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Soulvei: Taaaaaag yo sheeit
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Researcher_7201: Some great tags would be, Cannibal, Smawty, talkie_babbeh, and dont forget your artist tag!
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Researcher_7201: Also great stuff looking forward to seeing what becomes of mint haha
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Chompew: Yas Yas Yas :D sorry bruhs my internet was gone and I couldn't tagg! Now it's done thanks for ur reminds :p (but chomper still isn't a cannibal BD )
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FluffyFluff: this is cool
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Chompew: Now for the chars:

Here you can see Mom's little darlings - and the disgusting smawty.
Most of them were bought by Mom's sister Arnika, who has a sweet tooth for colors and special fluffs.

(From left to right)
Mabel Sirup is a normal brown fluffy and was the second Fluff that Mom got. She was a rescue and was safed from becoming a littler pal at the fluffy store. Arnika just took her for a dumping price, when she searched for a nice present (she often buy fluffys as a gift for people!). Mabel is very cheerful and has a lot of funny ideas and makes mommah laugh. She also loves to cuddle and warm her lap, but most of the time this spot is already taken by chomper.

Popcorn, Azuro and Minty are siblings. Arnika choose her favorite colors here. Popcorn is a very typical fluff. She whines a lot and like "pwetty thingiew". She and Azuro are very loyal.
Azuro is a curious fluffy - he is very interested in bugs. He's a bit shy and sticks back the most, when the fluffs fight about mommahs attention. He and his sistah got sowwy stompies from Minty quite often - until mommah noticed.

Minty is a smawty babbeh - he was the bestest babbeh even as a alicorn (there were two(!!!) Alicorns in this litter from a premium breeders mare). Also aunt Arnika loves this arrogant and brutal little fucker because he is her favorite/planty color. He loved to bully his siblings and already had secretly killed the 4th one of the litter, when they were still at the breeders house. Minty ALWAYS demanding things and loves to make "sowwy poopies" and "sowwy stompiew". It took mommah nearly 4 days to notice because this sneaky little bastard is good in fooling her around.

And then we have Chomper. She is the oldest fluffy here and VERY loyal to mom. Mom treasures her more then everything, because Chomper was there for her, when she became blind and especially...before. Chomper safed her life during a robbery and also safed mommah from getting raped, when she was only a teenage fluff. During the attacks chomper developed quite a taste for....flesh. special flesh. Her birth defect (sharp teeth) helping her a lot with this desires. Chomper is the only fluffy picked by Mom herself. A breeder wanted to kill her off because of her "ugly" teeth. She was safed by Mom and are inseparable. Chomper is a smart fluffy and senses Mintys shenanigans...and his fear.

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Waaaghlord: Oh, she is blind ... though chomp could partly do/eat what she wants...