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A short story by IGotIdeas

Butts was a Fluffy.

A Pegges…Pegsusas… a Wingie Fluffy To be exact.

He would strut around twirling his golden tail like he was hot shit.

He would soon find out that he wasn't hot shit.

When he came across a man wearing another man's skin.

"Hewwo mistuh, wan pway?"

The man didn't say anything.

Instead the man simply pulled a bag out of his butt.

"Wat baggie fo?"

Butts questioned.

But instead of answering the man simply grabbed and threw Butts into the bag.

Then he slammed the bag against the ground multiple times.

And Butts was no more.

The End.
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IGotIdeas: Just occured to me that the vast majority of my human characters are fucked in the head.
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Fluffy_Angst: Butts was placed into a bag that was produced from a madman’s butt?

That’s some symmetry right there.
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Anonymous1: Hehehehehe


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IGotIdeas: @Anonymous: That was my thinking as well!