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The Micro Fluffy Colony

It's been 4 days since the fluffy fell down into the shit hole, and the brown one was "accepted" into their herd. I write it like that, for he still gets bullied. After he had given birth to a new batch of fluffies with the mare, he was pushed back out again.

Not sure why they do it, but I want to know more. Should I do something for them to react to? The fluffy in the shit hole died not too long after beeing left down there, and his rotten corpse now lays under small layers of shit and piss.

Meanwhile, the smarty and his mare, act like the Gods of the box. Time to put it to the test.

"Psst, mrs Smarty. I need to show you something." I told the mare, as the others was sleeping. She happily skipped up to the top so I could pick her out. "Not gonna need these anymore." I said as I plucked her babies off her back. She cried out. "Pwease, daddeh. Babbehs am gud babbehs. Nee babbeh fow wuv an miwkies an huggies." she pleaded. But I only turned a blind ear for her.

I put the babies down into a small jar. They were the size of sand corn, so it wasn't much of a fluffy of them. But the mother would do. Was just gonna do some simple... adjustments to her.

First, I plucked off her legs. She screamed, of course. Or, it was more like a small squeek. Could almost not hear it. I lit a cigg and used it to burn her wounds shut. She cried in agonizing pain, but it was like hearing someone squeek.

I put her down on a tissue, where she sobbed franticly. Infront of her was the frying pan, with her babies sleeping. "Now listen. Your babies are about to to die, but you need to save them. Your smarty will be very sad if you don't." I told her.

She looked at me, then back to her babies. As she tried to wiggle to the pan, but not getting anywhere, I turned the stove on. Full heat. Didn't take long for the babies to start chirping louder, and more painful. "Babbehs! Wun tu mummah!" she yells to them as she tries to wiggle her way. She doesn't seem to understand it doesn't work.

The babies are so small you could barley see anything of them. Especially now when they began to shrink to the heat. After some more struggling by the mother, the babies had been dead for some time. I held her down, and she looke dup on me. "They're dead. You'r ea horrible mother." I told her. Her eyes began to water. "Huu huu! Am bab mummah! Wan die.. wan die!" she squeeked.

As she cried and cried, I picked her babies up and put them infront of her. "Now, you need to eat them." I told her, and she responded with a look of horror. Eat her own babies? That was unspeakable! Well, not really, but they micro's are more retarded than their bigger selves. She soon gave in, and began to look at her babies. Soon enough, she began to eat them. "Tink of sketti.. tink of sketti.." she told herself, as her tears rolled down her face frome ating her children. Who were also still hot.

When she was finished, I took her up and looked at her. "You are a horrible mother for letting them die." I told her, letting her down into the box. The other fluffies had woken up and rushed to see what had happened. The smarty looked at his now legless mare. "Wuh happen tu speshaw fwien?" he asked her. She chocked a little on her tears. "Am bad mummah.. wet babbies go fowewa sweepies an had tu num em.." she told them. "Mummah am sowwie! Nu mean tu! Pwease, mummah have biggest heawt huwties.. nee huggies an wu--" before she could finish her sentence, the smarty started to stomp on her face. "Stoopid nu-spweshaw fwiend am poopie mummah fow wettin smawties babbehs go fowewa sweepies!" he raged at her.

The blood flew everywhere, the mares and babies were chirping and screaming in fear, while the males cheered for the smarty. The smawrtie's mare pleaded for help and for the smarty to stop, but the smarty didn't hesitate. His love for his offspring was too large, and the loss of them had damaged him. He stood on his back legs, the males looked in awe and the mares in fear, as he struck down on his old mares face, like thunder from Thor himself! Her face was crushed under the preassure, and she laid now dead, her blood seeping into the dirt.

The smarty spat on his old wench's body. "Stoopid dummeh poopie mawe take fowewa sweepies." he said, as the male cheered for him. To them he looked like a badass, and for the mares he was a monster, but they all respected him for taking out such a horrible mother.

To me? They looked like small mice stompoing on a plushie, while the mares shat and piss themselves. And there wasn't much blood to begin with. But I imagine that's how they saw it all happen..

A few days later I witnessed a problem with my precious babies. No, not the fluffies, the ants. They were out of food. And it was pouring down outside, so couldn't go out to buy some. But, I did have something else. The fluffies. Was getting bored of them anyway. It was time for them to move.

"Hey, guys. How would you feel about moving to a bigger place and meet my family?" I asked them through the glass. They all looked at me excited, the babies running around, for they had started to grow now. With all this jumping and running, I'll take it as a yes.

As I carried them off in a small box, they all sang how happy they were and how good their smarty was to get them to this place. And I could only agree. As I opened the box to my ants, none of them were to be seen, for I had closed this part off from them for this.

The fluffies all scurried around, playing in the dirt and water. They loved it. But as they were playing, destroying it with their shit and piss, I opened up the tubes. And the ants poured in. They surrounded the fluffies. The fluffies looked at the ants with interest. What are these, kind of look. The smarty puffed up his chest and cheeks and walked forward to the horde of ants. "Dis am smawty wand naow. Weave ow get wowstest of--" before he could finish, he was interuppted by the ants taking one of the babies and running off. The fluffies screamed as the hungry ants crawled over the baby, and devoured the flesh right of it, leaving the micro skeleton behind.

Panic spread through the fluffies as the ants began to climb them. The smarty led them up a small mountain to try and escape. The brown one was last, and just behind the smarty. He begged the smarty for help, for the ants was climbing his back legs. But the smarty looked at him with disgust. He raised his back leg a bit, and the brown ones eyes began to swell up. "Wong wiww smawty." he said to him, before kicking him right in the face to be swallowed by the horde of ants. The shriek died off fast, and only bones were left.

The ants crawled closer, and the fluffies had no where to go now. The smarty pushed down the other so he could survive, but it only prolonged his death. He stood on his back legs, trying to reach up to me. "Pwease, daddeh! Sabe smawteh!" he pleaded. I simply smiled and reach my hand down to him. His smile brightened, as the cries of pain of the fluffies and babies filled the box.

As my hand came closer to him, he reach for it, his smile growing bigger, and as he grabbed my finger... and I pushed him down. His face turned into one of a blank expression, then one of fear, and last one was of pain as the ants dug into his flesh.

The fluffies were all dead now. And my ants were fed. Today was a good day.
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Fluffehlover: Next one shall be about water fluffies, or what they are called.

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Browniest_of_Poopies: seafluffy

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Fluffehlover: @Browniest_of_Poopies: Thanks, fam. <3
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Anonymous1: "..turned a blind ear for her."

You mean "..turned a deaf ear to her." Fucking noob

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Fluffehlover: @Anonymous: I like to miss use words like that. Makes it funnier.

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drawfag11: Most ants eat fungi they cultivate in their nests by feeding them decomposing organic matter, except for army ants. Those are nature's way of saying suck my diiiiiiick!
That said, it's not wise to have that kind of ant at home.

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Fluffehlover: @drawfag11: Gooooood.

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guodzilla: @Browniest_of_Poopies: I'm working on something like that right now.
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Anonymous2: Google Translate was not your friend.

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Fluffehlover: @Anonymous: I don't use it. I'm just generally bad at English. Since it's not my first langauge, and I have some issues.
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Anonymous3: I like. But why kill them off so fast?

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Fluffehlover: @Anonymous: I don't know. It all just happend so fast.