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_Sadie-- pt 2.5

-Genetically Gifted-

Both Darrell's parents were employed at Hasbro since before Darrell was born.Their positions at the company had been what brought the pair together in the first place. Darrell was their only son and one day his father presented the boy with a very unusual gift for his fifth birthday. His father worked as a genetic engineer in the hasbio division of the company and the gift was an attempt to cull a deep loneliness in his son. Even at a young age Darrell had trouble making friends and was often bullied and ostracized at the private school he attended. Eventually he was taken out of the school entirely. At the young age of four he was being home schooled in the hands of a small army of private teachers selected by his parents.

Darrell’s mother especially disliked seeing her son without friends. She considered getting him a fluffy pony to ease the isolation. She wondered if she should feel bad that her son and his off putting personality quirks. Her fault that she didn't spend enough time with him maybe? She was work focused,like Darrell's father. She worked in the promotional department at hasbro and knew all about fluffy ponies. Yes they were highly social able...that would be good for Darrell. They were also little horse hamsters that may or may not crap everywhere. One product the company was working on however did peak her interest as a candidate companion for her son, one she wasn’t supposed to know about.

She had first been introduced to them via a 15 second video secretly recorded by her husband on his phone while at the lab. Normally personnel had to drop off phones at security before entering the lab.However Darells father took advantage of his hard earned seniority one day and managed to sneak his phone in and quickly record two of the creatures interacting. It was foolish lapse in better judgement,but he had desperately been wanting to show his wife what he had been working so hard for the last handful of years. It wasn’t his invention a lone, he belonged to a team of engineers that build the new fluffy prototype from the ground up. Darrell’s mother was impressed immediately and understood why her husband had been unrelenting in his obsessions with his work. The creatures seemed smarter then the smaller fluffs, just the way they talked struck her as such. Apparently her impressions were correct as she found out they were engineered to be more intelligent and dexterous then the basic fluffy.

In addition her husband explained one night,they were sturdier, having up to 60% stronger muscle and bone density then the average fluffy. The muscle strength also meant better control over bladder and colon systems for the bio toys. Something the original models lacked and which was a source of great frustration for consumers who wanted a fluffy while still maintaining a clean home. He even told her that there was a strong possibility that with patient prolonged training they could be taught how to use toilets when nature invariably called. Removing the need for a unseemly litter pan was sure to be a big selling point for the new line of engineered companions. Oh,They also walk on two legs.That feature being what drew the woman to them above all else.

She imagined with said ability one of them could do more to keep Darrell occupied and happy.These new furry bipedal entities seemed to have the capabilities to do things like push a child on a swing or run at such speed that allowed them to almost keep up with their human owners. She heard they even had the dexterity to braid a childs hair if desired. She wanted to watch her son play with a friend.See him laugh and enjoy himself with someone whose greatest desire was to love him,even if that love came from something created in a lab.

Darrells father thought the idea was ambitious but quite brilliant. He already felt bad that his son was essentially being raised by nannies and teachers because himself and his wife were so career focused. Darrell being without any real friends made that feeling even worse.He knew acquiring custody of one of the new prized bio toys would be a challenging endeavor however.The soft launch of the creatures wasn’t estimated for at least another year. To date there was only a handful of them in existence.

Because Hasbro planned to have the product release be a shock to both industry insiders as well as consumers, they kept the new products under tight lock and key. They didn't want outsiders to be in any way prepared for such a drastic change in model features and planned to capitalize on the shock value of the release.Make sure people wouldn’t be able to stop talking about their product.How much better it was, but still the same. The most important aspect unchanging, that these entities were absolutely obsessed with love and hugs. Another component in the planned success was to keep demand high by having the furry bio toys sufficiently sterilized to ensure devalue did not occur by means of overproduction. They didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. With all this considered,allowing one of these new models out before the scheduled launch could be disastrous. However,being the smart man that he was, Darrell’s father had a plan.

Months had gone by since his wife had first brought the idea to him. Every day the bio engineer took time off working on genome sequencing ( or other official hasbio related projects with a time deadline) to work on the campaign for his son.He pushed the idea using the angle he had prepared. Countless meetings and conference calls in hushed voice began consuming what free time he had. It began feeling like he was being cycled thru a never ending chain of command,both at the lab and company headquarters. He even spoke with the president of Hasbro via Skype at one point who seemed cautiously receptive to the idea. Over months he was slowly making headway in convincing the brass that it could work. Great way to trial run the social skill programming before launching them. Real concrete assurance that they were ready for their dazzling official introduction. No mistakes this time. The ultimate friend and pet. Derrell after all, fell within the targeted demographic, and who better to over see it then one of the men who helped mold the structure of its very DNA?

Finally he got the call. He was given green light. Clearance to take one of the specimens home to Darrell within the month. There were important measures he’d have to take, many legal documents would require his signature. The word discretion being used countless times. Darrells father was tired but he had finally accomplished what he had set out to do. Now it was time to begin the selection process.

And thats how she came to be in Darrell's life. His first true friend. On his fifth birthday. He remembers what he thought it was at first,some kind of child in a costume standing in the doorway of his home. When she was ushered into the light of the room he saw what she really was. One of the sorta-fluffy looking creatures your dad makes ,standing about three feet high.Standing?...he had only ever seen these things waddle about on all fours.It looked like a larger scaled version of the little pig/horse/hamster but walked in a more human fashion. He watched it as it slowly moved towards him.

Darrell’s father was holding its small hand as they made their way into the room. Thats when he noticed it didn’t have hands but rather thumb like appendages attached to a pink colored hooves. He looked down at the furry creatures feet and noted two purely cloven pink hooves as well. The thumbs appendages seemed to only be on to its top hooves. Never saw thumbs on a fluffy before..he wondered if his dad was the scientist who gave the creatures thumbs. His Dad was really smart like that.

The sorta fluffy pony continued closer to him, its hooven feet making clacking noises on the floor. His father and the thing reached Darrell.He watched as his father bent down to the creature,using a gentle tone he slowly asked if she was ready to meet her "best friend". Derrell thought that idea sounded too funny and shot his father a look.True..he had no human friends, but that didn't mean he had to be friends with the furry freak in front of him either.

It. She.Whatever it was, was looking down at the floor with its face obscured under a thick tuft of light pink hair. It looked at Darrell through the tendrils of its mane, using it as a barrier between itself and the human boy.It looked frightened but beyond that Darrell squinted to see more outlines of its facial features, small snout and mouth, BIG eyes. He was taken aback by its eyes. There was warmness looked..nice. The creature quickly looked away after briefly locking eyes with the boy. It backed about a foot way from the boy and and elicited a quiet child like "Eeep!" sound. It then paused and looked over its shoulder back to Darrell’s father who made a waving gesture of encouragement towards the two. She slowly turned her head back towards Darrell.

He was starting to feel a little more comfortable with the situation,but the creature was silent and seemed nervous still. It fidgeted with its hair and wouldn't look at him. When he first saw it in the doorway it looked to be about his height. Seeing it up close now he saw it stood about half a foot shorter then him. He was used to being teased for his short height at school.He liked being the tall one for once. He was about to ask his Dad whether it was able to speak when sudden movement caught his eye. Movement from it.Or rather on it.Two shapes against its sides flapped softly in the air. Two small wings. Wings? As if she didn’t look weird enough already he thought. Still..she didn’t look mean..

The wings didn’t look entirely functional, but they still were really pretty.They fluttered again and he saw that the plumage ended in soft pink feathered tips, a contrast to the buttercup colored body fur of the creature. “Neat feathers." he thought,making an effort to smile at the creature for the first time. Thats when it quietly moved its hair away from its face and spoke its first words to the boy.
“ Hewwo…. mis..mistuh Da-dewwel….. Be.. n-nyu fw-iend?
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Anonymous1: oh hai. SoOOo been going back and forth with different ways to progress Sadie’s story and ended up feeling the most interesting storyline I’ve come up with involves the introduction of a anthro fluffy.Or a few of them. Still new to booru and writing fan fic in general sooo It could be too ambitious to go this way on first story and I may jus fuck it all up. : P

Also have noticed people seem divided on anthros. for me some of the anthro stories/art on here are among my favs and so far its just fun to write about . Trying to balance the line and not overly humanize them is proving kinda difficult tho. Hopefully I am keeping the important fluff aspects to appearance/personality.We’ll see. Thanks for reading

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guodzilla: Be very careful, or this may trigger the arrival of another *looks around carefully*
"An**ro W**k!"
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Anonymous2: @guodzilla: I'm ok w that
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ProctorBanway: this is either a troll or something so sincerely terrible it doesn't deserve trolling. either way ignore/block this author and move on
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DickwolfPrime: @ProctorBanway: Does it hurt Benway?

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FluffyPuncher: @ProctorBanway: He's anonymous.

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Dirtbiker989: I just realized... this Fluffy is just an anthro version of Sadie. $20 says this is gonna turn sour real fast.

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Anonymous3: @Dirtbiker989:
haha yay someone noticed! Setting up why he became so obsessed w Sadie. Its all connected!
Its going to get more abuse-ish from here
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Anonymous4: @ProctorBanway: "Ignore and move on." --

You do realize you've posted a comment to on every post I've made so far right?

You should take your own advice. Its obvious that u post mean comments on others stuff bc u want attention. I really hope you are able to move on. Check out some Dr.Phil maybe, he'll fix you right.
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Anonymous5: @FluffyPuncher: boOoooi..why you gender assuming up on me?

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FluffyPuncher: @Anonymous: Just a generic he.

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Dirtbiker989: @Anonymous: Yeah no Bengay is just a sperglord that tries to rile people up in the comments, although he's definitely partaken in his share of autistic rage. Plus, if he's really as above us as he said he is in the past (which by now it's evident that he's not), it's just sad to see how much he stays behind to heckle people. He's like that one idiot kid that no one liked that still managed to peak in high school and taunt the kids at the high school he still hangs around. Thought he was cool then, thinks he's just as cool now, really couldn't be more of a shithead.

Also, I forgot to mention this in my previous comment...

"Thumbs-appendages" "never saw thumbs on a Fluffy before"

You mean hands? Or are you really talking about thumb-like stubs at the ends of her arms?

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Ceron: I'm not a huge fan of anthro but this story is pretty good? Is the anthro thing going to stay around or was this just for backstory?
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Anonymous6: @Dirtbiker989: I guess the idea would be that they have opposable hooves that look sort of mitten like?Like thumb sliced to a hoof, but both would be the same color to make it not look super weird. Wanted to just make it so they are overall more dexterous, able to do more with their hands then normal fluffies

Thanks for more info bout Proctor. He commented on my first story and seemed ok but then started getting trolley. Maybe he’ll stop if we start a gofund or something to get someone to hug him in real life? Just an idea.
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Anonymous7: @Ceron: Thanks glad you think its good. The anthro stuff is going to stick around but its also going to also revolve around a pair of regular fluffys too

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Dirtbiker989: @Anonymous: OOOOOOHH, so it's kinda like mittens, I see it now!