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Death of King Arthur, Birth of the Black Knight (Part 1)

Bright lights blinded the cream colored Fluffy Pony as his hooves unknowingly stepped into the familiar dirt floor of yet another arena. In spite of his rare color, he was captured for the fighting ring and brutally trained as a gladiator to kill his own kind for the entertainment of humans.

Every day he was lulled to sleep by the lullaby of wails of pain and pleading of Fluffy Ponies who weren't healthy enough to fight anymore, before their cries and begging was silenced forever. When he awoke in his cage, he could smell the blood and filthy shavings lining each carrier that they were housed and transported in. Brutally hurt fluffy ponies, many of them with weapons and other such armaments stitched into their very flesh.

His mind wandered back to the 'ring' name they gave him for his first fight; Cream Pie. He wasn't the smartest fluffy pony, but he didn't think it was a very flattering term by human standards. Still, time passed and he improved, defeating more and more opponents whether through killing them himself or having them die to the traps that were installed in every arena.

Eventually, he got to where he was now; Armed with a sharpened pocket knife with a golden handle and a silver blade, clad in some vest made of bottle-caps fastened onto leather straps tied around his body. Finishing the outfit off was a small cape made from red cloth and a and a tiny little crown made out of something the humans call tinfoil.

He had been dubbed King Arthur, though he was certain this wasn't how kings were treated. Or, how anyone really should be treated anyways.

Soon, the door opposite to him began to rise, the area champion slowly padding out to challenge him. She was a tall, well built Unicorn with teal fur and a white mane, navy blue battle-gear covering her as well as a wicked electrode attached to her horn that crackled with energy.

The Lady of the Lake, and the undefeated Champion stood before King Arthur in all her glory as the cheering of the crowd rose into a roar that drowned out the traps being activated and the bell ringing distantly in the back of his mind. In a blink of an eye the Lady was upon him, her horn aimed at his head with the intent to pierce his cranium like an overripe grape.

Arthur yelped and leaped to the left, his crown being effortlessly torn apart and tossed beneath her hooves, trampled as she continued thrusting and lunging with her horn as Arthur merely dodged or parried with his weapon as best he could. Eventually the thought occurred to him why he wasn't attacking HER in the first place!

A blinding flash when he struck out with his hoof answered that question from a casual block from his opponent. Reeling as electricity flickered about his singed fluff and his insides felt like they had been nuked by a microwave, his dazed sight allowed him to catch the smirk of the Lady of the Lake before she fired a bolt of energy that blasted into his chest and sent him tumbling backwards in a heap of burned fluff and flesh, hacking breaths rocking his body as she began to roll him closer and closer to a jet of flame.

Wailing in fear Arthur managed to kick out at the Lady, knocking her back just as his cape caught on fire; A quick stomping of his hooves managed to put out the flames before they could spread, the femme fatale merely spitting up a tooth and staring daggers at the King before she fired another barrage of energized sparks.

But Arthur was learning her moves, her tactics, and quickly side-stepped from the shower of spikes and countered with a lash from his blade 'excalibur'; The unicorn's muscles sprung into action as she hurtled herself away from the pocket-knife's wicked edge, still earning a deep gash on her cheek for her troubles that spurted blood into the arena.

Clutching the handle of the folding knife in his teeth, Arthur's eyes betrayed his fear and wariness of the formidable female but blazed with something else; Not quite courage, though tenacity was certainly a portion of his mindset at the moment. It was anger bordering blood-lust from the pain and effect of adrenaline pumping through his system from nearly facing certain death from the burning light's glow.

For a moment, the Lady of the Lake's stern but smug expression faltered into genuine surprise, perhaps even a flicker of doubt or fear in her eyes. Still, a quick blink and she composed herself, puffing out her chest as her horn crackled with magic while Arthur got into a battle stance.

She would deal with this rapscallion like all the others-or DIE trying...
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Anonymous1: not what i expected when I clicked on this
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Anonymous2: Fluffies are changing, I note, they are becoming smarter and more aggressive. Now if they become stronger they're going to be talking weasels, or politicians.