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Chompew: Stupid little nagger comes to a neighbour's yard to beg and whine around in annoying voice. She only blabbering things.

"Pwease Mistah! Gib nummies die mummah! Need nummie! Yummy huwtie!
Babbeh nee mikwies. Good babbeh! Onwy witwwe chirpy babbeh!"

Somehow the word/phrase nummie and onwy witwwe babbeh makes me angry :D whoops
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Carolina_Reaper: Yeah, she looks so pitiful that I might have tossed her some stale crackers or something. But if I heard "am onwy wittwe babbeh" come out of her, I'd kick the shit out of her and stomp her foals into oblivion.

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FluffyTorturer97: Mister: wha... You want nummies for tummy owies don't think so now scram shift at before I have to get mista Boomstick.

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Waaaghlord: I would make her an offtr, that she has to pay with her bestes babbeh (of course ask first what the bestes babbeh is...).