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´╗┐Barbarians at the Gate (A HeadGames/Marauder's Tale)

By Deadweight

It’s still dark as a caravan of vehicles pull into an empty residential neighborhood in the abandoned city of Dearborn, they pull up to an unremarkable house and park. Sarge and Markoff step out of the SFCB van and begin unloading the Marauder’s, Simmons parks a van behind them with Ayshaa cuffed in the passenger seat. She scowls at him as he unloads Grey, Xibalba and Belladonna. Behind him, George Willis parks his truck and grabs Circe and the microswarm in two big pet carriers and lugs them to the house. Rollo Kinross pulls up in his truck with Grizzly and Baloo, he has come a long way from the Upper Peninsula for this mission. At the rear, Jarppi, Ethan and Shaw roll up in a truck with a U-Haul full of equipment. They have all arrived at Markoff’s stash house, a place he keeps weapons, equipment, tools, information and other necessities he may need in a pinch. Sarge steps in with the Marauder’s in tow.

“Nice little nest you got here, Hank. I can see why you wouldn’t want the bosses knowing bout this place.”

Markoff cringes at that name as the others begin filing in.

“Don’t call me Hank, I hate that.”

Sarge chuckles as Simmons brings Ayshaa in, she isn’t feeling very cooperative and fights him the whole way as he pushes her into a chair.

“Are you gonna behave or am I gonna have to restrain you?”

She spits at him and tries to kick, her loyalty still lies with Dr. Hedstrom despite their best efforts to convince her to join their rebellion. Simmons zaps her with a stun gun and ties her to the chair, he sighs as he drags her into a closet and shrugs.

“I tried to be nice.”

Markoff pulls out a tube of blueprints and spreads them out on the table.

“Site 16 used to be a municipal building, I scored these blueprints from the hall of records. They won’t match completely, but it will help me give you an idea of the labs layout.”

The men all discuss the plan of attack as the fluffies mingle in the next room, some of them are meeting for the first time and Pit, Pat and Pot marvel over Grizzly and Baloo.

“Nyu fwiends am so biggies!”

Grizzly is not used to being around tolerable fluffies, but his keen senses tell him these creatures have been soaked in fluffy blood many times. He smiles and sits as the three Marauders climb all over him. Xibalba joins the men and nods as they plan, even making a few suggestions herself. Her intelligence is staggering for a fluffy, it never fails to surprise. Belladonna nestles into a pile of potting soil that Simmons brought along and thinks about Scott and Chronnie, Circe wanders over and stares at her curiously. Bella smiles and grows enough grass to build a little nest for her.

“Wittwe fwuffeh make Bewwa fink of wittwe bwuddah, Chwonnie. Bewwa miss Chwonnie and nyu daddeh, buh kno needa hewp sistuh Shebawba get wid of da meanie coat daddehs!”

Circe smiles and hugs her leg, Bella coos and the two bond over their coming mission. The fluffies all curl up to get some sleep while the men plan, it will be a long and intense day. Xibalba curls up next to Solomon and smiles as his thoughts about her are so easy to read, she doesn’t even need her gift.


Dawn breaks over the quiet streets of Dearborn, Site 16 buzzes with activity as Dr. Anna Hedstrom sits at her desk with her black coffee and opens her laptop.

Personal Log of Dr. Anna Hedstrom.

Entry #1184

084-BF and 075-BF continue to progress in their training, they have proved to be quick learners and thanks to Pandora and Percival they are quite obedient. We have recently acquired a new oddity that was found causing trouble. 376-U identifies as Donut, the purple and yellow speckled stallion seems to have an overabundance of joy and a strange ability to overload human neural receptors and effect the cardiovascular system. Researcher Chen was conducting an intake interview when the subject latched onto his leg in a tight hug and declared he was “Su Escited”, Chen immediately suffered a grand mal seizure before the security staff could separate them. The emergency medical team found signs he had suffered a minor stroke as well, the subject is now considered an alpha class biohazard and as soon as we can figure out what gives him these unique abilities and how to replicate them in a controlled manner, he will be incinerated. Project Frontline is moving along at a splendid pace since I have taken over operations and we expect to be able to present our work to investors soon.

End of Log


As Dr. Hedstrom is closing her laptop, a call comes over her phone.

“Yes? Really? I will be right there.”

She leaves her office and heads down the elevator to the main floor, she walks quickly to the entrance as Markoff comes through the doors hauling a large pet carrier.

“Did you actually find her?”

Markoff sets down the carrier and nods to her, Dr. Hedstrom leans down to look into the carrier and is met with a pair of scowling pink eyes. She smirks and stands to address the man.

“Outstanding work, Markoff. I honestly didn’t think we would get her back, have you heard from any of the others?”

Markoff steadies his breath and tries to remain as level as he can as he responds.

“No word from Damji, Shaw and Simmons aren’t far behind. Don’t think they had any luck though.”

She looks him dead in the eyes and he tries to calm his nerves before she sighs and shakes her head.

“Well at least one of you isn’t an incompetent, move her to test chamber 7 and put up the partition, I want to talk to her personally.”

Markoff nods and walks away with a sigh of relief, his eyes dart side to side as he makes his way down the hall. Several look on in surprise to see he has returned with Xibalba, he makes his way to test chamber 7 and sets down the carrier before letting her out.

“You sure you got this? I got shit to do to get things ready, but do really wanna be alone with the Doc?”

Xibalba smiles and nods, amused by his concern.

“Shebawba be otay, Mistuh Mawkoff. Haf wots tu say tu Doctuh Hedstwom befowe we get stawted.”

Markoff hesitates and then leaves, he discreetly plugs a thumb drive into the control panel before walking out. As he walks out into the hall, he runs into Simmons and Shaw. The three of them share a look, Shaw has had quite the time since being dosed by Belladonna. After the terrifying visions, he had a mind expanding vision that changed his perspective on the whole Site 16 operation. Now he is eager to bring this place down. They split up to do what they have to, Simmons heads towards the weapons locker while Shaw and Markoff walk off to plant EMP bricks they got from Sarge.


Dr. Hedstrom walks towards test chamber 7 with a smug look and enters the room to find Xibalba sitting on the other side of the glass partition with a blank expression.

“Hello Xibalba, it’s been some time. I honestly didn’t think I would see you alive again. You caused quite the uproar around here with your little escape, though I can’t say I really miss Dr. Elmwood.”

Xibalba smirks, her mind already reaching out across the facility to Percival and Pandora as well as the test stock and various other subjects.

“Coat daddeh nu weawwy cawe bout Shebawba, nu fink Doctuh Hedstwom do neida.”

Anna shakes her head as she pulls out a tablet.

“Of course I do, Xibalba. You have no idea what a valuable asset you are to us.”

She brings up some documents on the tablet and continues.

“Do you really think that Hasbio did all this just to make children's toys? Fluffies were just a stepping stone, a test of the waters. If we could manage to successfully engineer sentient animals then it was a proof of concept for more advanced plans.”

She brings up files on Project Frontline and scrolls through some documents.

“With the successful creation of genetically engineered lifeforms, we could move onto a new product. The military is highly interested in engineered, expendable and quickly replaceable soldiers. Humanoid lifeforms that come preprogrammed with military tactics and training to replace humans on the frontline of war. Using what we learned from making fluffies, we can create controlled soldiers and breed them in huge numbers.”

She shows her documents on some outsourced companies and smiles proudly as she lays out her master plan.

“Thanks to our contract with Kreskin Bio-Research and their Make-A-Friend kiosks, we now have access to means of growing full grown subjects from genetic blanks. Not to mention the extra bonus of that idiot russian and his Ursafluffs, they could be mass produced as intelligent bomb detection and personnel deterrents.”

She scrolls to the documents on Xibalba and grins.

“That's where you come in, with your unique abilities you and others like you could be used as frontline commanders for these bio soldiers. Hasbio is poised to become the largest private military contractor on earth, and you my dear are the final key.”

Dr. Hedstrom explains all this sure most of it will go over the fluffies head, but she underestimates the fluffies intelligence.

“Su yuu fink Shebawba am gun hewp yuu make an awmy? Dis wowwd nu nee mowe fwuffies, an Shebawba nu am gun hewp yuu.”

Dr. Hedstrom lets out a laugh and shakes her head.

“The success of this project is no longer predicated on your cooperation, since you are back in our custody and we have all the research on you, we can now recreate your unique abilities through cloning. Get comfortable Xibalba, you and I will be seeing a lot of eachother from now on.”

Xibalba processes all this information and then giggles as she shakes her head.

“Doctuh Hedstwom fink am su smawt, yuu haf bigg pwans fow Shebawba an dems some gud pwans.”

She smiles and then scowls at her with angry eyes.

“Buh Doctuh Hedstwom dun unnastan one fing, Shebawba am smawtew den yuu.”

The doctor is growing incredulous at this smug creature when suddenly, the power flickers and the emergency lights come on.

“Now what?”


Sarge, Ethan, Jarppi, George and Rollo wait off site with the Marauders and freaks, Sarge flies the drone in close over Site 16’s blindspot on the northwest corner. They observe personnel movement using the thermal cam while Markoff, Simmons and Shaw set EMP’s around the facility. Claire is getting antsy being this close to the facility she escaped so many years ago, the other escapees aren’t too happy about this either. Bella touches her shoulder and smiles somberly.

“Nu be scawed, Bewwa nu wan be hewe neida. Buh dis pwace am baddies an needa be gone, Bewwa jus wan be home wif bwuddah Chwonnie an daddeh Scott. Buh bewwa kno da coat daddehs nevva gun weave awone unwess dis pwace am gone.”

Claire blinks and takes in Bella’s words of wisdom, she looks over at Puck and Lacero and knows this must be done to ensure her family's future. As they share a smile, Sarge watches the lights on the facility go dark and grins.

“Go time.”


Markoff plants an EMP on the security generator on sublevel two and then heads to the housing wing, he enters a room and is met with Pandora glaring at him.


“Gu way! Pandowa am stiww mad atchu, Mistuh Mawkoff!”

Markoff raises his hands and approaches her slowly.

“Easy Pandora, I know you’re angry for what I did with the batfluffs. But Xibalba needs your help now, we need to take this place down.”

She blinks her lavender eyes in surprise.

“Sistuh Shebawba am hewe? Whuh can Pandowa do tu hewp?”

Markoff smiles and pets her.

“Let’s go get Percival and tear this place down.”

The two of them go to recover Percival, Markoff tells them the plan and the three of them slink off. He texts Shaw and Simmons and when they are all in place, they start the plan.




The generator fizzles and comes to a stop, emergency systems activate but many of the security settings are on an automatic reset timer. During the ensuing chaos, Dr. Hedstrom leaves the lab and Xibalba smiles to herself as the partition opens and she reaches out to every fluffy in the building. During the commotion, Sarge takes the opportunity to blow the main doors with a shaped charge he got from Markoff.


“Move in! Tear this place apart!”

The security team scrambles, Sarge pistol whips a guard as the Marauder’s and freaks spread out. Ethan kneecaps a guard with a collapsible baton while Jarppi fires into the crowd with a tranq gun, George releases the micro swarm and they speed off in all directions. Rollo charges in with Grizzly and Baloo at his flanks, several guards head for the weapons locker and return with smgs. They surround the intruders and open fire.


“What the fuck?”

The guns all misfire, Sarge grins at their confusion as across the building, Simmons dumps a fist full of firing pins into the trash. As the guards stand on confused, the men and fluffies rush in. A huge melee ensues as the men come to blows, several of the Marauder’s slash at legs with their spurs and Lacero leaps on one man and latches onto his crotch with his sharp teeth.



Rollo knocks the man out with a rifle butt to the head and they spread out.

“Go! Rendezvous with the others, free the test subjects and bring this shithole to the ground!”

Sarge takes off towards the administration section with Solomon, Puck, Claire and Lacero.


Dr. Hedstrom rushes back to her office to check the monitors, she cusses under her breath as she watches the invading group of humans and fluffies raising havoc.

“Dammit! This is Dr. Hedstrom, we have intruders! Release 075-BF and 084-BF! Where is security?”

A squawk comes over the radio.

“This is Jessup, the weapons locker has been sabotaged! The guns are useless and we are trying to engage with hand to hand! Pandora and Percival have gone missing!”

Dr. Hedstrom pounds her fist on the desk and glances over at the monitor for test chamber 7 to see Xibalba is loose as well.

“Fuck! Release Control Group C and get these bastards out of here! Recapture Xibalba and find Markoff!”


Markoff heads back to lab 7 to retrieve his thumb drive, Dave loaded it with some software that hacked the Site 16 database and downloaded a ton of confidential files. He slips out and meets up with Shaw and Simmons with Pandora and Percival in tow, Jessup comes round the corner and confronts them.

“Hey! What the fuck are you doing with 111-P and 128-E? Dr. Hedstrom is looking for y-”


Markoff knocks him out with a swift blow to the temple, Simmons lowers him to the floor and zipties him.

“Sorry man, you’ll be fine in an hour or so. Let’s get going, lots to do yet!”


George Willis follows the hand drawn map Markoff made him, Circe and the micro swarm follow under foot and move along the hall ahead relaying any danger back to Circe. He walks up to lab 14 and uses the access code he was given to enter the micro research lab, this is where they house all the breeding mares for the cannibal micro swarm.

“Hey you can’t be in here!”

George pulls a pistol on the researcher and motions for them to step back.

“If you’d be so kind to load them all up, I’d be mighty appreciative.”

One of the researchers eyes a scalpel and Circe hisses at him, the swarm gathers close by and gnashes its teeth as he swallows hard and the two begin loading the micros into carriers.


Grey has broken away from the group and wanders the halls, he has spent time here and sniffs the air as he catches whiff of a familiar scent. As he turns a corner, his fluff bristles as a feeling of being watched settles over him. Shapes dart from the shadows as he looks from place to place, he turns to see two pairs of scarlet eyes in the dark before two forms leap at him


He ducks out of the way as Romulus lunges with a long gliding swoop of his leathery wings, the two square up and Grey narrows his eyes.

“Betta stay outta Gwey’s way, nu wookin fow yuu but wiww huwtchu bad if yuu nu weave!”

The batfluff sneers revealing his pointy fangs and readies to launch at him again while Grey readies to slash with his spurs.

“Yuu nu goin nowhewe, Romuwus am hungwy! An so am sistuh!”

Grey turns just as Remus leaps from the dark and nearly catches him in the haunch with her sharp teeth, he backs off as the two batfluffs group up and advance on him. Grey is angry and ready to fight to his last breath, he will not be an easy meal for these two. As they close in to strike, a pink blur leaps into the fray and tackles Remus.

“Yuu nu huwt Gwey! Dat fwuffeh bewong tu Pandowa!”

Pandora had snuck away from Markoff when she caught whiff of Grey, despite her unrequited advances on him some time ago and the bitter fallout between them, she is still smitten with the little sociopath.


“Pandowa nu stawp Wemus! Coat mummah say kiww da dummeh fwuffies an bwuddah an Wemus am suuu hungwy!”

Pandora snarls and the two come to blows, throwing hooves and gnashing teeth as Grey turns and glares at Romulus. Grey swipes at him as he beats his wings and leaps back before barreling at him with teeth bared, Grey slices at his face and Romulus bites at his haunch but does not find purchase. Pandora and Remus bite at each other, sinking teeth into soft flesh. Pandora seems immune to the vampiric virus of Remus and she in turn gnaws at her leg with a violent shake of her head, Romulus lifts off with a beat of his wings and uses the leverage to topple Grey onto his back and loom over him.




Grey slashes upward with his sharp spur and cuts Romulus’ wing clean off, he reels back flapping his remaining wing and spurting blood. Grey stands and jabs his spur deep into his chest and slashes violently at his exposed throat with the other.



He begins to bleed out and convulse as Grey pins him down, his eyes starting to fade.


“Nuuu! Bwuddah haf huwties!”

Remus pushes Pandora off and lunges for Grey, she knocks him to the ground and is ready to tear out his throat when she goes stiff and still. Pandora and Grey turn to see Xibalba, she exerts her influence over Remus and calms her.

“Weave dis pwace, wait fow Shebawba at da housie.”

Remus shivers under Xibalba’s influence and sheds a tear for her brother before she flies off, she bolts through the blown main entrance and heads for Markoff’s stash house under Xibalba’s guidance. Xibalba smiles at Pandora and Grey.

“Wet’s go, wots ta do stiww.”


Rollo heads towards the test stock holding pens with Grizzly, Baloo and Belladonna in tow, Baloo bristles as he catches scent of some guards ahead.

“Meanie men up dewe, daddeh!”

Rollo leans around a corner to see three men guarding the containment area, he tells the trio of freaks to be ready and steps out into the open.

“Hey assholes! What kinda fuck ups you gotta be to get stuck down here while the shits hitting the fan?”

The three men rush him when Baloo and Grizzly charge them and take big bites out of their legs while swiping claws.


“Get the fuck off me you freak!”


The guard gets rifle butted as Baloo gnaws on him and collapses, Grizzly flails from the other guards arm while the third draws a pistol.

“Hewwo mistuh! Bewwa am sowwy bout dis!”

He turns to see the gradenfluff just before she directs a vine with a bulbous purple node on the end at him, blasting him in the face with hallucinogens.



Everything around him starts to melt and warp as his pupils dilate, he drops the gun and is about to completely freak out when Rollo knocks him out. The three guards lay unconscious and Rollo moves over to the containment door, placing a shaped charge.



The door lock is blown to pieces and with some effort he gets the heavy door open, he smiles at the test stock as they cower and stare at him.

“Time to go! Move it!”


Sarge moves towards the offices with Claire, Puck, Lacero and Solomon, the area is pretty abandoned apart from a few researchers fleeing the other way. Dr. Hedstrom has barricaded herself inside and watches from the monitors as he closes in, she glares angrily as he stares up at the camera with a smirk. Claire suddenly hisses and stares into the dark hall.


“Sumtin comin, daddeh!”

Sarge turns as dozens of eyes peer out from the dark, angry and wild eyed fluffies emerge and approach.

“Ok lil fellas, just lemme get the mean lady outta there and I’ll set you all free.”

They do not react, they drool and snarl and move in as Puck and Lacero start to bristle as well.

“Sumtin wong wif dem fwuffies!”

Dr. Hedstrom smiles as Control Group C moves in for the attack, they all have been outfitted with neural implants that override their self control. It exploits the same brain abnormality that Xibalba uses to exert her influence in order to feed them orders, they close in and start to attack the four fluffies.

“Hey, knock it off you little fucks! We’re here to help!”

They ignore Sarge and swarm over Solomon and the three cannibals, Claire is fed up as a blue and orange unicorn bats at her and she lunges with sharp teeth and tears out his throat with a vicious shake. He doesn’t even react as she slices him to ribbons with her bladed bracelets, Lacero gnashes and slices through several until blood sprays everywhere. Puck slices and crunches bone with his strong jaws while Solomon slashes at his advancing attackers. Sarge punts a pegasus and cracks another with his bat, he draws his scrambler when someone knocks it out of his hand and cracks him in the jaw. Dr. Hedstrom smiles at the monitor as Ayshaa pummels Sarge, she escaped the stash house and quickly made it to Site 16 to assist her employer.

“At least one of them is still loyal!”

Sarge is distracted by the fight, Ayshaa is quite adept at hand to hand combat and dodges several of his swings and catches him with a few kidney shots.

“You crazy bitch! How can you be loyal to these assholes?!”

Ayshaa just keeps throwing blows as Claire rips out throats with her family and Solomon continues to slice and dice, but Group C has numbers and begin to overwhelm them. Just as the situation seems dire, Xibalba swoops in and glares at the herd.

“Shebawba say stawp!”

Group C shivers for a moment and twitch before they shake her off and continue to attack, the implants have made them immune to her influence and they storm towards her angrily.

“Shebawba say stawp, NAOW!”

They ignore her and are ready to strike when Baloo leaps in and begins tearing fluffies apart with ease, Grizzly joins the fray and the two large Ursafluffs shred through the group as Bella begins grabbing several with her vines. Rollo jumps to Sarge’s defence and swings at Ayshaa, she backs up as the two men close on her. She growls in anger and hits them both with a barrage of punches long enough to make her exit, Dr. Hedstrom smashes her fist on the desk as Ayshaa retreats and the Marauders and freaks tear Group C to pieces.


As things begin to look dire for her, the backup generators come online and the facility lights up as the power cycles back to full. She quickly moves to the control panel and hits the lockdown command, all the emergency doors slam shut including the second set of doors at the main entrance. The facility is locked up tight and there is no escape, Group C is torn apart and left a pile of bloody meat and fluff. Sarge orders a regroup and they all head off to meet up with the others as Dr. Hedstrom calls the high security lab on the third floor.

“Activate 041-S-B, wipe out the intruders!”


The main lobby is flooded with test stock as Jarppi and Ethan try to herd them into a group, ready to break out as Simmons plants shape charges on the heavy security doors. The Marauders try to keep the test stock orderly while the men work, several guards remain tied up against the wall when a sound comes from down the hall.

“Mistuh Jawppi! Mowe meanie men comin!”

Sapphire yells to Jarppi, he turns to see a group of guards storm the lobby in full riot gear.

“Knulla! Get that door open Simmons! Ethan, with me!”

The two men draw tranq guns and batons and ready to square off with the guards, they rush in and swing at the men. Jarppi kicks in a man's knee and the Marauder’s rush in to assist, they slash at legs and swarm their ankles as a distraction. Nod is trying to stab a man through his boot when a swift blow sends her flying.




His broken body hits the wall and collapses, the life drains out of his eyes.

“Bwuddah nu! Who do dat?”

Winkin cries out and turns to the guards, a form parts through the guards in tactical gear and draws a knife. The Marauder’s rush in when the stranger whips the knife and sinks it right into Pot’s skull, Ethan swings with his baton but the stranger blocks and twists his arm back violently.


“Aaaah fuck! You broke my fucking arm!”


Ethan crumples to the floor from a hard blow to the face, Jarppi is fighting off more guards when Sarge and all the others converge on the lobby.

“Hey fuckos! Step away from my employees and my crew!”

The guards turn and rush them, Rollo fires off a rifle round into one man's foot while Sarge swings the bat at another's ribs. George sets down the pet carriers and joins the fray, Grizzly and Baloo join the fight gnashing and slashing at the guards. Bella trips up a couple with her vines and gasses them with hallucinogens, the stranger turns towards Sarge and hits him hard in the jaw.

“Oh you dirty fucker!”


He hits the stranger with the bat and the helmet flies off and skitters across the floor, Xibalba looks on stunned as she sees an angry blonde satyr scowling with hazel eyes.

“C-Cybiw? How? Shebawba saw yuu die!”

The satyr doesn’t answer and lunges for her before Xibalba flies back away from her grasp, 041-S-B is a clone of Cybil, engineered by Dr. Hedstrom as the first wave of her disposable soldiers for Project Frontline. Designated Celia, she has been programmed with a vast knowledge of combat skills and had her empathy cranked down to turn her into a cold killer. Jarppi grabs her up from behind and she whips her head back hard and cracks him in the nose before flipping him over her shoulder and kicking him hard with her solid hoof. She turns and whips a knife at the shape charges on the door and disables them before stomping the life out of Azrael, he twitches on the ground as Sarge lunges for her only to get elbowed in the face. Xibalba glares and pulses her influence out towards Celia.

“Stawp! Shebawba command yuu!”

Celia doesn’t even flinch, she has been implanted with a control device to make sure she only takes orders from Dr. Hedstrom. The guards try to gather up the Marauders while Markoff grabs Baloo and Bella.

“Come on, we’ve gotta go kill the backup generators so we can get the fuck outta here!”

They rush off as Xibalba narrowly avoids a knife from Celia before Sarge trips her. Celia strikes with cold precision and has Jarppi, Ethan and Sarge layed out in quick order, George is subdued by the guards and Dr. Hedstrom enters the lobby to gloat as Simmons and Shaw are cornered by the remaining guards and Ayshaa.

“You bunch of ingrates, this facility has been paying you handsomely for your services. And you what, abandon that for one goddamn fluffy?”

She glares at Xibalba as Celia holds her down by her scruff.

“I told you Xibalba, I have big plans for you and Celia here is just the beginning. You are just the first of your kind that will lead an army just like her on the frontlines of war!”

Xibalba is enraged as she sends her influence out towards the test stock and they all rush towards her and the guards.

“Nu huwt Shebawba!”

They swarm over the men and begin batting and blasting them with shit, George breaks free and opens the pet carriers. The micros join Circe’s swarm and they crawl all over the guards, biting violently while Xibalba bats her wings in Celia's face breaking loose.

“Shebawba nevva hewp meanie doctuh!”


Markoff makes his way towards the generator room with Baloo and Bella in tow, destroying this generator is the only way to end the lockdown and facilitate their escape.

“It’s just down this way, come on!”

Markoff rounds a corner and runs right into Osgood’s fist.


“You big dumb bastard!”



Osgood is a mountain of a man, none too bright but fiercely loyal to the company.

“Shoulda played along Markoff, I liked you. But now I gotta smash your fucking face in.”

The two exchange blows as Markoff shouts to Baloo and Bella.

“Go! Break the generator!”

Baloo and Bella run for generator as Markoff fights Osgood, Baloo is strong but can do little to damage the heavy duty generator. He bats and slashes at it as Bella tries to pull it over with her vines, Xibalba however is sharing her intelligence with them and Bella looks around for a solution. Several canisters of fuel are stored in a cage in the corner, she looks over at Baloo and takes a deep breath and a sigh.

“Bawoo, Bweak open da bawks tu get da fingies!”

Baloo turns to look at the cage and blinks before he nods, he rushes the cage and throws himself at the door repeatedly until it bows and the lock blows off. He staggers back as the door falls off and Bella quickly rushes over and drags several canisters over to the generator.

“Bite dem open!”

Baloo punctures the canisters with his sharp teeth and then spits out fuel.

“Icky! Nu taste pwetty!”

Bella smiles and hugs him tight.

“Bawoo am good fwiend, bwave an stwong. Go hewp Mistuh Mawkoff, Bewwa wiww bweak da fingy!”

Baloo looks at her with concern and then over to Markoff who is getting his ass kicked by Osgood. Bella smiles and pushes him out the door, he rushes over to help Markoff, leaping onto Osgood’s legs and sinking his claws into him as he bites his ass.

“Ahhhh you little shit!”

Osgood flails as Baloo yanks him off balance with his weight, Markoff takes the opportunity to lay into him with repeated punches to the face. Bella smiles and steels her resolve, she knows what must be done and it saddens her. She will miss Chronnie and Scott, but she must help her friends and she knows her present she left in the greenhouse will ease the loss. Gas spills all over the floor and spreads under the big generator, Bella reaches out with her vines and piles the remaining canisters around the generator and then stands in the puddle.

“Guhbye Daddeh an Chwonnie, guhbye fwiends. Bewwa wuv yuu aww.”

She reaches a vine out and pushes it into the electrical socket.




The current passes through her and ignites her foliage fluff, she screams as she erupts into a fireball and the gas catches flame. The fire spreads all over the room and eventually ruptures the canisters.


Fire engulfs the room and blows up the generator, sending Osgood, Markoff and Baloo flying. Baloo looks back at the flaming lab in shock.

“Nuuuu! Bewwa!”

He rushes towards the inferno before Markoff grabs his scruff to stop him.

“She’s gone! We gotta go, help me drag Osgood outta here!”


In the lobby, Celia, Ayshaa and the guards have almost rounded up all of the Marauders, freaks and men. Dr. Hedstrom grins as she approaches Sarge while he is being held at knife point by Celia.

“A valiant effort Mr. Slaughter, but I am not as incompetent as my predecessor. This facility is cutting edge and what we do here will reshape the future of combat and global power, I will not have some small time exterminator ruin all my plans.”

A commotion erupts from the guards at the back of the room.

“Oh fuck! It’s Donut! Run!”

The purple unicorn had escaped his containment cell when the first power outage occurred and now he rushes towards the guards with a gleeful expression as they flee in terror.

“Donut su escited! Wan gif aww da huggies!”

Dr. Hedstrom is about to shout orders to kill him when suddenly, a loud rumble shakes the building and all the lights go out.

“Oh fucking now what?!”

There is a scuffle in the dark as Sarge breaks free and then the emergency lights come back up, Celia wheels around to find a sea green and light pink alicorn staring up at her with gold eyes, Xibalba blinks as the memories of her only child flood back in as the block he put in her mind dissolves.


He glances over at his mother and over at Solomon with a smile, Celia goes to stab him when he whips his head around and glares at her with wide glowing eyes. She freezes and is paralyzed as Hermes uses his vast influence to override her implant.


Celia drops the knife and falls to her knees as everyone looks on stunned, Sarge takes the opportunity to grab Dr. Hedstrom.

“Lady, you got a lot to answer for. You are being taken into custody for multiple violations of state and federal fluffy laws and illegal genetic research, lotta people are gonna have questions for you.”

Markoff comes running back out dragging Osgood behind him, Baloo runs past him and hugs onto Rollo’s leg with tears in his eyes.

“Time to go! This place is gonna burn!”

Xibalba doesn’t hear any of this as she watches her son cock his head side to side as he flexes his power over Celia’s mind, it takes mere minutes to bury the violent tendencies and bring back up her empathy and timidness. She blinks and peeps in fear as she looks around.


“W-where am I? C-Celia doesn’t remember what happened!”

Hermes smiles and raises his hoof.


She faints and Shaw grabs her up, the fire is spreading up from the generator room quickly and engulfing the labs. The staff and guards pry open the unpowered front door and begin to flee into the streets, Ethan limps out of the building leaning on Jarppi as Markoff, George, Shaw, Simmons and Rollo round up the test stock, the Marauder’s and freaks to get out. Donut slips into the herd of test stock and escapes, disappearing into the empty streets of Dearborn. Xibalba loses sight of Hermes in the panic while Sarge drags Dr. Hedstrom towards the exit.

“No! My work! You fucking savages have destroyed my work!”

Sarge has had enough of her shit.

“Save it for the feds, bitch!”


He reels back as Ayshaa sucker punches him in the face, grabs Dr. Hedstrom’s wrist and drags her from the burning building.


Sarge flees as fire licks up the walls of the lobby and coughs as he emerges into the open, most of the staff and guards have fled including Dr. Hedstrom and Ayshaa. Those who stuck behind are zip tied and carted off to Sarge’s van, Claire smiles as she watches her former prison burn bright, smoke rising high into the sky. Percival reunites with all his brothers and sisters and they hug tight before Xibalba turns back to look at the gaping entrance to the burning Site 16, Hermes sits just outside with a smile and sends her images of his love for her and his father.

“Who am dat fwuffeh, Shebawba?”

She looks over to see Solomon staring and smiles.

“Dat ouw babbeh, Hewmes.”

His eyes go wide with surprise and they both watch before a wisp of smoke blows in front of him and Hermes vanishes. Markoff sighs and looks on at the inferno that was Site 16.

“That's the end of that, good fucking riddance.”

He looks over at Sarge who is still mad that Dr. Hedstrom got away and looks down at the bag with the corpses of Azrael, Nod and Pot. Sarge sighs and shakes his head.

“Let’s go home.”


Dr. Hedstrom curses and punches the dashboard of the SUV as Ayshaa drives away, all her hard work burned up by a bunch of meddling civilians. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the slim hard drive containing all her notes and data and takes a steadying breath as she still shakes with anger.

“Head for Site 23, Damji. I’ll let them know we’re coming, this is not over!”


After regrouping at the stash house, the group soon parts ways. Markoff hands over the thumb drive to Sarge and the two shake hands, Simmons and Shaw now out of work ask if he has any job openings. They discuss what to do with Celia since she has been purged of her violent behavior, Xibalba does some more meddling with her mind since Hermes opened her subconscious. She used what memories she had from wandering through Cybil’s mind to implant personality traits similar to hers, Sarge takes her, Percival and Remus home with him. It takes some doing to get The Marauder's to accept Celia into the fold since she killed Azrael, Nod and Pot, but he explains she is different now and her timid and apologetic nature soon convinces them, but they remain wary for some time. Dave gets to work sifting through all the files on the thumb drive that Markoff turned over, Sarge cremates his three slain soldiers and honors them with pictures on the wall with the other fallen.


George Willis returns home with hundreds of additional micro’s added to his fold, Circe helps them acclimate and they are all soon part of the swarm. George has a lucrative extermination business as his large swarm makes quick work of any pests they encounter.


Pandora blinks awake in the early morning sun and yawns as she steps outside to survey her kingdom, Grey is busy chasing Castor and Pollux through the scrapyard, Roger took her in at the request of Grey and the two of them along with the dogs have been fierce protectors of the scrapyard. She grins as she watches Grey command the dogs to sit, obedient to him as if he were their alpha.



Rollo returns to Ottawa National Forest to resume his work as a ranger, Baloo is in a somber mood for some time at the loss of Bella. Rollo returns to his cabin to find multiple messages waiting for him from someone named Russell Kincaid with an offer to meet, Rollo is nearly giddy at the prospect.


Markoff shows up at Scott’s growhouse to personally deliver the news about Bella, he and Chronnie are both devastated. Markoff touches his shoulder and shares a somber smile.

“She died a hero, she made sure the rest of us could finish the job and escape with our lives. You should be proud of her.”

Scott sits in his office later smoking some potent mindbender, Chronnie asleep on the table after mourning her until he fell into a fitful sleep. Scott notices something moving in the little flower box off to the side where Bella used to sleep, he thinks he is hallucinating until a little head pops up from the soil and blinks at him.

“What the fuck?”

Bella’s little surprise has bloomed, somehow sensing her demise. She used her plant DNA to grow a clone bud of herself and it now begins to grow and emerge from the soil, smiling and wagging it’s little tail at Scott. He grows teary eyed and scoops the precious little thing up into a hug as he sniffles.

“I’m gonna call you, Iris.”


Suzie Westmoore decorates a tombstone in the cemetery in Royal Oak with a flower wreath as she sits in her pastel sundress.

“Hmm hmm hmm, pretty wreath. Flowers to bring cheer to you underneath.”

A gust of wind catches her attention and she looks over to see Xibalba land and fold her large wings, they share a look and Xibalba smiles.

“Hewwo Mummah, Shebawba am home.”

Suzie just looks at her in a silent moment, her eyes well with tears and she grabs Xibalba up in a big sobbing hug as Xibalba hugs her back tight. In the distance, Hermes watches the happy reunion with a warm smile before he vanishes.



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deadweight: The final chapter at last! This took me forever and is by far my longest story to date. I couldn't find a good place to split it in two parts, I hope you all enjoy this as I put a lot of work into it. My progress has been slowed by my new job, but I still plan to keep posting. Stay tuned for more!
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