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Jelled – 1

After sleeping peacefully, you wake up. Slowly opening your eyes, you gaze around the room. Raspberry’s staring sleepily at you, almost giving you a double heart attack. Your owner is still asleep, buried completely under the covers and pillows.

“...Does she always sleep late?” you ask Raspberry, to which she nods.

“Sometimes, she sweepie untiw fouw thiwty pm...” she says, having reverted back to her fluffspeak. Must be too tired to care.

“Do, uh, you know how to teleport? I know that’s kind of a weird question...” you ask, wanting to start your day.

“Yes, actuawwy! Can tewepowt!” she gleefully chirps, causing the whole world to move! Oop, wait, that’s just your owner turning over in her sleep. “Meet yu outside da doow!” she says before disappearing in a tiny shower of sparkles. You can just make out her hoof shadows under the door.

You teleport and end up next to her by some miracle, since you’re still not sure of the house’s layout. You still waddle around like a drunken toddler, because you never really need to walk. Climbing up the stairs is a nightmare, especially when you’re half Raspberry’s size. She offers you a ride on her back, but you suddenly feel the need to show her that you can do this!

And when you reach the top step, you fall back down. At least jellenheimers can’t feel pain. You just accept it when she uses her magic to pick you up and set you down next to her. You waddle past the box where the tiny cat stays, and she’s asleep, too. Once you reach the door, you and Raspberry teleport out to the alley.

Might as well relieve some stress.
You see some scattered groups of fluffies, most new, but some lingering from yesterday. You spy the remains of the Top-Smarty that you accidently blew up in your nervousness. The headless stump of his neck is currently being fucked by another self-proclaimed “Top Smawty”, continuing the cycle. The mummah whose foals you blew up yesterday is currently hugging and loving her “ugwy babbeh”, crying and saying how sorry she was for calling it those nasty names. Your hearts warm a little at that.

You spy another herd approaching your owner’s doorway. Can’t have that! You nod at Raspberry, who picks them all up with her magic. You quickly teleport any poopie babbehs or alicorns away to the den. She lifts them higher, higher... And viciously slams them down on the ground. The blood covers the both of you. The other fluffies in the alley get the idea, and take off running.

You then walk outside the alley until you reach the park. After finding a rotting tree to sit under, you finally answer some questions to her.

“Why yu tewe... TELEPORT dos babbehs away? Where they go?” Raspberry asks as she wipes herself clean of blood.

“Well, us Jellenheimers feel bad for so called “poopie babbehs” and alicorns, so we teleport them away to our underground den, where they’ll be raised and given the love that most fluffies won’t give them.” You explain, staring past her and at a game of “toss the fucking fluffy” between two lowlifes.

“First off, DON call dem poopies! Dey are brownie babbehs! Second-“ she says before you cut her off.

“Wait, you don’t MIND brown foals?!” you ask, genuinely surprised that she doesn’t view them as shit stains or something.

“Well, I always liked Brownie babbehs. Dey am su cute! An brown fluffies aren’t dat bad, either. Dey tend tu be nice tu anyone who shows dem love...” she says. God, what an abnormal fluffy she is!

“Would you like to find a brown friend?” you ask her without even thinking about what you just said. Oh man, how would her owner react?!

“Yes, I wanna brownie friend! Let’s gu fin one!” she chirps, hopping up and down. Before you know it, she’s teleported halfway across the park, and you somehow manage to follow her.
You end up in another alley deep in the city. Raspberry explains to you that she’s seen a lot of brown fluffies here.

Suddenly, you see a horrifically disgusting sight (at least to jellens): A brown fluffy with a rather feminine mane and body is being fucked. You can’t help but look down, and you find that the brown fluff has half of a wide penis and no balls. He has a dark brown mane, light brown fur, and a white spot on his forehead. He has rather long eyelashes, and what appears to be dark brown lipstick on from a nearby discarded tube. He has a bow in his hair, and he looks like he doesn’t care about anything right now.

“Ooh, dat’s wite, punish enfie not-mawe, big boy. Am bad poopie fwuffy...” he states in the most bored voice you’ve ever heard. His voice is also feminine, it seems. He’s clearly said this a million times. Behind him is a red and blue smarty, going to town on him and slapping his behind with a pathetic little hoof.

“YEAH, DAT’S WITE! DUMMEH POOPIE ENFIE NOT-MAWE AM BEIN PUNISHED! ENF ENF ENF-” he screams before doubling over and proclaiming GUD FEEWS. The smarty stays locked with him for a few second longer before pulling away and smacking him one more time. He bounds behind a trash can and pulls out half of an eaten hamburger to the brown fluffy. He then leaves to go god-knows-where as the brown fluffy chows down.

You look over to Raspberry, expecting her to want to find a different brown fluffy, but she’s... Staring rather intently? Oh god, did she... Did she LIKE that?!

“Raspberry foun nyu friend, Jell!” she proclaims, before leaving you in the dust. That sad excuse for a man is what she wants as a “friend”?!

The brown fluffy doesn’t seem to give a shit that she’s an alicorn. He’s more curious as to why a female fluffy wants anything to do with him.

“Why yu wanna be fwiens wit dummeh poopie not-mawe? Can nu gib enfies, an wook wik mawe...” he says, licking the ketchup off his face.

“I don care if yu am brownie fluffy or girly fluffy! I wanna be yu friend, am dat a bad ting?” she asks him, slightly confusing him with her abnormal speech, but again, he gets over it real quick.

“Weww... Suwe... Buh can Mocha du something fiwst?” he asks, his name apparently being Mocha. Raspberry nods and he walks over to the smarty from earlier.

“GU WAY, YU AM NOT NEEDED WITE NAO DUMM-” he begins before getting a hoof to the face. Mocha slams his face again and again. The smarty screeeeees and tries to call for help, but all the fluffies in the alley either don’t hear him, don’t care, or are afraid. Soon his face has become a rather fetching shade of purplish-blue, his right eye is swollen shut, and a handful of his teeth lay on the ground. Mocha then easily pushes him over onto his back, and walks over to his “no-no stick” and “speciaw wumps”. The smarty, despite his weakened state, realizes what’s going to happen when Mocha shows his teeth. He feebly begs, but to no avail.

Mocha bites his dick and balls off, spitting them out onto the ground. The smarty lets out an ear-piercing screech.

Mocha then goes around the corner out of the alley for a bit, leaving the smarty screaming for a bit as he feebly turns around and tries to put his mangled junk back on his crotch. When he comes back, the still warm butt of a cigarette is in his mouth. He drags it over to the smarty, puts it on his still bleeding crotch, and blows as hard as he can. More screams erupt from the smarty’s throat as he cauterizes the wound, keeping him from dying.

“Hey fwuffies! Nyu enfie not-mawe am hewe!” Mocha cries, prompting the stallions and a few mares to turn their heads. Within seconds, the fluffies move the fastest you’ve ever seen a fluffy move and descend upon the former smarty. A stallion takes his mouth, another takes his ass, and the rest line up. The mares give him sorry poopies, mostly likely in retaliation for whatever horrible things he’s done to them.

Despite not having a nose, you can still smell, and you are “treated” to quite the smells: Burnt flesh, iron, warm feces, the burger, and pure sex. You resist the urge to vomit up stomach acid everywhere, after all, what would Raspberry think if you did that?

Speaking of which, she is currently stamping her hooves on the ground in approval.

“Mocha come wit Raspberry an Jell! Yu gonna be bestest frien! Owner gunna luv yu!” she says, feeling full of herself. Would your owner really feel okay with accepting a dirty feral (that’s not even a TRUE man, no less)?


Turns out yes, she would accept him.

“Urgh... I’m fucking tired... Jus’ teach ‘em how to use the litterbox or go outside, alright? And No fucking sketties shit, we don’t do that in this household...” she said, hair a mess and still in her scraggly t-shirt and shorts. Thing doesn’t seem to get out much...

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-” was all you heard for a while. Your earholes rang for a while after Raspberry let loose her victory shriek. You left the two to their devices before settling on your owner’s bed for a nap. Turns out your owner just fell back down on the bed and passed out. Oh well.

You hate to admit it, but you were getting used to this strange life. It’s very different from the Jellen Nest, you actually are able to have relations with others... You actually feel safe...

You doze off...


You are back in the nest. Strange, you could’ve sworn you were on a bed... Somewhere.

Oh well. It doesn’t matter now. Nothing matters except for one thing, the ONLY thing that should ever matter.

You make your way through the dark, damp tunnels. Other jellens are milling about, mumbling in your strange tongue. You pay them no mind, however. You feel an over-powering urge to keep on moving. It’s as if something great, something powerful is pulling you in, deeper and deeper into the heart of the massive underground nest.

A nagging voice in your head is begging, pleading with you to not do this, but the urge to go to the center... You can’t fight your basic instinct, the driving force that guides all jellens.

After a while, you finally reach it. And you take in the horrific sight in front of your little beady eyes:

A giant, pulsating black mass of flesh and scraggly fur. Blood and sweat is seeping out of its enlarged pores, forming a disgusting puddle around its sides. It breathes labored, liquid-filled breaths as you approach it. Every inch of your tiny body is screaming at you to turn back and run far, far away, but you remain motionless as you slowly tilt your head upwards.

This monstrous being is called Cennend. Cennend is the “parent” of all jellenheimers. From time to time, disgusting boils appear on it, and those boils grow faces, before protruding and falling off. Another jellenheimer born into existence. They lay motionless for a few seconds, before getting up and having their blank face twisted into the signature jellen smile, before mechanically heading down a path that leads to yet another chamber. From there, the jellen can either stay and mill about the hive, or head up to the surface.

Suddenly, the pulsing blob of flesh notices your presence. It opens it eyes, which are a blood red. Tears slip from its eyes, probably from the sheer pain of existing... Or maybe it’s pus, you can’t quite tell. It doesn’t matter, however, because Cennend opens its mouth. A disgusting, warm waft of death and rot blows over your little face, and you can see bits of fuzz and organs covering its jagged teeth.

You keep on smiling, and you instinctually close your eyes in contentment as its sticky, warm tongue shoots out and wraps itself around your tiny body.

But this isn’t right. Everything feels so wrong... You may be smiling and calm on the outside, but on the inside, you are screaming as loud as you can, trying to move a muscle. You can’t go back into the digestive fluid of this beast! You’ve discovered that there is more to this life than just causing chaos and finding food! You have friends now, you have a REAL home now!

You feel the drool drip down onto your tiny body, and although you can’t see, you can sense that Cennend closed its mouth now. You feel a mighty suction as you are swallowed into the stomach of the beast. You hear gurgling as the sound of flesh fizzling as you are digested. Jellenheimers can’t feel pain, fortunately...

...But nobody ever said anything about mental pain, did they?


You wake with a start. It seems that Raspberry and Mocha made their way into the room, and your owner has shifted in her sleep.

It was just a dream... You’re still in your home, with your friends, with Raspberry...

You hope you never go back to see Cennend... You can’t just accept your inevitable “death” anymore...

You can’t...


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Fluffwit: I pooed this outta my ass.

The style changes halfway through and might be shitty at first because this was made over the course of a few months, with tiny edits each time, because my inspiration went away.
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Anonymous1: It's good to see this story continuing I was really enjoying it still am to this day.
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Fluffwit: @Anonymous: Thank you!