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FluffyPuncher: Thanks. Was this hard to make?

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Disintegral: All microfluffies should be used in pinball machines.

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FluffiesAreFood: Why aren't they shitting/pissing/vomiting/bleeding everywhere?
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Anonymous1: pinfoal

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Micron: @FluffyPuncher: Not hard but a bit time consuming.

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AstroFluff: bit of an overkill on the resolution, BOI
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Anonymous2: I knew this would be good!
And thanks for doing the request!
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Anonymous3: @FluffiesAreFood: because animation is expensive.
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: Quite frankly, it was most likely a lot of effort to make them move so well (minus the flipper moving from where they are meant to be), while I am no expert with drawing, much less drawing things with moving abject, there are possible tools for it, but I don't know about them.