, but some listed Fluffyisms are more universal among headcanon than others.
+ Except for the 'Very Special Words', fluffies generally recognize and understand both the human and fluffy forms of a word. However, they still only use the fluffy form unless urged or taught otherwise. Varies by headcanon.

FLUFFIES (applicable to non-fluffies)

baby > babbeh, foaw
brother > bwuddah, bwuthah, others
father > daddeh
earth pony > eawthie, eawth fwuffie, fwuffy
enforcer, guard, soldier > toughie, toughie-fwiend
female, adult > mawe
female, child > fiwwy
fetus > tummeh-babbeh, soon-babbeh
leader > smawty, smawty-fwiend
male, adult > stawwion
male, child > cowt
mother > mummah, mumma
pegasus > wingie-fwiend, pegasus
pregnant mare > soon-mummah
sister > sissie, sistah, others
unicorn > pointy-fwiend, unicown


bed > beddie
blocks > bwockies
box > boxie
clothes, fabric > not-fwuff
{crying} > huuhuuhuu!
day > bwight-time
food > nummies, nummehs
happiness > happies
house > housie
hug > huggie
human > hoomin, humin, by name if known, others
love > wuv
milk > miwkies
monster > munstah
moon > dawk-time-sky-baww
nest > nestie
night > dawk-time
owner, female > mummah
owner, male > daddeh
plushie, stuffed animal > stuffy-fwiend
sadness > saddies
sleep > sweepies
spaghetti > SKETTIES!!!
sun > sky-baww, bwight-sky-baww
tears > saddie-wawas
TV > teevee, teebee
unfamiliar human, female > [nice/meanie] wady, hoomin mawe, hoomin fiwwy
unfamiliar human, male > [nice/meanie] mistah, hoomin stawwion, hoomin cowt
water > wawa (am bad fo' fwuffies!)

ANATOMY (non-sexual)

brain > thinkie-pwace
chest > chestie
ear > heaw-pwace, eawsie
eye > see-pwace, eyesie
hair > fwuff
hair on head > mane, head-fwuff
hand > not-hoofie
head > headie, thinkie-pwace
hoof > hoofie
leg > weggie
mouth > mouthie, moufie
tooth > toothie, toofie
nose > nosie, sniffy-pwace
stomach > tummy


anus > poopie-pwace
birth > biggest-poopies
blood > boo-boo-juice
mammary, fluffy > miwkie-pwace
mammary, human > miwkie-pwace, squishy-thing, soft-thing, others
death > fowevah-sweepies
feces > poopies
injury > huwtie, owwie
mate > speshuw-fwiend
orgasm > gud-feews
pain > owwies, huwties
penis > speshuw-pwace, no-no-stick, others
semen > speshuw-juice, no-no-juice, sticky juice, babbeh juice
sex > speshuw-huggies
testicles > speshuw-wumps, no-no-wumps
{coital grunting} > enf enf enf
urine > peepees
vagina > speshuw-pwace, no-no-pwace, others
vomit > sickie-wawas


best, great > bestest
broken, retarded, deformed > dummeh
dumb, stupid, imbecilic > stoopid, stoopi, dummeh
eat > num
give > gif
good > gud
have > haf
how long until > how time tiww
mean > meanie
most > mostest
now > nao, naow
ugly, unappealing, unwanted, smells/looks like poop > poopie
want > wan
worst, very bad > wowstest

a thing that causes suffering, ostensibly for the purpose of evoking remorse
> sowwy-[object]
~ sowwy-stick
~ sowwy-hoofie
~ sowwy-bwick

animal, not scary
> [name/descriptor]-fwiend, [animal name]
~ meow-meow-fwiend
~ kitty-fwiend
~ fwuttah-fwiend

animal, scary!
> [name/descriptor]-munstah, [animal name]
~ hissy-munstah
~ doggie-munstah
~ wingie-munstah

personified object
> [name/descriptor]-fwiend, [name/descriptor]-munstah, mistah [name/descriptor]
~ computah-fwiend
~ vwoom-vwoom-munstah
~ mistah doow
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- Reply
Feyascia: I've been told that I make good Fluffspeak, so I wrote a guide to help people and newbs write Fluffspeak. I hope it's usefull.

I'm sure that some of you will disagree with what I have established here. Go ahead and leave your dumb, wrong opinions in the comments.

If I missed anything important, let me know. Depending on the reception here, I may include some of those in a second edition.

- Reply
RQ: Holy shit that's a lot of detail. Commendations!

- Reply
FluffyJosieph: Aww man, I SOOOO wanted to see the article slowly devolve into fluffspeak in its entirety! XD

- Reply
FluffyJosieph: @RQ: The irony of Fluffspeak is that's not easy to master and yet fluffies do it naturally at around a couple weeks old. It takes brains to be an idiot.
- Reply
DerFluffeWaffe: Thank you for expending the effort to make this, it is a wonderful and informative post and deserves a place on my favorites list.
- Reply
Anonymous1: Do you guys pronounce it BAH-beh or BAY-beh?

- Reply
FluffyJosieph: @Anonymous: It can be pronounced anyway you like. Hell, it could pronounced "Nigger Butts" if you so choose! :P

- Reply
Artist_Santanon: @Anonymous: Depends how you want the fluffy to talk. In my head I have it say "bay-beh" but I have talked with a few people who use "Bab-beh". If you want it to sound a certain way you can change the way it's spelled. Like instead of saying "Bwothew" for brother, I use "Bwudda". The very least use the golden rule teachers taught you how to read, sound it out. Fluffies don't always talk the same or have the same accent. Experiment and add some character to your characters.

"Fwuffy didn' do nuffin!"

"Ah dun' know wuh yuh tawkin' bou' mista. Tuffeh no bweak ex-bahx twee six-deh and def-neh-we didn' cwap in yuh boots. Dey just gabe dem'sewves sawwy poopehs."

"Smawdee gettin' da fwuff outta hewe, see. Give them the hoofsie boys. nyeh!"
- Reply
TheHatredIsReal: Useful!
Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

- Reply
Squeakyfriend: This looks good! The only issue I can see has to do with the crying: There's a REALLY common misconception that a fluffy that goes "huuhuu" isn't actually crying, but just SAYING "huuhuu" or hooting like an owl, while originally it was just an onomatopeia for how children sound when crying. Concerned that just tossing it into the word list as {crying} will further the misconception.

@Anonymous: I pronounce it kinda like "babble" without the "l". So, bah-beh!
- Reply
Anonymous2: a/s/l Feyascia?
- Reply
Fuccboi_rides_alone: As an addendum, I'd like to add that the R/L to W convention doesn't apply to certain words ending with R given the pronunciation. "Jasper", rather than becoming "Jaspew", should be rendered and the phonetic "Jaspuh".

- Reply
Artist_Santanon: @Squeakyfriend: I agree with you about the crying. It used to be "buuhuuuhuu" aka "boo hoo hoo" but over time people just started using the huuing sound and this made some retards think they sound like owls or pigeons.

Speaking of people thinking fluffies sound like birds. Ever since chirping became the word associated with the cheeps and squeaks of a newborn fluffy. This tricks new users into thinking they sound like birds as well instead of the sound of rodents. One of the spawning reasons why we started calling fluffies shit rats was because their foals sounded like mice and squirrels, while the adults scream in pain like rabbits.

What foals are supposed to sound like according to DeathProofPony.

What adult fluffy shrieks sound like when they're in pain. Start at 42 seconds.

Weasel killing a rabbit for further sound reference and on how helpless fluffies can be.
- Reply
Anonymous3: This needs to be perma linked in the 'about' section of the booru. Serisously, this would help new authors and artists tremendously.

Achi pls! (or takenoko if he's still alive)
- Reply
creepo_the_clown: @Artist_Santanon: you forgot this video that shows how dancie babies dance [url][\url]

- Reply
Artist_Santanon: @creepo_the_clown: Oh god, how could I forget. Thanks for reminding me Creepo.

- Reply
Anonymous4: This was so helpful!! If I ever make a fluffy story I WILL refer back to this :D

- Reply
Feyascia: Thanks for the responses, ya'll! I was expecting a lot more "wtf" and "get a life".

@FluffyJosieph: Ooooh, that would of been a great joke if I wasn't doing a serious piece. Nice.

@Anonymous: I go with BAH-beh.

@Squeakyfriend: Is that how it comes off? I wasn't intending for that. I meant for the curly brackets to show that its not a word but the sound for the action. I can take it off of further editions; the huuhuuhuu is common enough knowledge. Thanks for the input.

Side note, I think it can go either way. It IS the legit crying sound and usually used that way, but some brats will say "huu huu huu" in an attempt to fake crying.

@Fuccboi_rides_alone: That's covered somewhat under Optional Things. I prefer "ah" to "uh", though. I think it goes better with the squeaky voice.

@Artist_Santanon: I actually like the chirping and coooing. It makes fluffies even weirder in a non-obtrusive way. It's also pretty cute. The squirrel sound is pretty good, though.

- Reply
takenoko: @Anonymous: I actually will put it in the sidebar! i really like how this is written and how flexible it is (unlike previous attempts at "fluffspeak rules", this makes a point of saying that these are not hard or unchanging and that the writer has quite a choice in how to do things.) Also because I just really enjoy things that take an earnest lens to silly subjects, and having 27 primary fluffspeak rules fits squarely into that.
- Reply
creepo_the_clown: I can't believe someone wasted time to do something like that.
I remember we had a poster who was also a fluffy speak grammar nazi.
- Reply
Storytime: I thought it was just Goblin from my stories who followed number 22.

In any case, 10/10, would teach in fluffy school.

- Reply
Feyascia: @Storytime: I think that Suzie also does it.

@takenoko: Wow! Thank you!

- Reply
ThreeRoadsDiverged: I think the only thing that really bothers me is the pronouns sections. It strikes me as terribly inconsistent for fluffies to be able to use "you" when they can't use any other pronouns. I know you've got your reasons, but it still bothers me.

Still, it's nice to have a list that's both comprehensive and flexible. I especially liked the silver and phyritic rules. There are some things that probably should have been moved to the optional section, though. For example, I don't think I've ever followed the is/are->am "rule", and I have no intention of starting.
- Reply
Storytime: @ThreeRoadsDiverged: Well, Fluffies were intended as toys, and "Fwuffy wuv yu" would be much more marketable than "Fwuffy wuv hoomin", so I can see how that makes sense.

Egads, I'm overthinking this.

- Reply
Feyascia: @Storytime: Yes...give in to the nerdery. Let it flow through you.
- Reply
Anonymous5: I found this footage quite useful:
(Also a screaming rabbit)
- Reply
FluffPuffRoughEnough: Thank you so much fey this will help me out indefinitely.

- Reply
PoopieBabbeh: There are exceptions to this guide that should be noted. The goal of fluff speak is to phonetically spell out what a fluffy is saying, not to be l33t (i.e. it's functional, not decorative) To this end, two are two common uses that I'd like to point out.

1. "Wittwe" used for "little." While the golden rule states that every "L" should become a "W," it makes this work stupid. Your fluffy should sound like a mentally challenged, cutesy child. It should be pronounced "witt-aw," similar to "wittawbox" (or "wittawbawks" if you want to drag out the derpy sound at the end of the word). "Wittwe" would not be pronounced as "witt-aw," it would be "witt-wuh." Given this, the golden rule does not apply to the world "little" and the similar letter pairings.

2. "Nao" is useless. "Now" and "nao" are pronounced exactly the same. Given this, "nao" is purely decorative and therefor its only function is to slow down the reader. "Naow" is acceptable because it actually draws out the word appropriately and makes it sound appropriately fluffy. As mentioned above, "box" vs. "bawks" works as it arguably draws out the sound a little. The moral of the story, when in doubt, err on the side of readability over decorative words.


Additionally, for Optional Things 14, "This softens the word and makes it more suitable to the high-pitched voice of the fluffy or makes the word look more 'cutesy'."

No no no, and no. Do not make a word look more cutesy for the sake of *looking* more cutesy. Again, if it doesn't change the way a word is pronounced, do not change the spelling. This makes it harder to read. You want phonetic spellings here, not l33t speak. The list as provided is mostly fine but some are wrong, specifically:

~ to > tu (NO! These are pronounced the same! Always use "to")
~ no > nu (Yes, this changes the sound.)
~ so > su (Yes, this changes the sound.)
~ go > gu (Yes, this changes the sound.)
~ do > du (NO! These are pronounced the same! Always use "do")
~ you > yu (NO! These are pronounced the same! Always use "you")
~ new > nyu (Yes, this changes the sound, even though it's subtle. "nyu" and "new" are different.)
~ know > knu, kno, no (NO! These are pronounced the same! Always use "know" This one is especially confusing "nu knu how" and "nu kno how" is taxing to read.)

Source: I have a degree in linguistics.

- Reply
Splicer: I find this useful for if I am to write a story in the near future.


- Reply
Borja_Live: Since FLUFFYISMS are transformed english words, they are very difficult to comprehend for a spanish speaker. I mean, read comics in languages that are not your maternal language is more difficult than read comics which are written on your first tongue. So imagine read something with word from other language totally changed. That's my whole life. It's hard, but worth it.
- Reply
Anonymous6: I just want to point out that in the Golden Rule, that isn't a lisp, it's a rhotacism. A lisp is a specific impediment involving sibilants. R and L as W is a rhotacism.
- Reply
Anonymous7: Fluffspeak=Ebonics
- Reply
Anonymous8: @Anonymous: nice try, but no
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TheDarkestNight: This is pretty helpful! Speaking in FluffSpeak is a pain. lol
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Anonymous9: @WetFluff: Fuck him up Prime.

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Mediocew-Feews: Why am fwuffy awways put in the fwien’ zone. Am nice fwuffy, find wots of nummies, an’ wouwd do anytin’ fow m’mawe. In da end dese mawes awways go aftew DUMMEH smawties who tweat dem wike poopies, and onwy tawk to fwuffy to make sad wawas ‘bowt it. Fwuffy am sick of being ‘beta fwuffy’ ow wha’evew ‘ou caww it.

- Reply
Lobster_Ballet: My personal headcanon goes that named fluffies will refer to themselves by name (if they have one) and never use words like "I" or "me," but when panicked or otherwise very stressed they usually revert to just referring to themselves as "fwuffy," which is where the whole "fluffies will never use their own name when lying" misconception came from.

- Reply
Disintegral: @PoopieBabbeh: "Nao" actually sounds slightly more nasal and whiny to me, at least with how I pronounce it. Like it (very slightly) pushes the "n" sound towards a "ny".
- Reply
Moon: As I'm writing a story right now, fluffspeak is hell to write. Also whats fluff speak for more?

- Reply
Wetfluff: @Moon: mow
- Reply
Moon: @Wetfluff: Thanks!