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As Seen on TV Part 3

Despite all of the trauma they’d been through thus far, by the time the clock struck the next hour, it seemed as if the Fluffies had all completely forgotten. Even Baby Blustery, who had experienced the worst of it by far, was cheerfully peeping and cheeping at the sound of the clock announcing his favorite segment of the day.
“Babbehs! Babbehs! Babbehs!” all of the mother Fluffies cried, dancing excitedly and holding up their foals proudly.
Lucy stared back at them, bewildered. She simply couldn’t understand why none of the Fluffies had begun to catch on that nothing in this playhouse was real. The very structure of the only world they’d ever known was falling apart right before their eyes, and yet they seemed completely oblivious to the change. Lucy thought that perhaps she was being a bit melodramatic, but she expected worse. She expected tears and moping and laments of their suffering, not this infuriating cacophony of cheering. She wondered if Fluffies were so gullible that they’d continue on believing in this illusion forever, even if the playhouse was left abandoned and the garden outside rotted away. She also wondered if she could have become the same way, had she never seen life outside of this place. She was now determined they’d see the truth one way or the other.
Lucky for Lucy, she was far from out of ideas. She let the Fluffy mothers and their foals out of the pen, then led them into the garden to play. Babies! was shot in a variety of locations throughout the farm, but the garden suited Lucy’s intentions for today.
She allowed the foals and their mothers to waddle around and romp through the flowers uninterrupted for awhile, then set her plan into motion. She quietly snuck up behind a mother Fluffy proudly leading her three tiny foals single file down the winding cobblestone path, and without a sound, swiftly placed a flower pot over the last foal in line.
Oblivious, the mother Fluffy continued on down the path with her two other foals, her head held high and a broad smile spread across her face.
“Mummah! Mummah! Hewp!” the little foal under the flowerpot cried out, both the sound of his voice and the sound of his soft little hooves tapping against the clay barely audible.
Lucy moved on to her next victim, a mother Fluffy playing hide and seek with her foals near some flower bushes. She waited until the foals wandered off in search of their hiding places, then trapped them one by one under more flowerpots. Just as she concealed the last foal, the mother waddled past, boasting that her babies were the best at hide and seek ever. Lucy had to say she agreed. She continued to move silently throughout the garden, going on to trap over a dozen foals under a variety of multicolored flower pots, a vase, a watering can, a painted box, a plastic munchkin, and just about anything else that was hollow.
Soon, the garden was filled with the muffled cries of all of the lost and terrified foals calling for their mothers, and the sound of their mothers tromping through the foliage trying desperately to find them.
Lucy chuckled as they passed by the foal’s hiding places again and again, sometimes even accidentally bumping against them, too blinded by their frenzy to notice where the tiny voices were really coming from. She went inside to find a coloring book and let the chaos carry on for almost an hour before she checked in on them again.
At that point, the mother Fluffies had all broken down weeping in the grass, babbling on and on about how they’d never see their dear foals “Ebah ‘gain!”
Lucy enjoyed the scenery for a moment, then walked casually up to the nearest flower pot and tipped it over to reveal a tiny shivering blue foal with her hoof in her mouth.
“Babbeh!” cried out one of the mothers, her gloom disappearing in an instant. She bounded up to her lost foal and pulled her up into a tight hug.
The little blue foal wagged her tail and peeped lovingly in her mother’s embrace.
Lucy continued on through the garden, revealing the foals’ hiding places one by one to the delight of their mothers.
When she was done, all of the Fluffies formed a circle around her feet and cried out “Tank you, Woocee! Tank you!” over and over.
Lucy forced a pleasant smile, but their voices grated horribly on her nerves. A part of her had almost wished they’d realize that she was the one that had hidden the foals in the first place, but apparently, even that was too much to ask.
Just then, the clock struck the hour, and all the Fluffies let out an excited gasp in unison. “Biwdays! Biwdays! Biwdays!” they chanted, moving like a wave towards the playhouse.
Lucy followed them in and directed them to the birthday corner, then went to fetch them all their pointy party hats. Once she’d strapped a hat onto each Fluffy’s head, Lucy skipped up to the birthday calendar and checked the date. To ensure that every day on Fluff TV was someone’s birthday, every Fluffies’ birthday took place weekly rather than yearly. By some strange twist of luck, it was Blustery’s birthday today, and Lucy had something special in mind. “Happy Birthday, Blustery!” she called out, causing all eyes to turn to the surprised little foal.
The other Fluffies all cheered and clapped their hooves together with delight.
“Everyone wait here,” Lucy ordered the Fluffies as she gathered Blustery up in her arms. “We’ll be right back!” Lucy turned and carried Blustery out of the room, the joyous cheers of the partygoers following her out. She took the foal into the kitchen and set him down on the table, then walked over to the refrigerator. “Cover your eyes, Blustery. I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Blustery delicately placed his little heart shaped hooves over his giant eyes and wagged his tail in anticipation.
After a few moments, Lucy approached with her hand tucked behind her back and leaned in so that she was nearly eye level to the one week old Fluffy. “Alright. You can open your eyes now.”
The foal did as he was told, and Lucy pulled her hand out from behind her back to reveal a delicious little cupcake with purple frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and five glowing candles.
Blustery stared up in wonder at his beautiful gift, the twinkling of the candles reflecting in his wide eyes.
“Go on,” Lucy encouraged him. “Blow out the candles.”
“Pfffffftttt!” Blustery puffed, standing on the tips of his hooves and blowing up at the cupcake with all his might. Unfortunately, with Lucy holding the cupcake up so high, his attempts to extinguish the flames were pathetically ineffective.
“Bwustree can’ weach! Too high!” Blustery peeped.
“Too high? Don’t worry, I’ll help you!” Lucy replied cheerfully. She plucked one of the candles out of the cupcake and held it in front of the foal for a few moments as if she were about to offer it to him. Then she quickly grabbed him by the fluff on his back, spun him around, and jabbed the hot candle into the side of his bottom.
Blustery attempted to let out a shriek of terror, but Lucy clamped her hand over the foal’s muzzle and held it tight.
With her other hand, Lucy grabbed a fork and scooped out a chunk of the cupcake. She then let go of Blustery’s muzzle for a brief moment before she shoved the entire forkful right into his mouth.
Blustery let out a muffled scream and attempted to wiggle away, but Lucy pinned him back down to the table and plucked another candle from the cupcake. She took a moment to consider the placement of the burn before jabbing him on the opposite side of the first.
Drool and crumbs spilled out of Blustery’s mouth as he continued to scream in silence.
Lucy pulled out each of the three remaining candles on the cupcake one by one, carefully arranging the burns on Blustery’s bottom to resemble a smiling face. In between each candle, she made sure to stuff another forkful of the cupcake into the foal’s mouth.
Tears, snot, and slobber gushed out from the foal’s face as his panic increased with each burn.
After Lucy was done, she left the cupcake on the table and carried Blustery back over to the party corner. “Who wants cupcakes?” she sang out, causing all the Fluffies at the party table to rejoice.
None of them even noticed the distressed foal choking and crying in her arms.
Lucy discreetly dropped Blustery on the floor by the table and handed cupcakes out to all the hungry Fluffies.
While the guests of his own party happily munched away on their treats, Blustery shakily crawled away to the furthest corner of the room and curled up to weep.
When the Fluffies were finished with their cupcakes, Lucy led them out to the middle of the room, where they all danced and played party games for an hour.
Blustery watched from the corner the whole time with doleful eyes.
After the thrill of the party died down, the Fluffies began to yawn and rub their tired eyes with their hooves. Finally, it was time for Night Time, and Lucy couldn’t be more relieved.
She cleaned up the stray streamers and confetti strewn around the room and then led the Fluffies away to the nursery, retrieving Blustery from the corner on her way there. One by one, she showed the Fluffies to their beds, tucked them in, and read them a story while they drifted off to sleep. She didn’t even pull any mean pranks on them when she was finished; she was just happy to be through with the day. Besides, watching Blustery whimper through If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was probably the funniest thing she’d ever seen. Once all the Fluffies in the nursery were sound asleep, she closed the gate of the pen behind her and let out a sigh.
The feeling of peace wouldn’t last for long. Just as she was leaving the nursery, she heard the sound of the front door open, and heavy footsteps approaching.
Lucy realized the Fluff TV staff had returned with their equipment and quickly put on a happy face to greet them. She expected to be given friendly smiles and pats on the head at any moment for a job well done. But when she saw the looks on the staff’s face, she immediately knew that something was very wrong. Lucy blinked in confusion, and her cheerful smile slowly sank into a concerned frown. “Is…there something wrong?”
“We’ve received a bit of news,” one of the producers stated with a grim tone. “Come with me, Lucy, I’ll explain.” He took her by the hand, and led her up the stairs.
As he did, Lucy could feel everyone’s eyes follow them out of the room.
The producer showed her to the staff bedroom, where he sat them both down on one of the sofas.
“Hasbio issued a warning yesterday,” he began. “About…a certain one of their products. I don’t know the validity of the reports yet, and neither does anyone else. But…” he took a deep, wavering breath, “because of the nature of the situation, Hasbio has requested that you be…removed from the show.”
There was a long silence between the two of them as the information slowly sunk in. Lucy could feel her eyes steadily welling up as she stared back at him.
“Let me make it clear that nobody on the Fluff TV staff thinks there’s anything wrong with you,” the producer continued, holding Lucy’s hand in an attempt to comfort her. “Hasbio is just trying to be as safe as possible. And I’m sure we’ll all find out soon enough that this has been a false alarm. I’m so sorry this happened. Working with you has been a pleasure. We’ll stay in touch. Okay?”
Lucy let another long pause stretch out between them, then she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand. “Okay.”
As the staff helped Lucy pack up her things and load them into the car to take her back home, Lucy pretended to be devastated…and perhaps a part of her was. But she was quite happy with the news that she’d finally get to leave this place, and right now, that was the most important thing she could imagine.
In no time at all, she was back at home, sprawled out on the shag carpet again watching Fluff TV with her ten year old owner and her two Fluffy foals.
All in all, Lucy was glad she’d gotten to be on Fluff TV, because it had made her appreciate what she had all the more. Everything looked perfect on television, but now Lucy knew first hand that it simply wasn’t, and never would be. Lucy much preferred to watch her shows from this side of the screen, and enjoy them only as seen on TV.
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TheFoalFryer: Not exactly satisfying for me, but I can't argue that the mental scars and suffering weren't sweet to me. All in all, I enjoyed this story from start to finish. I wish you further success in your endeavors and may the abuse be with you

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Feyascia: Author, would you mind if I offered suggestions on how to fix problems I had with the story? I wanted to ask before diving into editor mode

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WiredandGaming: What was the problem? Did they know about the abuse thing? Is that a sequel hook?

It was pretty good, this, but you've kind of left us wanting for more. I do like how the fluffies tend to ignore the obvious signs of deceit and abuse here.

DOn't skimp on the details of the scene. We know Blustery is upset but do the others notice? Do some even notice a little? Are they all just sitting there wondering why Bluster's making such 'funny faces'?

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RQ: I actually liked this story. It needs some work, especially spacing between the paragraphs, but I the central idea is very good.
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Pom: @Feyascia: Please do.

@WiredandGaming: The reason Lucy never left serious lasting damage, either mentally or physically, is because she couldn't have, or she would have gotten in trouble. That, and these Fluffies were abnormally thick. These are both problems that Lucy herself was frustrated with. As for that specific scene, their reactions to Blustery aren't mentioned because there aren't any. They're all so absorbed in their own pleasure they literally don't even see him.

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WiredandGaming: @Pom: Ahh, alright. It seemed slightly out of place at the end of the paragraph, it might've been more relevant in the middle as contrast, but I get it.

I'm still curious as to that 'warning about their products'. Unless it's 'extreme thickheadedness'. Haha.
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Pom: @WiredandGaming: I won't say outright what the warning was about, because the speculation is a part of the story, but I will give a hint: Fluffies aren't the only faulty product Hasbio has made.

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FoxHoarder: I just read through the whole thing, and it was awesome all the way. I love how simple-minded the fluffies were, never even suspecting that anything was wrong, even after the worst day of their happy little lives.

Thank you Pom, this story was just perfect!
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Chompew: When will there be a next part, to show us what lucy is?