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´╗┐The Squirmening Part 4:
Say Hello to the Big City

I was slipping through an ally when I discovered it. An incredibly fat fluffy mare was ravenously rummaging into an overturned garbage can indiscriminately eating anything soft enough to chew and swallow. As I drew closer I could see it tits were massive and moved with a strange liveliness on their surface. Once a few feet behind her these basketball sized breast were in fact wriggling as if full of snakes. Blood and mucus gushed out of them every time the mare dragged them with her further into the garbage can. Her belly was likewise engorged as if she were pregnant though not with foals. Strange sloppy noises came from her buried head. Checking my surroundings I discovered a broken broom handle which I carefully retrieved and slowly moved closer before softly poking one of the mares tits.

The sound the mare made next was incredibly unnatural and sick. It started slow and wet like someone with pneumonia struggling to take a breath before releasing into a gurgling screech ending with the worse smokers hack I'd ever heard. “Schleeeeerrrrrreeeeeeeeee ack!”

The mare began thrashing wildly in an attempt to escape trying to pull itself deeper into the trash can. Her stomach churned sickeningly leading me to back away in anticipation of the torrent of shit to come. But no shit came. Only garbage submerged in thick bloody mucus ejected out of her followed by dozens of eel like creatures. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And the sound was like a bag full of foals thrown onto an open flame. These eels justed thrashed and screamed creating a stomach turning symphony. I immediately threw up before watching with complete horror as the eels quickly burrowed there way into the mares tits through the engorged puss oozing nipples. The mares right tit which was slightly closer became home for most of them but the pressure too much for the already freakishly engorged tit caused it to burst releasing an explosion of thrashing screaming eels into the world. With that all hell broke loose. The alley sounded like a wave of terrified foals was crashing through it. This led to a chain reaction of horrifying proportions as the exposed eels just kept entering any orifice it could find on the mare and since no one cavity seemed spacious enough the fight for room left the mare looking like it and taken one for the team and smothered a grenade before it went off. All that remained was an exploded carcass buried in a scrambling pile of horror.

I backed away slowly until I heard a short peep followed by a crunch.

“Nuuuuu! Wastest babbeh! Screeeeeeee!” A mare screamed as I quickly turned around. An entire herd apparently summoned by the foal like screaming had wandered into the alley. And the eels like homing missiles quickly honed in on the distressed mother who ran to her crushed foal making herself the first target for the now approaching swarm. I flattened myself against the alley wall surrounded and watched as the unwitting mother was about to be engulfed by the hungry writhing mass.

*Scene change*

“Huuu huuu… why new daddy give bestest babbeh foweva sweepies… huuu huuu.” You whined emotionally destroyed by your loss. You wrapped your front leggies around her laying on your stomach sobbing uncontrollably. You aren't upset over your loss for long though because a more pressing matter is now pressing it's way into your special place and poopie place.

“Screeeeeeee… screeeeeeee!!! Nu touch special pwace eeeeeeee!” You scream now feeling your whole body being quickly submerged in something sticky and heavy. You look back your gaze only met with a thousand screaming mouths attached to a massive pile of wurmy munstas. You don't get a second chance to protest before dozens of them fill your mouth and force their way inside you. You feel your jaw pop and your guts expand rapidly as the mass sorrounding you quickly filled you. No orifice was off limits even your ears began becoming home for your worst nightmare. You can't breath… everything is going numb… spechew... fwiend…

*Scene change*

You watch in horror as the mourning mare within a minute was filled like a beach ball before exploding covering you and the rest of the herd with pure slithering nightmares. Oddly enough though the creatures made no attempt to attack you. Any that had landed on or near you sniffed at you disappointed before redirecting themselves to the feeding frenzy. No fluffy was spared. The foals were quickly engorged and popped like snake filled water balloons from pressure and well placed hoofs from there thrashing parents. Within minutes all of the eels were gone from view finding homes within the 15 or so fluffies in the heard. Most of the herd looked relatively normal after the ordeal but the 2 or 3 heavily pregnant mares and easy targets were sagging wriggling blobs sobbing uncontrollably about their babbehs. One in particular though had convinced herself that she had become an “even bettah mummah.” Exclaiming “Mummah have even mo babbehs now!” Her body the most engorged of the herd had actually lifted her legs completely off the ground and submerged half their length.

You feel your back drag across the brick as you slide down the alley wall before your butt rested on the soggy ground. You are in shock. Never have you seen a force so ruthlessly dedicated to destroying fluffies. A lone tear rolls down your cheek before you whisper quietly…

“It's so beautiful…”


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Anders_Breivik: All this suffering, this horror... Bravo, this is what fluffies deserve!

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giverofhuggys: The story reminds me of the maternity ward scene in Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.
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TheSquirmening: Lmao! I totally forgot about that scene haha.