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Dr_Death: Nani?!
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Anonymous1: This is more confusing than the action scenes in a Transformers movie...

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GWAR: @Anonymous: I thought that was just me.

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FruitTrifle: @Anonymous: yeah, that's on me-i don't want to ramble on, but i can't find the middle ground of not showing too little
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: It's not though...

Panel 1: Pink looks over purple's shoulder,

Panel 2: Pink recoils at what it saw.

Panel 3: Pink turns to run, purple looks back to see what scared pink, only to get a blade in the head.

This is basic linear comic sequencing, I think you're both just looking for a non existent problem to make the artist feel bad, or you're dumb. Keep going FT, you're doing fine.

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GWAR: @Anonymous: Obviously.But no context.
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Anonymous3: I actually thought it was referencing the finale of GOT.


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Disintegral: @GWAR: It's part 2 to FruitTrifle's last post. They just didn't link back to it in the source.

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GWAR: @Disintegral: So,did you fully understand all that?

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Disintegral: @GWAR: I don't think there's much to understand. Two smarties arguing in an alley, and then one gets a knife in the head.

FT's comics often feel like they don't have enough dialogue or visual storytelling, but this is less confusing than some of their older posts. Part 3 could help make it a bit clearer though.

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Waaaghlord: TOLD YA! It is the purple shirted...

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GWAR: @Disintegral: I meant the prior story.