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Part 09
Parasitic Lifestyle

By Hornlarry

"Pwease mummah," Bricky was begging, "Mummah an fwuffies need to wun away... Daddah am munstah... wiww awways huwt Emiwy an fwuffies.... weawy badwy.... need wun away."

Emily looked down at the little fluffy, who had been put back in the sorry box for the last three days. David had been awfully cruel, using a hand held taser to repeatedly electrocute Bricky. Then, he had left him in the sorry box, with water this time, but with no food. Then he had shat on Bricky, and told him that was the only food he would ever eat again.

Then, he had taped an ipad to the inside of the box, to show Bricky some "fluffy TV". The monster had found fluffies being abused, on some of the worst hell holes of the internet, and had compiled them into a half hour loop, which repeated every hour, at high volume, so Bricky couldn't even sleep. It was horrific stuff, fluffies being burned alive, disemboweled, having their eyes, legs, and genitals removed.

Emily had been so disgusted, she had tried to stop him. David had simply tasered her, then raped her again. There was nothing she could do.

Poor Bricky had had his fur removed, with bikini wax, and Emily had had to listen as Bricky had screamed and begged, until all his pretty white fluff was gone, revealing a skinny and bony fluffy, with a scarred body underneath. Emily knew how painful the waxing procedure was, and really felt for Bricky.

Hearing David coming, Emily quickly gave Bricky the last handful of grapes, which he wisely hid under his belly, in case David came to check on him. He would eat them quickly too. Emily put the lid back on, and pretended to play with the other fluffies, who felt so sorry for their brother that they had promised not to tell.


"Do you want me to cut your fucking legs off?" I asked Fauntelroy.

"NUUU! Nu wan wose weggies!" Fauntelroy said, literally pissing himself with fear.

"Do you want me to smash your balls into a pulp? Like I did with Shitbrick?"

"Nu daddah! Pwease nu take FaunteWoy speciaw wumps!" he begged, and started crying.

"Then FUCK her!" I commanded, pointing to Beatrice's cunt, which was held open with clothes pegs, as her struggling body was held in place with straps and harnesses from the same chariot that had broken his leg a few weeks ago.

"But daddah... Beatwice am FaunteWoy sissie... an Beatwice nu wan bad speciaw huggies!" he protested.

"And do you think Emily wants bad special huggies? No, she hates it, but I fuck her anyway. Thats the whole fucking POINT! That's why its so FUN! Now come on!"

Fauntelroy reluctantly approached his sister from behind. He tentatively mounted her, and then started to dry humped her,
but it was a pathetic imitation of the "humpy game" they used to play, rather than the real thing. His cock was drooping rather than erect, so he was getting nowhere.

"Come on Fauntelroy, Fuck her properly!"

"Pweeeease daddah!" Fauntelroy begged, looking up at me with tears in his eyes, "Nu wan huwt sissie wiv bad speciaw huggies... nu wan... AIIEEE!!!"

Fauntelroy screamed as I tasered him, making him twitch and fall to the floor. I would have to do this the old fashioned way. Flipping him onto his back, I grabbed a hold of his little fluffy penis, and started slowly wanking the weeping pig-hamster.

"Pwease daddah! Nu huwt no-no stick! Nu huwt speciaw wumps!" he begged, wriggling and trying to escape. I held him down and didn't stop. Being male, his penis started to react to the stimulation, even though he was crying.

"I won't hurt you if you fuck her properly. I want baby fluffies and you are going to make them for me with Beatrice."

"Nuuuuuu!" the fluffy carried on crying. For a little while, I thought it wasn't going to work, but I persevered, and after a few minutes, he was sporting a little pink erection, about the size of my little finger, naked and poking out from his fluff.

"Good boy Fauntelroy!" I praised him genuinely. I was going to get baby fluffies to torture and torment!

"Now to get Beatrice ready," I annouced, before roughly inserting a finger inside her little fluffy cunt.

"AIIEEE!!! Nu!! Daddah! Nu huwt speciaw pwace! Fwuffy speciaw pwace am nu fow daddah to touch!" Beatrice begged and screamed and finally started to cry, "Huu huu huuu... Daddah nu wuv Beatwice... huwt Beatwice speciaw pwace... huu huu huu..."

Wanking two fluffies at the same time probably earned me a special place in hell. If there was a hell that was. I laughed and decided that there was a hell after all, and that the fluffies were already there. I just happened to be Satan in this particular slice of the Universe.

"Ok Fauntelroy, its fucking time, unless you'd prefer me to cut off your no-no stick and special lumps?" I asked him, raising a pair of garden secuteurs for pruning roses, which would chomp off his genitals in a single bite.

"Nuuuu! FaunteWoy wiww do it!" he said with enthusiasm born of fear.

Approaching his sister from behind, he mounted her, properly this time, and penetrated her from behind.

"Nuuu! Bwuddah! Stoppp!" Beatrice whined.

"Am sowwee Sissie!" Fauntelroy apologised, crying as he started to plunge in and out of her.

I watched and laughed. Fauntelroy looked up at me, the sadness in his eyes begging for the horror to end. His sister just huued to herself constantly, unable to escape the bondage or the fucking.

"How wong tiww finish daddah?" Fauntelroy kept asking, and every time he asked, I just waved the secuteurs near his balls, which made him start fucking his sister even faster. After a couple more minutes, nature started to take over, and he was humping away with gusto, secretly enjoying raping his own sister.

"Huu huu huu.... Nu huwt Beatwice... huu huu huu..." Beatrice cried

"Enf enf enf... huh... huh... enf enf enf..." was Fauntelroy's only reply, as he gasped and thrusted.

"Nu wike dis! Pwease stop bwuddah!" she begged, but it was too late.

"Enf enf enf... huh ... uuuuughhhhh... guuud feews!" Fauntelroy groaned, orgasming inside his sister's bleeding hole.

"Hahahah!" I laughed, "That's how you do it my boy! Did you like it?"

"Uh... it feew guuud daddah!" said Fauntelroy, smiling, ignoring his weeping sister and apparently happy that I was so pleased with him and had put the secuteurs down.

"Good one Fauntelroy my boy. And I want you to keep fucking her until there are definitely babies. At least three times a day, or there will be no food, and I will cut off your little leggies and special lumps... talking of which..." I laughed to myself, and went to torment Shitbrick some more, telling him that his brother and sister had had special huggies, and that there would be baby fluffies soon.

A few minutes later, I saw that Emily was comforting Fauntelroy and Beatrice, not that Fauntelroy needed it. He was preening about being the bestest fluffy, and making "guud feews" and "guud babbehs" in "sissies tummeh". His pride at my approval of him seemed to be enough to protect him from the fear I knew he had, but this didn't help Beatrice, who was weeping pitifully.


Over the next week, I made Fauntelroy fuck her several more times, and on each occasion both of the fluffies cried, begged and wept, although as time passed, Fauntelroy cried less and less, and seemed to enjoy it more and more. After just a few days, Beatrice's belly started to swell, and it was obvious that babies were on their way.

"Look at your belly Beatrice! Your pregnant!" I exclaimed.

"Yes," Said Princess Beatrice, looking down at the floor, "Beatwice am soon mummah."

"Oh come on Beatrice! Where's your enthusiasm? Baby fluffies! Baby fluffies!" I yelled.

"Wiww daddah wuv da babbehs? An be nice to dem?" asked the scared pregnant fluffy.

"Of course I will!" I told her, "So long as they are good fluffies. If they are bad, I will hurt them. Very, very badly. And I will make you watch while I do it. Then I will hurt you too, for being a bad mother."

"Nu wan be bad mummah!" she whimpered, "Wiww be gud mummah! Beatwice pwomise!"

"And your babies?" I asked her.

"Dem wiww be gud babbehs! Beatwice pwomise! Pwease nu huwt da wittew babbehs daddah, dem am onwy tummeh babbehs... huu huu huu..."

The torment of a pathetic pregnant fluffy was just too hilarious. For a moment, I wished I had two pregnant fluffies, so I could cut the belly of one of them open and crush all her babies to death in front of them both, creating despair and terror at the same time. Oh that would be so delicious. Maybe some of the babies would be female? I could make Fauntelroy fuck his own babies.

"Beatrice, I need you to say something for the camera," I told her, pointing an iPad at her.

"What want Beatwice say daddah?" she asked me.

"You have to say, Shitbrick is a horrid fluffy, Beatrice hate Shitbrick. Beatrice want to poop on Shitbrick!" I said, laughing to myself.

"Dat am mean daddah! Beatwice nu fink Shitbwick am howwid. Beatwice wuv bwuddah," she said, tearing up.

"Do you want me to kill all your babies?"

"NuU! Nu huwt babbehs! PWEASE DADDAH!" she begged. At the sound of her shrieks, Fauntelroy jumped out of Emily's lap and ran over, begging me too.

"Nu daddah! Pwease nu huwt FaunteWoy an Beatwice babbehs!" he said, then started crying, "Huu huu huu... Daddah nu wuv fwuffies... nu wuv fwuffy babbehs... huu huu huu..."

The both started crying pathetically. I watched in satisfaction for a few moments, then explained what they had to say if they wanted me to love them and their babies. They reluctantly agreed, and I filmed them both.

"Beatwice nu wuv Shitbwick nu mowe. Shitbwick am dummeh-stoopid-howwid-ugwee fwuffy. Beatwice poop on Shitbwick," the little fluffy sniffled and stifled her tears as she spoke.

"Fauntewoy fink Shitbwick am wowstest howwid ugwee poopie-fwuffy. FaunteWoy fink it gud dat Shitbwick have nu speciaw wumps or no-no stick. Shitbwick can neva hav speciaw huggies wike FaunteWoy have. Can neva have babbehs wike FaunteWoy have... huu huu huu...." the end was slightly spoiled by him crying, but I could edit that part out.

I put the video on to the iPad in Shitbrick's poop dungeon, and alternated it with the fluffy torture videos, on constant repeat. After just a few seconds, I heard him weeping, no doubt closing his eyes, but unable to close his ears or his heart to the ultimate betrayal from his brother and sister.

I left him in there for another week, only taking him out to beat him and rip out his fluff with bikini waxing strips.

Every so often, I would find one of the other fluffies, trying to talk to him through the box, crying and saying they were sorry. Any time I saw this, I kicked them.


Later that day, I waltzed into the kitchen, feeling a sense of enthusiasm and well-being which I hadn't felt since... possibly ever.

Setting a frying pan on the burner, I added olive oil and crushed garlic. Gods it would be good to use a garlic crusher on a fluffy's special lumps! I decided I would crush one of Fauntelroy's testicles as a punishment, but only after the babies in his sister had been born. Then, I would torture them horribly in front of the parents. I would insist on a second brood, because the first group of babies would all be "bad" or "wrong" in some way. This would mean that the one bollocked fluffy would have to fuck his sister again. Once she gave birth to the second litter, I would crush his other testicle! I would do this in front of Beatrice, and make sure he knew it was punishment for hurting her. She would approve, and he would feel he deserved it in some fucked up way...

I decided to cook up something special for Shitbrick, so I reached into the freezer and took out a small ziplock bag with a little lump of meat I had been saving for a special occasion. Adding it to the frying pan with some sesame oil, it defrosted and cooked in a matter of seconds. The fried garlic smelled delicious, and I knew that Shitbrick would be starving from a diet of nothing but turds, torture videos and sleep deprivation.

"Shitbrick? Oh Shitbrick?" I called out to him in a sing-song voice as I re-entered the conservatory.

As I opened the box, the pitiful creature looked up at me in despair from his horrendous shit-dungeon.

"Would you like some food Shitbrick?"

Shitbrick only whimpered, no doubt expecting this was another trick, which, to be fair, it was. Even after a while of reasoning with him, he just whimpered and cried. I got bored, and hurled the little meaty snack I had fried for him into his sorry box.

Shitbrick blinked, and looked at the food. After frying it in sesame oil and garlic, it smelled delicious. Shitbrick was clearly starving, and had eaten nothing but human and fluffy turds for the last three days. He smelled the food cautiously, then leaned forwards and gave it a tentative lick, still semi-flinching as if he was expecting a beating. After a second though, his hunger overwhelmed his caution, and he nummed the food as quickly as he could, ignoring how hot it was, and barely chewing it. He swallowed it, and looked up at me, with tears in his eyes.

"F-fank you daddah... fow feeding Shitbwick nummies... Shitbwick am sooo sowwee. Wiww neva be mean to daddah eva again." Shitbrick was swallowing his tears, and trying to beg without totally breaking down. "Pwease wet out of sowwee box now daddah... Shitbwick am weawned da wesson. Shitbwick know am dummeh-stoopid, ugwee howwid fwuffy. Shitbwick onwy wan to make daddah happy, an see bwuddah, an sissie, and Emiwy again..."

"Oh Shitbrick, you really are sorry aren't you?" I asked him, trying to sound sympathetic.

"Y-yes daddah, Shitbwick am sowwee," he replied, staring up at me dolefully.

"I'm sorry too Shitbrick," I told him.

"W-weawy? Daddah am sowwee?" he asked me, finding it hard to believe what I was saying.

"Yes," I replied, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry about the food I just fed you."

"W-wa? Why daddah sowwee fow feed Shitbwick nummies?" he whined.

"Because... YOU JUST ATE YOUR NO-NO STICK AND SPECIAL LUMPS!" I declared in a state of total glee.

Shitbrick blinked. Then his eyes widened. Then he realised what I had done.

"Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" he screamed, "Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

I took the opportunity to shit on him again, so he would have some food for the next few days, then I shut the box and left him to scream and cry himself to sleep.


Later that week, we had a wonderful feast.

It was a banquet, laid out on my dark oak dining table. Lord Fauntelroy and Princess Beatrice were sitting in their little medieval costumes, excited about the food, but still quivering in fear every time they thought I wasn't looking. Emily was the same. It was the exact same set up as family dinners with my father; my sister and I, trying to avoid his wrath and punishments.

"Chef, bring in the food," I commanded.

The chef brought in a large steaming pot of bolognese sauce and... spaghetti! The fluffies wriggled in their seats.

"Sketties! Sketties!" Princess Beatrice squeaked with excitement.

"Daddah? Am sketties fow fwuffies to num? Weawy?" asked Fauntelroy, a little more cautiously.

"Yes, the sketties are all for you to eat!" I told them, and the feast began.

I sat back and watched as the fluffies ate their sketties. They were so happy, and it warmed my heart to see them. Despite my love of tormenting them, I did love my fluffies, and seeing their happiness was making me happy. It was a smug happiness though. My real happiness was the anticipation of eating the next course.

"All finished?" I asked, watching the fluffies lick their plates clean, "Did you like the sketties?"

"Yes! Dis am da bestest day of fwuffy wife!" cried Beatrice, her belly bulging with babies.

"FaunteWoy wuv daddah!" said Fauntelroy, burping. Even Emily looked happy.

I was so excited I could have rubbed my cock with glee.

"Bring in the next course!" I commanded the chef.

He brought in a large silver platter, covered with a platter lid. As soon as she saw it, Emily's face turned white as a sheet.

"What do you think the next course is fluffies?"

"Chocowat?" guessed Beatrice.

"Mowe Sketties?" guessed Fauntelroy.

"Wrong!" I said, lifting up the platter lid, "It's your BROTHER! We're going to eat Shitbrick's LEGGIES!"

Emily, Fauntelroy and Beatrice looked on in horror as the lid revealed Fauntelroy, now totally bald, crying on a bed of lettuce and cheese. The fluffies wailed and started crying as my chef, a cruel and heartless Korean man, lifted him up and placed him on a chopping board.

"Daddah! Pwease nu huwt bwuddah!" begged Beatrice

"Nu take bwuddah weggies! Pwease!" Fauntelroy screamed as my chef lifted the cleaver.

"Bricky!" Emily howled.



Fauntelroy's leg was spurting bright red arterial blood. The Chef did not pause though, and quickly brought the cleaver down again and again and again, cutting off his other legs. Then, he used a blow torch to cauterize his wounds. Emily stood up and almost said something as Shitbrick screamed the house down.

"What?" I asked her, cutting her off before she could even finish thinking, "What? Did you want to SAY something Emily?"

Fauntelroy was screaming over and over, Beatrice was huuing herself hoarse, and Fauntelroy had filled his pantaloons, shitting himself with fear.

"There's nothing you can DO about it Emily. If you try, I will hurt the other fluffies too. Then you. You are helpless and you are my slave, and you will never forget it."

Emily sat back down, and started weeping. I pretended not to notice or care that Fauntelroy had shat himself, and he pretended he had not done anything.

Shitbrick's screams faded to a whimper, and the chef started to fry his legs with butter and garlic.

"Oh look Shitbrick," I said to him, "He's cooking your leggies!" My chef was silent as a ghost, he was paid far to much to care.

Shitbrick could only close his eyes and weep.

"Do you know who is going to eat your leggies? There will be one for me..." I started, in a sing-song voice, "One for Fauntelroy... one for Beatrice... and one for... Emily."

Emily looked up at me in shock, her tear streaked face running black mascara down her cheeks.

A few moments later, I savoured their expressions as I ate the first of Shitbrick's legs. Then I watched as each of them in turn choked on his meat and squishy little bones. The legs were much larger than the baby fluffy's which I had eaten a couple of months ago, but no less delicious.

The meal was wonderful.


Later, I slept.


I awoke.

Darkness. I tried to roll over, but couldn't. Something was holding my wrist... it was... one of my bondage cuffs?

Emily! The bitch had drugged by wine! I knew it tasted off... and I'd become so tired...

My legs! The bitch had me by my ankles too, and both my wrists... what the fuck was she...

Confused... still drugged, like, really, really drunk... kind of didn't care, but...

I felt her, mounting me, holding me down with her thighs. Rubbing her sex against my cock... arousing me.

I had friends who swore by dominatrices, but I always felt I had to be the dominant one. Had I been wrong?

I was fully aroused now, and she enveloped me with her pussy. She was soaking wet, and rode me hard and fast.

I came inside her, and later she came to. Had she ever done that before? I could not remember.

Suddenly - PAIN. My face! What the fuck was she doing to my face! PAIN! PAIN!

The bitch! She was smashing my face with a hammer! My nose, my jaw, my cheekbones, my TEETH. The fucking whore was smashing me again and again with a hammer, breaking my face and ripping me apart. I could only scream in agony, but that just made me choke on my own blood.

"How do YOU like it?" the bitch screamed at me. The WHORE! The fucking CUNT! I would BURN her! I would SKIN her!

"Its not so nice when its happening to YOU is it?" the cunt said to me, I would make her suffer so much more... her pain would be so exquisite... it would be...


I hand exploded in pain.


The cunt was cutting my fingers off with the secuteurs! I tried to scream again, but choked on blood and teeth and pieces of bone. My jaw and face were a constellation of agony that flared with every heart beat. THE CUNT! How dare she do this to ME! How dare she!


"Aaaarrgghhhh.. ghgh.... ghgghhgg... cuhh...huhkk..kkhhk..." I screamed and gurgled.



The whore moved to my other hand... and took those fingers too. I couldn't imagine pain worse than this... there was nothing so bad ever... nothing so bad as... oh no... god no... please! No!!!




I awoke.


I screamed, put my hands on my face, remembering.

It was all still there. My hands, my fingers, my face. My cock was still there too. It was just a dream, but still, it could have happened. My nightmare was a warning. Where was the whore? I decided I would punish her, just for hurting me in a dream. I would take HER fingers, I would take HER clitoris. See how she fucking liked it...

Where was she?

I heard a squeal downstairs. It was well known to me. It happened every time Shitbrick's prison of despair was opened.


I ran downstairs, naked, not giving a damn. The fluffies were missing!

Looking in the conservatory, I saw the doors to the garden were open, a silk curtain flapping in the night's breeze. Running over, I could see Emily, fleeing on foot, with the fluffies in two carry boxes, and a bag carried on her shoulders.

I ran to my gun cabinet. Taking my father's favourite shotgun, the one I was never supposed to touch as a boy, I grabbed a box of shells, knocking it onto the floor in my haste, spilling the red bringers of death all over the hardwood floor. Grabbing a handful, I loaded the gun, and headed out, Emily hunting.

She had quite a head start on me, but it was three miles to the edge of my estate, so there was plenty of time. I thought about persuing her on foot, but then changed my mind and headed for my golf cart, just a hundred yards away. Why hadn't the dumb bitch thought of that? Or stolen a car? Too afraid I guess. It was the reason humans would always be inferior to whatever fucked up species I belonged too. Psychopaths are specialist sexual parasites, we need human beings to fuck, exploit and hunt.

Getting into the golf cart, I turned it on and stepped on the accelerator, reaching all of 15 mph. It was ridiculous, but Emily didn't stand a chance. It was a stupid, slow speed chase, but even so I had to dodge trees and ditches to catch the cunt.

"Stop Emily!" I commanded her, when I was close enough to shout, but the bitch ignored me.

"Stop! If you stop now, the punishment will be lenient!" I commanded her again, secretly hoping she would continue.

And continue she did, still running, desperate to save herself and the fluffies.

I aimed the shotgun at her smooth young thighs, and fired.

The shotgun roared, and Emily collapsed blood pouring out from the horrible mass of flesh that had once been her left thigh. She was too shocked even to be able to scream, so the fluffies did it for her.


"Mummah Emiwy!"



I opened Shitbrick's dungeon, hearing his scream of fear, in anticipation of whatever pain or torment awaited him. I loved watching his little leg stumps twitch as his mind tried to flee, even as it was impossible.

"Shitbrick? Oh Shitbrick?" I said to him in the sing-song voice that meant impending torture and despair, "Do you want to see your family Shitbrick?"

The fluffy only looked up at me, and whimpered.

"Oh come on Shitbrick, you have to see them. You see, they have been very bad, and I have had to punish them."

Shitbrick only looked up at me and blinked, trying not to cry. I could see white fluff was starting to grow back on his pink, starved body, meaning that another waxing was nearly due.

"Do you know WHY I have punished them? No? Well, it is all YOUR fault." I said, lecturing the poor creature, hoping I might be able to milk some more despair from his near barren soul. "You see, all throughout this house, there are cameras. You know what a camera is don't you? Of course you do, I let you watch TV all the time. Well Shitbrick, I have secret cameras all over the house, and do you know what I have seen?"

Shitbrick looked up at me, and whimpered again.

"I have seen Emily, feeding you grapes..."

A single sob, but he held his tears back.

"I have seen YOU, telling her she had to run away."

A couple more sobs, soon the damn would break and he would begin to weep again.

"It was YOUR idea to run away wasn't it SHITbrick? That means it was YOUR fault. That means the punishments they have had were YOUR FAULT TOO."

This was too much for him, and he started to cry. I listened to his huuing for a short while, then picked him up, feeling him flinch at my touch as he always did. I carried him downstairs, into my wine cellar, which I was converting into a dungeon. We passed row after row of wine racks, with bottles dating back to the 1800s, collected by generations of my family. In the distance, the sounds of weeping fluffies was like music to my ears.

We turned the corner, and Shitbrick could see four tables, all covered with sheets.

"This," I said, pulling back the first sheet, "is your new home," I said, showing him a black leather pillow on a wooden table. Placing him down on the pillow, he had a good view of the other three tables. The sounds of crying fluffies came from underneath the sheets.

"Can you guess what is on the next table Shitbrick? Can you? Can you hear her crying? Can you hear... the babies?"

Shitbrick's eyes widened and he looked over at the next sheet covered table. If you listened very carefully, you could just about hear the chirping. Pulling back the second sheet, I revealed Princess Beatrice, sitting on a pillow, with horrific pink stumps where her legs used to be. She was crying, and sitting in the fluff on her back were three tiny baby fluffies, all chirping and crying, starving for milk, which I had denied them since they were born, just an hour ago.

"Bu-babbehs!" cried Shitbrick.

"Bwicky! Hewp!" wailed Beatrice.

I laughed and laughed and laughed at them.

"Do you know why I cut off her leggies Shitbrick?" I asked him, but there was no response, "ANSWER ME OR I WILL KILL THE BABIES!" I roared.

"Nu! Shitbwick nu know! Nu know why daddah huwt fwuffies!" he blurted, choking back his tears.

"Its so she can't run away again. Ever. Its YOUR FAULT Shitbrick. If you hadn't given her the idea, she would still have her leggies, and would still be happy."

"Nuuuuu huu huu huu huu.... Nuuuuuuuu huu huu huu huu...." Shitbrick wept in hopelessness.

"Are you ready to see the next table?" I asked him, but Shitbrick just kept on crying.

"LOOK!" I yelled, grabbing a tiny baby and squeeeezing it till it squealed and chirped.

"Babbehs! Nu huwt babbehs daddah!" Beatrice wailed.

I poked her in the eye and hurled the baby back into her fluff.

"Owwiies! huu huu huuu... whewe babbeh? Whewe am babbeh?"

"Look and watch Shitbrick, or I SWEAR I will EAT the babies, right here, right now."

Shitbrick stifled his tears and opened his eyes wide, looking at me in terror.

"That's better, now, lets see what's under sheet number three."

I pulled back the sheet, revealing another bald, legless fluffy, that had once been the proudest of all fluffies, Lord Fauntelroy. Now, sitting on another black leather cushion, he was crying quietly, until I pulled back the sheet.

"Waaah! Munstah daddah!" he screamed, and his pathetic little stumps started twitching as he tried in vain to run!

"See! See what I had to do to him Shitbrick? And ALL because you said to RUN AWAY. Its ALL YOUR FAULT."

Shitbrick cried and cried, but didn't stop looking.

I picked up the garlic crusher and approached Fauntelroy.

"Fauntelroy, you have been a very bad fluffy," I told him, and placed a garlic clove in the crusher.

"F-FaunteWoy am sowwee daddah! Wiww neva be bad agen! Wiww neva twy wun away! Wiww neva... huuu huu huuu... wiww neva wun ow pway eva agen... huuu huuu huu..."

Look Fauntelroy, look at this garlic. I crushed it.

"What dat daddah... huu huu huu... FaunteWoy nu unnerstand..."

"I'm going to crush one of your special LUMPS!" I told him, excitedly.

"Wa?? Nu! Nu daddah pwease nu huwt speciaw wumps!" he begged, but in a pathetic way which told me he already knew it was hopeless. Approaching him from behind, I placed his left testicle into the crusher. I only just fit inside.

"Nuuuu! Daddah pweeeease!"

With great satisfaction, I used my strength to crush his special lump into a fine paste.


I laughed long and hard, long and hard indeed. There was nothing better than this, but the game was not over.

"Munstah!" Beatrice was saying, "Daddah am munstah! Beatwice hatechu! HATECHU!"

"Really Beatrice? Have you learned nothing?" I asked her, letting the dead dark part of my soul spill out of my eyes and mouth. "You have to love me, or I will kill your babies."

"Babbehs? Nu kiww babbehs... Nu!"

I picked up one of the babies, and managed to stuff its rear legs and abdomen into the garlic crusher.

"Nuuu! Daddah Nuuuu! Babbeh!!!" Beatrice screamed.

I crushed the baby horribly, turning its lower half into pink and red gore.

"CHEEEEP!" it squeaked awfully

"BABBEH! NUUUUUUUU!" its mother cried.

I laughed again. Longer and harder.

"Do you love me now?" I asked her, stroking one of the other two babies, who were chirping with fear.

"Y-yes..." Beatrice said, finally understanding, "Beatwice... wuv daddah... daddah am bestest daddah... huuu huu huuu..."

I threw the dying but still alive baby, in agony, into Beatrice's face. It wouldn't live long, and was almost a waste, but the look on her face was worth it. The other babies would outlive her for sure.

"Are you ready fluffies, for table number four?" I asked them.

The fluffies were all weeping, in agony, terror or despair, but the sight beneath sheet number four shocked even them, I am sure.

I pulled back the fourth sheet, and revealed the final, naked, limbless member of their family.

I had pillowed Emily. Now I could fuck her forever, and she could never run away again.

"Nuuuu!" cried Shitbrick, "Mummah-Emiwy! Nuuuuuuuuuuu!"

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product: this is what we call EDGY!
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Anonymous1: That was nasty as fuck. Human Centipede tier :(
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Anonymous2: ow, I cut myself on this chapter

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Hornlarry: Coming up soon:

Autism - a proper story about a fluffy owner who is legitimately on the autistic spectrum

Salty - A hugbox story about a fluffy that lives on a cargo ship

Red Conan and the Snake Daddah - The next part will be written when the inspiration strikes...

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Anonymous3: This went into full Badmummahfluffah territory. You never go full retard. Shitty ending, I genuinely regret asking for more chapters after the first one. The premise was good, but you seemed more interested in edge than good writing. Even the rape scenes with Emily were hilariously pornographic. And so much awful shot had happened that I was completely numb to it all.

I hope you treat this as a learning experience. I do enjoy your writing, and will continue to follow you.

But in the future, leave the edge to Foalout4.

- Reply
Hornlarry: @Fluffygod: Glad this was genuinely horrifying for people. Peppermint basically convinced me that it was OK to write something truly horrendous. The hugbox side of me was very uncomfortable at times during the writing of this story...

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Fluffygod: @Hornlarry: one last thing...

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Fluffygod: @Fluffygod: no offense...

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Hornlarry: @Anonymous: Says the comment from someone too retarded to create anything of their own :)
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Anonymous4: Too far.

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Fluffygod: @Hornlarry: BURN!!!!!

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Hornlarry: @Anonymous: Ah yes, you'd be one of those idiots that likes to troll BMF. Again, the stupid cannot create, only destroy :)

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Hornlarry: @Fluffygod: I'm glad I'm getting strong reactions at least. No comments, boredom or meh would be much worse...

- Reply
Fluffygod: @Hornlarry: FUCKING ROASTED!!!

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Hornlarry: @Fluffygod: Did you like it? Or hate it? I genuinely can't tell!
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Anonymous5: This is why I admire psychopaths, to be honest. They have a convinction and fearless strength to them that normal feeling people just can't have. It's an evil, insane strength, but still strength.
And to be completely honest .. Now I kinda wonder what woman legs taste like. Maybe I oughta watch some Silence of the lambs films again :P
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Anonymous6: Shitty ending.
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Anonymous7: Shit... David really is a cunt.

The dream sequence was good though. And he's still alive, so there's time yet for him to suffer a stroke and live in perpetual agony as a drooling quadraplegic.

Picturing Emily now with some sexy cybernetic limbs...

Nice story Hornlarry!

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spaceFluff: @Anonymous: that was me. My phone seems to like logging me out :P

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TitanFluff: Man, I was kind hopeful for a justice style ending, but I guess it was to predictable and real life rarely has happy endings. I honestly think it Couldn't of ended any other way.
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Anonymous8: You typod the names a bunch during the dinner part.

And I can get behind "bad ends" but this did went beyond believable, but dragging it out any further would be full BMF.

Eh. This guy was all over the place.
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Anonymous9: Dude, do one final chapter. I wanna see more of what happens next. I wanna see how Emily suffers. Not a long chapter if you dont wanna...
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Anonymous10: @Hornlarry: I don't want to go Chris Stuck man and say that I could've written it better, but Jesus, this had a strong start. You could have easily made David monstrous, AND likeable! Given him the Handsome Jack treatment and made him so outrageous and cartoony you ccouldn't help but like him.

You could've included Emily without making her lot be the story's punching bag. You had Shitbrick for that. A prisoner in an easily escapable prison for an contrite guilt based reason that even SHE knew was not her fault is not one I care about.

It would've been interesting to see her as an employee enraptured by her Master's charisma, but repulsed by his behavior. To see him corrupt her into enabling, and eventually encouraging his behavior.

Why treat Shitbrick worse than the other fluffies? It was clear the intention was to get them to resent him, and vice versa, but I often got the impression they were simply distressed by his treatment, and we're never under the impression that David cared about them.

I'm not saying your a bad author. This was just a bad story, and it's clear from your writing that you didn't have enjoy creating it. I've been here since you told me to go fuck myself with a chainsaw, and I stuck around because I knew you would get better. That hasn't change.

This story is just a stumble on your path. Learn from it. And I know you'll get better.
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Anonymous11: Hornlarry got triggered by all the criticism and shit his diaper in fury
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Anonymous12: @Anonymous: No. No more edge. We're here to see fluffy suffering, not a serial killers diary.
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Anonymous13: @Anonymous: FUCK, that's a wall of text. And do I even English, bro? But seriously, lots of love, and that was constructive criticism. I love your shit.
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Anonymous14: You'd think a guy who writes stuff like this wouldn't be so sensitive to criticism, lol

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BadMummahfluffah: It's brilliant.
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Anonymous15: Consider an alternate ending?
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Anonymous16: Bravo!
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transcendenz: @Hornlarry: Just because you can doesn't mean you should. It was somewhat meh at the end. And Peppermint was way off since contrived "Abuser wins" endings are the norm, not the exception.

The problem with the "Abuser wins" stories in the past few months was that authors would go to contrived levels just to have one up on the fluffies instead of a satisfying abuse ending. Which happened here since David got his shit fucked up by a hammer but still managed to pull himself together to grab a gun and aim a perfect shot with a short range weapon. OP as fuck

Honestly I would have set it that Emily would get away with taking the fluffies, but remains emotionally scarred and afraid living her life in fear while losing everything as the fluffies die from sadness, injuries that can't be fixed and Beatrice spilling out misformed runts. But David becomes a reclusive loner as he can't rat out Emily for stealing his property and assualting him when he attempted to murder her. He compensates by ordering fluffies by the dozen to torture using his wealth but never showing himself in public again since his face got fucked up. Still an abuser and still wins over the fluffies because now he's dedicated his life to torturing fluffies but faced actual consequences to his actions in his vanity and ego have been damaged while Emily never gets a happy ending either living in fear.

"Real life rarely has happy endings" can mean multiple things and not just the "Bad Guy wins" all the time. There's always "The Bad Guy wins, but at a massive cost" and other variants if you want to go down that path.

- Reply
Hornlarry: @Anonymous: He was supposed to be loathesome, not likeable. I could have written a chapter called "superficial charm" or "lies glibly" or another item from the psychopathy checklist, but we already knew what he was on the inside.

Agree that Emily was two dimensional. When written from David's perspective, this was intentional (as he lacks empathy to understand others properly) but I should have either not had chapters from her perspective, or properly fleshed them out when I did.

He deliberately treated Shitbrick worse because it amused him to do so, and he was aiming for agony, despair and terror, in different fluffies at different times. The constant fear that they might end up like Shitbrick was half of the story.

Nice to talk to you again Chainsaw anon :D

@Anonymous: Haha - Hornlarry is not actually a psychopath. Have you read my hugbox stuff? There are sides of me that are softer than a fluffies butt

@BadMummahfluffah: Glad you like it BMF

@Anonymous: I considered his nightmare as the alternate ending, followed by Emily stealing money from his safe, and flying in his private jet to hide in America.

She was going to let each Fluffy poop liquid shit into his smashed, toothless mouth, cut of his cock, and then call an ambulance (before flying off with the pilot in the jet) so that he would survive forever as a faceless, fingerless, cockless freak. She would leave his balls, so that he would still have desires that he could never sate.

But Emily was not a psychopath herself, so horrible revenge torture wouldn't make sense. Sometimes the bad guys win...

- Reply
Hornlarry: PS - I know that none of the chapters are as good as the first. In my short stories, I have more freedom. I get impatient in the longer ones...

- Reply
BadMummahfluffah: @Hornlarry: >> I get impatient in the longer ones...
That happened to me too. If you start writing long, you'll get used to it.

- Reply
Hornlarry: @transcendenz: He didn't get hit with the hammer, that part was a dream - he woke up and realised he was not injured at all.

To be fair though, your idea of David living as a faceless freak, torturing fluffies, while Emily lives hiding in fear, is an excellent one. I agree that would have been a better ending. It reminds me of the dude in one of the Hannibal stories who breeds pigs to eat hannibal, only to end up being eaten by them himself. That dude was a faceless freak from an earlier encounter with Dr Lecter.
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Anonymous17: @Hornlarry: Hornylarry, weigh in on this. Do you think BadMummahfluffah crossed a line when he had his character fingering an infant fluffy, and portrayed the animal enjoying it?

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AuntyJane: @Hornlarry: Peppermint was wrong. @TitanFluff: I don't know why people keep saying justice/karma is predictable -it's really not here on the booru and would have been a nice change of pace. @Anonymous: Agreed 100%

I am honestly pretty disappointed with how this ended. Like, "had to close the laptop and get off the internet for a while" disappointed. Too much edginess and listening to anons. :/

- Reply
spaceFluff: @Anonymous: I think that line got crossed a long time ago!

Basically anything that we inflict on these fluffies are the kinds of things we have deep fears about ever experiencing ourselves, or that society has made a taboo. BMF (not sure whether male or female) just approached that from a different direction to usual.
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Anonymous18: So i didnt like this one, mostly cause it had human abuse. I like people, im not into torture porn or brutal horror films i like fluffies because its not really a thing, animals are too innocent and humans are too real, fluffies are an abomination.

Basically i felt really dirty after. Reading this, it reminds me of reading about Josef Fritzl, its unpleasant and theres no schadenfreude or justice or anything in it to make it more palatable, i just feel drained and sad. Theres nothing here for me.

- Reply
Hornlarry: @Anonymous: No, because its fiction. Its not real. No thing and no person and no animal is actually being harmed.

That said, I really struggled with the human abuse in this story. It was awful. I actually felt quite sad after writing the chapter before this one, but I decided to finish it.

Seems about half the commenters didn't like something about it. Some wanted a hugbox/karma/justice ending, others didn't like the human abuse side at all. Legit complaints are that it is not as good as the first part, but that's because I just churned out the chapters quickly. Its pulp fiction of a kind.

Transcendenz's idea for an alternative ending was a good one.

Anyway, I will stick to hugbox for a while. That will make everyone rage :D
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Anonymous19: My main criticism is that Fauntleroy appears to have replaced Shitbrick in parts of the last chapter.

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Fatalsirenz: Mind if I write an alternate ending with possibly a character of mine from my version of Grandma's Pet?

This... This was fucked up though, few things disturbe me. But this actually got to me. Though Shitbrick and Fauntleroy being switched up kind ofEssex up and ruined it. Though that may be trying to make this whole thing less fucked up, yah?
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Anonymous20: Go ahead if you want to...
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Anonymous21: I liked the story Hornlarry, but while reading I couldn't help but feel that if David was another fluffy, maybe not even a smarty I'd enjoy it more. People are sadistic, this place is proof, so to have a human doing these things kind of dulled the experience for me. I do love all your stories and want you to keep it up, but this is just how I felt and think that others may feel the same.
- Reply
Jaeger: This is.... Nothing short of amazing. :D
- Reply
Jaeger: I do agree transcendenz's ending would be better, but your story was a solid 9/10, with a slightly weaker ending.
- Reply
Anonymous22: "Charismatic psychopath" is way too overplayed. Anon10 is an idiot for wanting that cliche in anything.

I actually liked that David was characterized as a manchild, if people are complaining that the descriptions of the sex scenes and torture were juvenile and cringey that's because David is juvenile and cringey. He thinks he's some kind of hardass in the same vein as Hannibal Lecter when in reality he's playing chariots and Monopoly with talking baby horsepigs, and has no concept of shame. He doesn't seem to have a good grasp on big boy stuff so he's playing out the fantasy of a perverted teenage boy.

The main character archetype on the booru for abuse seems to be the "normal" person - and of course the author just has to emphasize how much their character loooooves other animals and is a normal, contributing member to society instead of a creep who gets off on fingering fluffies, so having an edgy loser protag who isn't a neckbeard stereotype is nice.
- Reply
Anonymous23: Thank you anon22

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BadMummahfluffah: @Anonymous: YOU.HIT.NAIL.HEAD.
- Reply
Anonymous24: @Hornlarry: Though I would have liked Emily to have escaped, the fluffies I was pretty meh on. I respect that you finished what you started and maintained the course you set out on.

@Fatalsirenz: Please god no, like write your own shit recently you seem to be sucking a lot of other writers dicks, have you ran out of ideas or something?
Also this this too much for you but BMF's pillow fluffs is A-okay to you that story if you ignore Lance being a complete retard is way more fucked up than this and has no context to be fucked up. I'm starting to think you just are a yes man or have a terrible memory.
- Reply
Anonymous25: @Anonymous: @Anonymous: @BadMummahfluffah: So you logged out to make these then?
- Reply
Anonymous26: You messed up the whole naming thing during the feast.
- Reply
Anonymous27: This was insanse, it almost felt like a movie and i loved every chapter. But the ending was so rushed. Please be a troll lol
- Reply
Anonymous28: How was this edgy? The character has proven himself to be unstable and downright insane.

I applaud you hornlarry, your writing is great and keeps getting better.
- Reply
PeppermintParchment: Hey guys/gals,

Let me start off by saying I think a lot of people are misunderstanding what I actually said. I never said "abuser wins" endings were rare. I said "Villian wins". In this case, David is the villain. In a typical story, not necessarily on this Booru but in pop culture, literature, etc., the heroes almost unfailingly win. People were howling for David's blood in prior installments, and are clearly upset that David didn't get his comeuppance. I personally think having a story such as this, where the villain wins and the heroes (Emily, the fluffies) do not was refreshing. Of course there was a few kinks in the writing, but as Hornlarry said before, he doesn't have the time to sit around and tweak every paragraph.

I am currently an English major in college and a horror and paranormal author in my free time. So this, to me, was right up my alleyway. Yes, what Hornlarry said is true, I did envourage him to dig down into the deepest and darkest part of his mind and create this. And it turned out excellent. Being the kind of author that I am, boundaries are often pushed, lines are crossed, and taboo subjects are brought into the light of day. Literature is made to make us feel, whether it be pride, love, disgust, discomfort, happiness, it doesn't matter. If Hornlarry managed to evoke any kind of reaction in you as a person and a reader then he succeeded at his job as an author. There is noting sacred in literature, especially not something as benign as human death and suffering, which is a subject that has been expanded on since the dawn of man.

I mean this in the kindest way possible, but some of you need to step away and realize that this is all fictional. David, Emily, the fluffies, none of them exist. They may hold up mirrors to the struggles and emotions that some people on this planet may be experiencing, but they in themselves are not real. Human abuse, animal abuse, neglect, reckless endangerment, manipulation, they all exist in reality and to exempt humans and animals from it in literature is an injustice. I understand that many people do not want to read about rape or human torture, and that's perfectly fine, especially if it is fetishized or encouraged. However, Hornlarry did not fetishize or encourage rape and torture. He gave us a glimpse into the mind of a psychopath, with no details omitted. This story was primal and powerful, and it nicked on the very basest of instincts that exist in humanity. People are raped, people are tortured, and pretending it doesn't happen doesn't make the problem go away. Many of us come here to revel in the tragic lives of fluffy ponies, but of course humans are going to get caught in the action sometimes. I realize this is not a website dedicated to human and animal abuse or suffering, but too many people over react and insult the author if a dog is kicked or a human is tricked. Humans and animals, we all suffer, and none should be granted a special pass to avoid that in literature, even if it is something as silly as fluffy ponies. If something as common in television and video games bothers you in a story, the author did his job.

Feel free to disagree with me or to provide a counterargument. I'm not saying what I believe is right and that anyone else's opinion is incorrect or stupid. But, if your grudge towards this story goes beyond nothing more than a general distaste for the way the story ended, then you are doing Hornlarry a great injustice by ignoring his unique plot and wonderful writing.

I realize this is a very long and reads like a rant. It's not intended that way. I am merely stating an opinion.
- Reply
Anonymous29: @PeppermintParchment: ChainsawAnon here. I applaud your detailed explanation, and patience in dealing with the anon hordes. While I cannot accept the story in its current form, I can easily accept it as David's fantasies. Write well.
- Reply
Anonymous30: I dont know why people are bitching. I thought the ending was great. I really didn't expect that. wow. great job! :)
- Reply
Anonymous31: @PeppermintParchment: I think it's more to do with the undeserved nature of the abuse, people here claim to love the gore and horrific things they do to these fictional living toys. But I think out right sociopath behavior is not seen as okay. This is why the rise in smarties, bad mummahs and poopie babbehs came to be people like to see justice. Outright violence makes them uncomfortable, thus why people seem to have a problem with this story.
- Reply
Anonymous32: Yeah this story is just getting dumber and dumber every installment, think its about ready to be finished
- Reply
PeppermintParchment: @Anonymous: It...it is done...it says "The End" in big letters across the bottom..
- Reply
transcendenz: @PeppermintParchment: While I respect your views. The problem is you have to go back and read a lot of fluffy to get where a lot of the criticism is coming from. One of the basic facts of fluffy writing is that the abuser is always the villain. There's nothing heroic about them and the epidemic where people started writing fluffies as hell gremlins with an entitlement complex to justify abuse was very nearly a death knell for the fandom. Abuse stories where the abuser was always a psychopath. We know what the author is going for.

The problem with the ending is that anyone experienced with reading stories on the booru has seen it all before. The villain wins is such a common trope on here because 90% of the stories end with it. What David does at the end is nothing more than the usual ending where the abuser catches the fluffy and tortures them to death. This time with added human. Personally, I ended the story with a shrug and wondering if it could have been so much better. Because it again fell into the trap of a lot of multi-chapter stories where the build up is great but the ending whiffs it because there needs to be a "Villain wins" ending. And I understand where you are coming from as a "pop culture" aspect. But fluffy is a bubble and well out of the norm that anyone writing "The fluffy wins" endings can even get death threats depending on the severity of it and the majority of stories, the villain wins or nobody wins.

Hornlarry is a very talented writer. I don't doubt that. But the ending could have been a lot darker and tonally different from the norm. The payoff has been done before repeatedly in fluffy stories to the point it's a surprise when it doesn't end that way and just because you can write a really dark ending where the villain wins and mutilates the human hero doesn't mean you should if it provides not much payoff. That's why I posted some criticism. I don't like posting it but what's the norm is in pop culture is not the norm here. And it's one of the things that's hard to nail in making it resonate within both abuse/hugbox crowds. I know I get pissed if I'm not giving readers something they will have enjoyed reading and take it seriously. It's a hard balance to strike. That's why I suggested the other ending and why I made a point about how you can make an incredibly dark ending without resorting to the villain winning like most stories on here.

Hornlarry and yourself are incredibly talented and I always enjoy reading your stories but I just disagree with how you took this one in the context of our little bubble on this site.

- Reply
Hornlarry: Wow, lots of feedback guys. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it, even though it's not all positive. I think the alternative ending suggested by Transcrndenz is a good one for example.

A couple of points from me. Writing this story was really difficult for me from an emotional standpoint on a couple of occasions. The fluffy abuse was no problem, as these things are imaginary. The anise of Emily on the other hand was harder to write. I am not a psychopath in real life, but to imagine one requires you to create a fictional one with the architecture of ones own mind. Fortunately, the regions of my brain critical for empathy (listed as chapter titles for the early parts) work just fine, but this meant that part of me was upset by what I was imagining and writing.

For this reason, I asked Peppermint what she felt via PM, especially because of the rape and violence towards Emily. Being someone who likes horror, she reassured me it was ok, but we still thought to add a trigger warning. In spite of that, some anons read it anyway and said they didn't like the human abuse.

The ending is a different issue. For some reason I felt quite sad after writing the penultimate chapter, where Emily's emotional blackmail secret is revealed. For this reason, I think I rushed the final chapter. I get the point that villain wins is a cliche on the Booru even though it is rare in the mainstream. I think that once I decided to give this story a horrible ending though, I just wanted it to end.

If you compare this with Jelly and Snowflake, the latter is about 80% hugbox. I think I prefer writing that to be honest. I only wrote this because people liked part one so much. I think I managed to write about emotional and sensual states in part one in a way that I've failed to replicate in the rest of the story.

- Reply
Hornlarry: Also, not to get to psychoanalytic on you, but I feel one of the whole reasons Fluffy abuse exists is as a form of catharsis for sadist thoughts and feelings that we normally keep suppressed. Fluffier aren't real, we reason, so it's ok to think and feel these things.

For some anons, this is a little to uncomfortable, as they are not psychopaths and so feel something like what I felt when writing this. A good defense against this discomfort is to argue that the fluffier deserve it, hence smarties and pooping being punished and bad mummahs rejecting poopy babbehs etc... Old school thinking rejects this as the point used to be the total innocence of the fluffies, and not "justified abuse" which is an oxymoron.

So anyway, when we write a story about abuse of innocent fluffies AND innocent humans, this smashes any defence we had, meaning that it can upset people. People might be upset by the violence and rape, but might be even more upset because a small part of their brain, disconnected from the rest of our conscience, actually does relish sex and violence. Freud would call this the Id, and it's pretty much all psychopaths have emotionally. The rest of us have a conscience or superego or orbitofrontal cortex though, so these feelings cause an inner conflict, which is one reason why I think so many people dislike the human abuse.

Anyway, will write more hugbox next...

- Reply
Hornlarry: Sorry for typos am on phone.
- Reply
Anonymous33: Eh...
- Reply
Anonymous34: Meh. I think I want my time spent reading this back, please.
- Reply
Anonymous35: Contrary to what most other people said, i actually think it ended too soon. Or rather, it didn't feel like there was enough build up to the ending. Things seemed to go 0-100 real fast in terms of emily escaping etc and David's character clearly breaking down to an extent. Other than that this story was godly tho, a strong 8/10
- Reply
Anonymous36: I'm going to be honest. I've read and really enjoyed a lot of your other stuff. This was a struggle to read through. David shouldn't even be considered a character. David is a walking Googled fact sheet. It would've been better writing to more tactfully drop hints about David's lack of emotions or his feelings. All you did with David was spout some facts about psychopathy. That's not development.

Furthermore, none of it was convincing. For the most part, David was just pure edge. There were some promising moments. But each time there was promise you ruined it with complete edge. You absolutely cannot write pure psychopaths. Don't try in future.
- Reply
Anonymous37: @Anonymous: nigga how in the fuck is the pathological absence of empathy a strength lmao?? is a motherfucker born without eyeballs "strong" cuz they aint gotta worry about havin em cut out? is some sorryass muhfucka born with congenital analgesia "strong" cuz they was born without the ability to feel pain (or experience orgasm, or smell/taste shit, or feel heat/cold, etc)? courage don equal tha absence of fear, & tha absence of compassion don equal strength, spend less time reading edgefag mlp torture porn & more time not bein clinically retarded lol xD
- Reply
DEETZ: @Anonymous: No-one is supposed to relate to David as healthy human being. He is not supposed to be a charecter that abusers self-insert to.
- Reply
DEETZ: as a healthy*
- Reply
TheLoneFluff: He deleted part 8. Couldn't take the criticism? Are we gonna fry this whole series next?

- Reply
Guzziman: Man this was like missing a riot.

- Reply
DawkyGifOwwies: Jesus fucking christ. i feel like pouring bleach into my eyes now. i dont know why i kept reading this shit. i know this is the booru but damn. that was some pretty fucked up shit
- Reply
Anonymous38: @DawkyGifOwwies: At least he's quit the booru.
- Reply
Anonymous39: I really needed this to have a good ended, so here it goes.

Later that day, David was sucking his own twisted cock, when a UN Squadron bursted in. This caused him to choke on his own cock and die.
- Reply
Anonymous40: "a cruel and heartless Korean man,"
so any korean man pretty much lol?
- Reply
Anonymous41: @Hornlarry: did you name the protagonist 'david' to imply that he's jewish?
- Reply
Anonymous42: @Anonymous: The author's name is David. It's his selfinsert.
- Reply
Anonymous43: Loooool, for people who spend their frew time in a board about pighorse torture, you guys are massive wusses. I searched for this story after reading about the massive butthurt it caused, and I don't see the reason. The story is about some bored guy torturing defenseless things for fun, like every other fucking story on this site. The only difference is that it doesn't resort to ridiculous shit like "justified abuse" (no, insistemtly asking for spaghetti or entering your backyard is not a good reason to skin a fluffy alive) or "likeable bad guy" (how is THAT more realistic than the sociopathic manchild acting like a sociopathic manchild?). Really now? Nobody here is a child so the stories don't need to have a moral lesson about justice and friendship at the end, nor do the villains "need" their comeuppance.
- Reply
Anonymous44: @Anonymous: I take it you found it easy to fap to?
- Reply
Anonymous45: The abuse was good but the ending makes it pointless. Its basically the blue balls of an ending. I'm not even butthurt and think you should absolutely write whatever you feel like writing, I just think this ending was meh and weak. You defend it as "horrifying" but the horrifying bits are the abuse, not the fact that the abuser gets away with it. That aspect of it, rather than horrifying, is simply unsatisfying. An anticlimax, as it were. This makes your story, objectively, subpar as a result.
- Reply
Anonymous46: Eh it was ok, nothing special, nothing bad, just ok

- Reply
hotrod: Incredible. Did part 8 disappear though? You said that there were two endings to this story.
- Reply
Tchus: Well I liked it.