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Anonymous1: You should use pen before color. And people have mentioned scanners to you before, you could use a scanner app if you can't get a scanner

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Waaaghlord: AHAHAHA, i was sure the snake was eating the cricket but still a nice torment for the not knowing mare, nice story.
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Anonymous2: Lol, you got me

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Nathaniel: I installed the scanner app on my phone but it does not work well due to memory issues.
My Android is Motorola Lite 4 Plus.
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Anonymous3: the idea of the snake taking about a week to engulf the fluffy alive is just too good. Endless pleadings, screaming wowstest huwties, Huuuing etc etc.

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FluffiesAreFood: > snake
> doesn't eat fluffies

The fuck kinda snake doesn't eat fluffies?

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Soulvei: @FluffiesAreFood: I hate agreeing with you