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The story is a bit rushed and I apologize for that. I've been too busy to develop the treatment I wrote specifically for Halloween involving a more sinister night filled with ghosts and fluffy feces. I'll have to work on it later and post it. For now, you'll have to settle for this one developed just now. Wanted to make sure I posted something for Halloween. None-the-less, enjoy!

You’re dressed as a pumpkin, this year. You get to wear a pretty green hat with little not-sketties dangling from your head. It has a little brown horn, too. It makes you look like a Unicron fluffy. Daddy even said it wasn’t hard to make you look like such a big pumpkin. You must be really good at this. It is so much fun!

“Are you really taking him trick or treating?”

Mummuh looks kind of angry. You don’t know why.

“Fuck yea, I am. Look at that fat ball of cuteness. We’re gonna be rolling in free candy goods by the end of the night.”

“This is stupid. It’s a children’s holiday. Not a pet’s.”

“They are having some event down by the Christian church. All the fluffy huggers, or whatever, are going to be there. It’s his first time. He’ll have a blast. John even said they are giving out huge candy bars.”

Daddy leans over to you and starts squeezing your fluff and cheeks.

“Ooooh, just wook at dat wittow face! He’s gonna rake in some of the best treats there.”

“Whatever. Don’t be late. I want to watch the Halloween marathon and it starts at 8.”

“Ok, we should be back by then.”

He looks down to you.

“Let’s go chunky butt. Time to earn that plump.”

You arrive with your daddy at some big housie. So many people and fluffies are there. It is so amazing. Lots of lights and bright colors. You can smell all kinds of nummies. The humies call them candies. And there are really good looking decorations all over the place. Some of them are kind of scary, but daddy says it is just for fun. You believe him and enjoy watching the moving ones.

Eventually, you get into a line and start getting candies. They are placed in a big bucket you are holding with your mouth. Every time you get one, you get to say, “Twick ow Tweat!” and then you thank them after they give you some really yummy candy nummies.

But soon, you start to get tired. You’ve been walking for many forevers and talking to many people and the bucket is getting soooo heavy. You want to just go home and eat some nummies and crawl into a ball on your mummuh and daddeh’s weggies.

“Daddeh? Can Cheetoh go homsie now? Am sweepies.”

“Dude, we’ve been here 20 minutes. And your bucket is only a tenth of the way full!”

He bends over to reach into your bucket.

“Here, eat this thing. Give you some energy.”

He unwraps one of the candy nummies and feeds it to you. It is soooo yummy! It is almost as good as sketties!

Suddenly, your eyes dilate, your sleepiness goes away, and your tired weggies feel suddenly awake.


“Duh, fuq?”

Without waiting for a response, you take off and start sprinting towards all the candy stations. You cut in line and start pushing your way through crowds of fluffies. You jump and snag candies within your reach. You knock over other fluffies, digging into their candies that fall out of their buckets. It is all so good. This is the bestest time ever!


You roll over onto your hoofsies. They give you some huwties. But not nearly as bad as your head.

The last thing you remember is daddeh helping you get candies in a line. Everything after that is hard to remember. You kind of remember candies. But not really.

You look around. You are in a dark place. Somewhere with lots of nu-smeww-pwetty twashie nummies. And you hear a bang.

“Who dat?! Am good fwuffy! Pwease nu gif mow huwties!”

That’s when a small red fluffy appears.

“Huwwy, nu safe hewe! Get behind twashies!”

You aren’t sure what is going on, so you look around and get behind the twashies with the red fluffy. No sooner than you settling in do you hear another loud noise.

“HAHAHA, did you see that one fly?!”

Two young humies come around the corner. One of them is dressed very scary. He looks just like a munstuh from Tee Bee. The other is dressed in all white. They look covered in red stuff. Then you smell it. It is boo boo juice.

“Hold up. More trash cans. Let’s knock some around and find some more treats.”

They get close up. The red fluffy next to you suddenly made bad peepee wawa. They are shaking, too. They look so scared.


They knock over one of the trash cans next to you. It scares you, now.


Another trash can gets knocked over. You can smell some nummies fall out. Then, the humies get to the one you are hiding behind. It is so scary! What happens if they find you? Why is the red fluffy so scared?!


The red fluffy runs away. Wow, you’ve never seen a fluffy run so fast.

“There’s one. It’s red! The same one!”

The humies run after the red fluffy. Humies are so fast. They caught up to the red fluffy so quickly! Oh no! They pick it up by the tail.

“Haha, thought you got away from us, didn’t you!”

“Pwease, nu gif huwties an’ fowevuh sweepies. Jus wanted candy nummies! Nu wiww ask ‘gain, pwomise!”

“Oh, we know you won’t ask again. We’ll make sure of that.”

Suddenly, one of them pulls out a shiny thing. Mummuh calls them “nifes” when she is cutting up nummies. Oh no. Are they going to cut up that fluffy? They can’t do that! Fluffies are for huggies and wuv!

Before you had a chance to stop them, the one humie buries the blade into the red fluffy’s stomach.


The fluffy has boo boo juice coming out, now. He is wiggling and squirming everywhere. Then, the humies do it again!


Why? Why are they doing this? What did the red fluffy do to be given such bad huwties?

“Let him run, man. Let’s have some more fun.”

They drop the red fluffy down and it painfully limps around, trying to find a place to run to. They are behind a very big housie, but nobody looks like they are home. A moment passes when you realize you have no idea where you are.


Your thoughts are interrupted when one of the humies kicked the red fluffy.

“Go, faggot!”

The red fluffy begins running as fast as its injuries would allow. They go around the corner, into the light from the bright street sky balls. Light is good. Maybe he can find help there.

You proceed to follow to watch in horror. It is so scary, but you have to try and help if you can. But what can you do? Humies are so strong and fast.

“You still have that vodka?”

Both humies pull out something shiny. One has wawa in it. The other is small.

“Yea, I gotcha.”

They pour the wawa all over the limping fluffy. So much boo boo juice is coming out of it now.

You hear a sudden click.


Wooow, bright colors from the warm light. But the light doesn’t seem to be good. No, it is horrible. The light is eating the poor red fluffy. He keeps screaming. Won’t stop screaming. This is so terrible.

The fluffy is running in all directions. It doesn’t know where to go. Can it even see? The light is so big and bright. It almost hurts to watch it. But the horror is somehow mesmerizing.

In moments, the fluffy stops moving. The light is still bright, eating the poor forever sleepy fluffy, but the screaming and movement has stopped completely.

“That was awesome, man. What’s next?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go back and see if there are more trash cans to knock over.”

They turn around and stair right at you. Oh no. They see you!

“There’s another! Get it!”

Without a second thought you turn back towards the trash cans and run passed them as fast as you can. That’s when you see it, a hole. A hole in the side of the building where wawa is slowly coming out. It smells dirty, but you don’t have a choice. You dive in, head first.

“He’s in the storm drain! Go to the other end so he doesn’t escape!”

You look down the other end of the hole and in a moment the other humie is standing there, watching you.

“Throw the vodka in.”

“Come on, man, we are wasting it all.”

“Who cares, this is way more fun than getting drunk.”

You smell it. The wawa isn’t wawa. And it is getting closer to you. This was put on the other fluffy before a bright light started eating it. You can’t let this wawa touch you.

You slowly back away. Little by little you are pushed closer to the other humie.

“K, light it!”



The light. It is coming right for you. It is coming quickly. But you think you can out run it. If only the other humie wasn’t there waiting for you. What do you do?

You keep inching back. The light is almost to you. But the humie’s not-hoofsie is now in the hole reaching for you. You are stuck. Trapped. There is no escape.

The light is coming closer. Slowly. It is toying with you. Letting you know it is about to eat you. What a terrible munstuh. What did you ever do to deserve this? Why is this happening?

It is so close, you can feel the burning. Your nose. Your eyes. The screaming from the red fluffy echoes in your mind.


You don’t know where that came from, but the humie reaching for you suddenly runs off. Just in time, too.

You leap out of the hole just as the light reaches the end. You check your pretty tail, just in case.

“Fluffy? Are you ok?”

You don’t know what to do. You are so scared. Is this a good humie? He isn’t one of the smaller ones. And he doesn’t have a monster costume on. But he has a shiny light in his hand. Maybe he is bad, too!

You try to run but it is too late. The big humie catches you.


“It’s ok, little guy. Settle down. Let’s get you cleaned up and see where your owners are.”

You were so scared, you kept kicking and screaming. Trying to break free. But the big humie was too strong. But his grasp never really hurt. In fact, he was being really nice to you, trying to talk to you.

You were brought to the other side of the big building where you see a bunch of people moving around the street. Down the road, you think you see the place your daddeh brought you. How did you get so far away?

“Pwease, mistuh. Fink daddhe ovuh dat way.”

The big humie takes you down the street and you see all the other fluffies in costumes getting candies. Everyone is so happy. They are smiling, cheering, playing. Getting candies. What is going on? Does nobody know about the horrible things going on right now? Did nobody else see that poor fluffy get nummed by that light?

“Cheetoh! Thank god. Where did you find him?”

“He was behind the school’s shed. I heard some banging and found some kids kicking over trash cans. This guy was underneath a storm drain. Probably just some dumb punks scaring random ferals on Halloween dressed like monsters.”

“Oh my god, Cheetoh. Are you ok?!”

Your daddeh grabs you and you close your eyes. You are safe…

When you get home, only the images of the light and the screaming of the fluffy fill your head. You try to forget it. You sit and watch Tee Bee with your mummuh and daddeh, but the Tee Bee shows scary pictures, too. You scream.


You run under the couch and hide. You don’t want any light to find you. No more munstuhs. No more candies.

“Poor guy. Those little shits must have scared him real good with their costumes. Maybe he shouldn’t watch this.”

“How did you let him escape, anyway?”

Daddeh picks you up and takes you to the safe room.

“It was crowded and I just lost him. His fucking sugar rush just made him crazy. It was actually pretty funny. If it wasn’t for those damn kids, this would have been a great night.”

He sets you down in your favorite bed, puts on your favorite blanket, and pats your head.

“I know what you saw tonight was terrible, but you need some rest. Monsters aren’t real. It was just some stupid kids in costumes having mean fun. Try to forget all about it and we’ll have some fun tomorrow. Good night, buddy. Feel better.”

He stands to walk away. You are too scared to move and respond. Must be quite. Must hide.

Just as your daddeh is about to close the door, he remembers.

“Oh, forgot your night light.”

He flips a switch on the wall, and there shines that terrible light. That horrific, fluffy-eating light. The door closes, and you are there, alone, with that light…



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Anonymous1: Nice. Hopefully the experience has driven Cheetoh permanently insane and he has to be given foweba sweepies to end his suffering.

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guodzilla: Fluffy PTSD...whadda concept!
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Anonymous2: @guodzilla hey I think that exist a comic of a fluffy who comes back for "Vietnam War" and have PTSD.
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Anonymous3: Not a comic, a story
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Anonymous4: What kind of retard would want to put on an event where they give candy to shitrats
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: some hugboxer faggot
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Anonymous6: lol fluffy calls humans humies, possible ork DNA in fluffies?
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Anonymous7: @Anonymous: End. His, Suffering?

Sir, How DARE yuo

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mxpaq: First I thought the candy was drugged; then that the red fluffy was a Jellenheimer. This was better.