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Cherryblossom’s story: Part 1
It was a nice, cool, autumn morning, where leaves were falling, and “mummahs” pranced
around with their foals. You had an irresistible urge to squash them, or throw them over the
nearby fence, or something torturous, but you didn’t. You were going to be taking care of a fluffy
soon, after all.
When you arrived at the store, you walked straight up to the front counter and spoke directly to
the clerk. “You got any mares on you?”
“Yeh, we got lots of them. You wanna come around back and look at all of ‘em?”
“Sure, why not.” You say, following the clerk to the back of the store, which reeked of shit and
piss. You tried not to mind it much, though. You stopped to look at a mare in the “worthless”
section, obviously down and reconsidering the worth of her life. She obviously was about to be
“Hey, little girl!” You say, scritching the red mare with a purple mane.
“Hewwo, mistah.” The fluffy says. “Fwuffy am su saddies. Am goin gu to incewatow soon.” She
said, a tear rolling down her right cheek.
“Not anymore, you aren’t.” You say, feeling bad for the poor thing. “You’re coming home with
“Weawwy? Nice mistah am gun bwing fwuffy to nyu housie?”
“Of course, buddy.” You say, chuckling a little. “Hey! I want to adopt this one!” You yell at at the
clerk, getting him to come over. At the same time, you pick up the mare under her ribs, being
careful not to hurt her.
“Fwuffy wub gud upsies!” The mare states happily. “Wub nyu daddeh!” She says, hugging your
torso as best she can, giving you as much affection she can do in her current position.
“That’ll be 6 bucks.” The clerk said. You handed him a ten dollar bill.
“Keep the change.” You say, barely able to contain your excitement to be keeping a fluffy after
your old stallion passed away.
You set the mare in the back seat, and said, “try not to poop on my seat back here, okay?”

“Otay, nyu daddeh. Fwuffy nu am gib bad poppies in vroomy munstah.”
“Thanks, buddy.” You say.
Not too many forevers ago, you were sitting in the boxie all alone in the store. But then a nice
mister came in and told you that you could come to his housie with him! You were so excited,
you almost gave happy water! But you gave him huggies instead. You could barely contain your
The new daddy gave the other nice mister a few pieces of green paper. You don’t know what
that means, but you hope it’s good!
Now you are in your daddy’s vroomy munstah, but he told you not to be scaredies. Vroomy
munstahs are scary! You don’t know how to not be scaredies of them. But you try your best.
After many forevers, you were taken out of the vroomy munstah and put inside a litter box!
“Do your business, okay?” Your daddeh said. Whatever he said, you think he meant go poopies
and peepees. So you did that. Then he took you out of the litter box.
“I’m going to lay down some ground rules.” Your daddy said. Rules? Oh, those.
“Rule one, always make poopies in the litterbox.” Daddeh said, pointing to the litterbox.
“Rule two, never demand shit. I want a nice household, and I don’t want a fluffy running around
making poopies on my bed and demanding spaghetti. Just ask nicely.
Daddeh mentioned sketties!
“Rule three, every Friday, if you have behaved the whole week, you get spaghetti. Do you
understand these rules?”
You nod. “Yes, fwuffy undewstan’ wuwes.”
“Oh, I almost forgot.” Your daddy says. “Your name is Cherryblossom.”

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