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DiamondDogs: Burned a whole bunch of fluffies and foals.
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Anonymous1: Napalm, lots of Napalm
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TheDarkestNight: I honestly thought it was an update at first.

I haven't played it in forever, but it's still pretty enjoyable. I can't wait for the game to feel more like a fluffy simulator in terms of taking care of them or torturing and killing.

Really can't wait for more voice clips overall. lol
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Anonymous2: @TheDarkestNight: same

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lordanubis: It's raining fluff. Hallelujah
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Anonymous3: @TheDarkestNight: what game do you mean?
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Anonymous4: This might be the one game I am still looking forward to see an update every time.
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Anonymous5: It still needs enfie babbehs and bad speciaw huggies, if it's going to be the perfect fluffy simulator.