animated_gif artist:gmonty blood cat foal_dies foals mummah paw shit splat


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Gmonty: Can't move = instant dead
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The_Neutralist: Crap! I forgot to log in when I posted

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Soulvei: @The_Neutralist: You can just delete this post and re-post it after logging in.
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Carolina_Reaper: @The_Neutralist: Or contact Guzzi and he'll gib huggies to make evewyfing bettah.
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Carolina_Reaper: @Carolina_Reaper: Er, I mean link this pic to your account.
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9402553482: Nice work!

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Waaaghlord: Looks quite clumsy but still very cool, i love how the fluffy kind of explodes by a cat playing with it and hitting it against the wall ^^