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Waaaghlord: Oh, indeed a snake, would have thought of something else by the cave entrance.

Now i bet on this two creatures just "cuddle" and have a wonderful day. :O

... is that a cricket on the left side?

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @Waaaghlord: Or maybe it's one of the fabled rape-snakes.
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Anonymous1: Solid snake

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MostlyHereToLurk: I can only imagine how horrifying it would be for a fluffy to be in this scenario. They think they've got a cozy new home, they explore it a little, but then suddenly they hear this strange hissing noise....

They turn around and see this fucking slender, legless monster crawling out of a dark hole. It appears to be slow, but the enclosure is small, and the micro-fluff can only run for so long....