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MissionFromBog: Lab Report: Alicorn Acceptance and Blindness.

Introduction: We have previously established that fluffy mares will reject alicorn foals in the absence of any sensory input. We wished to confirm those findings and determine if it extended to babies from a mare's "special friend."

Materials and Methods: Our mare was a green unicorn named Reba, pictured above. She was bred in-house as part of another project and blinded as soon as she was weaned, then isolated from all social contact except her intended mate.

Our stallion was also bred in-house, a chocolate-brown alicorn named Francis. Francis was also kept in isolation from all contact except with Reba.

Results: Again, disappointing. Francis and Reba successfully bonded and became special friends, with Reba's blindness enabling her to accept Francis first as a friend and then as a mate. Unfortunately, through an unknown mechanism, she was able to sense that some of their foals were alicorns and violently attacked them despite her blindness and their parentage.

Once we confirmed Reba had in fact killed all alicorns from her litter, we terminated the rest of her litter as well as Reba herself. Francis was deemed surplus to future requirements and sold, since we had our damn budget cut again.