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Indoor Ponies

Part 1

By Gardel


*PEEP!* "Huuhuuuu!"

"Gotcha bitch!"
Larry said as he opened the cupboard doors

"EEEEE! Nuuu!" said the foal "nu huwt babbeh!"

The tiny fluffy foal was stuck to the sticky glue trap Larry had set after getting tired of finding bites on his food and tiny specs of shit. He was expecting to find mice since the little turds were too small for a fluffy.

"Alright! a foal! guess your mummah been sending you out to find food? that's odd, guess you shits are evolving. That or you have a really lazy and shitty mom"

"Huuuu! pwease mistah am jus wittle babbeh!"

"That fucking programmed phrase again, sigh....look just tell me where your mummah is and..." Larry stopped talking as he shone a light on the suspected foal and got a better look. It wasn't as pudgy as small foals were, its legs were fully formed but tiny. But more importantly it had a full mane and tail while most foals had only a fuzz....and teeth! no foal this size is already weaned.

"What aren't a foal! you are a fucking micro! fuck my life man!"

Micro-fluffies, an invention of Takeda Corp. from Japan. Because fluffies were banned in that country and the patents invalidated the company took fluffies from the US and worked on creating a subspecies that was legal to sell in their country. Before they could get anything going the Georgia incident happened and fertile fluffies got loose, tanking the price and sending Hasbio into a death spiral of debt and fines for the environmental wreck their GMO pets were causing. As regular fluffies became the new cheapo pets in the west Takeda worked to rebrand them on their side of the ocean. They didn't have the funding to fix some of the now glaring issues of the fluffies' design but they were able to make some modifications. The biggest one was size: this new subspecies was the size of a hamster so it would be more attractive to the Japanese market. After all the idea of having an entire room just for a pet was something even most people in the west couldn't afford let alone people living in tiny cramped Japanese apartments. But something the designers of the original fluffy hadn't considered given it was a luxury pet sold for more than the average price of a used car. So micro-fluffies could live in the so-called 'micro cubes' which was simply a rebranding of the old plastic hamster cage. Later on Takeda's US distributor came up with the 'micro farm' which was a gel habitat looking like an oversized gel ant farm meant to hold micro-fluffies in an edible environment thus turning them in what marketers at the company called 'zero-maintenance pets' since you could simply let them live in the gel without having to feed them everyday.

One glaring issue was that the tiny size of Takeda's micro-fluff made it impossible to sterilize them using surgery. Initial tests with drugs and radiation proved disastrous, they were far too fragile even for that. So Takeda decided to sell fertile ones from the get-go and simply make buyers sign a EULA saying they wouldn't sell the pea-sized foals. Of course this raised fears of micros getting out and becoming a plague just like regular fluffies did. It didn't help that micros' breeding times were ridiculously short at just 4-5 days for a litter of 6 hairless foals. However Takeda managed to talk their way through regulators by simply pointing out micro-fluffies were incredibly fragile and there was no way any would survive outside their habitats. That was partly true since just like fluffies they were broken by all and in the case of micros they couldn't even survive against bugs. Takeda showed a mantis evicerating a pregnant micro mare and eating its head while it was screaming, the bones being no match to the mantis proboscis. Even the weakest bug spray every household has would be devastating on the new tiny fluffies. Thus US regulators decided to back off, although there were rumors of bribes.

Of course what Takeda didn't predict was that micro-fluffies could survive in the tiny spaces inside houses much like mice do. It wasn't rare for a kid to take micros out of a safe-cube or micro-farm to play with them and then forgetting to put all of them back in. The micros would then get lost and find their way through a crack or hole on the wall and make a new nest there. They could easily live off scraps of almost any kind of human food. Being prolific breeders meant that many owners would flush excess fillies and colts down the toilet since it was illegal to sell or trade them nor let the tiny habitats get overpopulated. Others being unable to stomach killing the tiny speaking creatures would simply set them free out of pity. While most died on the outside others managed to worm their way into other people's homes nearby and create a nest there. The absurd breeding rates meant that killing one nest did nothing since as long as another nest remains in the house the micros would replenish their numbers in a matter of weeks and be overflowing the walls in a couple of months.

They created all kinds of problems, their shit would accumulate producing foul odors that were both difficult and expensive to remove let alone sometimes permanently staining drywalls which had to be tore down and replaced. It wasn't rare for micros to try to build nests near sockets thus short-circuiting the wires and sometimes even starting a fire. There were videos about it online, the most impressive one showed hundreds of micro fluffies on fire running away from a hole in a wall after touching a wire and messing the fusebox of a house causing a blackout. They would run around a dark living room spreading the fire to carpets and furniture before finally expiring. Ironically that took down the house but not all micro nests so the surviving micro-fluffies would simply migrate to the closest house available as the firefighters were far too busy trying to put down the fire and rescue the people inside to stomp the tiny exodus before it could escape.

Some people recommended getting a cat or a small dog to curb an infestation of micro-fluffies but those animals could only do so much and were always overwhelmed by the number of micro-fluffies coming out from every nook and cranny. Others suggested using rats but nobody liked the idea of getting a dangerous disease vector inside their houses. Micros were a major annoyance but they couldn't bite nor give you the plague.

And so most people simply moved away the second they found micros in their homes. Most of the time they would hire an exterminator to kill the vast majority of the micros with poison then sell the house at a lower than market price to flip it quickly before the infestation would flare up again. And that's how Larry ended up with what he thought was the bargain of the century.

He was dead-wrong.
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Anonymous1: Curious to see where this will go after this good intro
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Anonymous2: Same as anon1.
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Anonymous3: I wonder how well they would react if someone went and sealed up all cracks and other places they could get into and out of the wall?

Or get some ants nesting nearby, and see how micros like them.
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Shadelen: I love your writing, Gardel.

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Dirtbiker989: Get brain chipped mice to go through the tight spaces, kill all micros in sight, and return to the human.
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Gardel: @Shadelen: Thanks

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FluffyPuncher: @Dirtbiker989: biker mice from mars
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Anonymous4: i would love to give stompies to a huge micro herd...
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Anonymous5: far fetched. mice aren't even that much of a pest and they're obviously more competent than fluffies, even if their breeding rate isn't quite that ridiculous. but this is still a good intro and im willing to suspend disbelief if this goes somewhere interesting
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TheFoalFryer: Maybe use them as a source if food. Nuggets, soup, spaghetti and "meatballs" etc. that's the foal fryer solution.

(Feel free to hate)
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Poopiesketti: Send a snake into the wall.
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Poopiesketti: The idea of pea sized foals just makes me want to see dead and dying foals impaled on toothpicks while their mummahs cry in vain
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Anonymous6: How do you get an invitation code for this site? Used to have an account but can't remember my pw
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kooare: @Anonymous: aks the admin, in the same part that says that you need the code it is a link to the adm contact
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Anonymous7: Awesome! Pillow the micros!
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: you do know how small they are right?
The guy mistook them for foals, and pillowing them would be a bitch without them getting killed by accident.
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Anonymous9: @Dirtbiker989: Why bother with that? Just fumigate the place with pesticides.

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Uncle_Yuri: Is this it? Or is their more to the story?