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The tales of the black hooded fluffy abuser
#1: The Herd Massacre

You are sitting in your office drawing another art piece someone requested from you. This time, he offered to pay you twenty-five bucks if you were to draw a picture of some pink fluffy with purple mane being mutilated. However, you don’t mind drawing gory shit, as you take part in creating that in the real world. You know, killing fluffies.
You’ve been drawing for the past hour now, and have another drive for killing fluffies, a lot of fluffies. So you save your work, put your computer to sleep, and put on a black hoodie with yellow lining, a black bandana, and black pants. You make sure that your bandana is tight, mostly so it doesn’t fall off during your massacre you’re about to conduct.
You grab your trusty butterfly knife, and get on your way. As you walk out, you make sure to lock the door, since, well, you’re not taking chances.
You walk into the forest, making sure to be quiet to not alert a herd to your attention. That would totally ruin it. After about thirty minutes straight of sifting through the forest to find a herd, or at least, a fluffy, you think you’ve found one. You do hear a lot of childish talking, and don’t mention those fuckng lisps. Of course, you can also count in the rhotacism and typical adding -ies to a shit load of plurals. That’s your queue.
You sneak up close to the heard, just as the smarty is giving commands to the herd; “Hewd wissen to smawteh!” And all of the fluffspeak is gone. “Hewd nee num wess nummies fo’ hewd be abwe to suwvive wongah. Da nummies am guin fastew dan dey am bwing to hewd. Untiw fuwthew notice, num wess nummies. Two tuffies am make suwe dat nu fwuffies steaw nummies. Undewstan’?”
You’re about to not need to conserve ‘nummies,’ you fucking shitrats.
You formulate a plan; you’re going to trick them, and then surprise them. The good ol’ bait-and-switch. So you walk in on the scene and say; “RAAAA! I’M GOING TO KILL ALL OF YOU!”
The herd’s toughies make a (futile) attempt to kill you. But you play along with it, to trick them.
“Bleh!” You say, and fall over, pretending to die.
“YESH!” The smarty yells. He walks near you. “Hewd! Tuffies am gib fowewa sweepies to dis hooman! Hewd weawwy am stwong!” As he’s making his monologue, you slowly get back up, and crouch behind him. “Uhhh… Smawty?” A toughie says, pointing to you.
The smarty turns around slowly, and as his eyes widen in realization, you impale him with your knife before he can do anything.
“ScreeEEeeee… *cheep cheep* mummah cum to babbeh..” And you fling it off of you knife.
“Hao dawe hoomin gib smawteh foweba sweepies! Tuffies avenge smawteh!”
The toughies come back and try to kill you again, so you take your knife and swiftly behead one.
You pet another, as it flinches. Then you raise your hand, and chop down on it’s neck, breaking it. You grab the last, and throw it straight into the herd, knocking back and injuring some, others being killed. You walk up to the herd, and say “Come here for huggies!” They all come, because they are gullible as shit.
As they hug you, you take your knife, and kill them while making sure that they don’t make a noise. Then you grab the last one, and “hug” it until it pops. Welp, that went by too fast. Time to go back home and care for my fluffy.

New story? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Hugboxing_Faggot: No.

Just no.
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AlphaBetA: Yeah, not really.
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Anonymous1: @Hugboxing_Faggot: @AlphaBetA: the whole point of the fucking website is for gore, and now you're dismissing it as shit? what the fuck is wrong with you?
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FluffyFluff: What? Isn't it therapeutic?

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MoonMan: Black hood? Butterfly knife? Edgy stuff.
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Anonymous2: one would think he was depressed, and his way to be happy is fucking delete fluffies
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FluffyFluff: @Anonymous: Nice guess, anon

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Soulvei: @Anonymous: The whole point of this website is for fluffies, not necessarily gore although there is a great deal of it. Gore just isn't some people's cup of tea.

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Soulvei: This story isn't really written very well. It's a jumble of ideas that are either hella edgy or not in line with the general cannon. Fluffies wouldn't watch their smarty be gutted and then go to their attacker for hugs. But it's your perogative.
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Anonymous3: fluffies are gullable, though.
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FluffyFluff: i know i know i just jumbled it together for content.
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Anonymous4: Two things you'll never get back:
1. Your tits
2. Your father

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Anonymous5: @Soulvei: are you taking an official hugbox stance?
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Anonymous6: You said "That's your queue." A queue is a line people stand in to wait for something. It should be "that's your cue."