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The Life and Times of Bailey: (a sidestory) Snippets: Star's Tale, Part 2

Day 31

“Star,” you look up from watching Betta, Sketchies was asleep on the big-human-softie...he had climbed up after he had given you “gud feews”...he had been doing it all the time, but only when daddeh wasn’t home…

“Yes daddeh?” you asked, rubbing your front stumpy on the softie-floor.

“Star, come here for a second I want to talk to you,” you let out a breathie, wiggling away from Betta and heading towards daddeh’s nestie room. He was standing in the doorway, looking...weird? His face looked not happy, but also not maddy?

Your fluff had come back, all softy like before and you were very careful not to get it dirty! You no wanted another bath ever, ever again!

“EEEP! Bad Upsies!” you wiggle in the air, daddeh’s front leggy wrapped around your tummy as he lifted you up.

“Hey, shhh, everything is okay Star,” he takes you into the nestie room, shutting the door behind you…his hand touches your belly, “Star.” You go cold and suddenly you feel very scardie! You squeak as you sets you down on the upsie-floor, your belly having hurties! So, many hurties...

“Huuu, huuuu, pwease nu gib huwties….” you close your eyes, your earsies going flat… “am sowwy! Huuuu….” eye water drips down your face, your heart hurtied!

“Shit!” meanie words, meanie words! Dummeh missus Carly always said meanie words...especially before-



“...owies, oooo owies…” boo-boo juice leaks out of your nosie, daddeh gave you hurties! Hurties! And next he’d give….”huuuuu, huuuu.” You rub your face on the upsie-floor before banging your head downwards, the floor giving you hurties…

“Hey!” you no stop, still giving your head hurties…”Hey STOP IT!”

“EEEP!” you jump, making bad peepees as daddeh grabs your head before it can hit the upsie-floor.

“Stop. That. Right now,” he lets out a big breath, holding his hand to his face as he sits on the nestie. “Star, I’m going to ask you some questions and you HAVE to answer okay? And Don’t even think about lying to me, or I will give you another smack understand?”

You sniff, eye water still leaking before you nod, your heart hurtied as you did…

“Okay…” he lets out the biggest breath…”Star have you been having special huggies with Sketchy?”

You shake your head, “nu, nu...nu been habing speiaw huggies…” he frowns, looking maddie…



“Huuuuu, daddeh pwease stawp….” your nosie was leaking lots of boo-boo juice and your eyesie hurtied really bad, even making daddeh seem blurry as you looked at him. He was so maddie!

“You are lying to me, I know you have!” he was standing now, your breathing going too fast and your chestie hurtied! He reached down quickly, and-

“SCREEE, WET GU OF EARSIE!” Owies, owies, owies, he was twisting and pulling and-


“SCREEEEE!” your earsie, your earsie! Daddeh was holding it, holding it away from your head, all covered in boo-boo juice and you were screeing and leaking boo-boo juice, eye water….


“NU HAB SPECIAW HUGGIES, NU NO WAT SPECIAW HUGGIES AW!!!” you wiggle, your earsie hurting as it flattened...owies, owies…

“What?” you look up, but your eyesies were no working...daddeh was blurry and one eyesie no wanted to open… “oh fuck…”

You flinch, “nu wike meanie wowds, meanie wowds mean huwties comin...huuuu,” your stumpies hurtied for no reason and your face and headie had biggest owies…”huuuuu…”

“You don’t know what “special huggies” are?” You shake your head, oooo your head had worstest owies…

“Okay, Star “special huggies” are….I can’t believe I’m having this conversation,” you sniff, confused at what daddeh was saying, “Special huggies are when a stallion, like Sketchy, puts his no-no stick inside a mare’s poopie place...have you been doing that?”

You flinch, having biggest hurties as you realize you had lied...but you hadn’t meant too! You just, just…

“Huuuu, daddeh! Daddeh!” you wiggle slightly, wanting huggies, “Daddeh, Staw am sowwy, nu mean to wie...bu-bu-” He lets out a breath, and you stop, feeling scardie at his maddie face.

“God, I raised you to be such a good girl,” What, but you were a good fluffy! “I saved you from Miss Carly, I fed you, gave you toys and a caretaker, and I even found you new leggies,”

“Weawy, daddeh foun new weggies, weggies fow Staw?!?” you look up, daddeh looked blurry, but looked saddie? Why was daddeh saddie?

“Yes I did, but you’re not getting them now…”

“WHA bu-bu Staw am Gud fluffy! Wan weggies!” you wiggle, trying to get closer to daddeh and out of the bad peepees.

“No, your not getting them Star, because you are a bad fluffy!” you duck down, your headie hurting as daddeh yelled…

“Bu-bu Staw am-”


“Huuuu,” you flew back, landing in the peepee, no, no your fluff! You just got it back!

“You are bad!” you flinch, eye water leaking as you rolled onto your belly, “You are a whore, a slut, actually,” OWIES, your daddeh had his hand on your side, too hard…and-

“Nu, nu, pwease nu gib huwties!” you wiggle, but daddeh was too strong and was holding a bad thing, like the bad thing that took your leggies…



Day 40

You are Star, no you are Slut...daddeh said bad fluffies get bad names...and gave you worstest hurties when you called yourself Star. So, did Sketchy who laughed and laughed after he saw you after daddeh gave you your new name. And your new “cutie-mark.” Daddeh gave it to you, he said it was the only thing that made you pretty.

You hated it! Hated it, hated it! It hurtied all the time, everytime you tried to move your back stumpies it hurtied! And you hated that Sketchy liked it so much, touching it and rubbing it with his hoofsies everytime he gave you “special huggies.”

You had told him to stop, special huggies were bad and made you bad...but daddeh had said it was only bad when mares did it…

Sometimes you didn’t like daddeh, which was bad and you were bad! Daddeh was a good daddeh, he gave you good nummies and gave you a new nestie now that you couldn’t wiggle well no more, and gave you a “cutie-mark.” Only bestest babbehs got them according to daddeh!

You sniffed looking at the mark, it was red like boo-boo juice and looked like a ball with a triangle and a little line. You no know what it meant, daddeh just said it was a “scarlet letter” and that you would no understand… you did know you no liked it, it made you no pretty which was stupid cause bestest Babbehs should no be no pretty!

Your new nestie was a lot like your old safe room when you were a babbeh, it was small and the floor was not-softie and it was so dark when daddeh closed the door.

But it made you happies...you remembered your mummah telling you the biggest secret, you remembered your dummy wingie brother making bad peepees on your earthie brothers, you remembered when you knocked your little dummy sister in a poopie...and it made you have heart happies and heart hurties at the same time…

“SWUT!” you flinched, your earsie flattening as Sketchy stompied in. Hated, hated, hated...his stupid dummy smile…”WAN SPECIAW HUGGIES NAO!!!”

“Nu! Nu, nu...Sketchies pwease, hab biggest tummy huwties an nu wan…” your tummy had hurtied for many bright time now as it got bigger and bigger….you no knew why your tummy was so big now. Daddeh said it was because your tummy hated you cause you had special huggies. Which made you have the biggest heart hurties, your leggies and now your tummy!

-THUMP- “OWIES!” You keen, holding your tummy with your front stumpies….it hurtied so bad...oh tummy, why would tummy hate you…oooo no, no, no! Your poopie felt place felt bad, like boo-boo juice was leaking out! Stupid tummy! Stupid Sketchies stop giving hurties!

“STAWP! NU HUWT STAW! TUMMY HAB HUWTIES!!!” you flinch, looking up to see Sketchy had a meanie-happy face….”huuuu, huuuu, pwease nu huwt, no huw-MMMF!” Something was in your mouthie, something bad and not pretty and-and-

It was a no-no stick! Sketchies’ no-no stick! “Ooooo, wike dat….soooo TITE! ENF! ENF!” oh no liked, no liked, it hurtied and your face hurtied as he place his hoofsies on your earsies. You no want this, NO WANT THIS!

You chomp down, boo-boo juice and no-no juice leaking out of your mouthies as Sketchies rips himself away! You...you got him to not give hurties? You got him to not give hurties! You smiled, your heart happy, happy, happy! You spat, the mouthie juice hit his face as he held his no-no stick.

“Huuuu, huuuu why gib huwties? Why gib huwties?”

“WHY NU GIB HUWTIES!!” you shout, you were Maddie! So maddie your heartie hurtied and headie hurtied! But that no mattered! You wanted to give him stompies, biggest hurties, “YOU AW MEANIE, AN-AN-AN WAN YU DIE!” You chomp your teeth, making Sketchy jump and making your heart happy as eye water leaks out of his eyesies.

“Huuu, huuuu why meanie tu Sketchies! Huuuu,” he turns and runs out of your safe room, your heart stopping as you contiuned, “DADDEH!”

No, no, no you were meanie to Sketchy, but he was being a meanie and was giving you hurties….Daddeh would understand, right? You just needed to tell him, that Sketchy was making you give him special huggies and it was no your fault!

“SLUT!” you jump, making poopies as you do, ooo he sounded maddies….but you were right! It was Sketchy’s fault, and you were a good fluffy! You are a good fluffy!

He was in the doorway, crouching down with a big meanie smile on his face...he looked happy and meanie at the same time…”Sketchy just told me that you bit him when he was grooming you, is that true?”

“WHA!” liar, big fat lying meanie fluffy, “NU! SKETCHIES WAD GIBING SPECIAW HUGGIES AN-”

-SMACK- “SCREEEE!” oooo, owies your nosie hurtied and was leaking boo-boo juice.

“What have I said about lying to me?!”

“EEEP!” you jump, daddeh grabbing your other earsie….”ooooo, daddeh! Daddeh pwease nu take othew earsie, nu am wying!”

“SCREEE!” owies, owies, owies it hurties! Daddeh was twisting, and twisting, pinching and ripping at your earsie!

“Heeeee, heeeeeee,” you keen as daddeh lets go, ooooo it hurtied so badly….

“No, if you was giving you special huggies he would have been behind you and you couldn’t have bit him!” What, but he was? He had been giving you special huggies, just not to your poopie place…

“Daddeh! Sketchies WAS gibing bad speciaw huggies, gibing dem to-MMMF!” your mouthie was clamped shut, daddeh’s hand wrapped around your mouthie so tight it was hard to breathie right.

“Lying is a bad thing, Slut!” he lets go of your mouthie, letting your breathies go back to normal, he looked so maddie, “And so is biting!” Daddeh stands, and leaves?

Maybe….maybe he was no mad at you?

Or...he came back, holding something...no-good. It was like the pretty-owies thing, that gave you your cutie-mark, but different...bad no good, no good…”daddeh?” you sniff, “Daddeh pwease, am sowwy...nu wan huwties…”

“I know, Slut, I know…” he reaches down, rubbing your cheeks...oooo he hadn’t done that in so long, ooo it felt so good. Wait, he was slipping his fingers in your mouthie and the other thing!

“WAH! WAH OIN!” you wiggle, but stupid tummy nu wet you move and-






You looked down still screeing, owies, owies, so many owies….white thingies were on the floor, like toysies...but no..NO! AM TOOTHIES!


It went on for so long, so many forevers your toothies falling on the floor like blockies...oooo, hurtied...your mouthie leaking boo-boo juice…oooo, oooo it hurtied, you no wanted to talk, just wanted sleepies…

“Slut,” you blink, looking up as daddeh plays with your mane, “Slut, I want you so stick out your tongue, right now…” you sniff, eye-water leaking down your face as you did. Why was daddeh being so mean, why, why, why….his fingers pinching down...oooooo, hurties….

“Slut, you are my fluffy, and I love you...but you need to learn your lesson. Lying is bad,” he takes the pretty-owie thing and you shut your eyes.

Day 47

You sucked at the water bottle, your mouthie hurtied, but tummy needed nummies. Daddeh had set it up after...after-

It had water-nummies in it, tasted like nummies, but like water. You liked it! Not as good as crunchy nummies, and never as good as skettis…

Ooooo, you hadn’t had skettiis in sooooo long...daddeh said skettis were only for good fluffies and not for bad Sluts...so you got the nummy-water. It was nice though, Sketchy didn’t want to touch it so he no longer stole your nummies

He still came in for special huggies, putting his no-no stick in your mouthie making your whole face hurtie sooo bad. You wanted to tell him you no wanted it, no wanted, but daddeh took your tongue away for lying.

He said you could have it back when you were a good fluffy...but you were a good fluffy, weren’t you? Daddeh only gave huggies and love sometimes, coming once or twice a bright time to give water-nummies and check your tummy.

Your tummy was huge now! All big and round, you didn’t like it one bit! You couldn’t wiggle, couldn’t roll, but could just sit in your half nestie, half litter box. And sometimes you could swear you could feel something in your tummy, but that was silly! Only nummies can be in tummies and you had never eaten moving-nummies…

“Slut?” you looked up, hoping daddeh was here to give huggies and love today, maybe he’d take you out of the safe-room...set you on his tummy like when you were a babbeh...you sniffled, you missed those times…

Nummy-water dripped down your face as you pulled back, “mmm?” You could no talkie well, but daddeh did most of the talkies anyway…He comes forward, crouching and lightly rubbing your cheek, oooo that made your mouthie hurtie, but it felt a little good.

“You have been such a bad fluffy,” your face falls, your chest and heart hurtied as he stopped, pulling his hand away, “But, I have decided you can have your leggies back!”

“Aaah?!” What, you...you could have your leggies back? Your leggies, your leggies! “Aaah! Aaah! Aaannn eehhh!” you wanted your leggies, your leggies! You’d hug your daddeh, and run and play with your ball, and make sure Sketchy never, ever gave you bad huggies again!

You could stomp him, and stomp him until all the boo-boo juice poured out!

Oh! Your heart had sooooo many happies!!!

Daddeh laughs, but no looks happy...no yes he does! You must be seeing things, silly Slut…

“Okay! Okay, sounds like you want them, alright I’ll go get them...close your eyes,” you shut your eyes tight, oooo you were so happy, so happy!

Leggies, you feel like you have been waiting so many forevers for your leggies!

“Hold still Slut,” you jump a little, feeling daddehs hand on your back. You nod, and wait...and wait… was daddeh still here? Yes, that was his hand, but why was nothing happening…a breathie hits your face, it smells like daddeh all warm and pretty...oh daddeh, thank you daddeh!


“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” owies, owies, owies oh something was wrong, wrong wrong...where was daddeh, where was...why was…boo-boo juice dripped on your face you could feel it, smell it, taste it as you felt it slip into your mouthie. “EEEEEEEEEEEEE, EEEEEEEEEEEE!!” it hurtied, burnied, your eyesies had biggest owies!

“Good girl, look you have your leggies!” you open your eyesies, but-but-BUT

It was dark, all of it was dark! Did daddeh shut the door, but daddeh was still here you felt his hand on your back still. Where, why…”aaaaa, aaaaa….” you wiggle, trying to walk...but you couldn’t feel your leggies or see them, or see anything!

-CRITCH- you jump, hearing a loud noisie, daddeh huffs, was he maddie?

“Oh! Slut! Why would you do that?” what, what did? What happened? “You just broke the leggies I got, why would you do that!” Warm water, eye water? Boo-boo juice leaks down your face, oooo, you no meant to do that..

“Aaaawww, awwwweeee aaahhheeee,” sorry, sorry, daddeh, sorry sorry, no meant tooo….

“Uuuuu, uuuuuu,” you sob, feeling daddehs hand rubbing your cutie-mark…

“Oh, Slut,” you sob louder, as daddeh pinches your cutie-mark… “I thought you were a good fluffy, but it turns out your a bad girl, a selfish bad fluffy! And now you have no leggies, and will never-ever have leggies again!”

“Uuuuuu uuuuuu, aaaaaa iiiiiii, aaaaaaaa iiiiii.”

You no want this anymore, you no want this anymore, no want nestie or daddeh or Sketchy or nummies…

You want to die.

Day 70

You were in the dark, you were always in the dark...and you could feel something numming you and you were scardie...but you no could move no more…

You heard things lightly, fuzzily like they were there, but not. Daddeh was there, you could hear him even though you no touched you. And then other voices, fluffy voices, but that was wrong.

They called you mummah, but that was wrong too.

You remembered the biggest poopies, when it felt like your poopie place was going to give you forever sleepies...you had hoped it would...but then your tummy had gone small and the numming had begun. Your special place would have hurties, then the numming would start...the first time you tried to run away, but daddeh held you still.

Then he took something, something sticky and made sure that you could no move at all. You could have the nummy-water, you could have breathies, you could make poopies, and you could be nummed...but you could no see nothing…

One time, after daddeh had put the stickies on you, he called it “duck-tape”, you heard Sketchy come in. He said you were ugly, no-pretty fluffy, and he was no going to give you special huggies no more. Your heart had less hurties, but then he said he would give your babbehs special huggies…

Which made your head have hurties! You had no babbehs, you were no mummah...daddeh would have told you if you had babbehs, wouldn’t he?

Then you heard screaming, lots of screaming...and then you no heard from Sketchy no more.

You were no sure how to feel about that.

You wanted to die.

Day 100

The voices had gotten louder after many forevers, sounding more like fluffies and more like babbehs...but you were no all the way there no more.

You were in the safe room, when you were little, little babbeh. Mummah was telling you a secret, a happy secret...you remembered her warm and soft, but nothing else.

You were in the cold-water-place, your not-fluff burning as white fluff floated around you.

You were laying on daddeh’s tummy, surrounded by warmies and softie things.

You were sitting in front of a fishie, watching him swimming and swimming, so pretty…

You were in a sorry cup, the glass cold, your fluff all messy as your siblings screamed...you felt happies as you watched your sister being dunked in the water, you remembered hoping she’d go forever sleepies.

You were getting bad special huggies the first time, your poopie place hurting soooo bad.

You were sitting on a soft nestie, you were little fluffy with leggies, eyesies, earsies, and had your mummah. You could feel something numming you, but you were probably just hungry! So you’d nurse on your mummah and everything was alright!

You were in a dark place, feeling nothing but the stickies and the water-nummy hose in your mouthie.

You were nowhere, you were everywhere…

You want to die.

You want to die.

End of Part 4.5
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- Reply
Anonymous1: nah either the guy is a fucked up abuser or the guy is litterally retarded to a point where it hurts the story
also the sudden change of star's behavior is too sudden to be acceptable for the story
i think that even for the main arc events she didn't earn that shit

- Reply
Dhylec: The MC constantly reminders us that an abuser bought her. Pay attention people.
Really liking the series so far, hope to see more from you soon, Rogue.
And Sketchy getting killed as soon as he tries (or maybe he did) rape one of the foals, was awesome.
- Reply
Anonymous2: @Aliaz: One of the tags is Gaslighting, the owner knew everything that was happening.

A rather entertaining story, having the abuser not get everything right (not realizing Star has no idea what special huggies are and blinding her so she doesn't realize she has had babbies) adds a dose of reality to it.
- Reply
Vanguard: @Anonymous: Fuck, this is me.

- Reply
WiredandGaming: @Aliaz: The previous story implied that she was being bought by a HerdKing expy.

He's adding insult to injury by pretending he doesn't know what's going on and making her think she's crazy and responsible for it.
- Reply
LORD: Fuck me if i had known what “gaslighting” meant I would not have written “Wow stars owner is such a cuck” in the last part, man i fucked up, silly me I guess.

Other then that, I really liked this part, I enjoyed reading it.
Star/slut, that worthless piece of shit got what she deserve, stuck basically in limbo and i love it.
- Reply
Anonymous3: I actually feel bad for that little bitch
- Reply
CwinicawDepwession: Just caught up, good shit my dood. These side stories have been especially good.