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Experiments Day 1 Yang POV

>Be fluffy

>Your name is Yang!

>You’re a snow white fluffy with a black mane and sapphire blue eyes

>You live with your daddy and your five foals….and your “sister” Yin.

>Yin kind of looks like you but she has pitch black fur and a white mane and ruby red eyes. She’s a big meanie to daddy, but daddy doesn’t seem to mind.

>Your foals are still very young chirpy babies and haven’t opened their see-places yet,

>Daddy gave all of them pretty names

Mu(the green on blue stallion)
Huo(The orange on red stallion)
Jin(The black on silver mare)
Shui(the blue on black mare)
Tu(The brown on yellow stallion)

>Most fluffies would think Tu was a poopy baby, but you loved him just the same as the rest of your babies.

>Unfortunately Yin didn’t see it the same way

>She was a meanie and was constantly talking about “kiwwing da poopeh babbeh”.

>When she wasn’t doing that, she was glaring at you from over the fence daddy built for your room.

>Daddy tried to get her to play with you a few times, but she would either try to give Tu forever sleepies or give you shocky hoofsies.

>However, you can’t shake the feeling that something was ….off, about the two of you.

>One of the earliest things you can recall was waking up in a glass boxy with your babies. You remembered the name “Taijeetoo” and called yourself that, but your daddy told you your name was Yang.

>Yin was also the same way at first.

>You had weird sleepy thinkies that felt like things you remembered, but knew you hadn’t done.

>Going for rides in daddy’s “caww”, and going to the “pawk” where a bunch of nice humans would come up to you and give you nice pats.
>At the same time you were certain that the nice room your daddeh made was the only place you had ever been.

>You think the hoomin term is “daysha voo”

>For several bright times and dark times your daddy played with you and Yin. Your favorite toy was the ball.

>Then one dark time, after you and your babies had gone regular sleepies, something happened

>One moment you were sleepies, the next you heard a scary noise and you babies started crying.

>You woke up and started looking around

>Instead of your nice room you saw a dark room without any toys or beds, and it didn’t smell pretty at all!

>Then you saw HIM

>A monster, with an almost invisible body, an a pale face twisted into a horrible grimace.

>You wanted to scream, but you didn’t want to alarm your babies anymore than they already were. You could see Yin next to you, trying to intimidate the monster. You still thought she was a meanie, but you admired her bravery.

>”Hello fluffies. I would like to play a game.” The monster spoke without moving its horrible, twisted mouth.

>A game? You loved games! Maybe this monster wasn’t so bad after all. Your daddy taught you to not judge people by how they looked after all.

>”Whuh kinda game? Whew daddy?” you asked.

>”Do not worry. If you follow along without any fuss, you will be quickly reunited with your daddy. Until then, we shall play”

>You wanted to be a good fluffy, so you kept quiet as the monster man gave you upsies out of the box. He made you leave your babies behind, but you didn’t want to complain.

> He set you and Yin on two tables

>They were cold and gave you feet bad owwies.

>You whined a little in response.

>You didn’t mean to, it just sort of came out.

>Yang also tried to intimidate the monster, but it didn’t work

>the monster man roared at you.

>You kept your mouth shut after that.

>The monster man began to pace back and forth

>Suddenly, he reached out and gave Yin a flick on the nose. She started leaking a little boo-boo juice, but Yin just wiped her nosie and scowled.

>You would have smirked at Yin getting punished, but you suddenly felt something on *your* nose as well!

> The monster hadn’t even touched you, but your nose started hurting too!

>The monster withdrew and stared for a few seconds, its unblinking gaze piercing into your soul.

>Then he reached into a box and pulled out a pink collar, and put it around your neck.

>You were excited. The meanie monster was punishing Yin and rewarding you (even if your nose still hurt a bit)!

> You were so happy you started dancing, tapping your little hooves on the metal table, forgetting how cold it was.

>”Yang hab pwetty cowaw,Yang hab pwetty cowaw!” you sing

>Suddenly you feel a slight jolt, like what Yin did when Daddy let her play with you.

>But…..she’s on the other table, isn’t she?

>you feel it again, a bit harder this time. The jolt makes you jump and your fluff becomes much puffier. You let out a little peep, but the scary monster man didn’t say anything.

>What is happening?
>You don’t understand. Was the scary monster man giving you bad owwies?
>But you were a good fluffy!
>You don’t have time to ponder this as you feel the worstest owwies you can recall.
>An intense jolt of electricity ripples through your tiny form as the pain forces you onto your back and you flail your legs
>“SCREEEEEE! HAB WOWSET OWWIES AWW OWVAH!” you shriek, temporarily forget about the monster man.

> This had to be a bad sleepy thinky. You were going to go wakies soon, and you were going to be back in your pretty room with your daddy and you were going to eat all of the sketti and play with your babies and……


>A jolt of pain radiates down your left leggy, and then suddenly you can’t feel it anymore.

>”Weggie pwace bwoken?” You peep.

>CRACK! another crack pops your leggy back into place.

> You could feel tears welling up within your eyes as what you had endured began to weigh on your mind. You wanted to call out for your daddy to make the bad man stop but you were afraid he would hurt you or your babies.

> Suddenly you feel the bad monster man giving you bad upsies.

> You were afraid of where you were going next, until your saw the box with your babies. Instantly they start nursing from you, giving you some form of comfort.

>Suddenly everything goes dark…. But at least you weren’t being hurt anymore

>The sudden darkness of the box combined with the rhythmic nursing of your babies soon causes you to fall asleep.

> You feel something touching your fluff. It wasn’t rough like the monster man, but gentle, and...familiar.

>Your see places snap open and you jolt to attention, jerking your head up to see a familiar face.

>It’s Daddy!

>.In disbelief, you stand on your leggies and turn around. You’re back in your pretty room with your toysies!

>You blink your see-places, wondering, hoping this wasn’t another sleepy-thinky.

>”Yang? What’s wrong honey?” Daddy asks.

>”Nuthin Daddy. Yang just have bad sleepy-thinky. But Yang am gud naow dat am wakies.”

>”That’s good. I’ll make you two some breakfast.” He leaves the room.

>You sit in your room singing softly to your babies, waiting for nummies, when you hear a quiet whisper.

>“Psst! Dummeh Mawe!”

>You turn to see Yin resting her hoofsies on the fence that splits your room. However, she’s not making meanie looksies like she normally does. She looks almost...concerned.

>You give your babies soft kisses on their heads and cautiously make your way over to Yin.

>”Yeah? What Meanie want?” you ask apprehensively.

>”Dummeh Mawe says yu had bad sleepy-thinkies.”


>”Yin have bad sleepy-thinkies too.” she admits. “Did Dummeh Mawe……. See munstah man?”

>You freeze, making sure you heard right.

>”Munstah man?”

>”Wif da scawy voice and da mouf dat nu move”

>”Yeah! Munstah man gib Yang owwies on nosie, and den wowsest owwies aww ovah, and den owwies in leggy!”

>Yin nods. “Yin hab dat too.”

>”What dis mean?” You ask, a tinge of fear in your voice.

>Yin shakes her head this time. “No nu.”

>You think for a moment. The bad sleepy thinkies couldn’t be real, could they?

>”Mebbe we teww Daddeh?” you offer.

>Yin furiously shakes her head. “Dummeh Hoomin is hoomin. Nu gonna beweave Yin ow Dummeh Mawe.”

>Before you can respond, Daddy comes back into the room. Your eyes light up as you realize what he’s carrying


>All of your worries are instantly forgotten as he sets the plate down in front of you. He does the same for Yin as she attempts to give him “biggest sorry hoofsies”

>As you devour your breakfast, the thoughts of bad sleepy thinkies are shoved to the back of your mind. Maybe you could tell Daddy about it later.


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Sirulean: This is a remake of my previous story, just from Yang's perspective. Since I'm retreading ground, I decided to add the scene at the end with Yin and Yang talking about the "scawy munstah man." I think if I continue with this it'll be mostly from the fluffie's perspective. The owner/"Daddy" is mainly interest in research rather than out right abuse so I don't think he'd have strong emotions one way or the other, unless something truly unexpected happened. Any suggestions are appreciated, especially in regards to fluffspeak.

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Basswhooper: I dig it. Keep writing.