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By Deadweight

Taylor Michigan sits to the southwest of Detroit, it is a busy and prosperous city of nearly 70,000. On the southwest edge of the city sits Action Paintball Park, a large outdoor facility with 42 acres of battlefield. Fields, woods, hills and more make up the layout of the courses, they vary from open combat zones to defense tower grounds complete with moats. Warren Jensen is out on the ATV checking the courses for trash and making any on the spot repairs necessary before the day starts, he has been in charge of the business for four years and takes great pride in providing a fun experience for his customers. Warren drives up to the hill course and gets off with a trash bag to pick up some mountain dew bottles strewn about from the day before, as he walks along he almost slips and falls as he steps in something slick.

“Ahh what the fuck?”

Warren checks the bottom of his shoe to find it covered in sticky shit, the smell and consistency bring one culprit to mind and he narrows his eyes.

“Fluffies, fucking great.”

The woods around here periodically become inundated with ferals, they seem to come in waves as old herds are wiped out by weather, nature and famine and then new ones crop up as the food supply replenishes. He has tried to fence off the wooded areas but they always seem to find a way in, usually he calls in an exterminator to wipe them out during the off hours but it’s too late to get one out here today before opening and he sighs as he heads back to the office.


Patty Mason is downing her second cup of coffee while manning the phones at the park office, she has worked for Warren for over a year and she is good at dealing with customers and taking reservations. Warren comes storming in with a grumble as she yawns and hands him a fresh cup.

“Mornin boss, what crawled up your caboose?”

Warren sits down at his desk and sips the coffee before sighing.

“Goddamn fluffies are back, I need you to call that Willis guy in Grandale and get him out here ASAP!”

Patty sighs and shakes her head.

“Sure thing boss, but we got a lot of people already booked for today. When should we schedule him?”

Warren slugs his coffee and crushes the cup.

“See if he can come by at dawn tomorrow or whatever, let’s just hope those fucking shit-rats make themselves scarce today while we got people here.”


By 9AM, the patrons are arriving for the first rounds of the day. A party of twelve has reserved the castle course and after orientation and a safety talk, the group heads out. Warren has security cameras installed on the courses and he posts up at his desk, watching intently for any signs of the fluffies.

“Keep your fingers crossed, Patty.”


Things go smooth with the first group and there are no signs of the fluffies so far, the group thanks Warren for the fun experience and heads out. Warren starts to think maybe it was just a single stray that wandered onto the course and starts to relax, soon after more groups arrive for their reservations. Fourteen people head for the urban course, eighteen head for the hill and twenty-two move to the battlefield. Everyone is eager to start playing and the fun begins, the hill comes alive with the sound of paintball fire as Warren watches from his desk.

“So far so good, looks like it may be a good day after all.”

Just beyond the treeline near the hill, the commotion of dozens firing paintball guns stirs the fluffy nest.


‘Whus aww da noisy? Smeww wike hoomins! Mebbe dey got mowe nummies!”

The herd babbles and buzzes about the possibility of food and heads for the treeline, they watch as strangely garbed people run and dash across the hill shooting at each other. A purple and white pegasus mare cowers and her lip quivers as she stands beside a red and brown unicorn.

“Dose hoomins wook wike meanies, fwuffeh nu wike!”

The unicorn watches as the group buzzes about the hill, ducking behind sheet metal and crates and smiles at the herd.

“Dey jus nee huggies, huggies make evyting betta!”

The herd can’t argue with this logic and they all slip from the trees and move towards the players, Tyler Walsh is pinned down behind a 55 gallon drum with paintballs pinging off the front of it as he is caught in a crossfire.

“Hewwo mistuh! Haf nummies fow fwuffeh? Nee huggies?”

Tyler looks down in shock to see a maroon and orange earthy smiling at him.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Get the fuck outta he- wait, I got an idea!”

Tyler beckons the fluffy closer and it smiles like a big dope until Tyler reaches out and grabs his scruff, lifting him off the ground.


“Fwuffeh nu wike bad upsies!”

Tyler grins and hucks the earthy over the barrel, sending it tumbling through the air.



The fluffy draws the focus and fire of the opposing players as they blast impulsively at the helpless creature, dozens and dozens of paintballs impact the helpless creature splattering it with paint and bruising and breaking the skin before it hits the ground hard face first.


Tyler takes the opportunity to roll from cover and tag the other two players



Two players are eliminated and Tyler makes a break for it as the rest of the herd stands dumbfounded at what they just witnessed, the earthy lays dead and soaked in paint in the grass.

“W-wai hoomin do dat? Fwuffeh jus wan nummies an wu-”



"Biggest see pwace huwties!”

A brown and yellow pegasus crumbles to the ground and flails in agony as a stray paintball blows out her left eye and explodes all over her face, blue paint and blood streak her face as she screams and wails clutching her bloody eye socket. The other fluffies freak and make a dash for the trees.

“Wun! Wun way fwom meanie hoomins!”


Warren chokes on his coffee as he witnesses the two fluffies get destroyed and pounds the desk.


“Damn fluffies just couldn’t stay away!”

He checks the other monitors as the herd breaks up and flees, several head for the urban course as Warren watches angrily and hopes they don’t fuck things up more.

“Dis way fwiends! Meanie hoomins nu fine fwuffies in housie!”

They head into the small building that acts as a defense point against opposing forces, seven players defend the small building as seven others lay siege from outside. The fluffies move deeper inside, flinching and jumping at every paintball they hear fired. They tremble and piss themselves when a man comes running from a back room and trips over one of them.



He falls over and lands on another one, blood gushes from the fragile creature as it’s crushed under him.

“Godammit! Get the fuck outta here you stupid shit-rats!”

He fires at them and sends them fleeing, he gets up and heads back to the group and continues firing out a small window, one of his teammates sees he has red all over his chest.

“Dude, you got tagged! You’re out, you gotta stop shooting!”

He looks down at the fluffy blood all over him and protests.

“It ain’t paint, some damn fluffy got blood all over me!”

His friends scoff and laugh.

“Bullshit, you got tagged and you don’t wanna admit it! You’re out man, don’t feed me that shitty excuse!”

He cusses and kicks a box as he slings his gun and storms out, the fluffies flee from the house and out into the open.

“Keep movin fwiends, needa get back tu nestie!”




A paintball zips into the group and blows a yellow and blue unicorns hind leg right out from under it, he flails in pain with his shattered leg facing the wrong way and stained orange. The others flee as a dozen more paintballs whizz by their heads, the sounds of their friend screaming behind them as he is struck several more times.


Warren is getting anxious about this and trying not to freak out at the thought of all the negative reviews he is gonna get for this unprofessional invasion of his playfields, he can feel his ulcer flaring up as he seethes at the fluffies fucking up his day. The battlefield is buzzing with absolute chaos as twenty-two players hunker down behind cover on the large field and take potshots at each other, the herd has regrouped and are in an absolute panic as they blindly dash across the open.

“Wook! Dewes da woodsies! Needa get tu dem and back tu nesty!”

They run in a state of shock, the sound of paintballs pinging around them is almost silent next to the sound of their hearts thudding in their ears. A player jumps up from behind a barricade to take a shot at the other team and spots the herd lumbering across the open field.

“Hey! Who let the sit-rats in?!”



“Nu huwt fwuffeh!”

One by one, the other players take notice of the herd and then begin taking shots at them.




The purple and white pegasus takes a shot to the ribs, the paintball pierces her skin and ruptures against her ribs fracturing a couple and crippling her. The red and brown unicorn turns back to help her when a dozen more shots pelt her, splattering her with paint and penetrating her flesh causing bleeding wounds. He tears up and turns to run, by now all the players are taking shots at them. Another earthy gets shot in the jaw and his teeth explode like chiclets as the bone shatters, one takes a shot in the rump and tumbles end over end before being absolutely devastated by colorful pellets. As the red and brown unicorn runs for his life, the olive and blue earthy to his left is hit in the back of the neck, his eyes go pinprick as his vertebrae explode and cut into his spinal cord causing him to collapse in the grass. The grass is littered with paint splattered fluffy corpses as six or seven of them make it to the treeline, the players are using the fluffy distraction to take out their fellow players while their attention is on the ferals. The live fire starts to taper off as players are eliminated and the unicorn thinks he is safe when a paintball whizzes in and explodes his horn.



“Fwuffeh haf head huwties!”

He tumbles to the ground and watches helplessly as his comrades flee into the treeline and vanish, his eyes fill with tears as he looks at the shattered remnants of his horn in the grass.



The lights go out as a green paintball impacts his temple and sends bone shards into his brain, the herd has been decimated and the players return focus to each other. Warren sits aghast at his desk and rubs his eyes as he chugs some pepto.

“I'm fucking ruined.”


A couple hours later the players are returning to collect their things after an afternoon of combat, Warren is ready to face the music as he meets them all in the lobby.

“Gentlemen, I am so sorry about the fluffies interfering with your days activities. I am fully prepared to refund you all and I can only hope it didn’t sour you on returning to Action Paintball Park.”

Warren swallows his pride hard as the gathered patrons all look at him silently before one replies.

“Are you kidding? That was fucking awesome! They worked great as a distraction against the opposing teams! I never woulda thought to add fluffies to the course but that was brilliant! Imma recommend you to all my friends!”

The others echo his sentiment and high five while Warren blinks in surprise, he did not expect this outcome but a huge weight is lifted off his shoulders. One by one the customers all shake his hand and again thank him for an awesome round before leaving, Warren returns to his desk still in shock as Patty looks over at him.

“So, still want me to call that Willis exterminator guy?”

Warren looks over at her and blinks before smiling.

“Fuck no, we might be onto something great here! I just hope those shit-rats keep coming back!”

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deadweight: Another one-shot that came to me while working, I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for more stories!
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Nocturn: Reminds me of a guy in texas who had his fish hatchery overrun with feral pigs and was shocked to have someone ask him how much he would charge to let him come to the property and shoot them.Now he runs two successful businesses