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The Birthday Gift: Set After the Events of the Life and Times of Bailey

“What the hell is this, Laura?”

“Just trust me, Nicky, you will WANT to see this-”

“This is that breeder, Carly Fade, or something? She’s a hugboxer, and I’m not high enough to make fun of hugboxer stupidity with you…:

“Shade, Nicky and trust me this chick is not a hugboxer.”

“Laura, did you break your glasses or something, cause you don’t seem to be seeing the same avatar as I am...because SHE’S HUGGING A FUCKING FLUFFY LIKE IT’S A BABY!”

“Dude...how much monster have you had?”

“A bit, okay a lot, but I have a grant proposal coming up..Hey! You didn’t answer my question?!”

“Nicholas, when have I ever steered you wrong- Don’t answer that, just watch the fucking video and if I’m wrong… you can have my handbag.”

“The botched one or the pink one?”

“The purple one made from a Twiwight fluffy- of course the pink one dipshit!”

“...Fine, I’ll watch it, but if turns out to be shit Salinger I’m so taking you up on that promise.”


“There we go!” exclaims a familiar voice. You see a woman, maybe in her late 20s, pulling away from the camera. She’s in tan and white colored kitchen, the counters spotless and a preheating oven in the background.

“Hi! Everyone, and um welcome to cooking with carly- and no wait that was terrible,” she runs forward and the camera goes black for a split second.

She standing in the background, having donned a white apron. “Hi, This is Carly Shade and Welcome to the First ever Cooking with Fluffies. And yes, I know it sounds crazy, but with my guidance and suggestions I can assure-- er promise! Promise that you will not look at a fluffy the same way again.” She smiles halfheartedly, before moving out of shot.

When she comes back she’s carrying a large and loud dog carrier, the obnoxious babble of a fluffy easily recognizable.


“DUMMEH WET BEE-BEE-QUE OU WIGHT NOW, OR BEE-BEE-QUE GIB WOWST HUWTIES!!” The carrier bellows, and you see an annoyed look flash over the chef’s face. She moves her hand back, before swinging the carrier into the counter. “SCREEE!”

“SHUT IT!” she yells, the carrier’s contents falling into quiet whining.

“Now as I was saying,” she lifts the carrier onto the counter, turning it and using a remote for the camera to zoom in on the fluffy. She’s a unicorn, with a cream colored pelt and a pink and white swirling mane. She slaps the carrier with her hand, causing the unicorn to jump. “This is BBQ, a mare I have raised since infancy and despite my best efforts her personality was...soured. Though hopefully her meat hasn’t,” she laughs, looking down at the fluffy with a half smirk/smile before looking back at the camera.

“Now as the name suggests I have set up the recipe to mimic popular BBQ recipes, but down in my description I’ll list any not covered here today.”

She pulls away and grabs something out of sight, before showing off the rope like matieral to to camera. “As I’ve discovered, BBQ is not a fluffy that will simply let me do this so I’ll be using this kitchen twine.”

She dumped the fluffy out, wrinkling her nose as the huge mare fell out, the fluff of her ass stained with shit. The mare shivers on the cold tile, before whining out, “Bee-Bee-Que, tu cowd, wan gu back tu safe woom and bwankies!” She stomps her hoof, pouting loudly.

Carly huffs, “Really, you want to go back?” The fluffy nods, about to speak again when the chef smacks her across the face. Blood leaks from her nose.

“HUU, NU WIKE, NU WIKE! WAN GU BACK!” BBQ is smacked again, backhanded as Carly places a hand on her scruff so she doesn’t fly off.

“You don’t deserve anything, you fucking bitCH ASS SMARTY SCUM!” as the swears grow, BBQ flinches trying to shake Carly off. The human picks her up comepletely, huffing a little at the weight. With a swing, and a loud CRUNCH, she forces the fluffy onto her stomach the counter breaking her leg on impact.

“SCREEE, NU HUWT BEE-BEE-QUE’S WEGGIES!” The chef shoves her face into the counter before grabbing the twine with her free hand.

“Now,” she shoves the fluffy down again, a tooth breaking off, “As I was saying, take your twine and wrap the legs of your fluffy together though,” she lets go off the twine and pokes BBQ’s bent leg, the mare screams are muffled as she contiunes, “Perhaps a game of “Weggies are bad for babbehs is in order.” She lets go of the mare, grabbing something out of sight before showing off a wicked sharp paring knife.

The fluffy is crying now, her voice lispier than normal from her broken tooth. “Normally pillowing would not be needed for this recipe, but-” she glances at the fluffy, who was trying to limp of the table either in escape or in a death spiral fit. She takes her paring knife, and slashes quickly, the mare keening as a thin line of blood begins to seep through her fluff dying is a reddish tan like freshly made leather.

Carly grabs the fluffy by her broken leg, twisting it up before pressing the paring knife to the skin. “THREEEE, NU THAWP HUWTIETH BEE-BEE-QUE!!’ the noise devolved into painful screaming as the knife tore it’s way through the fluffy’s flesh, the blade not suited for this kind of manhandling.

The chef lets go, the fluffy heaving as her leg barely hung on by the bone and sinew. She sets down the knife, wiping her bloody hands on the apron, leaving red handprints. Then she grabs the leg, jimmying it back and forth until the bone broke free with a snap.

“Nu, nu, huuuu...don tay Bee-Bee-Que weggieth, nee weggieth fo huggieth...huuu,” the mare sobs into the counter, staring with wide eyes at the leg sitting in front of her.

“No, do you know what you need BBQ?” the chef grabs the mare’s ear, rubbing it slightly between her thumb and forefinger. BBQ pulls away from the touch, shaking her head, Carly frowns and grabs the knife with her other hand. “Come on now, BB, I haven’t got all day.” She presses the knife against her ear, poking through it and then ripping it upwards giving it a nasty cut.

“Nu…nu...BBQ nu kno….huggieth an wub, fwuffieth made fo huggieth and WUB!!” the fluffy screams, the chef having moved to her back leg while the fluffy had sobbed and blithered. With the paring knife in hand she had stabbed downwards into the leg and all the way through.

“PWE- SCREE,” she rips the the knife down, cutting through the flesh and slicing the flesh away from the bone. She takes the slick knife, cleaning the knife by wiping the blood on her fluff. The fluffy was sobbing, fat tears running down her fat face, drool drips out of her mouth.

“Now everyone, normally in pillowing you’d slice methodically, trying to keep bleeding to a minimum, but I ah,” she laughs a bit, sounding a bit sick before quickly sobering, “Got a little out of control, you know…” she trails off, setting down the knife on the counter with a clickity sound. She reaches down with a hand, the fluffy flinching as the chef rubs BBQ’s cheeks.

“NU, Pwe, thawp hurtiething Bee-Bee-Que, wan--wan…” Carly frowns and clamps her hands around the fluff’s mouth, silencing her.

“Nope, BBQ, you are not going to finish that sentence, because you are not going to die just yet, I am going to keep you alive and you are only doing to die when I say you can you fucking bitch…” She lets go, and reaches in the fluffies mouth. She pulls outward, dragging out the mare’s tongue agonizingly slowly until the tongue itself was ripped out. Blood drips from BBQ’s mouth, the mare sobbing and coughing up blood as she goes.

“Heh,” she looks at the tongue closely, as if studying it before scruffing BBQ and forcing her mouth open, stuffing the tongue and then the amputated leg inside it like a makeshift gag. She wipes the spit and blood on the fluff, before looking to the camera, blushing a bit either from adrenaline or perhaps embarrassment. The mare gags and spits the foreign objects out onto the floor.

“Sorry about that, got a bit out of control, why don’t we continue,” she smiles, but it doesn’t meet her eyes as she flips the fluffy onto her back, the mare waving her half-ripped off arms in the air.

“Nice dance moves, BBQ,” she pushes at the mare’s stomach, smiling before pushing down her fist. Shit trickles out of the mare, the fluffy mostly empty now. “Maybe if you dance more, I’ll think about letting you die…” her voice is sickly sweet as the fluffy sobs before beginning to move the legs about in a mock form of the “dancie babbeh.” It’s honestly more of seizure movement, but to be fair BBQ only has two and a half legs anyway.

She narrows her eyes and grabs the paring knife, slipping it inside the mare’s vagina. She screams, the noise garbled and breathtaking as she rips upward slowly moving up all the way to the diaphragm. “Do you know why I did that BBQ,” she smirks, “Besides the fact your dancing was shit?”

The fluffy shakes, blood seeping from the wound as Carly pulls away. She reaches up with a bloody covered hand, rubbing the mare’s cheeks as she grabs a oversized pair of dog nail clippers. She pushes it to the base of the unicorn’s horn, “”I did it, because you mean nothing...you were raised to be meat, raised to be my punching bag, and even if you weren’t a smarty or a unicorn for that matter,” the chef squeezes the horn breaking off, causing BBQ to keen in pain, perhaps too far gone for speech.

“Even if you were the most obedient, sweetest little fluffy ever...I’d still do this,” she smirks and lightly smacks the mare’s cheeks before moving back to the dripping wound. She slips in a finger or two on each side, ripping outward making a sound similar to wet velcro.

“I’m going to leave you alive, BBQ, alive until the last minute,” she pulls away, looking over the pulsing organs before reaching in gently and removing the small intestine, the liver lobes and bladder. The fluffy was barely breathing, barely moving, her heart just barely beating between the oozing wounds and missing body parts.

She looks at the camera, just as Carly is reminded there is an audience. “Now-” she clears her throat, and moves out of sight, returning with a large pan.

“The oven is already set to 300 degrees, and will quickly kill the mostly dead fluffy...you know I, you might want to check out my written recipes...or some-something,” she moves BBQ to the pan and then walks to the oven. The fluffy keens as she feels the heat, starting to scream a bit as the oven shuts with a clang.

The chef sniffs, closing her eyes as her red, slick hands shake. The kitchen is filthy, with blood and shit dripping off the counter or puddles on the floor. She looks at the camera, her face shiny from sweat and eyes slightly misty before rushing to the sink, turning on the water and trying to wash the blood away. Steam rises from the water.

“Oh god, oh god, what hav-” she sobs a bit, her back shaking before straightening and turning off the water.

Her hands to her elbows look raw and red.

“I hoped you enjoy this episode, and I hope you will check out the rest of my...website and if you have any que-question please email me at carlyshade.fluffandstuff@gmail.com. Have a gre-great night.”

The screen goes black.


“...holy shit Laura you were not kidding…”

“I know right!”

“Wait… but how is she still known as a hugboxer, I’ve been on forums and everyone talks the world of her?”

“Remember that, ah sponsor I mentioned?”

“That one you called, “a scary bitch in a black dress I’d love to eat o-”

“Stop, yes, yes that one, Nicky!”

“This is her, your sponsor is her? Holy fucking fuck…still doesn’t explain how you got the video…”

“Well she knew my birthday was coming up soo she let me watch one of her early Cooking Videos?”

“Two things, Laura, two things….One, your MILF boss gave you a sadistic fluffy torture video as a birthday gift, and Two: she made more?!”

“Shut the fuck up, Nick, she’s straight and yeah, she made this Thanksgiving one and then one about making stew or some shit...their not as good as this one frankly.”

“If she’s straight you think I might have a chance?”


“Go to hell Nicky.”

“Hey I was joking ya asshat!”
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RQ: mmm that's some good BBQ

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Dhylec: why you did this?

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Roguesoul: @Dhylec: This was...catharsis, I needed to let off some steam and like I said this is set a long, long time after the series ends...it's not my best work, I might delete it, but I do like the dialogue between Nicky and Laura.