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Family Matters (A Head Games/Hollow/Marauder's Crossover Tale)

By Deadweight

Xibalba winced in pain and stood shooting the mare a glaring look. She was angry, her adrenaline was pumping and she just wanted to hurt something, badly. Her influence flows out in a forceful pulse. Claire looks at her and cocks her head, blinking.

"Am datchu in finkie pwace? Teehee, datsa funny twick!"

Xibalba is surprised when her power seems ineffective. This only serves to anger her more and she glares with wide pink eyes as she pulses more influence towards Claire, the words "Foweva Sweepies" echo in her head. But Claire just narrows her eyes and bares her sharp teeth, delivering another surprise to Xibalba.

"Heaw fwuffehs wowds in Cwaiw head. But nu can huwt Cwaiw wike dat."

She scoffs at Xibalba's attempt to hurt her and the alicorn sighs, her words drip with venom.

"Fine! Shebawba do dis da hawd way!"

Xibalba lunges for Claire and they roll into a ball of flailing limbs and gnashing teeth. Xibalba flaps her wings as they roll in the grass, Claire hisses and chirps when Xibalba tears a patch of fluff from her haunch. Suddenly, Xibalba pauses when she see's the numbers tattooed on Claires skin, 6852. Xibalba blinks and springs away with a beat of her wings. Claire pops up and hisses at her with her fluff raised and teeth bared. Xibalba looks at her and begins to probe her mind. It's hazy, much like Grey's. But her eyes go wide when she see's a clear memory of her daddy. Xibalba turns and nuzzles the fluff on her left haunch, pushing it aside to show a tattoo of her own, 7121. Claire pauses and blinks in surprise, she calms and sits wide eyed.

"D-dem wike Cwaiws numbahs! Meanie coat daddehs give bad numbahs tu Cwaiw. Am, am fwuffeh fwom same pwace?"

Xibalba pushes her memories into Claire's head and it all unfolds for the green mare in vivid detail before she gasps.

"C-Cwaiw hab wittwe sistuh?"

Xibalba nods and winces again before she speaks.

"Hewwo big sistuh Cwaiw, am Shebawba."

Claire gasps in absolute shock just before Xibalba's eyes roll back and she faints.


I'm inside eating a sandwich and reading an article about some park ranger in th U.P. and his weird bearfluffy when I hear a commotion from outside. I get off the tattered old couch and walk to the door. I grab my fishclub off the wall and head out into the yard.

"The fuck is going on out here?!"

I raise the club, ready to fight. I pause when I see Claire standing on the far side of the yard. She see's me and starts bounding and huffing with urgency and concern in her eyes.

"Daddeh hewp! Wittwe sistuh take bad sweepies! Huuhuu, pwease nu wet go foweva sweepies!"

Little sister? I approach confused and go wide eyed when I see the white fluffy on the ground.

"What the fuck? Claire, this is your sister?"

It's an alicorn, pure white like snow with huge wings! I reach down and check her pulse, it's weak but steady.

"Where the hell did she come from?"

I gently scoop the fluffy up and walk inside with Claire nervously circling my feet, watching me carry her. She is large, her frame much like Claire's. Her wings are heavy too, up close they look comparable in size to hawks wings.

"Sistuh faww fwom sky! Go fwoo taww gwassies and wand in wawn! Den twy tu fight Cwaiw befowe fine out am sistuhs! Den she faww down! Huuhuu, pwease fix sistuh!"

This is a lot to process so quickly. It doesn't help that Claire is talking so fast she is barely intelligible. I get the big white mare into the building and to the triage table in the back room. I can feel several contusions beneath her fluff. God, it's so soft, like cashmere and chinchilla. Nothing feels broken though and a gentle squeeze of her leg is enough to tell me this fluffy has strong bones. She has a collar on, it says Xibalba and there is some kind of burned out transmitter pack on it. I pull the collar off and check her skin, it's blistered as if from a minor electrical burn. I find an earpiece communicator in her ear canal. The thing overloaded and its useless. On her back between her wings, I notice a scorch mark in her pristine white fluff. I can feel something beneath the surface under the burned spot. I grab some foreceps and a small scalpel. Claire watches nervously as I make a small cut, I dab away the oozing blood and reach in gently with the foreceps. I grip the object and pull it from her back carefully. It looks like some kind of stun device. Whatever it is, it's dead now. I get some antiseptic and some of Dave's special paste. The goop stimulates accelerated healing in the fluffies cellular make-up. Once I'm sure she is ok, I take a moment to just look her over. It's remarkable the physical similarities between her and Claire. Her claims are confirmed when I find the same style lab tattoo on her haunch as Claire.

"Holy shit, this really is your sister, Claire!"

Suddenly, Xibalba's eyes snap open and her wings beat wildly. I back off as she pops to her hoofs and looks around wildly with her pink eyes. This things an albino too? wow.

"Whewe take Shebawba? Whas dis pwace? Who dummeh hoomin?!"

She is still in a panic, I back off, hands up to show I mean no harm. She huffs and darts her eyes back and forth with a seething looking.

"Sistuh am otay! Huuhuu, Cwaiw was wowwied!"

Xibalba turns and looks at Claire, eyes going wide.


Xibalba blinks and shakes her head, the cobwebs come loose and she remembers everything.

"Sistuh Cwaiw, who dis hoomin? Wai in dummehs housie?"

I raise my eyebrow, a bit insulted by her words.

"Dis am Cwaiw's daddeh! Daddeh sabe sistuh!"

Xibalba looks confused, looking between Claire and I.

"Buh dat nu am Shebawba's daddeh. So nu can be Cwaiw's, Cwaiw's daddehhhh.."

Xibalba starts to get wobbly as her adrenaline wears off, I catch her as her head droops and carry her out to the bedding area. She whimpers and struggles against me.

"Easy girl, I'm not gonna hurt you."

I set her in one of the softer beds and she soon drifts into sleep. I sit down with Claire and she explains Xibalba's appearance as best she can. So she came from the same lab, another freak engineered for killing. She has some kind of fluffy mind control powers, is very smart and can fucking fly! This day is shaping up to be a weird one.

Claire runs and retrieves Puck to come and see her, the others are on an outing with Zea. By the time Xibalba wakes again, we surround her, looking concerned and curious.

EEP! "Get away fwom Shebawba! Nu huwt!"

She springs up again and turns towards Puck, glaring at him. Puck goes stiff and his eyes begin to swirl. He trembles but shakes his head and get's an angry look.

"C-Cwaiw say get in finkie pwace, Puck nu wike sistuhs, buh nu dummeh fwuffeh eida!"

I watch as Puck uses his unique physiology and willpower to fight off Xibalba's control. I'm about to intercede when Lacero pipes up.

"Mummah? Whuh aunty doin tu daddeh?"

Xibalba suddenly goes wide eyed and whips her head to look at Claire. Puck gasps and relaxes as her influence slips away. Xibalba looks in shock at the little mint green and fire orange colt sitting atop Claire's head.

"S-Sistuh hab babbeh? Shebawba am aunty?"

Lacero smiles and wags his tail. Claire moves closer and leans down to let him jump off and climb the bed to hug Xibalba's leg.

"Wacewo wuv aunty!"

Xibalba raises an eyebrow and feels a flutter in her chest. The little colt looks up at her with a toothy grin and Xibalba hugs him close. I am snapping pics as fast as I can of this tender family reunion. She turns to Puck and looks him up and down, narrowing her eyes and cocking her head. When she learns all she needs, she rises and looks at me.

"Puck fink hoomin am good daddeh. Awso wuv sistuh vewy much. Dey have gud babbeh togedda. Do hoomin weawwy have wotsa fwuffehs fow kiwwin dummehs?"

I'm thrown off a bit by her words. She must have read Puck's memories.

"Uh, yeah. Puck, Claire and Lacero have lots of brothers and sisters. We hunt bad fluffies. Is that what you do too, Xibalba?"

She nods and gets a thoughtful look as she glances around the building.

"Daddeh make Shebawba stwong, smawt. Gib powwa ova dummehs finkie pwaces. Shebawba hate dummehs, wike tu give huwties."

Damn, I don't know where this lab is, but they make some scary ass fluffies. I get them all some food and I sit and watch them interact. I listen to some of Xibalba's stories, including how her daddy put that thing in her back. It makes me a little mad at this guy, but she still seems enamored of him, so I let it go. Xibalba tells us of the mission they were on when things went wrong. She seems to be warming to us all. But I can see by her mannerisms and the way she talks, theres a stone cold killer underneath. Lacero has taken to her almost immediately and runs circles around her as she sits and watches him with a vague smile. Her smile fades and her fluff bristles as she looks up towards the open door. I follow her gaze and see a slate grey and dark red stallion looking at them with icy blue eyes.

"Bwuddah Gwey, how find Shebawba?"

Xibalba moves over to the fluffy in the doorway, he looks her over and then the rest of us with those unnerving eyes.

"Coat daddeh nu can find sistuh, so send Gwey an Nowma wif mistuh Mawkoff. We stawp not faw fwom hewe an Gwey couwd feew sistuh in finkie pwace. Sneak away fwom mistuh Mawkoff and come find."

I am totally confused at this point. This one has the same build as Xibalba and Claire. Wait, what did they say?

"Xibalba, did you say this is your brother? And who is Norma?"

The fluff on the stallions neck rustles and a little pink and red micro pokes it's head out.

"Dis am Gwey, wittwe bwuddah of Shebawba and naow Cwaiw tu. Nowma am wittwe bitey munstah and Shebawba bestest fwiend."

The micro smiles at me with a mouthful of tiny daggers. Jesus Christ, how do all these monsters keep turning up at my place? Did I build my HQ on a hellmouth?

GASP! "Cwaiw have wittwe bwuddah tu?"

The green mare bounds over and hugs Grey, he does not react.

"Gwey am bwuddah of Shebawba, am Cwaiw sistuh of Shebawba an Gwey? Hewwo. Buh nu time fow pway, Daddeh need us Shebawba. Gotta kiww da dummehs."

I have so many questions, but I'm interrupted when my phone rings, I turn and answer it.

"Sarge! It's Reggie from The SFCB! Listen, we are tracking a mass migration from the forest northeast of you. The wildfire is driving them all your way. You are looking at a megaherd of at least 700! SFCB agents are being sent to your location, but it may be a couple hours before they reach you. Sarge, you gotta do something before they choke the streets and cause a panic!"

I look to the freakshow reunion, then to the cabinet of gear and narrow my eyes.

"I'm on it. Just get your asses here ASAP!"

I hang up and text Zea

"Home, NOW. Marauder's emergency."

I return to the group and find them all gathered around Grey as he looks quizzically down at Lacero.

"Puck! Time to gear up! We got work to do."


15 minutes later, Zea is back with The Marauders and I'm laying out all the gear I can find. I have explained to Claire and Puck whats going on. To my surprise, Grey and Xibalba speak up.

"Dat da dummehs daddeh sent us tu give foweva sweepies. Shebawba see so many when fwy ova."

I ask them if they want to help us kill them all. They look at eachother briefly and back to me with the most unsettling little grins. I explain the situation to Zea as she is getting Lillith, Winkin, Blinkin and Nod settled in the bedding area. Larry and Athos will be staying behind with them, but I'm gonna gear them up to guard the homefront. I move back to the common area carrying a bunch of gear. The Marauder's are all gathered around Xibalba, Grey and Norma. They babble and ask a million questions. I notice Solomon is just staring at Xibalba. I've seen that look before. Xibalba is listening to the others when her brow raises and she looks right at Solomon. She gives a coy smile and if fluffies could blush, Solomon would be beet red. I get them all lined up and start strapping on spurs, earpieces and cameras. I even offer them to Grey and Xibalba. Grey seems fascinated by the spurs and accepts them, so does Xibalba after some hesitation. I have nothing to offer Norma, but Xibalba tells me she won't need anything.

"Nowma am stwong wittwe munstah, hab wotsa famiwy tu. Shebawba can feew dem comin."

Well that's certainly ominous and creepy. I shrug it off and stand to address The Marauder's.

"OK everyone. This is the biggest group of ferals we have ever tackled. But you are all good and well trained fluffies. You know what the job is, we go in and we don't stop til they are all dead!"

Bob and Puck cheer out loud and the others join in. Xibalba and Grey do not react. Claire stands next to Puck looking over her new spurs. Puck teaches her real quick which way to swipe her legs to make a good slash. I load up the ATV with the FR-71 drone, extra powder and any stun and mink traps I can find. Strapping on my vest, I load extra clips of scrambler's and a couple rifles. I hook up the trailer behind it and get The Marauder's loaded up. I kiss Zea goodbye and she smiles at me with a look of concern.

"Be careful, Sarge. Bring em back alive."

We head out through the backyard and into the tall field. I drive about a half mile into the open grass towards the edge of the forest and pull over. I unload The Marauder's and unstrap the drone. The Marauder's spread out, sniffing the air. They can smell the megaherd coming and are getting anxious. I load up the drone with some poison traps and the one EMP brick. I don't have much left, need to re-up with Dave soon. Gonna have to make everyone of these count. I load the scrambler clips in the turrets and send it off. The drone gains altitude and the camera feed runs through my phone as I guide it out over the field.

"Holy shit, this is bad."

The drone shows more than 900 fluffies stampeding slowly through the grass towards Flint. The fire rages near CS Mott Lake and spurs them on. I take a deep breath and move the drone over the center of the megaherd. Moving lower, I drop 2 poison traps into the throng of technicolor rats.

"Skettis! Fank ou fow nummies, sky-daddeh!"

I move the drone along the central line and drop the other 2 traps with similar results. This won't kill enough of them though. I sigh and move to the back of the herd and drop the pressurized gastrap. It hisses out plumes of heated poisonous gas, engulfing hundreds of them. It silences their screams fast enough and the cloud dissipates to leave the dead in it's wake, bloated and choked. I move the drone once more to the far left of the mass and deploy the one EMP I had left. The air crackles as 90 or so of them collapse under a shockwave of electrical overload. So much for the high impact weapons. that took out about 250 of them and the rest are in a bit of a panic. I bring the drone around and empty the turrets into the outer edges of the herd, trying to drive any strays back into the mass. Thats it for the drone. I land it downfield to retrieve later and get on the ATV to spread a poison trail around their flanks and rear. I turn and look at Puck and Solomon.

"You boys know what to do. Keep everyone safe, make daddy proud. Fuck em up."

They nod as I tear off down the way. I approach the herd and veer to the right. Flicking open the valve on the slings, I drive on, laying a trail of the ashy grey powder behind me. Looping round and back, I am stunned to see Xibalba take flight! She swoops over the herd, legs spread as a swath of them seem to spontaneously stand up on their hind legs. Her spurs cut through a good number of feral's throats before she flaps her wings and gains altitude again. The rest come out of their daze and clamber over the dead to keep moving. As I approach the front, I can see The Marauder's going to work. They rip and slice and slash their way through a veritable wall of ferals. Blood and shit flying everywhere. Even Grey is ripping into them with the zeal of a natural killer. But there's too many, the dead heap up, but the living just plow through the corpses in a panicked bid to reach the city limits. A wave of fluffies bowls through the corpses and The Marauder's fall back. I gun the ATV into the megaherd, cutting a swath through the throng. I can hear skulls and organs being crushed under the thick tires. Blood and fluff kick up behind me as I swerve back and forth through the screaming fluffies, mashing hundreds under my wheels before the axles get gummed up.

I leap off the ATV and start firing scrambler rounds into the crowd.


The headshots are lethal, eyes roll back and bowels evacuate as the plastic shrapnel shreds their brains. A few get hit in the side or haunch and collapse in agony, only to be swallowed up and trampled to death by the others. I just keep on firing.


Fuck! Outta scramblers! I was not prepared for these kind of numbers and my supplies are tapped out. Time to get messy. I draw the ashwood bat and screw the spike rings into place on the head and let it swing.


I connect with a red stallions chin and the spikes rip his jaw clean off. I draw the fishclub and wield them both with a blind fury. The lead weighted club caves in head after head, eyes popping and brains spilling, the spiked bat sends mangled fluffy chunks sailing into the crowd. But still, it's not enough. Those out of my range continue on undeterred as their compatriots fall. Suddenly, the front of the megaherd turns around and at least 60 of them start attacking the oncoming ferals. They clash like two waves breaking. I look over to see Xibalba sitting at the front. She has a stern and cold look on her face. She must be turning the ferals against one another. I swing wildly, crushing, killing, soaking the ground in blood. My skills come back to me like riding a bike. It's a glorious gory display. I hear screaming ferals off to the side and see a bunch of them rearing and bucking. It's the micro's, holy shit theirs hundreds of them! They leap with agility unnatural for their sub-species. Little razor teeth snip into feral flesh as they screech in pain.

SCREEEEEEEEE! "Nu wike bitey munstahs! Nu huwt fwuffeh! Jus wan nummies, am good fwuffeh!" EEEEEEEE!

The megaherd is beginning to bunch up and crowd against the enslaved ferals up front. They bite and gnash and flail at the tide of shit-rats. The Marauders spread out to the edges where the slaves cannot reach and slice up any ferals spilling through. Puck and Claire are tearing out throats with terrifying brutality. Claire completely yanks a blue unicorn out of the throng by his neck. He arches over her head before his flesh tears and he falls to the gorund with a gush of blood. Solomon leads the rest along the line as the slaves continue to hold back the tide. Grey at the other end, staring down the oncoming ferals. They give pause from their panicked state at the sight of him and seem to calm. Just in time to be gutted by Azrael, Bob, Moe and Sapphire.

Xibalba sits dead center, trying to spread her influence over more of the ferals to turn them against the others. But the shock from earlier has made her a bit fuzzy. Norma darts between the slaves, biting at any feral beyond their line she can get to. Amber, Jade, Moloch and Belial patrol the line, slaughtering any that topple over the slaves.

The tide seems to be turning, there's just around 300 of them left. I'm sloshing through a solid eight inches of gore, the ground absolutely saturated by blood and shit. I should have worn my waders.

Xibalba is struggling to keep the rest at bay as we try to thin the numbers. Just then, Lacero bounds past her towards the front.

"Wacewo gonna gib biggest huwties wike mummah and daddeh!"

Shit! The clever little colt must have snuck into the wagon! He trots through puddles of gore, splashing red around him. Xibalba's focus slips and the line breaks.

Half the entranced ferals snap out of it and when they relax, the ferals surge over them. Crushing them to death as they topple over the pile. The Marauder's retreat, but Jade and Moloch are caught in the tidal wave of tumbling ferals and crushed underneath.

I yell and fight my way to the front to try and save them. The others try to cut away at the encroaching horde, but none seem to notice Lacero. He is running along the length of the crumbling defense as the wave breaks and they begin stampeding forward. He makes it to the far right, but a yellow mare is barreling at him and he freezes like a deer in the headlights.

"M-mummah! Hewp! EEP!"

Time seems to stand still as I dive to rescue him, knowing full well I won't make it. But out of nowhere, Norma leaps and pushes Lacero clear. The pink micro is surprisingly strong! But she doesn't survive the yellow mares hoof crushing her head into the dirt.

Xibalba's eyes go wide in horror at the sight of her best friend being trampled under the stampeding ferals. Something in her snaps and the fuzz lifts. She stands and spreads her wings and shouts as loud as any fluffy I have ever heard.


Every last remaining feral collapses in a wave from the front outwards. Christ even I felt that one, made my fillings hurt! It's over, the megaherd is dead.

I wade quickly to the front and begin digging through the dead to get at Jade and Moloch. I'm too late, they lay dim eyed and broken under 30 ferals. Sapphire screams and tries to dash to her fallen sister. Amber and Belial hold her back while Azrael stands in disbelief. The others just weep for their fallen brother and sister, except Grey. He just stares, head cocked with a curious look.

"GASP! Wacewo! Whatchu doin hewe?"

Claire spots Lacero lumbering in the grass, safe and sound.

PEEP! "Wacewo wanted tu come and gib biggest huwties wike mummah and daddeh! Huuhuu, su scawy! Nowma save Wacewo! W-whewe am Nowma?"

Claire goes quiet and looks sad. I turn to look at Xibalba, her eyes are red and tears are streaking her face. A little bit of blood streaks the fluff under her ears and she is visibly shaking. I drop the bat and club and drop to my knees. I scoop her into a big hug as she openly sobs into my chest.

"Huuhuu, Nowma onwy fwiend Shebawba eva have! Sh-Shebawba neva feew wike dis! Nu wike!"

The others gather in and form a group hug around the albino mare, waves of emotions pouring off them to her receptive mind.

"You do have more friends, Xibalba. We are all your friends, forever."

At this point, even Grey tries to comfort her with his best facsimile of a hug. We remain like that for a long moment, hugging, covered in and surrounded by blood, shit and death. Suddenly, Claire speaks up.

"Sniff sniff, hiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss! Coat daddeh!"

I look up and see two ATV's tearing ass across the field with a large white van behind them. I turn to see Claire snatching up Lacero and making herself scarce.


We approach the megaherd baffled to find them all dead. Markoff says Grey and Norma slipped away from him. He will be reprimanded harshly. A single man stands amongst the carnage, about a dozen fluffies bound around him, including Xibalba! We pull to a stop and I quickly jump from the van.

"Xibalba! Grey! You're alright! I was so worried!"

The fluffies and the man all look up towards us. They are all covered in blood, fluff and feces. The man has a seething look and wields a spiked bat. The fluffies gather round him and glare at us.

"Hello, sir. Did you find my fluffies? Whats your name?"

The man looks at me sideways as he slings blood off the bat. The men clutch their SMG's and I ease them off.

"I'm Sarge, Sarge Slaughter. Who the fuck are you?"

I clear my throat in distatse at his vulgarity and introduce myself.

"My name is Dr. Elias Elmwood. Are these your fluffies? They seem like trained killers. Those spurs are ingenious!"

I turn my attention to Xibalba and Grey, inspecting them for injuries. I find them both wearing the same spurs as the rest.

"Did you put these on them? Wait, did you do all this?"

The man spits and nods as he scoops two dead fluffies into his wagon.

"I run a fluffy extermination business. These are my Marauder's. We put up a good fight today, but it's your little girl here that finished the job."

Sarge goes about his business, pulling fluffy viscera from the axle of his ATV. I look down when I feel something to see Xibalba hugging my leg.

"D-Daddeh! Nowma get biggest huwties! Go foweva sweepies! Shebawba have biggest saddies! Nu wike!"

I am shocked at this display of emotion. She weeps into my leg and I kneel and smile as I pat her head.

"Don't worry, Xibalba. Theres still a lot more micro's. We can find them a new leader."

Xibalba looks up wet eyed. And sniffles.

"B-Buh Nowma was fwiend! Nu wan nyu micwo!"

I shake my head and scoff at this.

"Don't be silly, Xibalba. The micro's exist to serve you and Grey in battle. They are disposable. Now let's go home."

I turn back to Sarge as the team retrieves Grey and Xibalba. The surviving micro's begin to filter forward through the carnage to be collected.

"Sarge, was it? I want to thank you for watching after Grey and Xibalba. Your team is quite impressive. If you're ever looking for a better arrangement, heres my card."

Sarge look's down at the card and back at me with a scowl.

"Just pack your shit and get the fuck outta my face. I got dead to bury. And be nice to Xibalba, she just lost a friend."

He turns away and ends the conversation abruptly. I tsk and round everyone up and we turn to leave as the burn crew arrives.


Xibalba's tears begin to dry and are replaced with a seething anger as she climbs into her carrier. Her head tingles as a voice enters her mind.

"Sistuh, nu go wif coat daddeh! Am bad hoomin dat just wanna use fow huwties! Pwease, stay hewe wif Cwaiw an bwuddah Gwey."

Xibalba smiles sadly as the door closes on her carrier and replies.

"Haftu go, sistuh. Tu keep daddeh fwom finin Cwaiw. Teww Cwaiw daddeh fank ou fow being good hoomin. See sistuh again, someday."

The van drives off as Xibalba sits in her carrier, her thoughts troubled and angry. She begins to plot and share her plans with her compatriots as they ride home in silence.



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deadweight: This one got a little long, but it covers a lot of ground. I hope you all enjoy!
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Anonymous1: I didn't much care for it.
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Anonymous2: Very nice! cannot wait for the next chapter!
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Another awesome addition. I love how everything is trying together. Looking forward to the next one.
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BeefyTheHams: Damn dude, reading this was like watching every single battle from the LOTR. Bravo sir, bravo

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MostlyHereToLurk: Idk, I enjoyed it overall, myself. I did feel it was maybe a little contrived that alllll these freaks of nature meet up so fast and all happen to be in roughly the same location, in a general sense.

But this story did something I didn't think was even possible; it made fluffy extermination kind of exciting and dramatic. Plus, I admit I am actually sort of emotionally invested in Xibalba as a character, which is rare for any character on this site for me, human or fluffy.

This story (and, indeed, Deadweight's universe in general) feels almost like some kinda fluffy version of X-Men or some shit xD