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ForScience: Had the idea of a monster fluff that is too stupid to realize that eating it's friends means they 'go away.'
I did this one with a wacom tablet a friend lent me, and it cut the draw time almost in half, but created a whole new set of problems. Not happy with the errors, but too much work to just trash. Enjoy the mediocrity!

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Pawn: Interesting. I like horror stuff like this! I thought it was a fluffy trap, but maybe he’s possessed.

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Pawn: @Pawn: nvm. The first comment wasn’t loaded when I typed that.

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Disintegral: Nummie fwends am bestes' fwends!

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sugarnacid: Spawn of fluffies and jellenheimers?

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NudeRei: Reminiscent of Parasyte

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Waaaghlord: Fluffies not aware of own situation is always good!

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headcannon: I like it, like some kind of oblivious Thing from outer space or G-Virus type of fluffy.
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Chompew: What an angel