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Kerry’s Stor; Part Twenty Four

By differential_Sloth


‘Id was dah soon dawktime, an Wickie was havin nummies wif fwends.’

You, your Wingie baby, and the Bestest toughie sit with Rickie at one of your quiet places away from the herd.

‘Was… Was tawkin boud makin nyu pwace fow nummies an big nestie fow babbehs, a-an den, *gulp* den, Wickie heaw wotsa woud noises.’ Some sad water comes out of Rickie’s see places. ‘W-wickie an fwends go wook, an… A-an dewe was…’

‘Wat happen?’ You ask. ‘Wat Wickie see?’ It takes a few moments for him to speak again.

‘Dewe were wotsa fwuffies cummin fwom fowest,’ he says quietly. ‘Wickie nu knu any of dem. Nu knu wat day wan, bud den… Den, *sob.*’

‘Id am otay,’ your baby says. ‘Fwuffies nu wan huwt Wickie; jus wan knu wat happen.’ You glance at him quickly; not how you would have said it, but looks like it worked.

‘*Sob* O-otay *Sniff* Wickie see nyu fwuffies giv *sob* giv fwends stompies an kickies an…’ He shakes his head. ‘Day giv dem fowewa sweepies. Wickie *Sob* Wickie wun way; aww hewd twy wun way. Oda fwuffies catch wotsa hewd an, giv dem bad huwties.’ Sad water drips off Rickie’s face. ‘Wickie twy tu find fwend Bwubewwy, bud when Wickie get tu fwend’s nestie oda fwuffies whewe dewe tuu. B-bwubewwy had… W-was fowewa sweepies *sob* bad fwuffies wewe givin his speciaw fwend bad speciaw huggies, an bad speciaw huggies tu-’

‘Wickie nu nee say ewyting,’ you say, as nicely as you can. ‘Teww Smawty wat happen when yu wun way.’

Rickie cries for a little bit, but keeps talking; ‘*Sniff* Wickie wun way. Bad fwuffy catch Wickie an giv huwties, bud got way. Wickie find Owib fwend an smaww fwuffy, den wun way. Wickie an fwends wun, jus wun…’ Rickie’s body starts to shake; he probably won’t be able to keep this up much longer, so you should ask him a different question while you have the chance.

‘Smawty wan knu sumtin,' Rickie looks up at you but doesn't speak. ‘Did fwuffies fwom yuw hewd tawk tu oda fwuffies in fowest?’ After a few moments, Rickie nods. ‘Wat yu say?’

Rickie hangs his head again; ‘Ask, if fwuffies wan be fwends…’

You turn to the Bestest toughie; ‘Go find Wunnie’s Daddeh an his fwends.’

‘Yes Smawty,’ He leaves you and your baby with Rickie. Neither of you talks to him, and Rickie doesn't talk to you; he's too upset. Luckily, the wait isn’t long; the Bestest toughie comes back with Runny’s Daddeh, and the two fluffies he usually goes nummie finding with.

‘Uh, Smawty wan see Fwuffies?’

‘Yes; yu ewa see dis fwuffy?' The three of them look at Rickie; he looks up but puts his head back down when he sees who it is.

After not long at all, the green pointy fluffy says, ‘Yes Smawty, dis am fwuffy dat fwuffies teww Bestest tuffy boud.’

‘Tank yu. Yu fwuffies can go nao.' They nod and leave the quiet place. With that sorted, you look back at Rickie; he’s been through a lot, and you don’t want to be too hard on him. Still, what a dummy. Maybe he wasn’t the one who talked to the bad fluffies, but it doesn’t matter who did. Anyway, none of that’s important right now; you have what you need from Rickie, but now you need to figure out what to do with him and the other fluffies.

‘Wickie, yu gu wif Smawty’s Babbeh,’ you look at him. ‘Take dis fwuffy an his fwends to wong wawa, an get dem nummies.’ He nods, and you look back at Rickie. ‘Smawty find yu soon.’

‘*Sniff* O-otay...’ He gets up and follows your baby away from the quiet place.

‘Dis way fwend.’ They leave, and you wait for the Bestest toughie to find and bring over the Next bestest toughies. You wonder if Big Red and Tree should be here too, but decide against it; they’re good toughies, but there’s more they need to learn before they’re ready to sit in on these things. The Bestest toughie arrives with the others, and you get to talking.

‘Weaf nu tink day shud be in hewd,’ one of The Next bestest toughies, Leaf, says. ‘Day am dummehs, and bad fow hewd.’

‘Bud nu can wet dem weave,’ another says. ‘Day knu whewe safe pwace am!’

‘Dat am easy,’ Leaf says.


‘Tuffies take dem intu fowest, an giv dem fowewa sweepies.’

‘Dat wowk,’ The Bestest Toughie says. ‘Wat Smarty tink?’

After using your thinkie place, you say ‘Nu.’ You don’t have a problem giving bad fluffies forever sleepies, bad fluffies. Rickie might have been the one who told the bad fluffies where his herd’s safe place was, but he might not have; there’s no way to know. The other fluffy who came with him, Olive, says she never went into the forest because it was too scary. And what about her babbies and the little fluffy? They’re too little to have done anything bad yet! No, giving them forever sleepies isn’t an option. The herd understood when you gave forever sleepies to, her, but they’ll never understand doing it to fluffies who escaped bad fluffies or monsters.

‘Otay,’ Leaf says. ‘Bud, wat du wif dem?’

‘If nu can giv dem fowewa sweepies,’ the Bestest toughie says, ‘day nee stay hewe, an nu can weave.’

You and some of the others nod; he’s right.

‘Bud wat if nyu fwuffies am bad fwuffies?' Another toughie, which Little gave the name Rock too, says. ‘Maybe dis am twick.'

‘Nu, Smawty nu tink nyu fwuffy wan twick hewd.’ You say.

‘Smawty am wight; fwuffies nu can wie wike dat.’ The talk goes on for a while, a long while; at times it feels like you’re all going in a circle, but everyone agrees the new fluffies can’t leave the safe place. It shouldn't be hard to keep them here though; you don’t think they’d want to leave. They’ll need a job to do in the herd, but you already have something in mind. ‘Otay,’ you tell everyone, ‘Smawty knu wat du wif nyu fwuffies. Nyu fwuffies can stay, bud day nu can weave safe pwace. If day twy,’ you look all your toughies, ‘den giv dem fowewa sweepies.’

‘Yes, Smawty!'

‘Gud.’ You look at the Next bestest toughies. ‘Yu go nao.’ After they leave, you say to the Bestest toughie ‘Go get does fwuffies; Smawty wan tawkies tu dem gain.’ Not long after, Rickie and his friends are in front of you. ‘Wisten tu Smawty; Smawty say yu fwuffies can stay in hewd.’

Rickie’s face lights up; ‘W-weawy?’

‘Yes, bud yu nu can tawkies yet.' Rickie flinches a little but does what you say, a good sign. ‘Yu can stay, bud nee du wat Smawty say. Yu undewstan?' Rickie and Olive nod. ‘Gud. Nao, Smawty say yu nu can weave safe pwace.'

‘Huh? W-wai?’

‘Cause yu nu knu how tu wive in fowest. Fwuffies in yuw hewd tawkies tu oda fwuffies tuu much, dat am wai bad fwuffies find yu.' They get looks on their faces which go from mad to sad, then back and forth a few times. But, they don't say anything. ‘Yu fwuffies nee du ting in hewd tuu. So, Smawty say Wickie an Owib am nyu poopie pwace diggahs.'

That gets their attention; they look at you, see places and nummie places wide open. ‘P-poopie pwace…’

‘Poopie pwace diggahs. Yu nu heaw Smawty?’

‘B-bud wai? Wai Wickie an fwend nee-’

You walk so close to Rickie your face nearly touches his; he shakes and makes scardie sad water. ‘Wickie am in Smawty’s hewd nao. Smawty nu am bad fwuffy, Smawty nu wike givin fwuffies huwties. Bud,’ you lean a little closer, ‘Smawty nu wike fwuffies dat nu wisten, dat nu fowwow wuwes! Dat nu du wat Smawty say.’ You stare into his see places for a little longer, then step back. ‘Id am easy; du wat Smawty say, yu an hewd be safe. Undewstan?' They nod; good. ‘Bestest tuffy.'

‘Yes, Smawty.'

‘Take Wickie an Owib tu poopie pwace an show dem wat day nee du. Den,’ you look at the two of them, ‘hewp dem find pwace tu make den, an nestie.’

‘Ah, yes Smawty! Dis way.’ He leads Rickie and Olive away from the quiet place. With that done, you sit and take a moment to use your thinkie place. New fluffies are always a risk, but there wasn’t much choice with these ones. However, after what happened last time, you’ll be keeping a very close watch on them.


‘Wat Wunnie tink of dose nyu fwuffies?’

‘Huh? Wat nyu fwuffies?’ After brighttime nummies, you went to work on your den and nestie. You didn’t notice much else that’s happened.

‘Dah nyu fwuffies yuw Bwudda an Twee bwing back,’ Daddeh’s Orange friend says. ‘One of dem was Fwuffy dat fwuffies see when was findin nummies.’

It takes a few moments for you to figure out who he’s talking about. ‘Oh. Wai am day in hewd nao?’

‘Cause day wewe dummehs,’ Daddeh’s Green friend says.

‘Huh? Wat Fwuffy mean?’

The four of you go a little way before he answers. ‘Fwuffy say day wewe gun wet bad fwuffies knu where dewe safe pwace am. Dat happen.'

A sharp chill crawls through your body, and your tummy goes little tight. ‘W-weawy?’

He nods. ‘Yuw daddeh an Fwuffies see dem; was same fwuffy.’

‘Bud, den wai am day in hewd?’ You ask. ‘Wai day hewe?’

‘Twee an Big Wed take dem tu safe pwace,’ Daddeh says. ‘Smawty wan knu wat happen tu dem, cause id keep hewd safe.’

‘Bud wai he wet dem stay if day am dummehs?’ You follow Daddeh and his orange friend past some large rocks. ‘Wunnie nu undewstan.’

‘Smawty nu wan keep dem,’ Daddeh’s orange friend says, ‘bud he nu wan dem tu weave, cause day knu whewe safe pwace am. Nu am safe tu wet dem go in fowest.’

‘Nu am safe tu wet dem stay!’ Daddeh’s green friend says. ‘Day am dummehs dat wet bad fwuffies find dewe safe pwace!’ He gets a mad look on his face. ‘Shud jus giv dem fowewa sweepies.’

‘Fwend, dat am biggest meanies!’

‘Day hav babbehs wif dem!’ You nearly yell.

‘Fwuffy nu say giv babbehs fowewa sweepies, dummehs,’ Daddeh’s green friend shakes his head, ‘jus dah big fwuffies.’

‘Fwuffies nu shud wowwies boud dem,’ Daddeh’s orange friend says. ‘Onwy Smawty can du dat, an if day am big dummehs, he… He, deaw wif id.’ He shakes his head. ‘Fwends nu shud tawkies boud dis nu mowe; shud find nummies so Fwend an Wunnie can hav babbehs!!’

Daddeh’s Green friend looks at you. ‘Fwend am wight; nummie findahs find bestest nummies!’ With that, you drop the subject and move further into the new part of the forest; Daddeh and his friends are sure there are good nummies like fruit around there, somewhere. You certainly don't think they're dummies, but you'll believe it when you see it. The walk is long, but at least it isn't boring; new parts of the forest are always exciting, and you never know what-

‘Hey, dummehs!’

Your fluff stands on end, and your tummy curls around itself; you turn your head, and see two and three fluffies by a hole not far away. None of them are familiar, and they all look really mad! One of them, a dark grey pointy fluffy with a black mane steps forward; ‘Who am yu dummehs?! Wat yu doin hewe!?’

You want to dig a big, big hole and hide in it! Daddeh’s green friend steps forward and answers the mad fluffy. ‘Fwuffies nu duin anyting, jus wawkies.’

‘Den wawkies in oda pwace!!’ The grey fluffy yells. ‘Gu way nao, ow fwuffies giv aww yu stompies!!’

‘Otay. Dis way fwends,' Daddeh's green friend leads you away from the other fluffies; you look over your shoulder and see the grey fluffy watch you go. When you're far away enough, Daddeh’s green friend says ‘Does nu wewe bad fwuffies.’

‘Huh? Bud, day-’

‘Nu waned knu boud fwuffies ow safe pwace, dat mean day am gud.’ He looks at you, ‘Onwy bad fwuffies an dummeh fwuffies wan knu boud oda fwuffies an safe pwaces. Wunnie wememba dat.’

‘O-otay…’ He's right, you know he's right; the grey fluffy scared you, that's all. You try to keep it out of your thinkie place and focus on the forest. Focus on finding nummies.


‘Hey! Who am… Oh, sowwies.’ The toughie says before he recognises all of you.

‘Dat am otay fwend.’ Daddeh says. ‘Did nice Tuffy see anyting?’

‘Nu. Nu munstahs ow bad fwuffies in fowest dis bwighttime. Fwuffies find gud nummies?'

‘*Sigh,* Nu.’ Daddeh hangs is head. ‘Nu cud find gud nummies.’

‘Dat am saddies; sowwies fwends,’ he says. Then, ‘Fwuffies see oda fwuffies in fowest?’

‘Yes,’ you tell him. ‘Bud, day knu wan tawkies tu fwuffies. Day jus, jus…’

‘Teww fwuffies go way,’ Daddeh’s green friend says.

‘Gud.’ The toughie says. ‘Otay fwends, Tuffy nee watch fowest gain. Bai.’

Daddeh says bye to the toughie, then leads you past him toward the safe place. You can’t wait to get back, have some darktime nummies and go to sleep, especially since you didn’t find any good nummies. ‘Fwuffy sowwies nu cud find gud nummies,’ Daddeh’s orange friends says.

‘Dat am otay fwend,’ Daddeh tells him. ‘Fwuffies twy gain nex bwighttime.’

Yes, next brighttime.

‘Otay. Bai fwends.’ You split up, and follow Daddeh back to the den so yu can meet up with everyone for darktime nummies.

‘Nu be saddies Wunnie,’ Daddeh says. ‘Fwuffies find gud nummies soon. Jus nee keep wookin.’

‘Otay Daddeh,' you say. On the walk back, you start to feel a little better; this brighttime didn't go well, but there'll be others, and you haven't looked in every part of the forest yet. Things might be better the next time. You feel pretty good about it, until you get clsoe to the den; from where you are, you can hear lots of talking. You're still too far away to hear wordies clearly, but you already know what Flower's talking about. ‘*Sigh*'

‘Daddeh knu, Wunnie.’


It’s been a few brighttimes after Flower, and her special friend had special huggies for the first time. Since then, they've found a spot to make their den and spent lots of time making it. Big Red and Tree helped with the digging, but they still had their toughie jobs. And, Flower's Special friend needs to spend a lot of the brighttime learning Smarty things. It's not a big deal though; the inside part's done, and there's a place for the nestie. Now, it's time for you to help.

After first brighttime nummies, you and Flower go to get long grassies for her nestie. It's a very pretty brighttime; the sky ball's out, there are lots of birdie friends making pretty songs, and all the flowers have come back, so everything smells nice! Plus, you're helping one of your babies make their nestie like a good mummah should. It's a great brighttime, except for…

‘How shud Fwowah sweepies when am soon mummah?’

‘Am wunnin bad fow tummeh babbehs?’

‘Can… Can Fwowah an Speciaw fwend hav speciaw huggies gain? Can dat giv tummeh babbehs huwties?’

Flower’s questions have. Not. Stopped. You’ve given up telling her you don’t know; when you do, it doesn’t stop her for long. So, you let Flower talk and answer whenever you can.


‘*Sigh* Yes, Fwowah?’

‘Um, when du tummeh babbehs move?’


‘Fwowah wan knu when tummeh babbehs stawt movin.’ She looks back at her tummy. ‘Nu can feew dem yet.’

Hmm, that’s a good question actually; you try and think back to when Flower and your other babbies were still in your tummy, but can’t remember when they started to move. When they did, before you knew what was really happening, you thought it was just your tummy acting silly. After all, you told your Special friend not to give you tummy babbies, so you never expected to have them. You’re not mad at him for messing up, even if it did make things, really sad…

‘Mummah? Mummah wat am wong?’

You look back at Flower. ‘Huh?’

‘Mummah nu was tawkies, an wooked wike had biggest saddies,’ she says. ‘Wat am wong?’

You think about how to explain, but all the thinkie place pictures start to come back; Daddeh’s mad wordies and face, all the yelling when he found you and your Special friend, going to the shelter, finding out their plans, and all the scardies and saddies. ‘Id am nuting Fwowah,’ you say quietly. ‘Mummah nu knu when tummeh babbehs move.’


‘Mummah nu knu, Fwowah.’ You don’t mean to sound so mean and cold, but you don’t want to tell her all about your life before you came here. You’re, not ready yet.

‘O-otay Mummah, Fwowah am sowwies.' For the rest of the trip to the long grassies and back to her nestie, neither of you talk. It doesn't feel nice. You kind of miss all her questions right-


Maybe you spoke too soon… ‘Yes, Fwowah?'

‘W-wai am havin bestest babbeh bad ting?’ She asks. ‘Mummah was maddies at Fwowah when said was bestest babbeh, an say id am bad ting. Bud, Mummah nu say wai.’

No, you didn’t. At the time, they were too little to hear the story of the horrible monster mummah and her bad babbies. Flower’s not a little baby anymore though, and she’ll be a mummah soon! It’s time she learnt. ‘Dis way Fwowah.’

‘Whewe goin?’

‘Back tu den,’ you tell her. ‘Mummah nu wan teww yu dis in oda pwace.’


You lead Flower to the den, your den, and take her inside. No one else is here; good. ‘Otay,’ you sit down. ‘Fwowah, Mummah am gun teww yu wai havin bestest babbeh am bad ting.’ You tell Flower the story of the monster mummah on Fluff-TV; you tell her how the mummah treated her babbies by the colour of their fluff, what she let her “pretty babbies” do to the others, and what she did to the poor brown baby. You don’t leave anything out, no matter how scary or sad it is. If Flower wants to be a good mummah, she needs to hear it. Plus, she did ask.

When you’re done, sad water pours down Flower’s face. ‘W-wai…’ She says it so quietly, you nearly don’t hear it. ‘*Sob* W-wai she du dat?’ You rush over and give Flower a big hug; once you do, she hugs you back and starts to cry really hard.

‘Uuuuhuhuhuhu!!! *Sob* Huhuhuhu!!’

You sit and hug Flower while she cries. She makes so much sad water it makes your fluff wet, and hugs you so tight it almost hurts. But, you ignore it and let her cry. It takes a long time for Flower to stop, and it’s a little longer before she can talk again. ‘*Sob* F-fwowah pwomise Mummah, *Sob* Pwomise newa hav bestest babbeh! Fwowah wub aww babbehs, pwomise!’ You hug her a little closer; it gives you bad heart hurties to make her this upset, but it’s worth it. You know Flower will never turn out to be a bad mummah now.


You look at the way in, and see a fluffy with pretty green fluff and a white mane; it’s the Smarty's special friend. ‘Yes, nice fwuffy.' You say. ‘Kewwy jus *sniff* jus tewwin Fwowah boud how be gud mummah.’

‘Oh, otay.’ For a few moments, none of you talk, which doesn't feel nice. Luckily, the Smarty’s special friend talks again. ‘Um, Fwuffy wan knu if Kewwy an Fwowah nee hewp wif nestie.’

‘Y-yes nice Fwuffy,’ Flower says, ‘*Sniff* D-dat soun gud.’

‘Otay, wets go.’ You and Flower follow her out of your den back to Flower’s. On the way though, you remember you didn’t get any long grassies before you took Flower back to your den. You go to the long grassies place first, and then back to Flower’s den. For the next little while, the three of you work to make a nestie for Flower, her special friend, and her tummy babbies. You and the Smarty’s special friend do most of the work, and Flower tests it out.

‘Wat Fwowah tink?’

She shifts around a little. ‘Id am otay, bud wong grassies am givin Fwowah scwatchies.’

‘Dat am cause nee twee fwuff,’ the Smarty’s special friend says.

‘O-oh, sowwies. Fwowah fowget.’

‘Dat am otay,’ you say. ‘Mummah an nice Fwuffy go find twee fwuff. Fwowah stay hewe an twy make nestie bettah.’

‘Otay Mummah!’ Flower gets up and starts to work on the nestie, while you and the Smarty’s special friend leave to find some tree fluff.

‘Am Kewwy sited fow be mummah mummah?’

‘Uh-huh!’ You tell her. ‘Kewwy nu can wait! Nu can wait fow meet Fwowah’s babbehs, an hewp hew be gud mummah!’

‘Fwuffy am sited tuu,’ the Smarty’s special friend says. ‘Wingie Babbeh an Fwowah am gun be bestest mummah an daddeh.’

‘Dat am wight! So, whewe wan wook fow twee fwuff?’

‘Dis way,’ she says. You follow the Smarty’s special friend a little way into the forest. ‘Hewe,’ she walks over to a tree with fluff on it. You both grab some and take it back to the den.

‘Fwowah, Mummah an nice Fwuffy hav twee fwuff!’

‘Yay!’ Flower takes the tree fluff, puts it in the nestie and gets back on. ‘Dis feew wots bettah! Can Mummah an Speciaw Fwend mummah get mowe?’

You look at the Smarty’s special friend; ‘Uh-huh, dewe am mowe twee fwuff. Kewwy fowwow Fwuffy.’ You follow her out of the den and back to the forest; this time though, you go further in.

‘Whewe fwuffies goin?’

‘Nu goin big way,’ she says. ‘Jus wittwe way. Tuffies cum quick if bad ting happen.' Well, that's good. The pair of you walk for a little longer and arrive at some more trees with new fluff. It doesn't look like any other fluffies have been here. How does the Smarty’s special friend know where to look? ‘Speciaw fwend find twee fwuff wast, wast bwight-time.' She must have heard your thinkie place. ‘He teww Fwuffy whewe go.’

‘Wai he… Dah Smawty nu teww oda fwuffies?’

‘Cause he wan du speciaw ting fow Wingie babbeh an Fwowah,’ she grabs some tree fluff and puts it on her back. ‘Am Kewwy otay? Wai nu get twee fwuff?’

‘Uh, Kewwy am otay!’ You grab some tree fluff too; your thinkie place couldn’t tell if what the Smarty did was mean or nice. Maybe its a little of both.

‘Dewe am gun be wots mowe twee fwuff soon,' the Smarty's special friend says. ‘Speciaw fwend nu teww oda fwuffies, cause Fwowah am fiwst soon mummah. Soon mummahs nee soft nesties, so tummeh babbehs nu get huwties.'

Well in that case it sounds like what he did was nice after all. What the Smarty’s special friend said though, it makes you think about something you didn’t want to again; your poor little babbies who went forever sleepies, the green and brown ones. Is it because you didn’t have soft nesties when you were trying to get through the forest?

‘Kewwy? Wat am wong?’


‘Kewwy wook wike hav saddies.’

You shake your head and try to force the old thinkie place pictures out. ‘Nu, Kewwy am otay!’

‘Otay. We take twee fwuff back tu den nao.’ You do that, then make one more trip. Before you get to the edge of the safe place, the Smarty’s special friend tells you it’ll be a longer walk.

‘Dat am otay, Kewwy wike goin wawkies in fowest.’ You haven’t been out of the safe place since before the cold times, and it’s nice to see the forest again; all the flowers and pretty birdies, and the-

‘Kewwy nu am scawdies boud bad fwuffies?’

‘Huh? Wat bad fwuffies?’

The Smarty’s special friend gets a scared look on her face; ‘Speciaw fwend tink dewe am bad fwuffies in fowest, a bad hewd.’

‘Huh? Wai Smawty tink dat?’

‘Kewwy knu does nyu fwuffies?’

‘Uh-huh,’ Big Red told you about them. You haven’t seen them much though.

‘Day cum hewe cause bad fwuffies… Bad fwuffies du bad tings tu dewe hewd.’

Big Red didn’t tell you about that part; he mustn't have wanted to scare you. ‘W-wat day du?’

The Smarty’s special friend doesn’t talk for a while. ‘Speciaw fwend nu say,’ she says at last, then shakes her head. ‘Fwuffy nu wan tawkies boud id, am tu saddies an scawdies.’ She looks up, ‘Jus wan tink boud happy tings, wike Wingie babbeh bein daddeh soon!’ For the rest of the trip, the pair of you talk about Flower and her Special friend being a mummah and daddeh, which makes both of you happy again!

The last trip is long enough to learn quite a bit about the Smarty’s special friend; she’s a really nice fluffy, and really smart too! She doesn’t know quite as much as All Mummah, but she’s no dummy. That’s good, you can send Flower to her when she has question about being a mummah. Speaking of flower, when you get back to the den you find her in the nestie, asleep.

‘Wakies Flower!’

‘Eee!’ She wakes up with a jolt and looks all over for a couple of seconds. ‘Oh, sowwies Mummah,’ Flower says when she sees it’s you. ‘Nu mean go sweepies, bud was doin wots wif nestie, an get sweepies. An, an nestie was weawy-’

‘Dat am otay,' you put the tree fluff down next to the nestie. Flower gets out, and together with you and the Smarty's special friend put it in the nestie. By the time you're done the nestie looks ready to have a whole family in it, which is good because soon it will!! With the nestie done, you go get next brighttime nummies, and the three of you sit in the den to have them. You talk about lots of stuff; how excited you are to meet Flower's babbies, how good of a job everyone's done on the den and the nestie, and the Smarty's special friend even starts to tell the story of how she and the Smarty-


Your fluff stands on end. ‘M-mummah?' You ignore Flower and rush out of the den. When you look up, your tummy sinks into the ground; the sky is covered in sky fluffies, and they look mad!! You thought it was getting darker!! ‘Mummah? Mummah wat am wong?!' Flower calls from inside. ‘Fwowah hav scaw-’



You dash back inside; ‘Sky fwuffies!! Day am maddies!!’

Flower stands frozen for a moment, ‘Screee!!’ then runs to the nestie and hides under her leggies. You and the Smarty's special friend go over and get in a fluff pile to keep her safe and help your own scardies. Right after you do, the sky fluffies and their breezie monster friends attack the safe place.


‘Wun! Dis way, huwwy!!’ You run after Daddeh and his friends as fast as your leggies will take you! The plan was to head back to the safe place for next bright time nummies, then head out looking for new fruit trees. Now, a whole bunch of mad sky fluffies want to give you hurties, and maybe forever sleepies!!

‘Fastah!!’ Daddeh’s green friend screams. You want to scream too when sky water lands on your head and back, but you put everything you have into running; you have to get to a safe place, wherever it is!! It better be close though; there’s so much sky water coming down, and it’s making it hard to-

‘Dewe!!!’ Daddeh yells. ‘Fwuffies hide dewe!!!’ He leads you all to what he’s found; you can’t see too well, but it looks like a hill. The four of you run for it as fast as you can, and reach it just as the sky water comes down really hard!

‘*Haff haff haff haff haff,*’ That wasn’t fun at all; your leggies and chest have bad hurties, and your fluff is all wet!! It feels awful!!

‘Am Wunnie otay?’ Daddeh asks.

‘Nu!! Huhu nu wike wawa in fwuff!!’

‘Jus shake wots!’ Daddeh’s orange friend shakes about a lot; it gets most of the water out of his fluff, but some of it gets on you!


‘Cum on Wunnie,' Daddeh says. ‘Id make yu feew bettah!' He shakes too, but further away, so the water doesn't get on you.

‘Nngh,’ you grit your teethies, and shake yourself as hard as you can; it’s not easy, especially with your leggie and chest hurties. Your head starts to feel funny, then not pretty! How long will you have to do this? ‘Dat am nuff Wunnie!’ Daddeh says. You stop, but your head and thinkie place seem to keep going. It nearly makes you fall over, but Daddeh comes over to help. ‘Am Wunnie otay nao?’

You take more breaths, big ones. ‘Yes Daddeh, Wunnie feew otay nao.’

‘Gud,’ He gives you a hug, then looks around the… Where are you anyway? Well, you feel better so you can find out. It's a strange place, really strange. It’s like, something dug a den, but into rocks! If that’s what happened, ‘*Gulp*’ you really hope whatever made this place doesn't come back…

‘Fwuffies gun be safe hewe,’ Daddeh’s green friend says. ‘Sky wawa nu can get in hewe.’

‘Gud,’ you say. ‘Bud, how wong fwuffies nee stay hewe?’

‘Nu knu Wunnie,’ Daddeh walks back over. ‘Bud, fwuffies shud twy find pwace fow nestie in hewe. When sky fwuffies go way, cud be tuu dawkies tu get back tu safe pwace.’

‘Otay…’ You do what Daddeh says, but you really hope the sky fluffies leave you enough time to get back to the safe place. After this, the only thing you’ll want to do is sleep in your own nestie, with Sky. Part way through searching the strange place for a nestie spot,



You turn around faster than you thought you could; your heart beats in your hear places, but it goes back to normal when you see it's only a couple of fluffies. Fortunately, this time you recognise them.

‘*Haff haff* Nu huwties! Fwuffies am fwom hewd tuu!’ One of them calls, then shakes himself to get the water out of his fluff; he has to shake a lot more than you, Daddeh and his friends did, because he has much more water in his fluff.

‘Am wookie fwuffies otay?’ Daddeh’s green friend asks.

One of them, a brown fluffy, nods. ‘Am otay…’

‘Wat wookie fwufffies doin?’

‘Twyin get back tu safe pwace,’ the other says. ‘Wookie fwuffies find, sumtin…’

‘Wat? Wat wookie fwufffies find?’

‘Id am sumtin Smawty nee knu.’

‘Den teww fwufffies,’ Daddeh says. ‘Den dewe am mowe fwuffies tu teww Smawty.’

‘*Sigh* Otay,’ the brown lookie fluffy says. ‘Wookie fwuffies whewe in fowest, an find oda fwuffies.’

‘Mowe oda fwuffies?’ You ask.

‘Wat day wook wike?’

‘Tink day bad fwuffies?’

‘Nu, nu whewe bad fwuffies,’ a sad and scared look goes over the lookie fluffy’s face. ‘Day wewe fowewa sweepies.’ It feels like the strange place gets colder.

‘Whewe day fwom hewd?’ Daddeh asks.

‘Nu, nu wewe fwom hewd.' The lookie fluffy says. Even though you're sad for those fluffies, you can't help but feel a little happy they weren't from the herd.

‘Fwuffy nu undewstan,’ Daddeh’s green friend says, ‘wai nee teww Smawty boud dis?’

The lookie fluffy looks at him; ‘Cause sumtin take dewe wumps.’


*Rumble, crackbooom!!*

‘Huuuhuhuu nu wike bad sky fwuffies!!’ Snow cuddles even closer to you. ‘Pwease nu wet bad sky fwuffies giv Snu huwties Big Wed!!’

‘Nu be scawdies, Big Wed nu wet anyting giv Snu huwties.' You hug her close and lay your head over hers. Normally, being this close to her makes you really happy, warm and, makes other parts of you really tingly. You’ve got all those feels right now, but you’re also kind of embarrassed because of where you are. Careful to not let them know, you look over at the Bestest toughie and Tree. Before the sky fluffies started to attack the safe place, the three of you were hanging around their den; the Bestest Toughie wanted to teach you and Tree more toughie stuff, stuff they didn’t teach when you were little.


‘Nex bestest tuffies du wat Smawty an Bestest tuffy say, an teww oda tuffies wat du. Sumtimes day hewp Smawty tink boud tings, ow take tuffies intu fowest to deaw wif bad fwuffies an munstahs.’


‘Twee undewstan, Daddeh.’

‘So, wat Bestest tuffy du?’ You ask. To your surprise, it takes him a while to answer.

‘Wotsa tings,’ he says after a while. ‘Nee hewp Smawty wots, an make suwe fwuffies am doin wat day sposed tu, wotsa tings.’

‘Otay. Uh, how be bestest tuffy?’

He looks at you; ‘Big Wed tink can be Bestest tuffy?’

Some hot prickles crawl under your fluff; you didn’t mean it like that, and you have no idea how to answer! ‘Uh… M-maybe? N-nu wan be Bestest tuffy nao, jus-’

The Bestest toughie holds up a hoof; ‘Big Wed nu nee wowwies boud dat,’ he looks at you and Tree. ‘Yu nu knu nuff tu be Bestest Tuffy.’

‘Twee undewstan Daddeh. Bud, can Daddeh say how be Bestest tuffy?’

He goes quiet again. ‘Dat am… Nu can say. Hewd onwy hav one Bestest tuffy.’

You and tree look at each other; ‘Can Bestest tu-’

‘Bestest tuffy stawt be Bestest tuffy aftah hewp Smawty be nyu Smawty.’


‘Bestest Tuffy teww yu dat oda time,’ he interrupts. ‘Nu mowe tawkies boud dis. Nao,’ The Bestest toughie talks on, and on, and on… Some of what he says is interesting, but you really have to force yourself to pay attention. After lots of talking, the Bestest toughie finally says, ‘Otay, am time fow nex bwighttime nummies.’ The three of you go get some nummies and head back to his den. Not long after you get back,

‘Hewwo Big Wed!’

‘Snu!’ You up and walk over. ‘Wat am doin hewe?’

‘Yeah, wat Snu doin?’ You can tell by Tree’s voice he wants to make you mad.

‘Snu wan knu if Big Wed wan hav nex bwighttime nummies.’

You look back at the Bestest toughie; ‘Nu go wong way fwom den,' he says.

‘Otay! Dis way!’ You lead Snow away from the den, far enough away so Tree can’t make stupid faces at you or anything. The two of you sit down to have your next brighttime nummies and talk about stuff, but something out there must feel like being a big meanie; not too long after you sit down,


Snow looks up, face full of scardies; ‘W-wat am-'

‘Big Wed!!’ The Bestest toughie yells. ‘Bad Sky fwuffies cumin; get in den!!’

‘Dis way Snu!' You lead her to the den and get inside just in time to escape from the sky water.


‘Huuu wai am sky fwuffies big meanies!?’ Snow cries. ‘Wai day nu wike fwuffies? Wai twy giv huwties?! Huuu Snu nu wike!!’

‘Id am otay, pwease nu be saddies.’ You give her more huggies and go to nuzzle her as well, but you don’t want to in front of Tree. ‘Meanie sky fwuffies nu be hewe fow wong time.’

‘Huuuu.’ Snow tries to get even closer to you.


Oh come on Tree! You turn your head to yell at him, but you're just in time to see his Daddeh look at him; Tree’s pretty brave if he can take one of those looks and not do scardie poopies everywhere. After the Bestest toughie's done staring at Tree, he looks at you and nods. You nod back and go back to comforting Snow, while you all wait for the sky fluffies to leave. Fortunately, Tree doesn't say anything else.


The mean sky fluffies stay around the safe place for a really long time. They drop so much sky water, some of it runs into the den! From what you can hear though, it seems like they’re nearly out. But, their breezie monster friends aren't going anywhere. Other sky monsters roar and yell, which doesn’t do anything for Snow’s scardies. It makes you want to go up there and kick and stomp each and every one of them! If only your were a wingie fluffy, and fluffy wingies worked…

Once all the scary noises die down, the Bestest toughie gets up and walks out of the den. After a few moments, he says ‘Id am otay, bad sky fwuffies an munstahs nu am hewe nu mowe.’ Good. Tree gets up to leave, and you do too. Snow doesn’t budge though. ‘Wai Snu wan weave?’

‘Snu am scawdies; wat if munstahs cum back?’

‘Nu be scawdies Snu, Big Wed nu wet-’

‘Huwwy up!’ The Bestest toughie yells. Even though Snow has a lot of saddies, she gets up and walks with you out of the den. Outside, the ground is really wet, and it feels a lot colder than it was before the sky fluffies came. The good news is the breezie monster haven't’ knocked or pulled own any branches.

‘Can Big Wed take Snow back tu Famiwy's den?' She says. You look at the Bestest toughie, and he nods.

‘Id am gun be dawktime soon. Nu can teach Big Wed an Babbeh mowe tuffy tings nao.’

‘Otay.’ With that, you lead Snow back to her family’s den.

Neither of you say much until you get there, when she nuzzles you; ‘Tank yu fow keepin Snu safe fwom munstahs Big Wed, am bwave fwuffy. Bai.’

‘Bai Snu,’ you nuzzle her back, and she walks into her den. You wait for a few moments, then leave to find something else to do.


You’re so happy!!

When you first felt the strange wriggles in your tummy, you thought it was tummy hurties, but only for a little while; when you figured out what it really was, you felt like a complete dummy! Your tummy babbies are moving now!! This is one of the best things ever, which is really saying something because so many things from the past few brighttimes have been the best things ever! But, other changes haven’t been as good.

It was hard to notice for the first bunch of brighttimes, but your tummy’s getting bigger. It wasn’t a problem at first, but you’re getting heavier too. Both things make it harder to move, and the bad news is Mummah says you’ll get bigger than this; much bigger. Will you even be able to move by the time your babbies are ready to come out? Not only that, but your tummy hurties are worse and you feel warmer than usual.

The first part is an easy fix, the toughies let you take a lot more nummies from the dens. You can’t fix being too warm though. Some darktimes it’s hard to get to sleep, and there’s no way to fix it. Well, except for sleeping outside, but that’s way, way too scary! The best you can do is try to deal with it; being a good mummah isn’t easy, that’s what Mummah and the other older mares always say.

Still, as hard as these things are to deal with, they haven’t made you any less happy. After all, you’ll be a mummah soon, and there’s still so much to do!! One thing is to get your nestie just right; it’s very comfy right now, thanks to the tree fluff Mummah and your Special friend’s mummah got. But, you still think it can be better. After all, you want to make sure everything for your babbies is the best it can be.

‘Hmmm,’ You shuffle and wriggle around in the nestie, then lie still for a while to see how it feels. ‘Mmmm,’ It’s good, but, maybe the grassies by your back leggies could be shifted a little. You get up, carefully climb out of the nestie, and walk around to the spot. With your hoofies and nummie place, you shift the long grassies about, careful not to break anything. You've already done that a few times, building nesties is hard! It's good there are so many fluffies to ask for help.

‘Otay…’ You get back on the nestie and test out the changes. It feels a little better, you think. It would be great if you could ask your tummy babbies how they like it, since all this work is for them. After a few more moments, you get back up and stare at the nestie; it looks and feels fine, great even! But, is there anything else you can do? Would it help? All this nestie work takes up a lot of time, time you could use on other things. But this is really important! The last thing you want is your tummy babbies to-


You turn and look at the way into the den; ‘Hewwo Aww Mummah!’ You walk over and give her a few huggies.

‘Am nestie otay?’ She asks when you’re done.

‘Ah,’ you look back at it, ‘Fwowah tink so. Bud…’

All Mummah walks over to the nestie and looks at it few moments. ‘Dis nestie am otay,’ she says at last. ‘Nu am gun huwt tummeh babbies.’

‘Weawy?’ You go and stand next to her. ‘Bud, wat if-’

‘Nestie am otay Fwowah,’ All Mummah cuts you off. ‘Nu nee du mowe tings tu id.’

‘A-am Aww Mummah suwe?’

‘Aww Mummah make wotsa nesties,’ she says. ‘Take cawe of wotsa babbehs an soon mummahs; Aww Mummah say dis am gud nestie.’

Well, if she says so…

‘Cum on Fwowah.’ All Mummah turns and walks toward the tunnel out.

‘Whewe goin?’ You follow her.

‘Am goin tu safe babbeh pwace,’ she says. ‘Fwowah stiww nee weawn wots boud bein mummah.’

‘Otay!' That sounds like a great plan!! All Mummah leads you to the safe baby place; it looks exactly like you remember, and it's so good all the hurties and owwies it got last cold times are fixed now. There are a few other fluffies in here this brighttime, getting everything ready for when the herd has lots of little babbies again.

‘Dis way Fwowah.’ All Mummah leads you to one of the little baby dens, where you get a surprise. ‘Hewwo wittwe babbehs.’ In the nestie, you see three and two babbies. They look a little smaller than you and your brothers where when you met Daddeh.

The babbies look up from what they’re doing. One of them, light blue with a tiny dark grey mane, walks to the edge of the nestie. ‘Hewwo Aww Mummah. Who am nyu fwuffy?’

‘Dis fwuffy name am Fwowah,’ she tells him. ‘Fwowah am soon mummah.’

‘Soon mummah?’ The blue baby asks.

‘Uh-huh!’ You nod. ‘Soon mummah! Dat mean have tummeh babbehs!!’

The blue baby tries to talk again, but All Mummah cuts him off; ‘Fwowah nee weawn how be gud mummah; she am gun wook aftah wittwe babbehs tiww yuw mummah am back.’ The babbies cheer and you go to talk to them, but All Mummah nudges you. ‘Dis way,’ she leads you away from he nestie and speaks to you in quiet wordies. ‘Dese babbehs am fwom does fwufffies yuw bwudda an Twee find.’

It takes a few moments to remember what she’s talking about. ‘Oh, otay. Wai Aww Mummah wan Fwowah knu?’

‘Cause day wose dewe daddeh when dah bad fwuffies huwt dewe safe pwace.’ Your fluff stands on end. ‘Nu ask dem boud dat, id give dem wowstest saddies.’ Thinking about it makes you sad.

‘O-otay, Fwowah nu du dat.’

‘Gud,’ All Mummah says. ‘Wememba, wook aftah dem tiww dewe mummah am back. Aww Mummah an oda fwuffies be hewe if Fwowah nee hewp.’

‘Otay! Fwowah wook aftah wittwe babbehs.’ All Mummah smiles at you, then walks out of the little baby den. You go over to the nestie. ‘Hewwo babbehs! Wat am doin?’

‘Babbehs am pwayin huggie piwe!’

‘Huggie piwe? Wat am dat?’

‘Babbehs get in big piwe an giv huggies!’ The blue baby says. ‘Am bestest game; nu nee wose an get wotsa huggies!!’ Right then, his brothers and sissies run up and, like he said, get in a pile and give each other huggies. For a while, you sit and watch them play; it’s not much of a game, but it seems to make them really happy. You’ll have to tell your babbies about this game. The little babbies play their huggie pile game for a little while, then stop and pay more attention to you.

‘Nice big fwuffy say Fwowah am soon mummah,’ the blue baby says.

‘Uh-huh, dat am wight.’

‘Can Fwowah wet tummeh babbehs oud fow pway?’

‘Hheheheh, nu siwwy babbeh, tummeh babbehs am tuu wittwe.’

‘When tummeh babbehs cum oud?’ Another baby, pink with a small white mane, asks. ‘Wan pway wif oda babbehs.’

‘Fwowah nu knu babbeh,’ you tell her.

‘Huu,’ her hear places go down. ‘Wan oda fwends, *sniff.*’

‘Nu wowwies babbeh,’ you say quickly. ‘Hewd am gun hav oda babbehs soon. Den yu hav mowe fwends.’

‘*Sniff* Fwowah pwomise?’

‘Pwomise, Babbeh.’

‘Tank yu,’ the pink baby says, then sits up. ‘C-can babbeh hav huggies?’ You lean down, pick the pink baby up and hug her to your chest. ‘Yay! Wub huggies!’ She hugs you back; it’s been so long since you hugged a little baby! It’ll be so great who yours come, then you can finally give them huggies.

‘Huh?' You look down and see the other babbies trying to hug your tummy. ‘Wat babbehs doin?'

The blue baby looks at you; ‘Babbehs wan giv nice Fwowah’s tummeh babbehs huggies!’ Awwwww!

‘Tank yu! Wittwe babbehs am gud babbehs!’ He and his brothers and sissies all get really big smiles on their faces, then go back to trying to hug your tummy babbies. You keep on giving the pink baby huggies, until one of the others, one with orange fluff and a red tail, asks

‘Babbeh wan big fwuffy huggies tuu!' You put the pink baby down, and pick him up for huggies. For the next few whiles, the babbies take turns getting huggies from you and giving your tummy babbies huggies. It's a lot of fun, and really easy! This job doesn't seem hard at all!

‘Nice Fwowah?’ The pink baby asks.

‘Yes babbeh?’

‘Babbeh nee du poopies!’

‘Babbeh nee du poopies tuu!’

‘Nee du pee pees!’

Uh-oh; what do you do? Ok ok, what happened when you were a little baby and you had to do poopies and pee pees? Oh right, the big fluffies and Mummah would take you to the poopie place. That should be easy, just lead them there and-


Before you can stop it, your thinkie place shows you the old picture of when Runny and his friends got out of the safe baby place, and his orange friend got taken by the birdie monster! It makes cold prickles run under your fluff; what if the birdy monsters come when you’re taking these little babbies to the poopie place? You can’t fight a birdie monster, you’re a soon mummah!! Oh, what you are supposed to-

‘Fwowah? Wai nu make tawkies?’

‘Huhuhu hav pee pee owwies! Nee du pee pees!’

The babbies’ cries snap you out of it, but you still don’t know what you should-

‘Wat am wong?’

It’s All Mummah, you’re saved! ‘Babbehs nee du poopies an pee pees!’

‘Den wai Fwowah nu take dem tu poopie pwace?’

She doesn't ask it in a mean way, but it still makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong. ‘Um… Ah, F-fwowah a-am…’

‘Am Fwowah scawdies boud bir-’ All Mummah stops before she says “birdie monster” in front of the babbies. ‘Goin awone?’


‘Dat am otay, All Mummah cum tuu. Dis way babbehs.’ She leads you and the babbies out of the little den and out of the safe baby place. Just before you get out though, she stops. ‘Babbehs wisten; nee stay cwose tu Fwowah an Aww Mummah.’

‘Wai?’ The blue baby says.

‘Cause big fwuffies nee keep babbehs safe,’ she tells him. ‘Nao, fowwow Aww Mummah.’ You and her lead them to the poopie place; all the while, you keep your head up to check for birdy monsters. At the poopie place (which still smells really bad) the babbies do what they need to do, and say hi to their mummah while they’re there.

‘Wai Mummah hav be hewe?’ The orange baby asks her. ‘Wai nee be in poopie pwace aww Bwighttime?’

‘Cause, Mummah hav tu babbeh,’ his mummah says, really sad. ‘Am wat Smawty say nee du.’

‘Huu Smawty am big meanie!’

Hey, that’s not fair! He… Okay, maybe he is a meanie sometimes, or lots of times. But, he never does it because it's fun! He does it because-

‘Otay Wittwe babbehs, nee go back tu safe babbeh pwace!’ You snap out of it and help All Mummah round up the babbies, let them all say goodbye to their mummah, then lead them back to the Safe baby place. ‘Fwowah duin gud,’ All Mummah says.

‘Tank yu!’

‘Fwowah am gun be gud at wookin aftah babbehs.'

‘Wai Mummah nu can?’


‘Wai Mummah nu can wook aftah babbehs?’ The orange baby asks again. ‘Wai hav nee du nu smeww pwetty tings?’

‘Cause Smawty say so,’ All Mummah tells him. ‘Dis am Smawty’s hewd; fwuffies in Smawty’s hewd du wat he say.’


All Mummah stops; ‘Yu babbehs go tu Fwowah,’ the orange baby’s brother and sisters run over and hide under you. ‘Aww Mummah nu knu how owd hewd was,' she says to the orange baby, ‘bud yu du wat Smawty say. Dat keep fwuffies safe.' She leans a litter closer. ‘Dat keep bad fwuffies an munstahs way.' The orange baby flinches, and the ones under you start to whine. ‘Babbeh undewstan?’ After a few moments, the baby nods. ‘Gud,’ All Mummah looks back up. ‘Back tu safe babbeh pwace nao.’


‘-den go back tu safe babbeh pwace. Nu had du wotsa oda tings.’

You and your Special friend lie together under some bushies near your den, and tell each other about your brighttimes. ‘Nu had du oda tings wif babbehs?’ He asks.

‘Nu, jus stay an pway huggie piwe.’ You tell him.

‘Day soun easy.’

‘Uh-huh. Wat Speciaw fwend hav du?’

‘*Sigh* Wotsa tings… Daddeh teach wotsa Smawty stuff, an den Mummah teach wotsa stuff boud bein daddeh.’ He drops his head a little. ‘Fwuffy nu can wememba! Am tuu much.’

‘Id am otay Speciaw fwend,’ You nuzzle his cheek. ‘Speciaw fwend hav wotsa bwighttimes tu knu ewyting!’

‘Fwuffy hope Fwowah am wight,’ he leans over and nuzzles you on the neck; it’s so nice when he does, it makes you tingly all over. ‘Fwuffy hope Daddeh wet Fwuffy stay wif Fwowah an babbehs when day cum oud.’

‘Nu wowwie Speciaw fwend, yuw daddeh wet yu du dat,’ Surely the Smarty wouldn't stop your Special friend, his baby, from taking care of his babbies.

‘Fwuffy hope so,’ Your Special friend says. Then, he asks ‘Can Fwuffy twy wisten tu babbehs gain?’ You roll over on your side, and hold your leggies out of the way. He gets up, turns around, and puts his hear place against your tummy.

‘Can Speciaw fwend heaw babbehs?’

‘Am twyin.’ For a few moments he’s quiet, and shifts his hear place around a little; it kind of tickles. ‘Tink can heaw dem!’ He says.


‘Uh-huh!! Can feew dem movin tuu!!’ So can you! They’re wriggling right now! Not a lot, but it doesn’t matter. ‘Hewwo babbehs. Can babbehs heaw Fwuffy?’ Your Special friend says. ‘Am yuw Daddeh!!’ You feel them move a little; it sends a really big happy feeling through you! ‘*Gasp* Fwowah! Babbehs heaw Fwuffy!!’

‘Fwowah knu Speciaw fwend!!’

He turns around and gives you a big hug; ‘Fwuffy am so happies! Wub yu Fwowah!’

‘Wub yu tuu Speciaw Fwend!’ You roll back over and spend the next little while nuzzling and givin each other huggies, enjoying all the heart happies and other nice feels it gives you. A while later, after you’ve finished darktime nummies and start to feel sleepies, both of you go back to the den and settle down to sleep. Before you close your see places though,


‘Yes Speciaw fwend?’

‘Can Fwowah du sumtin fow Fwuffy?’


‘Sissie weawy wike Big Wed,’ he says. ‘Fwuffy tink Big Wed wub Sissie, bud he knu ask hew tu be speciaw fwends yet.’ He looks at you, ‘Can Fwowah make Big Wed ask Sissie tu be speciaw fwends?’

‘Yes Speciaw fwend, Fwowah du dat!’

‘Tank yu Speciaw fwend,’ he nuzzles you on the cheek. ‘Dat make Sissie weawy happies.’

You nuzzle him back, then settle down in the nestie and close your see places. In the time between that and when your sleepie pictures start, you tell yourself over and over to do what your Special friend asked. It’ll make him and Snow really happy, and it’s about time Big Red got a special friend anyway.


Usually after first brighttime nummies, you spend a little bit of time with your Winge baby and teach him about how to be a good Smarty. This time though, you did it for a shorter time since there’s something you have to deal with this brighttime. Your Wingie baby was happy, it meant he could go work on his den with Flower. With him gone, you to the poopie place.

On the way there, you see Rickie and Olive doing their job; digging new holes, filling in old ones. There’s an awful lot of filled holes, so you better tell the lookie fluffies to find a new spot soon. When you get a little closer, Rickie looks up from the hole he’s digging and sees you; his face has a sad look on it. Clearly, he didn’t think he’d have to do a job like this when he ran away with all his friends. None of them thought about anything apparently!

Rickie puts his head back down and digs faster to try and ignore you; he probably thinks, or hopes, you’re there to do poopies or pee pees. Well, bad news for him then. ‘Hey!’ Rickie pretends he didn’t hear you and keeps digging. ‘Hey!! Smawty wan tawkies tu yu, dummeh!’ Rickie flinches, then stops digging and looks back at you. ‘Cum hewe, nao.' Slowly, he walks away from the hole he's digging and stands in front of you, head down and hear places hidden.


You look past him at the poopie place; no one in the herd has complained since Rickie and Olive have been working in it. No holes are getting too full, there’s always plenty of fresh ones, and everything else is fine. ‘Rickie an Owib am doin gud,’ you tell him. ‘Keep doin id.’ You turn to leave and get a few steps away, when,


You look back at Rickie; ‘Yu say sumtin?’

‘Wai Wickie an Owib hav du dis?’ Rickie says. ‘Wai nee du nu smeww pwetty ting?! Wat Wickie an Owib du!?’ His face changes to a really mad look, since he doesn't know how big of a mistake he’s made. ‘Wai am Smawty so meanie!?!’

For a few moments, you stare at Rickie; try as he might, Rickie can’t keep the mad look up. You turn around and walk towards him, slowly. Rickie’s hear places hide, and he starts to shake. For some reason, seeing him so scared makes you stop and just, look at him. Maybe you’re not the best at finding out about fluffies by looking at them, but you don’t see anything bad in Rickie. He’s not a bad fluffy, just a scared dummy; a dummy who’s managed to do what he’s told and not make trouble, none at all.

‘*Sigh*’ You take a step back; Rickie doesn’t deserve you or anyone else being mean to him. ‘Yu wan knu wai Smawty am meanie?’ After a few moments, Rickie nods. ‘Dat am how keep hewd safe.' You turn and point at the edge of the forest. ‘Fowest am meanie pwace, most meanie pwace ewa. Dewe am munstahs, an bad fwuffies, an bad hoomins.' You look back at Rickie. ‘Day aww meanies, big meanies! Nu can make dem go way wif huggies an wub, day onwy wan giv huwties!'

You stop for a few moments to calm yourself down. ‘Smawty an tuffies nee be meanies, cause onwy meanies can make oda meanies go way. Wickie undewstan?’

He manages to nod, but sad water still pours down his face. ‘*Sob* W-wickie undewstan, *Sob*’ Finally, Olive comes over and gives Rickie huggies. She looks at you, but it doesn’t look like she’s mad. You wait a few moments for Rickie to calm down.

‘Smawty nu am maddies at fwuffies,' you tell them. ‘Wickie an Owib duin gud,' you nod at the poopie place. ‘Am gud ting fow hewd. Yu keep duin dat an du wat Smawty say, bad tings nu happen tu Wickie an Owib.’ Both of them nod, but they don’t say anything. For a few moments none of you talk, and it starts to feel, ickie. ‘*Cough* If… If Wickie an Owib wan be speciaw fwends, dat am otay. An, if keep duin gud wif poopie pwace, Smawty wet yu hav babbehs. If wan.’

Rickie and Olive look at each other, then at you. ‘O… Otay…’ Rickie says.

You nod, then turn and leave. That went, ok. You’re not about to take your see places off them, but for now they seem to be doing fine. Hopefully, it stays that way.


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differential_Sloth: Fun fact, we're near enough at this epic's one year anniversary.
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Anonymous1: @differential_Sloth: I've been neglecting this series, to honor your dedication I'm going to read the whole thing right now.
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CwinicawDepwession: Good shit, I hope Bitch Rickie and Olive can manage to continue not fucking up
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Anonymous2: It's Excellent, thanks DS!
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Anonymous3: Not a criticism, just a question: Are the humans going to reenter the story?
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Researcher_7201: I wonder if the smarty is getting soft. Still traumatized by the whole ruby thing, and what that means for his herd. If he gets to soft the forrest will eat them alive.
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Fluffus: Only way to stop a bad guy with a meanie is a good guy with a meanie! In a surprise plot point, the smarty’s dad was Wayne LaPierre’s house fluffy.

Thanks for staying strong, and developing this little fluffy soap opera!

I personally am hoping we’ll get back to plot driven episodes, over continued relationsbip build-up and exposition, but the important thing is that you’re feeling it, and that you are happy writing.

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differential_Sloth: @Fluffus: Well not to spoil but we've got two major plot turns coming soon.
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GodOfThunder: @differential_Sloth: Bitchin'. I'm hoping to see Alfred come back into the picture, or at least see what he's been up to.
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Fluffus: @differential_Sloth: Take your time. I’m amazed with your productivity. : )
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Anonymous4: @differential_Sloth: would the frequent *coughs* we've seen in the last few chapters have anything to do with one of the twists?
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Anonymous5: Woo! Loving this! Thanks for posting so often. I really can't over state how entertaining this story is. Great work!
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Anonymous6: Seriously, no fooling. I can't believe how attached you've made me to these characters, you've made me care about a fictional herd of pig horses dude, fucking PIG HORSES. You're a really good author.

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AnonymousFluffery: Yeah man, you're kickin' ass keeping this going. I know it must be hard, but I'm really enjoying it.
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NottooFluf2: Man, I really like your writing, keep the good job.
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Anonymous7: Kerry's story is a booru legend; whatever that's worth to you. Nevertheless, amazing work as always. cant wait for more