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Fluffy Springs Saga

tldr intro: Long fluffy story incoming, a complete story with 36 chapters. Some hugbox. Some sadbox. Some abuse. Some unusual head canon. Enjoy! Or don't.

Oh, my fluffies? THEY TALK IN ALL CAPS because it’s annoying.

Long winded version:

Hello! Welcome to my Fluffy Springs Saga, a story that I've been writing specifically for the booru since the first quarter of 2017. Why haven't you seen any of it posted up until now? I wanted to get the entire damn thing finished first. A huge frustration I've run into here is incomplete stories and comics. I want to rage quit this place when I run into one. Since I've never written anything of any significant length before, I wanted to ensure that I didn't fall into the same trap. That trap did exist as I had a six month span of writer's block. But now, the story is complete, proofread, and I feel I can start releasing it into the minds of others! Muhahahaha! Spread my tale! Spread!

One downside of all this is that any criticism can't be taken constructively. The story's done. Finished. Start to end. Maybe there's a great idea that would have happened between chapters 8 and 15 had someone talked about it. Maybe Chapter 32 would have revealed some secrets about the apples and other things.

Well, shit. Too late now.

The near entirety of the story came to me while having a walk at lunch. My mind was awash in a sea of fluffies, sea fluffies be damned, and I pondered upon the whole origination story where PETA releases the fluffies into the wild accidentally. I began to think about how I would go about engineering such a creature and what stage it might be in when the fluffies were cast out into the world prematurely.

I certainly wouldn't have a perfect product and that's part of the charm. But, what sneaky tricks would I already have in there? I've seen some stories where the fluffies have grown an access port in the back of their skull. There are stories out there where an electrical shock resets the fluffies. But that's more of an electrical engineer solution. What would a full blown, genius level genetic engineering team put into a fluffy? A way to reprogram bad behavior while it was debugged? A must! A controllable reproductive system, scalable for company approved breeding programs, but once released to the general public gets shut down to prevent fluffy mills? Certainly, don't be stupid! Can’t have the damn things popping out babies everywhere!

But things were incomplete. Inside jokes were left in. Amusing antics put in as mental relief after 100 hour work weeks were part of the released fluffy prototypes. Temporary control points were in place. Interrupted iterations and experimental paths, backdoors and work-arounds, and a large spreadsheet of To-Be-Determined and Corrective-Actions to be completed that now never will be.

More simply put, they didn't have time to complete their work. The buggy coded creature was sent out into the wild. The team of geniuses, decades ahead of their time, shunned and separated, with the knowledge of what they had accomplished washed away in a near apocalypse of fluffy feet. Now we reach a time when information is slowly creeping back with those with the knowledge of how to do it, and what to look for. Maybe a few clues were found in an estate sale, and were enough to sate the investor. The world had been living with the incomplete pet biotoy and learning to adapt. Accidental discoveries occur by both human and fluffy.

So this is the history and head canon of my story. Fluffies are just some vermin that are around. My fluffies are a more durable animal than the usual depiction as tissue paper origami cartoons. They have biologically based programming of sorts, which can drift over time and does attempt to correct itself. Things can be bred in to a fluffy, or out of. Alicorns are so rare as to be almost mythical. There’s a genetic component to a fluffy’s colors that’s able to be passed down. Diet is incredibly important to a fluffy, and there are consequences to what a fluffy eats.

The story starts out with a new owner, her problems, and then the inevitable downfall, redemption, and salvation. In all, this introduction, 36 chapters, the afterward, and 9 side stories, plus the 1 side story already posted. According to standards on Wikipedia, Chapter 12 is where what I’ve written technically became a novel by word count. That's a lot of story, and I don't expect everybody to stick with the entire saga. But, for those who want to, take comfort that it is complete and will be available to read here. There is an end and it shall be posted in turn.

Unless I get hit by a bus being driven by a fluffy-intelligence-level human. Then you're fucked.


PS: Now that my task of writing the damn thing is complete, I will welcome others to write additional stories and comics in the universe that my brain spat out. Please put the Fluffy_Springs tag to your work, but I ask that you avoid the Fluffy_Springs_Saga to keep it separate from the main story's tags.

In the beginning, I tried to make this a comic. That turned out to be a much longer task than I hoped and one I wasn’t willing to continue. I managed one test portrait of Sprucie before deciding pushing pens was not for me. If you are doing an image based on Fluffy Springs, I do have the RGB code for the majority of the fluffies in the story if you want it. I’ll try to answer comments that I see or from a private message. I was using Excel to run the “breeding code”, to ensure that using my head canon for the fluff color DNA codes could actually result in the colors I needed. A lot of fluffy fetuses got snuffed in that spreadsheet due to their colors. For example, Sprucie, who starts the story, has an RGB of 51-187-119 and her mane is 153-102-0.
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