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Anonymous1: Fluffy foal drowns in its own tears.
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Fluff_of_the_North_Star: Um i know "because tears" but.. wouldn't a necksnap or stomping or knife to the skull or drowning or well a LOT of other things be faster and quiet?
I'm not even looking at it being humane to the foal, just being a lazy fuck who wants to get done and get to lunch.
Or at least toss them all in one big trashbag, tie it up and go to lunch, less work, less mess, and they get to hug or some shit as they die

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guodzilla: @Fluff_of_the_North_Star:

Someone could bag'em up in a clear plastic trashbag, and throw a roach-bomb in with 'em. The poison gas will inflate the bag, and we'll be treated to a show!
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edal: @Fluff_of_the_North_Star: They could be the foals that get sold as little toys like Beanie Babies. This way their fur is clean(ish) and some poor factory worker won't have to deal with liquid shit stains and whatnot.
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FoalOut4: Dat suffocating babbeh is thinking about miwkies as it takes the forever sleep!
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Anonymous2: @Fluff_of_the_North_Star: Let alone CHEAPER

You know how expensive these bags are?

10 fucking cents....
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Fluff_of_the_North_Star: @edal: giving a kid a toy made with real skin seems creepy as fuck even if they are fluffies, holy shit you'd be one right fucked bastard to give that to your kid.
but even then breaking their neck would be easy enough and cause little to no damage to the skin i think, it's not like you have to put alot of effort into it. "Okay buddy time for hugs *CRACK* hand me the next one." and so on.
Half hugbox half just efficiency. I've always disliked the "everyone is a sociopath" worlds where everyone is just able to go "dey not reel lol" so I am fond of workers doing some little thing to give the fluffy a tiny bit of happiness not for the sake of the furball but to make /themselves/ feel better about killing a few dozen tiny helpless creatures that beg for love and comfort in the voice of a two year old child every single day but barely able to put effort into it.
Like fuck, if you're going to kill a foal give it a name to make it happy, but name them all "Bob" or something, they don't care, they're stupid lil fucks who are just enraptured to be blessed with a name of their own and you get to tell yourself you did something to make it's short life less awful before chucking it into an incinerator while expending zero real effort.

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Stephano: zipties
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Anonymous3: when the x-box broke down and you want to play manhunt.
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Anonymous4: @guodzilla: good point. Wouldn't multiple bug bombs clear out a fluffy infestation?
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Anonymous5: I think an air gun would be the most efficient way. Probably a weaker model than the ones we use to knock out bulls and pigs, heh.