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(Decided to start a new story group today. It's not going to have an overarching storyline, but instead will be more episodic. I want to explore features, attributes, and properties of Fluffy ponies that were once common in the lore, but for one reason or another have since fallen out of the common narrative. This story will focus on the Reset properties of Fluffies. That being that if a sufficient electrical charge is sent through a fluffy ponies brain it will ‘reset’ losing all of its memories, and reverting to a semi blank slate. In this state it retains age appropriate language, and basic fluffy knowledge, but all personal memories like who its owner is, where it lives, what it ate today are lost. It’s a lot like classical soap opera amnesia. The person remembers how to talk and behave just not anything about their lives or the people in it. Without further explanation here we go.)

I work in the center of the mall at a bright yellow kiosk. It’s barely big enough me to stand comfortably in, and worst still it's got a garish gang of primary colored fluffies painted frolicking around its outside. At the top is a board declaring the name of our game. ‘Second Chance Fluffy.’

My names Martin I'm 17 and working at this shitty kiosk over the summer to earn a little extra cash. It's not bad honestly, and what I do is actually pretty simple. You see I'm a, ‘Fluffy Neurosurgeon,’ god even thinking that makes me laugh. The truth is I ‘reset’ fluffies. At my little kiosk for a nominal fee of 20 American pesos I will push special needles in to your fluffies head and shock the hell out of it. The little fluff will lose consciousness, probably shit itself, and then if all goes well wake up with no memories of itself or its life. It will remember things like how to talk and basic fluffy knowledge like ‘good poops,’ but the time you sold its foals, or kicked it down the stairs, or it got its self rapped at the fluffy park will be gone. At least that's the hope. Sometimes the Fluffy comes out retarded, cant walk, or some time they just die. It's a crap shoot hence the waver you have to sign first.

With my day underway I wait around bored. My phone entertains me for about the first hour but there's only so many times you can browse the fresh parts of 3 or 4 sites. Finally a customer comes up.

‘Hey um, so you wipe fluffy memories right?’ this guy just dove in a lot of them do. He's pretty average looking dude with a cardboard box and what looks like a pink fluff. As soon as I say I am that guy he dumps the fluff on my counter. ‘How much,’ he asks. The thing looks catatonic, all wide eyes and twitching nose. Keeps whispering ‘wuv’ over and over. Sadly the guy doesn't give me the back story.

I take his 20$ and grab an appropriate sized leg board for the thing. After I got it immobilized with a shit bag strapped to its ass, I have him sign the authorization papers. Basically he is agreeing that if I burn out his fluffy he is entitled to nothing. He signs and I grab my tools.

I got two needle probes. See this is what set the company I'm working for apart, or at least that's what the 5 minute training video I saw says it does. Resetting a fluffy is fairly easy all it involves is passing a high volt, low amp current through the things brain. Some companies use electrodes on the skin some use rods on each side of the skull. The company that pays me that sweet, sweet money though goes for what they call, ‘Direct effect’.

I place a wrap around the fluffs muzzle to keep what's about to happen from disturbing every shopper with in a 4 mile radius. Once that's setup I swab a little alcohol to sterilize, and I put the needle gun to the head right above the brow line.


The gun taps a insulated steel and glass electrode through the front of the skull. It doesn't go very deep only like 5mm or like ⅛ of an inch. So the electrodes only stick out through the skull a tiny bit. Honestly with as small as the Fluffies brain is the thing could of driven in another half inch before it would have found anything. The second gun is the same except it goes in the back of the skull.

I have no fucking idea what this guy did to this mare but the bitch doesn't even flinch. Creepy as fuck but whatever, I hook up the electrodes to the system and check my work. After I'm sure I didn't fuck anything up I hit the button. Mares eyes go wide then shut then flap then shut. Her ass cannon blast out a staccato barrage of shit into the bag as expected. Tbe power turns off after the 10 second programed time, and I unhook the equipment.

Last bit is to pull out the electrodes, and put them in the cleaner. Well that and put some fix a fluff on the holes to seal them up. Along with to little plastic caps to keep shit out until the skin heals over. the caps usually fall off after a week, and by then they are good to go.

The guy wandered off so I sit her in the recovery bin and go back to surfing the web. I berly get to reacquaint my ass with the chair when I hear sniffles. Doing a quick 180 I saw the pink mare was still out so my eyes flashed up to the counter.

‘Hello Mam how may I help you.’ I asked in my best I dont hate my job voice.

‘Yes well Arnold he recently got neutered and he won't move on, and it's making my daughter not want him around. So Since the prosthetics are to expensive I thought this might work?’

‘Huu Awnowd wan spechule wumps backies huu huu. Nee’ fow make babbehs and spechule huggies huu. Nu wan be dummeh nu wump fwuffie.’ The little guy seemed torn up but them's the breaks.

She looked concerned but mostly pissed so I explained the risks and she signed the papers.

And the process repeated. Ristrian, muzzle, shitbag, sterilize, electrode, doble check, shock, electrodes out, fix a fluff, cap, recovery. Told her to come back in an hour.

About the time I finish the pink mares owner turned up. I went over and nudged her until she wolk up.

‘Whewe am fwuffie?’ she asked looking around.

‘Your at the um fluffy doctor.’ I replied feeling stupid like I always did when I said that.

‘Your all better now and your,’ I looked down at the paper to check the guys “relation” to the fluff. Nothing was worse than telling a reset fluff someone was their daddeh when it wasn't. Made that mistake once and had to re shock it free of charge because the fluff wouldn't stop trying to find the guy who had just done his niece a favor by taking it to me.

Yep he's the ‘dad’ so I grab up the mare and sit her on the counter. ‘Your daddy is here to pick you up.’

‘Fwuffy hab daddeh!! Fwuffy wub daddeh!!’ The mare practically vibrates while telling us this.

‘Wow she doesn't remember anything, not even the air compressor?’ the man asks inspecting the little plastic caps covering the electrode wounds.

‘Air Compressor?’ I asked wondering just what the hell he had been doing to the fluff with an air compressor that had rendered her catatonic.

‘Ah nothing um I got to go.’ he takes off and since he had already paid I just let him go. I mean even if he hadn't paid I would of let him go. I'm not getting paid anywhere near enough to chase after people.

Arnold was still out, and his owner hadn't show back up yet so again I was just about to sit when a teen popped up to the counter. He was from my school or he was I think his class graduated early this month.

I felt like a dork standing at my kiosk with all the bright gay Fluffies on it. I hated serving people I knew it was just plain embarrassing.

‘Hey you shock shitr.. Fluffies?’ he asked stifling a giggle.

‘It pays the bills.’ I was trying to be nonchalant about it to seem like I was above it. In retrospect I don't know why I felt like I had to be cool in front of this guy.

‘Yah cool anyway I need this one shocked good.’ he sat a sad as fluff on the table with a thud. The thing looked like shit. It had blood in its fluff around its head and its eyes were hugly bulged out, and looking in opposite directions. The thing looked almost dead. Had it not been for the jerking breaths it took every so often I would of been convinced it was.

Before I could respond he snached up a consent form and put down a nearly illegible signature. I tried to stop him because I was pretty sure this one would die if we tried this.

‘Um this Fluffy is in a bad way. If I shock it there's a good chance it will just die. Hell there's still like a 30% chance a healthy fluff will die.’ I tried to explain to the guy but he stopped me.

‘Listen I signed the paper I know it may die, and I dont fucking care! Now take the 20 fucking dollars and light it up!’ he said this as he slammed the 20 down and walked off with a laugh.

‘Prick’ I muttered quietly to myself. So whatever I put the money in the register, and got down to business. Honestly I was just glad he walked off it felt so lame to be seen by people I knew working here.

The procedure went pretty much as normal as it could, until the shock. I had just inserted the electrodes when I saw the blood had come from a small hole on her skull. I didn't think it would make the shock work any different, and i'd seen some fucked up shit from abusers. They often brought fluffies for a reset to ‘keep the fun going’, and company policy was that as long as they signed the forms their money was good.

I checked the electrode connectors and pushed the button to initiate the shock.

The room in front of me flashed white and my ears roared then rang before I felt myself bounce off the back wall of the kiosk. The fucking mares head had exploded.

As I struggled to get my vision to come in to focus with my ears starting to ring again, I looked down. My body was covered foot to head in red with shards of bone sticking into my arms and shirt.

Mall security scrambled over to me as people rushed away screaming in terror. No one was sure how to react. Their had not been an act of terrorism since the fluffies collapsed the middle east back in to waring caliphates to small to sponsor terrorists. (The one fucking good thing fluffies did, turns out a fragile political system was no match for the fluffy ecological hell storm)

Luckily the bone shards didn't go deeper then a few millimeters so other than some minor cuts and bruises I was only really dealing with my ear drums being ruptured.

I spent the next day in the hospital resting up after having minor surgery on my right ear. I had told the police who had dropped the fluffy off, but they already knew. Apparently the stupid fuck bragged about it to a few friends on Zuckbook. They arrested him pretty quickly.

The police told me he had pumped some butane from a lighter refill in to the things head. So when I shocked it the spark was enough to well, ‘Fucking Boom.’

Needless to say I quit that fucking job after milking workers comp for a few months. All and all my hearing came back fine, and I got a few cool scars. Only lasting effect was flinching any time I saw a fluffy for a few months, but that passed to after a while. I can also report that Arnold survived the blast, and he's no longer worried about him missing balls. No apparently he worries mostly about his missing front legs that got torn off in the blast. Not sure if they will try to rest him again, but I know I wont be doing it.
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Nocturn: That was good!!
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Anonymous2: I always thought the "reset" function to be a plausible bit of canon.

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the_dodge: Does it cost less American pesos to just make them flat out retarded

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Anders_Breivik: Very nice, original and creative. We need more writers like you
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toran: That was a fun read. I hope you continue with episodic stories along this line. I do miss the old fluffsplosions and resets from earlier times in the booru.