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dynocation: Before sad boxers come at me with knives, yes, there will be sadbox occurring in the comic. I'll try to add to the comic once or more a day.

I'm open to suggestions for the the horrors of the factory, but I already got some interesting things in mind. I do enjoy reading comments and suggestions.

Thankies for being welcoming Fluffybooru community. c:
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CwinicawDepwession: Fuckin rad art style, my dood.
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The_Neutralist: Actually, this may be the start of a new paradigm: Hugbox on Acid ( Not to be confused with Fluffies drinking acid )
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Poopiesketti: Neat

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EvoS: I always had the idea that the factories had areas with mares without bones and cased on both sides while they produce foals in mass

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GhostFluff: fish heads?

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Waaaghlord: Rise my nation!

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Disintegral: Your art style is hard to look at, but not in a bad way. "Hugbox on acid" (or just fluffies on acid) is a good way of describing it.

@GhostFluff: I think this turned out to be one of those duck or rabbit situtations.

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guodzilla: @GhostFluff:
Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish-heads!
Fish heads, fish heads, eat 'em up, yum!!!

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MostlyHereToLurk: Your art style might be one of the most visually-striking I've seen 'round here. I was just kinda casually scrolling through, I saw this in my peripheral vision and thought "What the fuck is *that*??" and just had to take a closer look.

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FoxHoarder: I had ideas for a story about a fluffy factory/school where fluffies are psychologically groomed to act like their mlp counterparts. No beatings or direct abuse, but specialized, manipulatively-designed environments to encourage certain behaviors over others. For example:

Big Mac fluffies are given a voice-activated yoke that starts squeezing their necks as they speak, to teach them to talk as little as possible and prefer short answers like "nope" or "eyup".

Rarifluffs are taught to fear getting dirty by treating it like a physical injury, making a huge fuzz and washing them like it's a life or death scenario. Their food bowls are actually just rims over tall holes on the ground, with a piston pushing up more food when they offer it to each other and pulling it away if they forget to be generous.

Also, your style is the most vibrant and energetic I have ever seen, and I love it!