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Firehouse Fluff
Part 5

“West Meadowlands Command to C-com.”

“West Meadowlands Command go ahead.”

“Fire under control at this time, go ahead and get a bio team to my location, extensive cleanup needed.”

“10-4 Chief, I’ll contact them and get you and E.T.A.”

“Lord almighty John! Can you believe that shit?!” you say the Battalion Chief. “There’s got to be at least 200 dead shitrats out here.”

“You haven’t been inside yet have you?” The Battalion Chief replied as a sly grim slithered across his face.

“Fuck no, my ass has been at this pump panel all night. All I’ve done is pump water and kill fluffies. Hell, I didn’t even get to have a go at any of them that were actually on fire. They all ran to you.”

“Yeah, they did seem to take a liking to me for some damn reason.” The Battalion Chief chuckled. “Why don’t you suit up and head on in what’s left of the building, you’re good at fire investigations. Don’t forget to wear your air pack though, it fucking reeks in there.”

The South Wing (right hand side when looking at the structure from the front) had been almost completely consumed by the fire, but the fire had been stopped before it could do the same to the North Wing.

The main lobby was a scene of utter and complete carnage.

The charred, burnt, and mutilated corpses of fluffy ponies covered the ground. The lobby itself was charred and burned but he fire had not consumed much of the structure itself here, just the lobby’s contents.

In front of you was a long hallway with rooms on each side.

The first room on the left was full of very pregnant mares, their bodies bloated and virtually unrecognizable, but not burnt to a crisp like the fluffies in the lobby.

The cinderblock walls of this room ensured that the flames had not reached the mares but the heat, however, did. As the fire raged in the lobby the temperature of the “soon mummah” room began to rise.

The block walls held the heat well, the pregnant mares were caught in what was essentially a giant oven.

The mares, and the foals they carried, were cooked alive.

Some of the most heavily swollen mares had actually burst as the embryonic fluid inside them began to boil.

They ‘fluffsploded’ with tremendous force, launching foals in all directions.

The foals’ seared remains now hung from the walls and ceiling, their flesh melted to the hot surface on contact.

This room was also the only room that possessed an intact door, one that had been closed during the fire. A small doggie door was installed in the bottom of the door.

An unusual thing to find in a nursing home you thought.

The fluffies must have figured this room was the safest place for the swollen, and helpless ‘soon mummahs’ to be.

The next room (judging by the fluffy corpses) was where mothers and their foals when once they mares had given birth. Newborn foals, and ‘walkie talkie’ foals alike seem to have lived in this room.

The fluffies here were lucky, they died a much more pleasant death than their comrades in the ‘soon mummah’ room. All these fluffies died from smoke inhalation.

The next room housed fillies and colts along with their mothers, all dead from smoke inhalation as well.

Next was the ‘tuffie’ room, followed by two more rooms which served as lodging for the fluffies which made up the herd’s general population.

There were approximately 150 dead fluffies in these last two rooms alone.

The rooms of the right hand side of the hallway seemed to be used for utilitarian functions rather than for residential space.

There was a room for storing food, several rooms that were used as litterboxes, and a room full of fluffies with obvious injuries.

The last room was empty, save for a small pile of rags and towels in the back corner of the room.

This herd was definitely unusually well organized, the smarty and his underlings were obviously very intelligent (for fluffies anyway) and ran a tight ship.

However, despite all your fluffy related discoveries, you have yet to find anything that might point to the cause of the fire.

Based upon the damage pattern, you could safely assume that the fire most likely started at the far end of the south wing and burned its way along the building until the firefighters stopped it before it could consume the north wing.

You head back out and report your findings to the Battalion Chief. Your work here is done, any further investigation will have to be done forensically.

You climb in the firetruck and head back to the station.

It’s been a long night, you need some rest.


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WumpsofSteel: Its been a long time, but I'm back. Lots more to come.
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