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Psittacul: Just reworked my previous idea. What do you think about this?

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FoxHoarder: Much better. This is exactly how I'd envision this discussion between equal minds to unfold.

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Psittacul: @FoxHoarder: Tnanks! I've checked some YpuTune wideos with 2 talking parrots for references. And those feathered bastards just keep saying "Hello" for hours ^^

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FluffiesAreFood: I like that this fluffy is named after a food item!
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Anonymous1: Copypasta...
...because fluffiest love spaghetti?
I can’t tell if your a lazy bum or a genius

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Disintegral: @Psittacul: Both ideas capture fluffy stupidity perfectly.

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PURPLEWOLF2005: and yet birds are still smarter than these shit-rats

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Waaaghlord: ... yeah another fluffy-logical possible outcome...
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Anonymous2: @PURPLEWOLF2005: Well thats cause they have millions of years of evolution behind them. Fluffies aref actory bred toys this world should be using their powers of genetics more productivly like replacement limbs and organs or saveing species that are dieing out not makeing shit rats.