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Choose Your
Own Adventure

Little Sister's
Fluffies - Part 3

By Hornlarry


Note to Reader:
Read Part 1 first: https://www.fluffybooru.org/post/view/43910
Then Part 2 second: https://www.fluffybooru.org/post/view/43927


The next day dawns bright and early, but is a fucking disaster.

You awake to the sounds of your father hammering away in the room next door. You rush in to the room just in time to see him rolling some old carpet down in your play room! Its where you hang out with your friends and play Nintendo Infinity!

"Dad! What are you doing to my play room!" you yell at your father.

"I'm sorry Anon," your father says, sighing and looking up from his work, fastening the old carpet to the floorboards with a nail gun. "The fluffies can't live in your sisters room any more, they need a safe room, and this is the only place."

"But DAD!" you whine.

It is no use though. Your mom has insisted that the fluffies have a safe room, and your play room was the only room in the house that was "not being used". You rage at the injustice of it, but your parents say that they can't have fluffies pooing all over your sister's bedroom. They obviously aren't fully housetrained, your mother explains, and they'll have to live in here until they can be trusted in the rest of the house.

The only upside is that you are now allowed a TV and your Nintendo Infinity in your bedroom. But you vow to make the fluffies pay.


"Fwuffy hab safe woom? Fwuffy WUV safewoom!"

Your family watches as the fluffies crawl and trot out of the cardboard box they spent the night inside, and into their new saferoom. Your father has nailed the old carpet down in place of the wooden floorboards, to prevent the fluffies from hurting their delicate hoof-pads on a rough and splinter-ridden surface. He has put toys, including balls and blocks for the fluffies to play with, and some cheap posters of fluffies playing up on the walls.

"Its still a bit rough around the edges, but it should be good enough..." he says, as your mom hugs him.

"Yay! Fwuffies WUB IT!" Princess Holly says, speaking for her siblings.

Princess Holly and Dora run out of the box, and start playing with the toys immediately.

"Yay! Dowa wuv toysies!"

"Pwincess Howwy WUB bwockies!"

But Dora does not come out of the box.

"Huu huu huu..." comes the sound of pitiful weeping from within the box. "Huu huu huu..."

"Oh no!" cries your sister, "Barby is crying!"

She reaches into the box, and fishes out the little red fluffy. Barby clings to her hand as if she had been drowning.

"Mummah! Need huggies... nu wike scawy box!" the pathetic creature cries. Oh how you long to smash its legs to jelly with a rolling pin.

"Its okay Barby," your sister says, "You don't have to stay in the box anymore, you have a whole saferoom to play with now."

"Fwuff... Fwuffy hab safewoom? Fow Fwuffy? Weawy?" Barby asks, looking at the room from the safety of Candice's little hands, and seeing her braver sisters running and playing already.

"Yes!" Candice says kindly but excitedly. "Its a whole room, just for you to play in!"

Your damned playroom, you think to yourself, venomously.

"I can see you kids are going to have a great time playing with the fluffies," your mom says, smiling. "Play nicely now, and make sure they learn to use the litterbox properly."

Your parents leave you for the rest of the day.


Playing with the fluffies seems to be a delight for Candice, and for them, but for you, it is an exercise in mental torture. Seeing them playing with blocks, you want nothing more than to smash their little fluffy faces to a bloody mess. Watching them kick a small rubber ball around the room makes you want to line them up on your roof and kick them as far as you possibly can, perhaps into the neighour's yard, where his half-mad dog will eat them. Watching them have "huggies" with Candice and each other makes you want to squeeze them, and Squeeeeze them and SQUEEEEEEZE them until their eyes and asses and tummies explode. Even seeing them drinking from their waterbottle makes you want to see the fluffy ponies drown.

Candice and the fluffies are blissfully unaware of your murderous intentions of course. You want to carry out some kind of prank, or ruse, or anything to mess with them, but its hard to know what to do. You get sick of watching them playing so sweetly, so you get on your Nintendo and start playing a shooter with the volume up full blast. At first, the cries of "Scawy noisies!" and "Huu huu huu! Fwuffy nu wike bang-bangs!" are music to your ears, but Candice soon complains, and you parents yell at you to turn the volume down. Reluctantly, you agree.


The next day, at school, you spend all day plotting. Maybe they could "escape" into the yard? Might there be poisonous mushrooms they could eat? Or poisonous frogs? Could they somehow get into the neighbour's yard, where his half-mad dog would quickly devour them? Better still, was there any way that one of them could die, and for it to seem like it was Candice's fault?

Later that evening, you venture into the dark underbelly of the internet. Fluffy abusers post videos on strange Chinese versions of Youtube, and you watch fluffies screaming in agony as they have their leggies sawed off, and mummah fluffies crying as their foals are fed to Racoons in front of them. It is amazing, but it doesn't slake your thirst for real life fluffy suffering. You have to get Candice's fluffies somehow, but how to make it look like an accident? Or their fault?


The next day, you find the jackpot, Googling "Food that is bad for fluffies".

Chocolate is very bad for fluffies, causing them to vomit, have diarrhea, and in some cases, even to die.


"Hey sis, how are the fluffies today?" you innocently ask as you wander into the saferoom

"Oh, hey anon," your sister says, looking up from the fluffy beasts.

"Fwuffy hab made BWOCKY HOUSIE!" yells Princess Holly, sitting atop some kind of block castle that your sister has obviously made. "Pwincess Howwy am bestest-pwincess fwuffy! An wub bestest-mummah Candice!"

Her pride makes you want to rip her legs off one by one, leaving her as a helpless pillowfluff for the rest of her days.

Looking at the other fluffies, you see Dora and Barby running and laughing as they kick the rubber ball between them and across the room. The sight of their happiness makes you want to take their legs away too.

Instead though, you nonchalantly open your king sized bar of chocolate, and start eating it, piece by piece.

Dora is the first to notice, she wanders up to you, curious at the sight, and smell, of what you are eating.

"Wat am dat nummies Anon?" the little fluffy asks you, "Am it nice nummies? Fow fwuffies?"

"What, this?" you ask, "Oh no, this is chocolate, its not for Fluffies, you wouldn't even like it."

And, as predicted, Candice immediately joins in.

"Chocolate! How did you get that?" she asks.

"With my allowance you retard." you tell her, eating another piece.

"Can I have some?" Candice begs you, "Pleeeeease?"

Normally, you would ignore her, or tease her, but today, you decide to be generous.

"Okay," you tell her, "But don't give any to the fluffies. They don't like chocolate."

"Okay," says Candice, eagerly eating the piece you give her. Of course, the sight of the two of you eating chocolate makes the fluffies desperate to eat some.

"Chocwit? Wat am Chocwit? It smeww weawy gud!" Says Princess Holly, "Can bestest-Pwincess Howwy hab Chocwit nummies mummah-Candice? Pweeeeeease?"

"No!" you say, loud enough to make Barby squeak with fear, "Its not for fluffies!"

"Chocwit nummies? Fow fwuffies? It am gud nummies?" asks Dora.

"Gud nummies!" Echoes Barby.

"Gwow up, big and stwong?" asks Dora.

"NO!" you yell, its not for fluffies. "Candice, I'm leaving it up on this shelf, where the fluffies can't eat it. You can have a bit more, but don't eat it all, and DON'T give any to the fluffies."

You place it on a fairly low shelf. Low enough that they can easily see it, but too high for them to jump and get it, although low enough for them to try. Then, you go back to playing "Scawy Loud Bang-Bangs" until your dad yells at you to turn it down again.


As predicted, the fluffies immediately start whining and begging for chocolate from Candice. To begin with, she resists their whining, playing at being mother, and almost talking in your mom's voice.

"No, chocolate is only for humans, it is not for fluffies."

"But fwuffy wan bestest-hoomin nummies! It nu faiw!" Princess Holly begs.

"Pweeeease can hab Chocwit!" pleads Dora, "Wiww gib bestest-huggies, an wub Candice fowevew!"

"Chocwit!" says Barby. You swear that fluffy is a little bit derped.

Candice continues to resist, telling the fluffies off.

"You are all being very bad fluffies," she tells them. "Chocolate is not for fluffies."

It might even have been effective if she didn't eat a piece, mmmming at how good it tastes, and making the smell of chocolate waft into the fluffies ever so sensitive noses.

"Huuu huu huu huu huu..." comes the delicious fluffy weeping from the other room. "Mummah nu wub fwuffies nu mowe. Nu shawe bestest-hoomin chocwit nummies. Mummah num aww chocwit... Nu wub fwuffies... Huu huu huu... Mummah is meanie-mummah"

You pause your game to listen to what is happening next.

"Oh but I do love you fluffies... I love you so much... please don't call me a meanie-mummah!" argues Candice, clearly upset.

"Den Pwincess-Howwy can hab Chocwit nummies? Weawy?" the self-proclaimed bestest fluffy asks. She is out-bratting the brat!

"Wellllll..." says your sister, "Okay... But don't tell my brother," she tells the fluffies, her voice dropping to a whisper "Its his chocolate!"

"Yey!" cries Barby

"Dummeh-fwuffy!" yells Princess Holly, before dropping her voice to a whisper, as Candice had done "Shushing when numming big-bwuddah chocwit nummies!"

"uh-otay," says Barby, quietly.

The next thing you hear is the sound of fluffies nomming chunks of chocolate from your sister's hands, and her giggling as their little tongues tickle her fingers licking the last crumbs of chocolate from them.


Feeding fluffies chocolate is like feeding gremlins after midnight.

First comes the hyperactivity.

"Vwoooom! Vwoooom! Fwuffy am Vwoooom-munstah!" yells Dora, "Gonna NUM udda fwuffies fow dinnah!"

There then comes the sounds of fluffies chasing each other in circles around your sister, who is laughing hysterically at their antics, as they exercise themselves into a frenzy.

"Hehheehehee!" giggles Princess Holly, "Chockwit am bestest-nummies eba! It am GUD fow Fwuffies! Pwincess Howwy WUB IT!"

"Vwoooom! Vwoooom! Vwooooom!" cries Dora.

"Chockwit! Chockwit!" giggles Barby as the others jump all over your sister.

Then, a short while later, comes the delusions of grandeur, and worsening of Smarty Syndrome symptoms in susceptible fluffies.


"Nuu! Gib chocwit to Dowa! Dowa am bestest!"

"Chockwit! Chockwit!"

"Stop being bad!" Candice says, nearly crying, "I've given you all the chocolate already!"


Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the grandeur and smarty phase does not last very long before the vomiting and diarrhea phase begins.

"Bu-bu-bu-BLUEEGRHHHHGH!" comes the sound of a fluffy vomiting, followed by the sounds of more fluffy vomit.



"Oh no! Don't be sick on the carpet!" begs Candice.

"Huu huu huu... Fwuffy hab sicky-wawas..."

Then, comes the sound of explosive projectile pooping

"Urghhh... Fwuffy make bad poopies!"

"No! Don't poop on the carpet!" Candice practically wails.

"Huuu huu hhuu.... Fwuffy can nu stop pooping!"

At this point, you decide to make your entrance.

"What the actual fuck?!?" You ask in feigned disbelief.

"Anon!" Candice cries, "I gave them a little bit of chocolate, and now they're really sick!"

"What!?" You yell at her, "I TOLD you not to give them chocolate! Its poisonous for fluffies!"

The next few minutes are a frenzy of activity, as you sister and parents chase and capture the fluffies, which alternate between moments of hyperactivity, smarty syndrome, and pooping everywhere, before eventually being caught and "emptied" which consists of painful squeezing of the lower abdomen, in order to get the poisonous food out of them. Your mom and dad manage to capture Princess Holly and Barby, leaving Dora to you.

"Nu catch bestest-Dowa fwuffy!" she yells, trotting behind the gap between the bookshelf and the wall. It takes everything you have not to "accidentally" crush her to death between bookshelf and wall. Instead, you get a broom and beat her little fluffy ass until she emerges from the other side.

"Nuuu! Nu huwt fwuffy!" she cries, before crapping everywhere again and throwing up again.

Grabbing the little shitrat, you run to the bathroom, where your mom has Princess Holly above the toilet, and your dad has Barby above the bathtub. Your sister is stood there weeping in despair as your parents squeeze the poisonous chocolate out of the fluffies little bodies.

"Nuuu! Nu mowe squeezy-huwties! Huu huu huu!" wails Princess Holly.

"Blleeeurgghhgh..." cries Barby, as she vomits up more chocolate coloured sick, mixed with a little blood.

"Its squeezing time fluffy," you whisper into Dora's ears.

"Nuuu! Nu wan squeezy-huwties!" she begs.

You place your hands around the fluffy's squirming, fat little body. Its pitiful wriggling make you want to crush the life out of it. Using all your strength, you squeeze, and squeeze, and squeeze.


You feel several of her ribs popping under your grip, and a torrent of poop explodes out of her ass, along with quite a bit of blood. Her crying is replaced with more vomiting, as the last of the poisonous chocolate escapes her mouth.

"There!" You say with an immense feeling of satisfaction, "I saved you!"

You place all of the fluffies in the bathtub, where your father hoses them down with cold water, making them cry even more.

Maybe keeping fluffies will be fun after all?


The next day, your parents take the fluffies to the vets. Princess Holly and Barby will be ok, but Dora has several broken ribs, and a broken leg, which sadly needs to be amputated. She will survive though.

Candice is very, very sorry. She promises never to feed the fluffies chocolate ever again, and apologies to you and the fluffies. You are sure she will live with the guilt of Dora losing her leg for the rest of her life, even though it is all because of you.

But you are only getting started with the fluffies.

What will you do next anon?

What do?


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Hornlarry: Part 3 for you fucked up sick bastards. I basically went with the "make the fluffies eat something bad idea"

Rules again:

1) One idea per named person on the Booru or Anon
2) Anon's cannot vote (too easy to samefag) but are allowed to suggest ideas
3) REMEMBER - Anon Smith has been caught by Mom and Dad before, so the idea is to be DAMNED SNEAKY about hurting or tormenting the fluffies. Make them last a little while. Immediately putting one in the microwave will not work, unless there is a damned good reason why Anon Smith could make it look like an accident.
4) I can veto any idea, because I'm the writer, but I won't be a total dick about this
5) I will write one part of this story each night, to avoid spamming the Booru

I didn't post last night as I was fucking knackered from work.
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Arazur: depending on what floor they are on. Maybe Anon will decide to clean the upper floor near the stairs because he spilled a drink or something and the fluffies happen to see a ball by the stairs and because of the freshly cleaned and waxed hardwood floor the fluffy(es) hurl themselves down the stairs
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Clockworkfluffy: @Arazur: that's a little too situational and would be hard for anon to set up.

I think a fun idea would be for anon to try and discreetly reinforce Princess Holly's smarty behavior until she does something irredeemable to Candice. Then he has an excuse to squirrel Princess Holly away somewhere to where he can do whatever he wants under the premise of "getting rid of the smarty" or something like that. Or alternatively he could do this, but then set it up where it makes it look like Candice left a few doors open by accident and Holly gets away to go start a herd as far as the family knows.
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Arazur: @Clockworkfluffy: I mean they seem like an upperclass family, so having expensive wood floors wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibility and the parents could be proud of the floors, so kids being kids they have had accidents on them before and were forced to learn how to clean up their messes. And the fluffies and Candice have already proved to be not the brightest, so she leaves the saferoom door open and the plan falls into place.
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Anonymous1: @Arazur: >> I mean they seem like an upperclass family
HAHAHA! OH WOW! HAHAHA! No. Upperclass families do not clean up shit.
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LinePaperPens: Hm... I say leave a cabinet with chemicals in in it slightly open so a fluffy can squeeze through, maybe Barby hides in there and drinks the "pwetty wawa" and either dies or gets super fucking sick. Do it when your sister has to clean the bathroom/kitchen, as it makes it look like her fault.

Also... befriend Dora, let her know her losing a leg is all Candice's fault.

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RevMe: Maybe secret her aside and convince Dora that Candice is to blame for her missing weggie. Even see if Anon can convince her that Candice is secretly a fluffy eater and she couldn't wait for them to get nice and fat, so she took Dora's weggie as nummies to tide her over until the rest of them are ready.
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LinePaperPens: @RevMe: Oh hell yeah that's way better than mine.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Your ideas seem to lethal, my fellow abusers. Let's try something more subtle:

I would continue thining parents patience for Fluffies, as we may reach the point where they get rid of Fluffies (if they throw it into garbage it's pretty much open season for our Anon protagonist) or abuse them themselves. This will of course affect they relations with anon's sister.

So, since we have a safe room now, I am thinking about something very simple. This plan requires two things - safe room having it's doors opened and laxatives. Thus we need to somehow make anon's sister leave the room unlocked with Fluffies being free to explore the house, and feed them laxatives to make sure this venture will have leave parents very pissed.
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Anonymous2: Let's say Anon suddenly gets an interest in gardening because he needs extra credit in bio or needs to do it for a merit badge. He has to grow a tomato plant from a seed to ripe fruit. As you probably know, tomato plants are very poisonous, belonging to the deadly nightshade family. Holly wants "bestest nummies for bestest fwuffy," so she eats the tomato leaves and stems and ends up dead next to the tomato plant. It would be like "Poison Tree" by William Blake, and you could include that if you want to get all literary and shit.

Candace doesn't want to amputate Dora's leg, so she fits it with an amateurish and dirty splint. Dora gets gangrene, but Candace thinks that triple antibiotic will fix that. By the time she realizes it's not going to heal, Dora's back legs, tail, and pelvis are necrotic. They take the fluffy to a student fluffy surgeon, who does a hemicorporectomy/paracorporectomy on the fluffy, and she ends up living as half a fluffy in a coffee can with a colostomy bag and a catheter bag hanging on the outside. None of the fluffies will have anything to do with her, and she convinces Barby to roll her down the stairs to give her "forever sweepies." Candace is left with a murdering fluffy wracked with guilt and stuck in a "wan die" loop. They drop her off at a shelter, and Anon adopts her, cutting her vocal cords and pillowing her and leaving her to listen to Candace playing with her new fluffies just a room away.
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Anonymous3: Do you have a response to this pedo shit you make?
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Stealthderp: Nice ideas, every single one a joyful exercise in torture. I personally would consider playing the caretaking brother, especially after the amputation. Playing with the fluffies and making sure Dora gets more attention than the rest might drive the other two, especially the princess, to be jealous. The resulting drama would give the kid a chance to showcase how incompetent his sister is when it comes to handling the little craphamsters. Also, this would allow Anon to ensure Dora understands that he was the one who saved her life after his sister fed them the dangerous sweets. The fluffies might even remember how adamant he was when he forbid to feed them and the resulting suffering was due to Candice irresponsibility. He is a better owner than his sister, driving wedges left and right between the fluffies and his sibling. Also, in the eyes of the parents, caring for Dora might give the appearance of a boy who feels bad about the injuries he caused even though he did it to save a fluffie's life, resulting in him getting good son points for behaving in a responsible and adult manner with too big of a heart while his sister ends up on the childish kid list because she allows her pets to get the best of her.
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Clockworkfluffy: @Stealthderp: I'm putting in a vote point for this

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UltraKek: @GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: @Stealthderp: +1 to both of these. We should build the fluffy's trust in Anon while simultaneously messing with them in ways that cause them to distrust his sister and cause the parents to hate them (the fluffies).

Eventually the parents will decide that they're too much trouble to keep around any longer, and then Anon, who's been playing the loving caretaker, can step in, act all sad, and offer to bike them down to a shelter himself, or perhaps even claim that he knows a friend who will adopt them. Then he can finally take the fluffies off somewhere and torture them to death.

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Bren: I want Barby to suffer
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: Fuck off, Babyraper Troll. Go molest some hamsters.
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NTSNetLink: i love this so much
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Anonymous5: Since fluffies think thin cables are sketties, have princess chew on an exposed cord somewhere in the house. When the parents find the body, they'll blame Candice for it and the other fluffies will hate Candice for letting princess holly die. Anon can only reap the rewards of such an endeavor.

Sincerely: TheFoalfryer
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Anonymous6: @Stealthderp: +1
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LinePaperPens: @Anonymous: Dat me

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hopesanddreams1214: @Stealthderp[/url]: That's a wonderful idea! +1

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hopesanddreams1214: @hopesanddreams1214: wait a minute someone erased the other lines...
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Anonymous7: @Stealthderp: extra vote
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Anonymous8: have anon find his Daddy's stash of BMF writing
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Anonymous9: Delicious story so far. @Stealthderp:'s suggestion is the next logical step in this thickening pot of abuse. I would merely suggest in addition to this, clearly the sister is too stupid and irresponsible to care for her pets so big brother and parents would need to take a bigger role in caring for the fluffies. Maybe the parents ground her from her fluffies until she can be less of a stupid cunt, and humbly ask brother to step up to the plate and help them with watching the shitpigs.

Brother, alone, watching the fluffies can do anything but harm them directly. He can encourage them to be more bratty, which will wear on the patience of the parents. He can punish them arbitrarily, and after all of the problems they've caused so far I'm sure the parents would see the logic in implementing a sorry stick for punishment.
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Anonymous10: Brother sneaks the stupid things back into Candice's room one night, or maybe just one of them. Obviously they're too infantile and small to manage that by themselves so the parents assume she did it. She denies it, but they don't believe her. She gets in trouble and grounded from fluffies, brother asked to help watch them. Brother has mandated alone time with fluffies now to begin implementing whatever evil plans he can hatch.

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Ramennoodles: well done man, im expecting the next one
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Anonymous11: Can you make one into a pillowfluff?