Hello guys, you can call me abusetube.
I've been lurking on the booru for about 1,5 years now and wanted to create my own story now.
"Whewe am babbeh, huuhuuu wai weggies gone..."
I'm only keeping you here for the reason to keep this post fluffy related so that it won't get deleted from booru.
"What am boowu?"
You don't need to know, could you please keep quiet.
Where were I... Oh yeah, my story is supposed to be a high quality one with multible parts,
but I just don't find the time to keep a regular upload time.
So I had an idea: why not create a standalone fluffy universe(WIP title: Fluffy extended Universe), it will be a big universe with a ton of characters wich any story writer can use as long as he follows the rules and high quality requirements of the universe.
If you are interested in working on this projekt or please contact me.(preferebly on kik: Tessai_san)
"Dat sound wike fun!"
Didn't I tell you to keep quiet? Well whatever the announcent is over so I no longer have any use for you. Down the toilet you go.
"Bad upsies!"
*toilet flushing sounds*
Anyway I hope you guys are interested in this project and I'm looking forward working with you guys.
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Anonymous1: What? No man. Bad idea. Reel it back a bit you have no idea what you are proposing. If you had been lurking that long you would realize this place is a caustic shithole that venomously defends itself from improvement or change. You're just another in a long line of targets if you try to push this farther but if you do here is some advice.

1) It will never work because you are a literal who.Write some stories or do some art and don't be a complete shitter in the comments. No one will work with a nobody.

2) Ignore negative anons and shitty users from this point on. Do not engage. If you actually lurked here that long you will know who they are.

3) Do not concede any personal information here. Treat this shit house like fight club. No names, no instagrams, nothing.

4) Just don't. This isn't the place for it. Enjoy the fluffies but don't engage the locals. There will be regrets.
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Anonymous2: This is the stupidest fucking shit I've ever read. Die in a fire at once.
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Anonymous3: There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to begin.

Just abandon everything you said other than make your own fluffy world. Artists and writers already do this with their specific headcanon so that isn't a really new proposal.

If it you don't suck ass then maybe some people will do some cola oration later on.

Before selling something you need something to sell.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Sorry, but idea of universe with characters is kind of weird to me. Since you know... these things mostly dies.
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Kay-Chan: No.
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Kay-Chan: To elaborate, basically what Anon1 said (no I'm not Anon1, shut up). It's always nice to have new people producing stuff, but showing up and saying "Work on this project with me!" Is a losing strategy.

Write some stories, make a place for yourself, contribute, and then maybe, but still probably no.

However at that point, at least you'll have murdered some fluffies with your work so it's win-win for everybody except shitrats.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: @WetFluff: People with imagination? You were going for "schizophrenics", weren't you?
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Anonymous4: @WetFluff: Hornlarry?
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LinePaperPens: @WetFluff: Would the answer be Benway?

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Soulvei: He's basically asking if we want to RP in his universe. NONE of you guys got that? This is *already* an RP post.

You. New kid. Go write stories yourself or give to Shady's Patreon if you wanna suck a dick for "high quality content". Offering content of a certain calibur is a great way to become the next completely unsuccessful fluffy game.

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Fatalsirenz: In the words oh Jon Taffer... SHUT IT DOWN! This whole idea will never work. Maybe if you were someone well established in the community, and you made an actual good proposal of. "Hey let's do another multi series like the Fall of Cleveland!

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Soulvei: @Fatalsirenz: Even FoC was a fucking creative disaster. Have you tried to read all the stories in that canon recently? It's a mess.

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Fatalsirenz: @Soulvei: I haven't read some in some time, or anything recently. I know it was for the most part a mess. But it wasn't coordinated well. The booru hive mind needs to come together.

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Soulvei: @ZeroCool: Second.

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Soulvei: @Fatalsirenz: It's very hard to coordinate things on a site like this. We are all a bit too strong willed to fall into line except with the basic concepts and rules of fluffies. Even then we often can't be arsed to guve a fuck. Look at that one dude who was all about floofs having long horse legs despite the hate he got for it.

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Fatalsirenz: @Soulvei: Fair enough... What ever happened to him anyways?
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Roleplayinh... with booru people? But we already do imaginative rape and murder, what's the point?
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Anonymous6: @Fatalsirenz: I want another story about Fuzzies.
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Anonymous7: Wet fluff stfu no one cares about your opinion. You post shit
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Anonymous8: @WetFluff: by that insane troll logic you care way too much about all of this
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Anonymous9: @Anonymous: He's actually one of the better artists here. He's just a cunt.

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Soulvei: @Anonymous: So true (nods sagely)

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Soulvei: I find it interesting that Abusetube hasn't said anything... Thought for sure this was a troll post.