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Part 2

Billy closed the door to his house behind him, his parents both worked and weren’t home yet. He came into his room and placed his backpack on the floor. He opened it and took out his lunchbox.

He opened it slightly and nearly puked from the stench. He covered his nose and mouth and opened it further, revealing a sobbing mess of a fluffy. Her dirty light blue fluff was now caked with shit.

“Huu huu huu huuu, why nyu daddeh gib fwuffy sowwie boxie, am bad fwuffy?” Billy ignored her cry and lifted the box to the bathroom sink. He carefully rolled her in and left to throw his lunchbox away. He came back with some disposable gloves on, and turned on the water.

“Nuuuu! Wawa am bad fo fwuffies!” She protested. She squealed and bucked her hind legs. “Wawa am su cowd!” Billy turned the tap to the left. The fluffy started calming down more and more as the water heated up.

By now, most of the shit had come off. Billy was careful not to put too much pressure on the belly of the pregnant mare. She was getting used to the soapy water and even let out a coo when he lightly scrubbed her mane.

The boy turned the water off and dried her off with a towel. “Fwuffy smeww su pwetty, fank ou daddeh!” The boy smiled “ you’re welcome, Let me show you around!” Billy scooped her up “wub upsies!”

They both giggled and he carried her around the house explaining what everything was. “And this is the kitchen, it’s where we keep food.” Billy explained, the fluffy’s stomach growled. “Daddeh, can fwuffy hab nummies?” She nervously asked. “Of course! What do you want?” The little creature paused for a moment, “what am bestest nummies ou haf?” Billy also paused and thought, “well my mom made some spaghetti yesterd-


“Okay, okay, ‘sketties’ it is” he giggled as he set the fluffy down. It’s tail wagged in excitement, it never had spaghetti before but somehow it knew that it was the best. Billy scooped out a tiny portion of the leftover spaghetti and put it in the microwave.

“While we are waiting, I was thinking I should give you a name! You don’t already have one, do you?” “fwuffy nu haf name, nu haf daddeh befowe.” She explained. Billy scratched his chin and thought hard about a name that would suit his new friend. “I got it! How about, Alexa?” “Awexa wub nyu name!”

The spaghetti was done heating up. Billy put it in front of Alexa. Alexa wiggled slightly, her bloated stomach full of babies caused her to be immobile. “Oh, right...” Billy pushed the small pile right up to her face. She instantly dug in, eating it all in less than a minute. “Bestest nummies fow bestest miwkies!” She chirped.

He picked her up and took her to his room. “I don’t have a safe room set up right now but this should do.” He said as he opened his closet. He set her down as he got it ready. He pushed his clothes out of the way of the left corner allowing more space. Then he placed a small towel in the corner and also placed a stack of old newspapers next to it.

He pointed to the towel “this is your bed” he pointed to the newspaper, “and this is your litter box okay?” Alexa nodded, “ yes daddeh, onwy make gud poopies!”

He set her down on the newspaper. “Since you can’t move on your own yet, you will have to lay on he newspaper at all times in case you have to go.” Alexa sniffled and teared up, “bu-but Awexa wan pway!” This made Billy sad too, he put his gentle hand on her back and petted her, “it’s okay though! I don’t have to go to school tomorrow, it’s Saturday! I can stay home and play all day with you.” Alexa cooed and rubbed her cheek against his fingers.


Ron pulled into the driveway and got out of his car. He had a long day at work. “Hey, I’m home.” He called as he entered, his wife was still at work, but his son should be home from school now. “Hello?” He said. No answer. He walked to his sons room, but didn’t enter just yet. He put his ear up to the door and heard his son talking to someone.

“Billy, do you have friends over?” He asked as he slowly opened the door. “No Dad, I’m just thinking out loud!” Billy replied. The door was now completely open, Billy stood completely still in front of the closet. “Um okay, just make sure you brush your teeth before you go to bed.” Billy simply nodded and didn’t move much. Billy’s Dad exited the room.


The closet door crept open, “that was close, I don’t know what my dad would do if he found out about you.” Alexa was still peeping in fear, Billy noticed the wet spot on the newspaper and quickly replaced it with a fresh one. “Want to play with the ball again?” He said holding a small yellow ball, she quickly snapped out of her fear induced state and laughed as the two rolled the ball back and forth.

The two continued to play until the sun set. He let her poop one last time before tucking her into the towel, turning on the nightlight and shutting the closet. Having a fluffy was so much fun! Billy couldn’t wait until tomorrow.
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Anonymous1: Billy is a faggot and should have forcefully removed the babbehs from her guts and then eaten them.
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Anonymous2: Incoming fluffy multiplication
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Anonymous3: dis gun b gud
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Anonymous4: And the she had 20 babys and then they ate daddeh

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PurgeTheFluff: plz continue this is going to be good. Have the mother become a total bitch and bite the kid or something. And let there be a smarty baby as well.
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Vanguard: Oh man, a micro infestation.
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Nocturn: Smawty micwos go swim in da bwu wa wah in da poopie chair
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Anonymous5: @PurgeTheFluff: okay, I’ll see what I can do...
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Anonymous6: let the mummah songs doom her as they attract billy’s enraged farther
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Anonymous7: This better not stay hugbox for long!

@Anonymous: enough with the edge dumbass
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Fluffnut: I like stories like this, where the fluffy doesn't start out a total terror. Since she was feral, maybe she'll even stay good. It would be funny if this basically turned into gremlins: fluffy version, with the original being good, and the babies being the evil shitstains.
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Anonymous8: Billy will learn to hate all the fluffies. And then cool montage where he goes murderspree with the help of his dead on them. Using finger to abort dams, spinning stallions by their chunk, flicking foals between his dads fingers and calling goal, touchdowns with mares.
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UACMarine: @PurgeTheFluff: Gulliman, get the bolter!
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Anonymous9: This is part 2 but its the same has part 1
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Anonymous10: Never mind it was an error
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Anonymous11: Billy was a lunatic just barking at the moon and his brain was totally wasted.
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Anonymous12: shit caked clothes.