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Ukrainsylvania: Forgot to log in. Oops.

Day 5, why not disembowelment and sketties? Also, the second can is in fact, nummies.

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Micron: I think you may literally be a day ahead of me, in the future. Are the flying cars fun?

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Disintegral: @Micron: It's the 5th here in Australia. About 14 hours in, too.

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Micron: @Disintegral: I might have missed a day at some point. Oops.
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Ukrainsylvania: @micron too expensive

@disintegral i suggest we paint him up with vegemite

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Waaaghlord: Actually a good idea, just throw some skettis on the field and also say there a skettis hidden/buried in little boxes and they will clear a field for peace!

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babbehteef: I misread *click* as *cuck* lol
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Carolina_Reaper: @Waaaghlord: Hmm, whatever happened to that browser game about the fluffies in the minefield?