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All I Wanted Was a Fluffy Part 2: The Strange Man on the Playground
by Strangeways Pigg Strangeways

Walking home with Benji, I relayed the story to him. At times I thought he was going to piss his pants laughing.
The fluffies had apparently behaved just fine earlier in the day in his class, leaving everyone excited. The kids
attacking the foal all at once disturbed rather than amused him, though.

"Why do you think they did that?"

I couldn't say for sure. But I told him about a time, in second grade, when we were learning about insects. We raised
a caterpillar in a jar all the way through its metamorphosis to a butterfly. Almost the whole class loved to watch its
progress. After it had emerged and the day came to release it, we brought it outside, to the field used for outdoor
gym classes. The teacher opened the jar, and the butterfly spread its wings and began to fly away.

Suddenly, all at once, five to ten of my classmates bolted after it like the were in a football game and the butterfly
had the ball. The teacher, one not as ferocious as Mrs. Mapplethorpe, just helplessly shouted for them to come back.
As they caught up, I saw the butterfly flounder a bit, trying to get away, but it eventually disappeared under the
mob. No one really talked about the incident after that. The teacher might have talked to them in private, might
have given them some kind of lecture of punishment, but I never did find out.

"Were these the same kids?" Benji asked.

"I don't think so," I said. "I don't really remember who all of them were, but I'm pretty sure only two or three of
them are even in my class this year."

We took a shortcut home, as we often did, through Diamond Park. It was a thickly wooded park, with several small
playground areas in it, and many old statues of men who must have been important at some point. It was named for a
softball diamond in its center, but there was an old urban legend that Neil Diamond was buried there.

We stopped briefly at one of the playground areas. sitting down on the merry-go-round and talking more about the
weird day at school. Then someone, or some THING seemed to approach us through the thick trees.

He seemed to emerge like a sort of elf, making a jingling noise as he walked, like its pockets were full of
change. I didn’t see any pockets in his shirt or pants, though. At least I thought he was a “he.” He
wore a worn, pink t-shirt, frayed to the point that it was almost see-through in places. There was an image on the
shirt, or there had been once. It was faded now, but it appeared to be a rainbow surrounded by some sort of off-brand
knock-offs of the Muppets. A volumous belly sagged out several inches below the the hem of the shirt, though
mercilessly a pair of large breasts further up were covered by the worn fabric. Not the good, bubble-like (in both
shape and gravity defiance) large breasts that were on the blonde women in the porn that boys would sometimes sneak
looks at on their phones, but the drooping, oblong kind I had only seen swinging under the shirt of an obese, diabetic
paraprofessional at school, who was said to have quit wearing a bra decades a go as part of some long-forgotten social
protest. I'd only seen breasts like that once on a boy or man once before. A kid at school with a glandular disorder.
Trey called him "Bitch Tits."

The man's pants were neon yellow and zebra-striped. A few years ago, some friends that my parents called “hipsters” when
they weren’t around wore them for a few months. The hipsters always made a point of mentioning the “irony“ of wearing
them, whatever that meant. When the hipsters weren’t there, my parents would laugh about them, saying that they
thought for sure that Zubaz were the one style of old clothing that would never come back in style, even for hipsters.
I wasn’t quite sure of the exact line between “hipsters” and “hippies.” The hipsters seemed richer, with
better-groomed hair, and they had more facial piercings. I think the hippies were poor. The hipsters smelled better
than the hippies, but they still farted a lot. I think the hipsters were vegans too.

If Zubaz were an old clothing trend, the pair on the thing(?) walking toward me looked like they might have been from
the original batch. They were as worn as the shirt, and equally tight and ill-fitting. I think I could see his nuts.

I was fairly certain at this point that it must be a man. Closer inspection confirmed it, or at least I hoped it did.
Patchy red-brown facial hair was unevenly scattered about its face. The thing had a blotchy, ruddy complexion that
made it hard to tell where the scruff ended and his skin began. The creature’s arms and exposed section of belly were
dusted with similar scruff. There wasn’t a lot of it, but it was too much facial hair for a woman, even for a hippie.

"Lookie, another ginger! Tee Hee!" he exclaimed excitedly. His voice was a sort of high-pitched feline purr that was feminine
in pitch but masculine in timbre. I'm glad I didn't have to figure out his gender by his voice. And while his words
were indeed punctuated by giggles, he actually said "Tee Hee."

I could tell Benji was nervous as the man moved closer to us.

"Oh, you don't need to be scared! I come to this park a lot, I live just over there."

He pointed in the direction of a trailer park that was located near one edge of Diamond Park.

"We're walking home from school," I said, gesturing back to our elementary school. "We go to Washington."

"Yay!" he said, "I used to go there too! My name is Felix!"

"Okay," I said. I wasn't quite sure if I should tell him our names.

"Do you want to know the password to My Little Pony Club?" Felix said. Not waiting for an answer, he continued:

"Two in the Pinkie Pie, one in the Stinkie Pie!"

He giggled to himself, holding his fingers to his mouth like a cartoon Japanese schoolgirl. He then repeated with
more gusto: "Two in the PINKIE PIE, one in the STINKIE PIE!!!"

I didn't know exactly what the euphemism meant, but I'd heard enough schoolyard talk to know it was probably something
dirty. Then again, I don't think he knew what he meant either. He had that tone that a kindergartner gets when
repeating something they heard an older sibling say that made people laugh, though they didn't know why.

"I don't like My Little Pony," I said. "It's a dumb ripoff of My Little Fluffy. They don't even look like ponies OR

"Oooh," Felix said, his childish excitement growing, "You like FLUFFIES?"

"Yeah, we saw some in school today." I was surprised to hear Benji speak, but he now seemed more amused than
frightened by the strange manchild. "One of them was named... was named after some movied about a fat girl, and
another one shit EVERYWHERE!"

"Tee hee!" Felix said. "Well that's why I'm here. I like to walk my fluffies in this park! LOLO!!! LALA!!!"

He called out to the bushes behind him, and two fluffies appeared. They were the cutest fluffies I had ever seen. One
was a blue stallion with a darker blue mane. The other was a matching, for lack of a better term, mare with red fur
and a dark red mane and tale. The mare appeared to be pregnant. They were actually the most well-groomed fluffies I
has ever seen as well, even more so that the (pre- shitting and pissing) fluffies from the shelter, who had been neatly
groomed for a special event. Apparently their owner cared far more about his fluffies' appearance than his own.

"These are Lolo and Lala, my fluffies! Lolo is the blue one, and the red one is Lala, his special friend! Fluffies,
these are our new friends!"

"NYU FWEND, NYU FWEND!" they both showed, overlapping each other, as they ran up to us. Benji dropped down and
immediately began to play with them.

"It looks like the girl is pregnant," I said to Felix, undeniably excited but trying to be more of an adult than Benji.

"Maybe she is! Or maybe she just has to make poopies! TEE HEE!"

"Nyu fwends come pway wif us?" Lolo asked.

"Come pway! Come pway! Come pway!" Lala joined in, excitedly hopping up and down. She rolled over on her side as she
landed after a hop, and Lolo had to help push her back up on her feet.

Benji turned and asked me "Can we go play with them?"

I thought about it. Our mom wouldn't be home from work for another two hours, and our dad was working later than that.

"I was just bringing them home from our walk to make good poopies!" Felix said, giggling as he said "poopies." "I've
taught them that poopies in the park are bad poopies. You can come with us, though. It looks like your new friends
want to play!"

"Can we, Elisa?" Benji said excitedly as Lolo and Lala looked up at me with their adorable eyes. The biggest eyes I'd
ever seen on a fluffy, I think. These two really did look like real life cartoons.

I thought for a moment. I'd heard every "srtranger danger" lecture in school, and so had Benji. But Felix seemed like
and overgrown child himself. And he had fluffies. How harmful could he be?
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Anonymous1: Liking this story, although Elisa seems a bit too eloquent for a middle schooler
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ElCuCuyfeo: I've seen enough ABC Afterschool Specials to know where this is going...

- Reply
Strangeways_Pigg_Strangeways: This is the second half. Originally, it was going to be all one piece, but I cut it in half (or at least into two chunks, there was no convenient middle point, but leaving school was the best I could find) due to its length. There was also a second third-person cutaway to Jill, giving the story more symmetry, but I couldn't find a way to organically work it in, so I may re-work that portion for a future story.

If this were real life, it would probably cut to the opening credits of Law & Order: SVU and bodies being fished out of a river several days later at about this point. Obviously that's not the direction I'm going with this if I continue it. Things will get weird for Elisa and Benji, but in more of a "Stranger Things" than "Law & Order" way (well, I've only seen two episodes of Stranger Things, but in the broad "kids run around with perhaps too little supervision and encounter weirdness" sense).

This part of the idea came from those stories you'd hear during the "stranger danger" talks in school, claiming that kidnappers would use kittens and puppies to lure kids, though I've never heard of that actually happening i nreal life.

There are quite a few more ideas I have, so I sort of used this as a "pilot" for a series. If it goes over well, it could be ongoing. If I decide I want to change up the style or something and recycle the other ideas into different stories, I may go that route too.
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Anonymous2: Someone needs to run up on Felix and kick his pervert testicles.

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Strangeways_Pigg_Strangeways: Sorry about the misalignment of the text on these. One more sign that I'm obviously new here. I thought I had everything figured out for converting to a txt file from a word processor, but apparently there's something I missed with getting the lines the right length. Hopefully it's not too hard to read them.
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Anonymous3: +1

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FuzzyTheRed: I'm having a pedo brony fluffy fucker vibe from this guy....
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Fluffnut: @Strangeways_Pigg_Strangeways: count me as interested in where this is going. The story has a good bit of buildup, and a lot of potential to go any number of different ways. Looking forward to it.
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Anonymous4: He's going to sodomize both the kids and the fluffies, isn't he?

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Strangeways_Pigg_Strangeways: @Fluffnut: Thanks for the encouragement! I think I will be continuing this series. I have quite a bit of where it goes in the future vaguely outlined (though plenty of it could well change if I get new ideas I like better). I can't really say when the next installment will turn up, depends on how much or how little real life gets in the way at this point, but it will turn up.

Real good call on the after school specials! I was definitely going for the vibe of that whole "these are the decisions you SHOULDN'T make" style of cautionary tales. Obviously it's not going to lead to actual kiddie-fiddling, that's not something I would care to write nor I assume something most people here would care to read. There's some serious fluffy-related weirdness in store for Elisa and Benji, though. And if you think Felix seems weird now...
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Anonymous5: jesus this chapter was disturbing

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Strangeways_Pigg_Strangeways: @Anonymous: In a place like this, that's the highest of compliments!

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NesasButthole: Fukked up! Me likey!

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WhatTheFluff: I love how incredibly difficult it is to figure out exactly how old Felix is. The way he says "Tee Hee", I can only imagine it in Ryan Higa's voice. I very much look forward to reading the rest of your story, it has a well-thought-out and organic progression that I don't always see on the Booru.