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LORD: Now that is a fun game for the whole fluffy family.

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Pawn: Smart enough to understand and follow the rules of the game. But then inconsistently defaults to complete retard, for plot convenience. and even blames the inanimate object and not the man who lit her baby on fire.

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Disintegral: @Pawn: Nah, this is more mentally rigid than retarded. I can see a kid with severe autism acting like this.

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Waaaghlord: In the latest news we have a burning foal crying for his mother. This was your anchor fuckturd!

Brilliant XD
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Skoon: I legit laughed out loud.

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SpicyDragon: This got a sensible chuckle out of me, it's very good and your mind cooks up some deviously delectable concepts, but a box with may be a bit too stupid.

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SpicyDragon: @SpicyDragon: a box with pretend walls created for a game overtaking a mares power maternal instinct.

Sorry, minimised Chrome and forgot to add that bit.
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Mint_Julep: God, I love how stupid these things are.

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FoxHoarder: This is a great concept, and I can totally see this working. After all, they were made to be toys so having a strong imagination for things like "pegasi can fly" makes perfect sense for them.