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Outsmarting a Smarty
By IGotIdeas

Be You.


Not you.

Fuck you.

Be Kim Wong You.

Kim Wong You was drunkenly prancing along the deserted ruins of Fukushima when a peculiar voice called out.

"Dummeh hoomin!"

Crawling out from under an old abandoned American Mustang, a purple unicorn cries out.

"Dis am smawty hewd wand! Gib nummies o git owwies!"

Behind it, a small herd of fifteen fluffy ponies babble amongst themselves.

They spoke of things concerning the bravery of the smarty and babbehs.

But Kim could give less of a damn.

Being an eighty-three year old Korean man, he didn't even know what a fluffy even was

Hell, the only reason he was in Japan in the first place was to throw bags of explosives at the abandoned homes of them slant-eyed yellow niggers.




Screamed an increasingly agitated Smarty.

Then something happened.

Kim spoke to the Smarty.

I aint gonna bother typing what Kim said seeing as how I don't speak anything but proper Michiganese but needless to say Kim said things rather angrily.



But the Smarty made a mistake.

Behind it, the small herd of fluffy ponies babble away

"Smawty nu know?"

One of the fluffies said.

"Smawties awe supposed tu know eveything!"

Said another.

Then finally one fluffy shouted.

"If Smawty nu know, then Smawty is dummeh fwuffy!"

Sensing he was losing control, the Smarty was quick to act.

But he was to late as the last thing he would ever be aware of would be another unicorn's horn piercing deep into his cranium.

As this was happening the other stallions were hard at work dismembering the Smarty's harem.

But where was Kim during all of this you ask?

Why he was long gone before the fluffies revolted, having been shot to death by a couple of misplaced and confused slavs.

As for the herd, well just as stallions were to descend the Smarty's foals, a stray bullet had hit the Mustang's fuel tank causing the damn thing to violently explode, burning everything.

The only survivor would be a badly burned foal who had the bad luck to be sitting on a particularly ravenous ant hill.

The end.
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IGotIdeas: Back from yet another porn binge...I dont have a problem.
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Anonymous1: Fluffy pony exists for a sec
Fluffy pony drowns

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ElCuCuyfeo: Go back to 4chan edgelord
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Anonymous2: @IGotIdeas: It is only a problem if you run out of porn.

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FluffyPuncher: @Anonymous: never happen in our lifetime.
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Anonymous3: Run out of porn, or run out of meth?

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IGotIdeas: @Anonymous: Meth is a poor man's drug. But yes I have run out.
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Anonymous4: I love shitposts, eddy

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IGotIdeas: @ElCuCuyfeo: whats an egglord?

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Hugboxing_Faggot: @IGotIdeas: A lord of eggs.

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IGotIdeas: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Makes sense as how I like eggs.
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ElCuCuyfeo: Like it? I made it up ! :)