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Dummeh Babbeh II

DISCLAIMER: This is my first try at sadbox, but its not that sad. Some Fluffies are harmed, but not intentionally and nobody is enjoying it much

“You’re late Melissa. Again!”

“I know, Uni took longer. Sorry Jim!” you excuse yourself and drop off your bag.

You just need to slip into your work coat and then you’re ready to deal with Fluffies. Jim, your colleague, is facing the table at the opposite wall. He is busy tying the tubes of a red feral. It’s the back of the local shelter in the suburbs. Left and right of you there are two rows of metal crates stacked 3 high, some of them contain whining Fluffies. You mostly help out with the books and your professor gives you extra credit for Bioengineering-courses if you operate on Fluffies. “Operate” however is a gross exaggeration. Since the mandatory sterilisation law for ferals was passed, it’s mostly tying tubes and cutting off testicles. Damaged limbs get cut off and cauterized. The resulting Pillow-Fluffs usually get put down before the scabs fall off. All decent Fluffies can be adopted within 30 days. Then they get put down humanely.

“Any new arrivals?” you ask, checking the cages. Here in the back you find only ferals due for sterilisation and Fluffies don’t even get their 30 days.

“Animal control dropped off a whole herd, including smarty and all. The burner is still out, so half of them are in the freezer. Already finished the males, only the females left. You could help me you know? Ah and we got some domestics in the hatch last night. A mares with offspring. 1 week old, maybe two.”

The Hatch is one of your inventions. Embedded in the wall outside where an ATM used to be is a Fluffy box with a sliding hatch. Lots of people want to drop off Fluffies after work or in the middle of the night. The Hatch allows that. It keeps them off the alleyways so you got funding for the material and put in labor yourself. It gets used a lot and you have to put down a lot of them. Behavioral problems.

“Oh, and on Monday that crazy Christian lady dropped off a potato and his little brother”. You see a bloody latex glove pointing to one of the carry-cages wrapped in duct tape. “Oh my! What happened here?” you ask, trying to peek through the tape. Inside is sits a Fluffy in the ugliest color you’ve so far. “Real eyesore and dumb as a brick” your colleague explains. He puts his current patient back in an empty cage and grabs the next feral. A yellow pegasus.

“Nu huwt Fwuffy pwease! Nu wan bewwy owies. Am good Fwuffy!”. You both ignore it. You hear that all day, for months now. In Jim's case for years. “Why is his cage wrapped in tape?”.

“Am Soweee! Nu wan owies! Sowee! SCREEEE! Fwuffy behawe! SCREEEEE!!!!!” the mare screems on top of her lungs and shits all over the operating table.

“God damit, I just washed that. Would you PLEASE help me here, Melissa, you get get payed for this shit!”. You help pin down the mare’s front legs as your colleague struggles to find a vein. A few more thrashes with the hindlegs and she’s out like a light. The sedative shuts up Fluffies real quick. Its mainly for your benefit, not theirs. You focus on the cage again. “You better keep that tape on. That's the weirdest Fluffy I’ve ever seen. Made it out twice!”

“What do you mean by ‘made it out’?” - “On Tuesday morning I found him sitting at the back door, knocking like an idiot" Jim explains. "Turns out crafty fucker pushed the water dish through the bars and it unhooked the latch. Changed the dish for a water bottle and taped the latch shut. Next day he is out again.” - “How did he get out?” you ask. You’re almost done with unwrapping The Present.

“That’s the weirdest thing. On the security tapes you can see him sitting there all night. Around 3am he suddenly goes ‘Enf Enf’, dryhumping the air. Having some kind of weird seizure. Then he proceeds to unscrew the water bottle’s nozzle using his teeth, uses it to remove the tape and unlatches the door again. Never seen something like this. If the freezer wasn’t full with that monday herd, he would got put down this morning”.

“Wow. Did not know Fluffies can do that. Did you examine him?”
“What for? He is an eyesore, just sits there, doesn't talk, doesn't eat, doesn’t even shit. A Fluffy that does not shit. Have you heard that one before? Apparently he does not even sleep, just sits there staring at me. Anyways, could you forget him for a minute and help me?” - “So you didn’t feed him either? He’s ugly, yes, but you could at least feed him.”

“Melissa see that bundle of Fluff on the Table? It’s currently bleeding heavily out of her vagina. I'm sure you know that's bad for Fluffies. Now come the fuck over here and help me find that nicked artery!”.


You're a dummeh babbeh and you're in deep shit. The walls are coming down! The see the face of a new human. A mare, with blond mane. No horn, no wings. You suspect that may be the norm for all humans. "Hello little guy!" she says to you. But then the human stallion shouts and she goes away again.

You don't like it here very much and begin to worry that the whole operation may be have been a huge mistake.

But so far you've only met 5 humans, not counting the one that just showed up. The human mares have been okay so far. The human stallions, however, have mostly been really confusing and mean.
When you first arrived here at The Shelter everything was still pretty okay. You were in the larger room where you could still see the sky ball. You sat there in an open boxie, with your brother. You could see many other Fluffies, playing, hugging and going about their Fluffy-business. The human stallion gave you and your brother some water to lap and your brother got little brown pellets. They smelled icky but your brother nummed them. You don't want to num them, you only num grass. Good Fluffies num grass, your mummah told you. You intent to stay a good Fluffy as long as you can.

Then your little brother finally got his human! A tall human stallion and a smaller human filly picked him up. Apparently your brother was very pretty for a colt. His new human told that to everybody and was very pleased with him in general.

"Cowt gonna haf nyu mummah?" he asked her a few times.
Then he got his name: "Cowt am Spinew? Dat pwetty name! Fanko!"

Your brother really knows how to deal with humans. Then again, was bound to end up with one. Mummah told you to. He hugged you one last time and you said your goodbye. He seemed very happy so you are happy for him.
But they didn't go to through the door where you came in. He went though what you now know now as the Back Door. When he came back he was complaining about his special lumps went missing. You offered to help him look for them but his new human just hugged him harder. He likes hugging a lot so you're sure he will be allright. The two humans and your brother disappeared through the Front Door short after.

After a while the human stallion came again and gave you more water and those little brown pellets your brother ate. You don't know why.

"Hewo humin!" you greeted him nicely. "Bruddah haf humin nao. Fwuffy can go home? Wan num gwassies an pway wif numbas 'gan!"

But the human did not understood. He just slapped you and told you to num your kibble. You don't know what kibble means and you hate getting slapped! It hurts a really long time and makes you very sick and confused. But for a short while you see mummah again. And all your siblings come back and the sky ball goes the other way. It would be really nice if it would not hurt so much and be so fast that it makes you dizzy. This never happened when mummah gave you sorry hoofsies.

Later the human stallion also took you to the back. You were afraid to loose your lumps too, but he just put you in another metal box and left. You waited for many belly winds and then decided to just leave. You're done with the humans. They are interresting from afar but not very nice up close.

And quite frankly you wouldn't want one. They are more trouble then they are worth.

But you couldn't get further then out of the box, and even that was tricky. You knocked on everything, but the Back Door wouldn't open again. After many more belly winds the human stallion came back. He gave you a lot of owies but did not tell you why. He just held you and hit you with a stick, saying nothing. Maybe he likes giving owies to Fluffies. Mummah told you that some people really don't like Fluffies.

"Dey hatchu! An' dey gif aww Fwuffies foweba sweepies!" she told you. And then she made lots of saddy wawa.

You see the two humans giving forever sleepies to a yellow pegasus right now. The large amount of booboo juice is a very good indicator. She will end up in the big white Fluffybox very soon. You saw that all Fluffies that talk to the human stallion got owies or even forever sleepies. So you cut all communication channels. You just watch him for now..

You're not gonna talk to the human mare either, you decide. Better safe then sorry.

Not talking was a good decision so far. You only got owies the next night, when you tried to go home again. It hurt so much you made saddies wawa. You never felt sad before. But mummah came and went again so often, it just happened to you. You still don't understand what happened to you, but being sad is not your only problem. You are also very hungry. The humans keep all grassies for themselves. You're getting weaker and you're getting sad again.

"Fwuffy jus' wan' go home 'gain" you wisper, but the humans don't hear you anyways. They are still busy killing the little yellow pegasus.

You need to calm down so you count your belly wind again. "wun hoofsie. two hoofsie..." you wisper and drift off.


You're Melissa and you have a Lump in your throat as you throw the corpse in the burner. That was your fault. You were so absorbed with strange new Fluffy that you forgot to help Jim.

‘Hank’ the repair man dropped by and exchanged the propane valve. The burner is at max capacity and will burn through the night. This state has stricter biological waste laws then elsewhere. Corpses are to be cremated on site. You’ve fed the remaining Fluffies in the back, emptied the freezer and even checked though today’s sale numbers. It’s 30 minutes till closing time. Jim reads a newspaper, passing the time till clock out. Hushed complaining about tummy owies and missing testicles fill the room. Neither of you pay any attention. The duct tape is back in place.

"So you mentioned that the little escapee came with another Fluffy?" - "Yeah, was unicolor, same kind of coat, but better color. Must have been a sibling from another litter. The potato went on and on that he was trying to find a human for his brother. 'Sold' him the same evening. After that the potato shut up completely. Has not said a peep. I tell ya, he's broken!"

“I’m gonna examine him!” you announce. Jim groans and rolls his eyes. “I just re-wrapped that!”. You don't care. You need some distraction from feeling guilty. A few Moments later you have opened the silvery present and its content is standing on the operation table, staring at Jim again.

“Male Fluffy, grayish-green coat, about 2-3 years old” you say out loud. You saw that on TV and wanted to try it. Jim shakes his head in utter disbelieve. “No visible scars, slight laceration on the back and hind legs.” - “Yeah, that may have been me." Jim admits. "What? He got out and I got mad!”

You frown. “You’re a brute, Jim. A simple minded brute!” you say in disgust. Jim puts the newspaper aside watching you and the ugly Fluffy. You move all the legs, prod his belly, neck and face but no response. You decide to squeeze his balls a little. This is a sure way to get a reaction from any Fluffy. But nothing. Not even a flinch.
“Subject seems healthy but malnourished, shows now signs of communication, interaction, physical- or social need” you conclude your diagnosis. Maybe he is a potato.

“Lemme help you with that!” Jim wraps up the newspaper smacks the Fluffy straight across the face.

“WOULD YOU STOP THAT! You mongrel! Keep your hands to yourself!” you shout.

“No! Wait for it. Just wait for it!”.

<several seconds pass>

“Owies, why hurt Fluffy? Am good Fluffy.” says the Fluffy in a monotone voice and tilts his head slightly. “He’s a potato, I keep telling you! But now you can talk to him for a few minutes until he’s dozes off again.”

“Thanks but I don’t need the D.N.T.R. for that. For somebody that works with Fluffies all day you know surprisingly little about them.”
You pull out your pen-flashlight and start testing eye-reflexes. 30 seconds is a frightening long time for a Fluffy to respond. Nervous reflex or not.

“Then enlighten me, your Smartness, what’s a D.N.T.R.? If the humble Fluffy Butcher is allowed to know.”

“It's short for 'Default Negative Training Response'. When a Fluffy experiences pain induced by a human his brain goes through all long term memory to find any retained information about bad behavior and surpresses it. If the algorithm can’t find any, thay say that sentence or a variation of it. Down to the core of their design they are very simple biological machines, despite speech and all.”

“'Fluffy is sorry' would be the positive one then?” Jim asks.

“Correct. We had a guest speaker for Neurogenetics II last semester. Some psycho that used to work for Hasbio back in the day. Went on and on about how ‘intutive’ and ‘userfriendly’ the whole corporal punishment thing is." After a short pause you add: "The textbook was titled ‘Owies - The science behind the sorry stick’. Can you believe that?”

Jim chuckles.
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SomeGuyFromTheInternet: Meta: Okay next try. Decided to introduce two humans as characters. Gives me more plot carrier to actually do some plot. This one showcases Melissa's character. Tried a bit of violence and a bit of sadbox. But may be a bad idea to do that at the same time. Still, not much happening, violence wise. This was supposed to also showcase Jim, but I had to split that off. Too confusing. The sadbox part in the middle was definitively a bad idea, but was unable to fix that without throwing everything out again.
Please leave Feedback! It helps me to get better, and eventually good. The whole Fluffy thing is surprisingly hard to do.
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MissionFromBog: Nice touch with the Spinel reference.

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Guzziman: @SomeGuyFromTheInternet: Your over thinking it with the idea that fluffies are simple biological machines. Most healthy animals that have a social hierarchy will review what counts as misbehavior and what does it when they get in those situations. Even you've done it.

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Guzziman: @Guzziman: *and "What does it mean"

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SnailKing: I like it! But what does "belly wind" mean?
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Anonymous1: @SnailKing: i think he's counting his breaths
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Anonymous2: I really like "potato". He seems like he'd be a great pet with the right owner. He's actually clever, doesn't moan and complain, though his idea of entertainment is very off of the usual fluffy. I'd name him "Spud" and he could graze in my backyard while I'm at work, and do simple math games, and I'll teach him propped counting with human numbers rather then 1-4 leggs/fluffies/piles/herds/etc.
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Anonymous3: This is probably the most interesting thing on the site right now tbh. Its new and different and i like it
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Anonymous4: Ah shit, poor babbeh brother!
I agree with Anon3, haven't seen such a fresh and entertaining concept here in fucking ages.