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bluefluff: I really hope I got everything right. also, yes, I am taking requests, if anyone is interested just send me a PM

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Dhylec: @bluefluff: Hole fucking tripping balls! THANK YOU VERY MUCH BLUE!
You got everything super right!
From right to left it's Dove, Rei, Bulk and Skull. The Fluffys from my tale "The Abyss".
Thank you very much again, Blue, if you ever need anything, lemme know!

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Dhylec: @Dhylec: *from left to right

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AIDS: Lookin' hella slick.
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Anonymous1: Far too ponyfied, not enough hampster pig.
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Anonymous2: Id like to see that white and purple Pegasus get ripped apart slowly

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UltraKek: They're all going to die, right?
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PeppermintParchment: I have to say that I haven't read this story (despite all the great reviews and stuff I've seen about it on other works),but this art really makes me want to read it. I'm interested in the green fluffy with brown splotches. Is that spots,or mud?

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Dhylec: @PeppermintParchment: Spots
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PeppermintParchment: @Dhylec: Ah,thank you :)